heavy eye make up

I always forget to draw/color in Ghirahim’s eyeliner (eye shadow? idk make up), so I tinkered around with the idea of Ghirahim’s make up actually being heavy eye bags. I like it.

I downloaded a pencil brush for Clip Studio Paint and I wanted to test it out. I like it! I’m not used to doing sketches in CSP, so this should make sketching comic layouts in CSP a lot easier.

but what if tony teases steve sometimes. like annoying kid pranks like tickling his side when he’s not expecting it (steve actually shrieks, he’s ticklish, who knew?) and that trick where you wet your hand and flick it on someone’s neck and pretend to sneeze at the same time. and tugging steve’s hair (standing on tiptoe)

and finally steve’s had enough

and he lunges round and grabs tony, quite carefully but also very firmly, and tony’s eyes go very round.

steve murmurs ‘no more tricks, then?’ on his most low and velvety note, and tony does a full-body shiver and his eyes go heavy-lidded.

and steve makes teasing smiley eyes at hime and hoists him up so tony’s sitting on the table

then steve gets both tony’s wrists captured in one hand, and tips tony’s chin up with the other,

and kisses him

and kisses him and

k i s s e s

him from every angle. very, very thoroughly, until tony’s whimpering and shuddering against him

and steve laughs into the kiss and then says softly, ‘maybe just a few more tricks.’

BTS Eras: Summary

School Trilogy: School Uniforms, Rebel feel, Gold chains, black and white outfits, heavy eye make up, mostly talks about that teenage angst + love phase

  • 2 Cool 4 Skul
  • O R U L8 2?
  • School Luv Affair
  • Dark and Wild

HYYH Era: Casual/ Preppy Outfits, slightly rugged street style, mostly natural make-up, their hairs were wet a lot, coming of age struggles, that awkward phase of no longer a kid but not exactly an adult either

  • The Most Beautiful Moment in Life Pt1
  • The Most Beautiful Moment in Life Pt2
  • Young Forever

Wings Era: More mature outfits (except for spring day, that was sooo soft), slightly sultry (okay, maybe a lot of sultry), blush and lip gloss, personal growth and more adult struggles (seduction and other temptations, government, social and cultural awareness)

  • Wings
  • You Never Walk Alone

Love Yourself: ??

So apparently, Love Yourself is a whole era on it’s own. The first part will be released as an EP (extended play = mini album), but the era will go on until 2018. The teasers so far are for the Love Yourself Era, the comeback album teasers will be different.

Probably more on self-acceptance, grabbing opportunities, believing in yourself. That whole thing is a struggle in itself, honestly. But man, if you have been through the shit their character’s have been through in the other eras, you’d need some love too.

Their concepts really grow up with them… 

Our Little Secret - Modern Au!

Summary: “Rhysand plans was to watch all Harry Potter movies, but someone rang his doorbell. Not just someone, his high school crush who suppose to be at her weeding.”

A/N: This is a short Modern Au! for Feysand and I loved writting it,  i’m not a native english speaker so would be awesome to have a beta to help me! Hope you guys like it ;)

Rhysand plans for the weekend was to stay at home and do a Harry Potter movies marathon, he really was excited for the idea. His cousin was at her best friend wedding and so do his best friend, so he had to plan something for his own self.

He made popcorn, bought some chocolate and candy’s. Everything was ready.

So his doorbell rang.  

Rhysand huffed getting out of the warm couch and walked until the door opening it.

He couldn’t help the surprise expression in his face when he saw the enormous weeding dress in the woman in front of him, she was filled with jewelry and her hair was with a hairstyle who seemed to be uncomfortable. The woman smiled and looked inside of his house.

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dramaqueenofhell  asked:

For the WIW (WinterIronWidow) AU, I can't stop thinking about the first time Tony gets in trouble, but not kidnapping, who-are-we-bruising-up-a-little but an stupid how-tf did this happen, like a bar fight or blowing shit up, and Bucky and Nat realizing that Tony himself is one of Tony's dangers.

Oh. Oh. Now that’s an interesting thought I hadn’t even considered! But yeah, I can all too easily imagine it…

Natasha used to keep her distance from Tony during classes. Used to, because it had seemed safer to just get her in as an additional student who was on amiable terms with him but never closely interacted. Few people here know who Tony really is, and having him accompanied by guards would only draw more attention. At the time it had seemed like a sound reasoning.

It still is. Until Tony blows the chemistry lab up.

Amidst the other students’ startled screams and yelps, Natasha dives towards the back of the class room where Tony’s table is–the one closest to the explosion, naturally.

The source of the explosion, she corrects herself a second later and isn’t quite sure why she is surprised.

“Did you see that?” crows Tony in honest to god delight while scrambling to his feet again. Natasha grabs him without a word, the heavy stench in the air causing her eyes to tear up and making breathing more and more difficult. She pulls her still excitedly babbling charge towards the door, never mind that Tony can barely get out two words without coughing.

It’s only when they’re already out in the hallway when the uninterrupted torrent of words begins to sink in and she pulls Tony around. “You did this on purpose?” she demands–as well as someone whose voice gives out on them can demand anything. 

Tony blinks, then suddenly deflates, just a little. She reads the guilt in his face long before he gets the words out and her grip on his shirt involuntary tightens.

“I mean- I didn’t mean for this to happen, obviously. I forgot to consider the way the-” he waves his arm around.

Natasha’s eyes widen as she catches it, stares at the singed labcoat which is missing a half a sleeve, the bright red skin underneath. “You’re hurt,” she states, already cataloguing the injury as non-lethal but very painful, once the first shock wears off.

Or maybe the excitement, she is forced to reconsider as Tony continues his explanation about the interaction of another chemical he’d decided to throw into the mix because “It was just a thought, really,”, eyes brightening again and an exhilarating smile growing on his lips. 

Tony doesn’t stop talking about the implications of his little way-ward experiment for two days, manages to forget applying the burning salve twice and doesn’t let any of that stop him from replicating the experiment, with the exact same results, in his workshop at their home.

Natasha considers shooting him to spare herself the headache, but she ends up bandaging him up–again–instead. 

“You’re an idiot,” she tells him. And then, because Tony sags, just a little, eyes shuttering and curls into himself when she says it, “Tomorrow we’ll buy a fire extinguisher. After that you can try again.”

“You’re not my babysitter,” Tony pouts, but there is a smile twitching at the corners of his lips–and a dangerous glint in his eyes, that mentally ups Natasha’s estimation up to twelve fire extinguishers. Just in case.

Privately she wonders why anyone would bother to pay money for an elaborate assassination plot when Tony Stark is much more likely to get himself killed. She wonders when that thought started bothering her.

Bucky stares. He doesn’t know what he expected to hear when he’d first seen the shiner on Tony’s face–an attack, a fight with another student, an accident–but an arm wrestling match with DUM-E had definitely not been part of it.

“It’s not his fault!” Tony hurries to defend his robot, because of course he does. “He is not very good at adapting his strength as necessary yet! Things just got out of control!”

“Then how in the world did you think this would be a good idea?” Bucky can’t help but ask incredulously as he very, very gently begins to probe at Tony’s swollen wrist. Tony flinches, instinctively tries to withdraw his throbbing arm but Bucky refuses to let him.

“I just… He seemed lonely,” he murmurs eventually. “I didn’t want him to feel sad, so I played with him. It was the first thing I could think of.”

This time it’s Bucky who has to hide a wince, though he does a much better job. But then Tony isn’t built to suppress. He deflects and distracts instead. And despite his best efforts to remain unmoved and objective, Bucky can’t help but feel bad for Tony. Tony who is so obviously lonely. Tony who identifies far more with DUM-E than he seems to realise. Tony who felt the need to build himself a friend because he didn’t want to be on his own anymore.

Bucky grits his teeth. There is a reason he spends a lot of time not thinking about any of this. Mainly because it leaves him wanting to murder everyone who has ever encountered Tony–if only that would make Tony smile.

“i think you sprained it,” he says instead, gently lets go of Tony’s wrist. “Come on, I’m sure Nat’s got an ice pack somewhere.”

That should be all he says on the matter. It really should. He’s Tony’s bodyguard for fuck’s sake, not his comfort blanket. Inwardly, Bucky laments the good old days when he used to shoot anything that made him feel shit like this. Fucking empathy.

Tony shuffles along beside him, looking a bit like a run-down kitten who’s giving up on crying for its mother and–fuck.

Bucky puts an arm around Tony’s shoulders. Sighs in exasperation at both, Tony and himself. “What am I gonna do with you, doll?” he murmurs, presses a light kiss against the side of Tony’s head without even thinking about it.

He will think a lot about it later.

[By the way, nothing will convince me that Nat and Bucky don’t love Tony’s trouble-attracting ways. They would get bored far too easily otherwise.]

Look after you

Finn Shelby x Reader

Request: Hi! May I request a Finn imagine where the reader is a singer at Sabini’s club and he falls in love with her?

You pulled on your dress, standing staring at yourself in the mirror. The short black dress was covered in sequins and tassels, nice yes but it wasn’t for you. You patted more make up under your eyes covering up the heavy bags that showed how drained you were. You didn’t want to sing tonight, you didn’t want to sing in this damn club ever again. You were here at the Eden club every night for almost a year now.

Your father had been in bad business with Sabini, very bad business in fact. So exactly one year ago his men raided your house and killed your father right in front of your eyes, your mother tried to flee but instead was thrown to the ground the blow to the head killing her too. The men then turned their attention to you, you were only 16 years old and it wasn’t like you were a big girl. There was not a chance you could take them. That’s when one man suggested that they ‘rape’ you if it hadn’t been for Paolo Sabini you could be dead right now. He stormed in and demanded the men to get out screaming something in Italian at them as you cried scared on the floor. He carried you out and you stayed with him and his wife for a couple of weeks. One day you were singing in the shower and he heard you, he saw an opportunity and took it. You “Owed” him your life and this was how you would repay him, you’d work at the club his father owned and he’d set you up in an apartment and protect you. To an extent obviously.

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Originally posted by lookwhaticreated

Group: Day6
Member: Jae
Word Count: 3313 Damn son
Genre: Fluff

a/n: Why do I feel like Jae trying to plan a date would be a complete disaster? Also this seemed waaaaaay better in my head than it actually came out, don’t hate me. This is like 99% dialogue btw.

Your phone buzzing on the desk pulled you from your sleep and you opened your eyes. A look at the clock told you it had only been an hour since you’d finally made it to bed after finishing and submitting your essay. Slowly getting off of your bed and trudging over to the phone left abandoned on your desk, you picked it up and answered without looking at who was calling.

You heard a chuckle on the other end laughing at your groggy morning voice, recognising his voice before he even spoke. “What do you want, Jae?”

“Man you sound like shit.” 

You woke me up, asshole.”

“You’re so rude, what have I done to deserve this?”

“What do you want?” 

“You free today?”

“Yeah, why?” 

“Great, I’ll be at yours in 10.”

“Wait what. I’m not even ready or anything. You just woke me up, give me at least 20 minutes.”

Fiiiiine, I’ll be there in 20.” He said and hung up on you. 

You rolled your eyes and threw your phone on the bed. ‘Time to get ready, I guess’.

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Heath Ledger Joker X Reader

Hello guys as promised here is a fan fiction with Ledger’s joker! Enjoy 

“Well well look what you’ve gone and done” Joker walked round kicking the liquor bottles around our run down apartment. “You’ve gone and made quite the mess of yourself” I looked up at him my eyes heavy and blood shot from drinking my night away. His make-up was beginning to smear off of his face, he had his knife drawn and paced the room frantically. “What did this accomplish for you huh?” He waved his arms before bending down and gently slapping my face multiple times. “Come on walk up, wake up” I coughed the taste of blood stinging my mouth. My head had become so heavy causing my vision to fade in and out. I attempted to focus on the book shelf we kept next to the bed. All of our favorites where there, Hemingway, Orwell, Marx. The same books he would read to me with such excitement in his eyes then once I would fall asleep he would drag his icy finger-tips a crossed my forehead brushing the hair out of my face. He hated it when he couldn’t see my facial expression. He looked down on me now, his face blurry with an expression of worry? I couldn’t tell. My hand softly reached out for him but I lost consciousness just before I could reach his shoes. 


I woke up no our tattered futon, blankets laid over me and a glass of water on the night stand. I didn’t expect Joker to be there but when I turned my head to the left he was there staring out of the window watching the snow fall lightly onto the city we both hated so much. His shoulders were hunched over completely exposed by his lack of shirt. The only clothes on him were the purple dress pants from the night before. His tongue moved inside of his mouth as he traced the inside of his cheek mapping out the ragged scars that lined each corner of his face Whenever something began to trouble him he would chew at them attempting to break the cuts back open.“What are you thinking about?” I said weakly trying to save him from himself. He slightly turned his head my direction then focused back outside. 

He didn’t like alcohol or any drugs of any kind. ‘it makes you.. weak’ he would growl while wandering off onto one of his tangents. I would just sit there and listen cooking that night meals or sowing a new suit for his night-time activities nodding along politely. By getting shit faced he would view this as the ultimate act of betrayal  keeping me around was already difficult enough on him emotionally and physically. I was a liability and his only weakness. I something got to me it would tear the center out of him and vice versa. Now though he would worry about me transforming into them as he so kindly refereed to our fellow gothamites. He had got me mentally where he wanted me to be. I wasn’t allowed to go out with him during his life in the underworld but he knew I understood his beautiful logic and that must have been enough for him. I smiled reminiscing on how strange of a man he really was.

 I brushed back my long blonde hair and sat up struggling. He was to my side in an instant resting his hand in the small of my back. I smiled but he averted his green eyes away from my blue colored ones. I dropped the smile noticing his demeanor was coming off as hurt. “J I’m sorry” I said tenderly touching his shoulder. He rejected me getting up and pacing on the floors of our small studio.. again. “No you knew very well what you were doing.. Y/n… You just couldn’t resist it could you? Did the color of the liquid seduce you?” He was frantically moving his hands avoiding looking into my face. 

I was at a lost for words feeling so stupid. He had treated me extremely well, provided a roof over my head, food to eat and I went ahead and broke his heart. His rant went on for a good couple of minutes but I wasn’t listening until he calmed down and sat back down in his spot by the window. “How can I make it better?” I said hoping he wouldn’t go off again. He just grunted folding his arms humming a song to himself. “Come here baby” I grinned holding both of my arms out longing for his intelligent touch he had so thoughtfully given me many days and nights before. He wouldn’t budge I became angry springing up from the bed quickly I grabbed the clothes I left on the floor and began to put them on struggling. “Oh what now” He said stepping closer to me scratching his right foot with his left exposing the bottom of his feet which had become brownish in color from not wearing socks. I looked at him wildly. “I’m leaving, all I do is upset you I won’t do it anymore” He rolled his eyes smoothly he snaked around me hugging me from behind.  “Now when did I ever say that? hmm?” I shook my head breaking away from him. “you don’t have to say it J” 

I walked towards the door slipping on my shoes. At first I struggled with them because they had grown to small over the years I had worn them but I got them with patience. I looked at him he was picking at his scars wincing in pain as he tore them open slightly. “J!” I said diving on the bed to grab his hands. He laughed.. “It’s not a joke” I said holding his hand in mine looking down at them. They were soft yet scarred by years of violence. At that moment I realized I was the only one on the entire planet that gave a shit about those hands, about him. He laughed again as if hearing my thoughts. “As if there was some possibility you could actually leave” 

His grin mocked me but inside we both knew that he was glad I was still here. Smiling I  nervously I pressed my lips to his letting him push back on me. He let his hands roam free on my body finding their way to the usual spot on my hips. He smiled pulling away but stayed close enough to tease my lips.  “And everything is a joke if you think long enough about it” I smirked shutting him up with another kiss feeling him grin as I climbed on top of him.  

I will not be continuing this unless there is a request to do so :) 

The next part of circus will be out soon! Thanks for reading! To be Continued! Same Bat-tiime Same Bat-channel!

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Save Me

So I set myself a challenge of writing a one-shot in 2 hours. It’s taken me just shy of 2 hours overall, but two sittings due to my ridiculous idea of writing at midnight! The first prompt was this:

Owen and Amelia meet back in highschool at a party and instantly take notice of each other            

Part of this challenge was just to get writing again. This hasn’t been proofread and was written in a very exhausted state so if it’s shit, I apologise. Let’s find out…

She hated parties. They were for the popular kids at school that just wanted to raise their social status. They were for Stacey Holborn to kiss the lead quaterback and brag about it the next day. They were for Zack Palmers to claim Yolonda Covent had gone down on him. They were for Dede Camden to drink too much and drunkenly fall in the pool, almost drowning in the process.

Half of the people attending didn’t even know the host, and most of them were only there for the unsupervised alcohol consumption. The problem for her was mainly that the kids at these parties were what she considered “softcore”. Extremely “softcore”. If a normal teenager in high school wanted to drink alcohol, they’d go to Monica Kensington’s extravagant pool parties when her parents were out of town on business, or Shay Canary’s pad where his parents spent less than half the year. If Amelia Shepherd in high school wanted to drink alc-

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anonymous asked:

Concept, from Tattoo anon: Modern AU. Sebastian. Stripper Sebastian. Wearing skin right black leather. Open chest. High heeled boots. Long black nails. Face fresh to death with make up. The lights are dim. The music is loud. Ciel. Tired, lonely, board college boy. A look. A smirk. Sebastian walks like a young god through the crowd. He asks if the boy would like a dance. The boy says yes.

What’s worse than a break-up? Letting yourself get consumed by the pain. What is the solution then? Taking your mind off of things and doing what makes your soul happy. Ciel tried reading books, since that’s what makes him happy, but his soul still seemed to not be at peace. He didn’t realize where he was until he was sitting at the bar of some strip club, but he was sure that letting himself go for a night would be a perfect distraction. So there he was, sipping a drink that was a little too strong for him, and trying to shut out the loud music that definitely did not fit his taste. Briefly, his gaze wandered over the people in the club and very soon it returned to the drink he ordered. Watching everyone drown in carnal desire made him feel filthy so he began to question his choices.

Somewhere in the crowd, a pair of predatory eyes was searching for a prey. It didn’t take long for the burgundy gaze to fall upon a little beauty that did not belong in a fowl place such as this one. Thin lips spread in a pleased smile.

Ciel didn’t notice how behind him the crowd was making way for the most beautiful man that nature bestowed upon this world. With a body of a Roman God clad in a tight leather and latex suit styled as a butler’s uniform, the stripper walked like a model on a catwalk toward his potential client. Ciel finally broke out of his thoughts when a gentle hand was placed upon his shoulder. He turned his head and lifted his gaze to look up at a pair of wine-red eyes. Briefly, he noted the heavy make-up that mainly consisted of black eye shadow, highlighter, and black and silver glitter. Not a word came from the boy and he didn’t even realize that he was holding his breath.

“My name is Sebastian.” The stripper introduced himself. “What might yours be, little lamb?” There was something mischievous in his voice when he called Ciel a ‘little lamb’.

“Ciel…” The boy answered absently. He still couldn’t take his gaze off of the beautiful devil.

“Mmm,” the man purred. “Sky, Heaven. That’s a beautiful name. No wonder you stand out in this godforsaken place.” He lifted a finger and brushed underneath Ciel’s chin. For a moment, Ciel looked down before looking back up into the man’s eyes. “It’s obvious you aren’t here because you like these kinds of places… So why don’t we go somewhere private and you can tell me all about what happened.”

Ciel didn’t know how the other man knew, but he slid off the stool and followed the tempter. His drink was left on the counter. It was bad anyway. Soon, they found themselves in a little round room with couches along the walls and a pole in the middle.

Sebastian pushed Ciel down to sit and crouched before him, his hands on the boy’s legs. “How about a little dance, honey?” He said as he took Ciel’s hands into his own and brought them to hold his cheeks.

“I don’t think I even have the money needed to pay for something like that…” The teen who became legal for a place like this not too long ago admitted.

“Not a problem.” The incubus of a man said as he rose to straddle the young one’s lap, bringing the boy’s hands to stroke down his sculpted chest and abdomen. “For a pretty little thing like you, I will do it for free. Just tell me what you want.” Sebastian knew there wouldn’t be a problem with a boy like this. He was too innocent to wish for something extreme.

Ciel pressed his lips together and averted his gaze for a moment, then looked up into the unblinking, waiting eyes of the man. “Make me forget…”

“What would you like to forget, pumpkin?” The devil purred.

“Everything.” Ciel whispered.

Sebastian smiled at the answer. “Your wish is my command, My Lord~” He leaned down and captured Ciel’s lips in the softest of kisses before catching the bottom lip between his teeth. He tugged on the tender flesh gently before it slipped from his hold. Then he stood up, Ciel’s hands sliding off of his body, and walked backwards until he turned to the pole.

At first he walked around it, keeping his gaze upon his young client, then crouched down and spread his legs. Ciel’s cheeks blushed a rosy pink. One wouldn’t be able to tell in the dim lighting of the room, but Sebastian noticed. The kind of athletic prowess and graceful movement that ensued later was absolutely seductive. Ciel didn’t think he could ever be seduced by a man, but here he was with an erection in his pants. The way the stripper looked at him also didn’t help his case.

Sebastian slowly and gracefully turned himself from his upside down position to stand on the floor and then strode toward the timid youngster. Ciel tried to avert his gaze but couldn’t look away at the same time. When Sebastian stopped right in front of him, Ciel looked up and swallowed softly. Sebastian moved on to his knees on the floor and sharply spread Ciel’s legs. Instantly, Ciel’s hands flew down to cover the tent in his pants. Sebastian’s eyes widened at the speed of the reaction which showed just how flustered and aware of himself and the situation his little prey was.

“Ah! S-sorry!” Ciel apologize with a bit of a tremble in his voice.

Sebastian chuckled lowly in amusement. “How innocent.” His hands slid up the inside of the other’s thighs before they came to Ciel’s hands and removed them off the ultimate prize. “This shall be my reward for my efforts.” Ciel’s blush deepened and his sapphire eyes widened when Sebastian undid his pants and took out his member. He was no bigger than average. Then again, his size corresponded to his small build and short height so Sebastian wasn’t disturbed in the slightest. He smiled in admiration at the beautiful penis. It looked just like a fruit leaking with juice, so he intended to eat it like one; gently.

Ciel gasped when he felt a kiss over the tip, the little member twitching in response. Then came the sensation of a wet, soft muscle running over his glans before circling it. Sebastian made good work of licking and kiss the cock all over before he would take it into his mouth. He planned to tease Ciel longer but when he saw that the boy was ready to burst, he decided there would be no place better for that seed other than his throat. So he engulfed the member in the wet heat that was his mouth and milked it for all that it was worth. The alcohol was certainly effecting Ciel and it didn’t take him too long to cum. Sebastian stilled when the boy burst into his mouth and swallowed down everything before pulling off, sucking the last bit from the tip of the member, and licking his lips. Ciel watched him, his eyes half lidded and shining with arousal. “Do you… Do this for everyone?” He spoke in a soft, a bit out-of-breath voice.

The question hurt the man a little, but it was expected so he didn’t even dwell on that. “No, little lamb. You are special.” He punctuated his words with a wink before tucking the boy in and fixing his pants. He then sat up beside Ciel and wrapped an arm around his shoulders. A big hand was placed on the side of Ciel’s head and the little male was made to lean a little against the older. “So, feel like talking about what made you so down?”

Ciel gazed absently at the floor. His eyes closed and he shook his head a little once. “It doesn’t matter anymore.”

Today I give some Captain Phasma lovin’. Without helmet, because Gwendoline Christie is awesome and I haven’t painted her yet.

I don’t know about you guys, but when I’m wearing heavy and dark eye make up, I almost feel ready to ride into the battle, so I decided to paint her like that :)

*insert Dory meme*: I’m bored of veritcal rectangles, oh look another vertical rectangle! ;) 

Blue Scarf

Requested by: the lovely Ash @lolohshit-mybad ^^
Prompts: #18 “I can’t breathe” & #35 “You look like you’ve just had a run in with a werewolf.” “I have, thanks for noticing.” (Rossi x Reader)

A/N: Last Rossi story from the current list of requests! It is 2700 words long because, as always, I have no idea what self-control is. Enjoy! :)

Originally posted by prettyboyspence

You needed to get out. You knew the bar had a little outdoor area at the back, although you weren’t sure if it was staff-only or not. When you started making your way out of the throng of people moving on the dance floor, your now unwelcome companion tried to reach for your hand.

‘I can’t breathe in here and I need the bathroom,’ you half-shouted in his ear. He nodded and headed back to his group of friends, high-fiving a few. ‘Men,’ you mumbled as you rolled your eyes and kept moving towards the back. He was probably telling them he had put his hands on places he most definitely hadn’t.

Your eyes were scanning the many faces in the bar but you couldn’t find your co-workers anywhere. You had come along with JJ and Morgan to celebrate Garcia’s birthday. You had greeted everyone the moment you arrived but had lost them once they dispersed either to get drinks or to go to the small dance floor in the middle. Garcia had found this one bar that closed its doors to the public and only allowed entrance to those who had booked a spot to celebrate their birthdays, and it wasn’t super full, but there were at least four or five different parties going on at the same time.

It was the middle of the week, which was no problem for the team since it had thankfully coincided with a day off after a long case. The downside to it all, though? It was compulsory to come in full costume. You had tried to convince Garcia to just let you come in an all-black outfit and with some kitty ears but she had said you wouldn’t be allowed in.

So, with only a day left to come up with an idea, you had decided to go as a vampire. The make-up part was easy: heavy on the eyes, some fake blood on your neck and dripping from your mouth, dark red lipstick and you were done. You had even managed to get some fake fangs that didn’t look like the cheap, Halloween ones.

The real problem was the dress. You had only one long, tight, black dress that would fit the theme you were going for but it had long sleeves, which had led to your needing to get out –apart from the fact that you did not want that guy’s hands on your body.

You made it to the door without too much trouble, still not finding any of the team members, and walked out to the desolated, tiny area. You breathed in the night air, welcoming the cool breeze, even though the sudden change in temperature made you shiver.

‘You look like you’ve just had a run in with a werewolf,’ Rossi’s deep voice surprised you. He had seen you practically running away from the guy and decided to check on you.

You turned around as the door closed behind him and caught him checking out your body, and the smile he gave you afterwards caused your stomach to make a flip.

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ACNE THINGS I DO and how they've got ME better results!

(Note: I no longer use anything with Salicylic acid or benzyl peroxide. If nothing is working, read this shit. Also, I’m not an expert. I just read shit on the internet and practiced a lot)

Acne as a kid sucked because there was nothing I could do about it. I won’t knew that there were OTC products that weren’t working, and I thought for sure that I’d be cursed. I even used prescription drugs and THOSE did not work. As I got older, a lot of this stuff calmed down. After all, acne is hormonal, and sometimes will fade.

Sometimes, it just freaking won’t. 

While I had some improvement with time, I still had break outs that could not be tamed with OTC products. I figured I’d give alternative methods a go….

So here are some things that helped me make my skin awesome. Here’s the run down on my skin and then when I did to make it better.

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The Other Woman..

Summary: So I saw another story about Barry having a crush on a girl. And the reader is really jealous. But she doesn’t know it’s actually her. 

Ship: Barry Allen x Reader 

Warnings: Insecure, fluff, sadness, swearing, a wee bit smutty?

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(I couldn’t really find a good angry/jealous gif so I used a cat.. LOL Sorry.)

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Your P.O.V

I was absolutely furious. I’d never been this mad before in my whole life. No matter how much I didn’t want to admit it, I was jealous. Barry has recently told me, Caitlin, and Cisco about this girl he was ‘head over heels in love with.’ Every time he would start to describe how amazing, and wonderful this girl was, I would just roll my eyes, and stare at my computer. It broke my heart to listen. He seemed to be in absolute love with this girl, and there was no way for me to even try to grab his attention. I was just so done. I didn’t know what to do anyone. Sometimes, when I entered the lab, I wouldn’t even acknowledge my team. 

After a while Cisco started becoming curious. “Hey (Y/n), why haven’t you been greeting us when you walk in?” I just shook my head nonchalantly. “Oh sorry, I haven’t noticed. I’ve been so stressed with work and figure I didn’t need to say it any more.” He nodded, but I knew he wasn’t finished. Caitlin had entered not too long after, immediately getting to work. A few minutes later, Barry waltzed in, a huge grin plastered on his face. Oh god.. Here we go.. I rolled my eyes and put in one ear bud. He greeted everyone normally and turned to Cisco. “Dude she is so fantastic! Every morning when I see her, my world just brightens up. Ya know? I get the worse butterfly’s. I feel like I can’t even speak sometimes. She’s just so-” Before he could finish, I packed up my stuff and left. Cisco and Caitlin asking me questions on the way out. I lean against the wall of the elevator and sniffle. I rest my head on back and breath sharply. Crossing my arms into my chest I rush out to my car and drive home. Tears falling down my face, I couldn’t control it anymore. I needed to get out there.

Later that night..

I came home and jammed Enter Sandman by Metallica. I pulled the booze out of my refrigerator and drank. I don’t usually do this, but I had to forget. For once in my life, I wanted to forget about Barry. I just wanted to get drunk and have fun. The next song that came on was Crazy=Genius by Panic!at the Disco. I turned it up louder and pulled the chocolate ice cream from the freezer. 

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As I shoved a spoon into the chocolate, Sexy Back by Justin Timberlake came on. I danced in a sexual motion, my hips swaying to the beat. I didn’t give a shit anymore. I needed to get laid tonight, and I knew it wasn’t gonna happen with Barry. I put the chocolate ice cream back in the freezer and went to my room. I put on my make up heavy. Black eye shadow and bad ass lingerie. I shave everything, lotion-ed up and left, ready for a crazy night. 

Later that night..

I decided not to drink to much. I wanted to remember who exactly I was sleeping with. I almost lost hope, but my thoughts came to a halt, when a tall man came up to me. He was down right hot. Perfect. Time to get my flirt on. 

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The next day…

When I woke up, my head was throbbing. I definitely needed some Tylenol or Advil. I turned my head to see Jacob, the person I slept with last night, looking at me. I whispered, surprised. “I thought you’d be gone?” He smiled. I have to admit, he was a lot prettier than I remembered. “I wanted to make sure you were okay. And I wanted to know if I was good?” I laughed, nodding. He grinned a little. I turned back around, looking at the time. Oh shit! I’m gonna be late! I bolted out from the best and got dressed. He smirked and got changed too, but not as fast as me. I spoke in a fast tone. “So if you want to eat anything, you can. I have to go shopping anyway? I have..umm.. cereal. I know not the ideal food choice, but what can you do. Umm..-” Before I could continue, he kissed me on the head. “Don’t worry about me. I was about to go anyway. I had a really fun time. And good luck with your crush.” I look at him wide eyed. He continued “It takes one to know one. Here’s my number. I would actually love to hang out with you sometime. As friends of course.” I gave him a kind smile and opened the door for him. 

We parted ways. I then bolted to Jitters, where I was meeting Caitlin. As I walked in I scanned the area, my eyes falling upon Cisco. I walk up to him, out of breath. He looks up, smirks and giggles. I look at him confused. “Why are you giggling?” He replies with a smirk once more. “Oh nothing. By the way, what bear trap did you fight with last night? Because you have all these bites on your neck?” My eyes grow wide. Oh shit.. He laughs again at my reaction. I roll my eyes and walk up to the cafe. I order my usual, as I turn around I run into someone I thought I wouldn’t see for a long time. Jacob.. He giggles. “I didn’t know you came here?” I shrugged, laughing along with him. “I didn’t know you came here either?” He looked at my neck and laughed. “You didn’t cover all of my marks up that well.” I glance up at his neck and shoulders, giggling I replied. “You didn’t do to well of a job either.” He blushed crimson red. I continue. “If that girl you like doesn’t notice you now? I don’t know what will. To be honest, I’m surprised she didn’t snatch you up before? You seem like a sweet heart.” He smiled again. “Thanks. I hope she notices too. She means everything to me. I would do anything for her.” 

I give him a hug, and saunter back to my table. Caitlin sat next to Cisco. At first I hadn’t recognized the person sitting across from them. As I got closer, I noticed it was.. Barry. I sit next to him, and look at Caitlin. “So anything on the meta-human?” As I turn to look at Barry, I noticed there was something different. His eyes were dark, his breaths were sharp, he was gripping his drink rather harshly. Never in my life had I seen Barry in this manner. I look back at Cisco with a questioning facial expression. He ignored it and answered my original question. “Well, the meta-human has the ability to control metal. So far, we know he can’t make metal out of air, he can only use it from what’s around him.” I nod my head. “Okay, let’s get to work.” I grab my coffee and stand by Caitlin. Cisco walks beside Barry. His muscles are tense, breaths sharp. I’d be lying if I said it wasn’t one of the sexiest thing I’d ever seen. 

I whisper to Caitlin. “Hey, what’s wrong with Barry?-” Before she could speak, I continued in a sarcastic tone. “I thought he would be thrilled to see his soul mate?” She looked at me wide eyed and then shrugged. I rolled my eyes. She then asked me a question, that I truly feared. “Do you like Barry?” My face turned crimson red, I couldn’t even speak. My voice only came out as a stutter. “Ahh.. I umm.. ahh.. umm.” I could see her about to move. Immediately I grabbed her hand and pulled her back. “Please don’t tell him. I’ll get teased. Please. I don’t want to ruin my relationship with him.” She nodded and rolled her eyes. 

I say in a sad tone. “Look he’s in love with someone else and I got jealous. So last night, I decided to go have.. fun. I needed to get my mind off Barry.. But it didn’t work.” She looked at me, a conflicted expression plastered on her face. I continue. “I’m just so sick of him going on about this perfect girl. Look I’ll catch up with you later okay?” I leave her, and let my thoughts flourish. I head home, conflicted. What the hell am I suppose to do?

Barry’s P.O.V

I was mad. No. Not mad. I was fucking furious. She the light of my world and she doesn’t even notice. Not only that, she fucked another guy? I thought I was being obvious? I saw the slightly vivid hickey’s on her neck. Honestly, if I had sex with her, I would have left many other marks. I wanted other to know that she was mine. Cisco walked next to me. My blood boiled like no other. He tries to reassure me. “Maybe it was just a one night thing?” I exhale; frustrated. “Cisco, that doesn’t help. The guy had his hands all over her. It makes me sick to even think about it.” Cisco continues quietly. “I’m sure it was nothing. Ya know how girls faces are all lit up after sex, frankly she looked disappointed.” To be honest, that idea made me feel a little better. I watch her walk away. Caitlyn rushed towards us, concern washing over her face. “She told me not to tell you but she likes you. Not just like, love! She honestly thought that you were head over heels in love with someone else..” I ask angry and confused. “Than why did she fuck that guy?” She looked a me sadden. “She thought you would never notice her. She wanted to stop hurting. she thought she wasn’t enough.” 

My heart broke at her words. The girl of my dreams was oblivious and broken because I didn’t tell her. I need to fix this. “Look, I’ll go talk to her later. See you guys.” I waved them goodbye. I wasn’t going to chicken out this time. 

Your P.O.V

I exhale, wiping the tears from my face. I’m so sick of crying over Barry Allen. I grabbed a bottle of wine and drank from the glass. I sat down at my counter, shuffling through my paper work. After my second glass of wine, I heard a loud knock at the door. My eyebrows rise. Who could be here? I waltz up to the door, unlocking it. I look up to see Barry. Crimson red and flustered. I question. “Barry, what are you doing here? Are you oka-” Before I could finish, our lips collided. He stepped in and closed the door; our lips still crashing together. He turned me and shoved me hard against the door. He devoured my neck. When he spoke, his voice was hoarse, low and sexy. “You’re the mystery girl. I love you and I’m not letting you go. You’re mine.” 

I shivered at his sudden dominance. I questioned as he continued with my neck. “I thought I was just a friend to you?” His eyes were dark and full of lust. “Never. You were always so much more.” I couldn’t help but smile. He put on a wicked grin. “Now, I wanna show you some real fun. I wanna put some real marks on you.” He continued, dorky. “If you’re okay with that?” I laughed, kissing him. This was gonna be one hell of a night. 

I hope you enjoyed it! 


I was hoping to request a story where Loki starts dating a midusrdian gothic girl, and while most people assume she must be sad or mopey and such, she is actually quite confodent and witty. It’s part of what attracts Loko to her. I love your blog!!!

Oh my word, thank you so much!  I assume you mean Midgardian?  Either way, I can do this!  Here is your one-shot, comin’ ‘atcha!

Loki can remember the first time he saw you.  You were actually being teased by some young adults around you, and he stood back and watched.

First, he snickered at the comments they made.  Comments about your red and black lace corset, sitting atop a long-sleeve black shirt with a floor-length battered skirt.  Your hair was wavy down your back and your make-up was heavy around your eyes, and the kids kept calling you a “raccoon” and accused of “wearing your depression like a fashion statement.”

But it was your comments back that caught his attention.

“At least I’m confident enough to cover my body and still walk with pride.”

“There are other animals with rings around it’s eyes: pandas, lemurs, meerkats.  Be original, man.”

“Are you done?  I have a class to ace.”

Loki could remember how much his chest swelled with pride for a woman he had never even met.

And that’s when he decided he had to meet you.

“Excuse me,” he lulls lowly, “is this seat taken?”

He watched you blow on your coffee lightly as you flickered your heavily mascara’d eyelashes up towards him.

But the apathetic fire brewing behind your eyes only edged Loki on.

“Miss?” he asked.

But you were waiting to see what he would do.  Would he sit down?  Would he stand there and wait?  Would he walk away?

You watched him sit down, his eyes never leaving yours, as a light smile crooked upon your cheek.

He leaned back into his chair and crossed his leg over his knee, his chest broad and his attitude pompous.

So you decided to put him in his place a bit.

“No,” you say lightly before taking a sip of your coffee.

Loki held your stare.  He knew what you were trying to do, and he enjoyed the game you were attempting to play.

“Yes,” he says lightly.

“I never asked for anything,” you shoot back.

“I never assumed you would,” he says knowingly as a woman sets a coffee down in front of him.

“So then what is the future preset ‘yes’ for?” you question as you pick up your coffee to sip it again.

And as he leans forward and places his forearms onto the coffee table, your eyes hold his beautiful stare as he murmurs lowly, “Whatever you wish.”

That was eight months ago.

Every week the two of you would meet in that coffee shop, and every week the two of you would banter back and forth, challenging each other’s wit and seeing how far you could feed…and deflate…each other’s egos.

You had come to look forward to those coffee dates.

But one day, when you had been released from your last class of the semester, you found him standing against the cement steps as he looks up at you, his arms crossed in front of his chest.

“Loki?” you ask as you try to bury the smile creeping along your cheeks.

“Ah, so you are happy to see me?” he asks as he clasps his hands behind his back and watches you slowly descend the steps.

“Actually, I’m happy that my semester is over, but if it helps your ego, you’re more than welcome to take credit,” you smirk.

“Then I shall take credit where I can get it,” he lulls lowly as he slowly slips his arm around your waist.

“Begging for scraps…not really your thing,” you lull as your eyes flicker mischievously up towards his.

“Oh, look!” a girl jeers, “Maybe now our little meerkat will be able to expand the colors in her closet!”

“Thank you!” you yell back as the girl stares at you in confusion.

Even Loki cocked his eyebrow a bit at your sentiment.

“You know!” you yell out again as you turn around and feel Loki pull your back flush to his chest, “For being original this time!”

And you and Loki chuckled to yourselves as the girl huffed and puffed away.

“You’re perfect,” Loki leans down and mumbles into your ear.

And for the first time in eight months, you conceded to the want in you and nuzzled the side of your head into his lips.

And for the first time in eight months, Loki didn’t have a sarcastic thing to say.


1. start things out by slowly replacing local musicians with your own people. control the music and u control the situation.

2. get ur prisoner all lined up and ready to go. ur gonna be too busy with ur musical number to be worrying about this step in the middle.

3. gotta get those backup dancers into position!! your choreography is CRUCIAL.

4. gotta plan a SWEET ENTRANCE BRO. bog king recommends fireworks, always classy

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SMent distopian ultraconcept

Here I am again with a longer (really longer) post about SMent ultraconcept theory, involving the majority of its groups. We could say that the concept could be related to distopias, which are the opposite of utopias: the world is seen as a cruel one (especially the future world), where conspiracy, kidnapping and corruption are just normal.
I think that the first MV involved in this was Shinee’s “Everybody”, where we find some elements that re-appear later on in other MVs.
The video starts with a masked kid holding something that seems like a flute

Then, an army of identical puppets (keep this in mind)

Then, same scene as the first one, but there’s an upsided-down flying bird above the kid’s face:

The kid plugs-in the giant plug:

What’s the role of this kid? What was SM trying to say? I think that there could be two main references for this kid: the first one is “The Magic Flute” by Mozart (keep Mozart in mind), where Papageno, one of the characters, is the bird-catcher (in the original, Papageno enters the scene dressed as a bird), and Tamino, another character, plays the magic flute. The second caption is “Gulliver’s travels” by Swift: the kid represents the Lilliputiens (keep Gulliver in mind). This book is a satire on human nature and critizes the society of his times, through parody it fits in the utopistic literary genre. 

Let’s keep going. Shinee are dressed like hot soldiers with a great amount of accessories, like, a lot of rings (keep them in mind):

And there’s the use of three “colours codes”: normal, black and white, red:

And, last, another element: Jonghyun’s statues

And let’s not forget the last words of the song “Wake up, wake up!”

Guess what? In the next video involved in this concept (in my opinion), all these elements are emphasized. And the video I’m talking about is f(x)’s “Red light”. We can find the soldier/military uniforms:

The black and white and red colour codes (and let’s not forget the song’s title):

The puppets:

These puppets/robots are looking at someone, this scene resembles one of the film inspired by Orwell’s “1984″ (a distopian novel):

To all of this, we can add some other elements. The MV starts with a cat which has two different-coloured eyes (keep in mind the cat):

and, then again, the same cat, but with eyes of the same colour:

We can also clearly see that the girl that I miss so much are wearing really heavy make-up only on one eye (and Kristal at a certain point even has her eye covered):

The most natural caption I caught in this is the on to “A Clockwork Orange” by Kubrick. Just look at this:

But not only this, the references are a lot: the burning book (keep in mind book) Krystal holds at the beginning of the MV could refer to “A clockwork orange” book:

“We can destroy what we have written, but we cannot unwrite it.”
Now, I said to keep in mind Mozart and Gulliver. In “A Clockwork Orange”, Alex, the protagonist, listens to classical music: in the book he listens to Mozart and feels hurt inside. Alex also calls his own headache “Gulliver”.

In Love Me Right, we can see that Xiumin is listening to some old CD:

“AM”: I tried to find the Image of the CD, but couldn’t. It could stand for “Amadeus Mozart” (but also for Arctic Monkeys, so I really don’t know).

And we are not finished: in “A Clockwork Orange” there’s also the “cat lady”: a lady that lives with a lot of cats and gets killed by Alex.

We’ll add two more elements: the gas-mask and the breaking light-bulb.

Let’s keep going to the third MV: Red Velvet’s debut track “Happiness”. Known for its controversary images since the very beginning, it keeps some interesting references.
In the original MV there’s images of accidents, of newspaper talking about conspiracy happenings (especially regarding IIWW) and the girl looks like nothing severe is actually happening (ps: notice the cat in the first pic):

And we’ll other ingredients here, in a crescendo of meaning: the television, the dream-like scenario and the fucking ball:

Then, we have again Red Velvet’s “Ice Cream Cake”. And we have BALLS, BALLS, BAAAAAALLSS. FUCKING BALLS EVERYWHERE.

The ball that chases the girls

The ball that explodes and frees a large amount of mini-balls

and a final giant light-ball that keeps chasing the girls:

And, again, the cat:


Again in Red Velvet’s “Automatic” we can find the black and white + red colour codes:

Do you know where you can find more balls?

In Taetiseo’s “Holler”

But the master of the balls is actually EXO. The first time they’ve used (I’m just talking about Overdose+CMB+LMR eras, not earlier eras because I think the ultra-concept is more recent) the balls is in the teaser “2015 coming soon”:

EXO are represented as balls in a maze (I think you know well).
But, then, balls re-appear in Kyungsoo’s Pathcode (like he is the master of the balls kkk)

He is good in touching balls

Notice that the balls are always in a different scheme

and more balls in their fresh Love Me Right:

The lamps too are spheric

Spheric lights (keep them in mind):

I think that EXO is the key for reading the concept. I will try not to dig into EXO-related storytelling (it’s difficult). As I said, I think that SMent is trying to involve its groups in the creation of a distopian society concept using recurrent elements (such as balls, colour codes, cats, accidents, puppets). All EXO storytelling has been twisted up since Kris and Luhan’s departure. EXO’s utopia has become a distopia since then (I think that they were pretty lucky they had the maze concept and they are using it reeeeeally well). So we have two balls in the maze and the others are outside, but not together, as we can see in the various Pathcodes, where the most of the members appear lost, wandering, are running away from something unknown and look like they are running out of time (keep in mind this). So, in all the Pathcodes we can find a lot of references to time:

Chanyeol’s clock goes counterclockwise.

In Automatic the time is overturned and the water returns to the faucet.

We can find time in Holler too (”right now, Shigani eobseo”). There’s no time to waste. Hurry up!

Time and the fucking tv are back:

Guess what? We can find the television in LMR too:


The televisions and the books may represent the dream, the fairytale, the multiple distopias these groups are living. Want more books (/newspaper)?

Let’s just pay attention to that FAKE mole on Chen’s forefinger: do you remember Shinee’s rings? Pathcodes are full of rings (that could be a reference to Matrix: people who are wearing rings are actually dreaming, so here Jongdae could be one of the architects).

And, if they don’t wear rings, there’s this:

The spinning thing is back and its movement refers to the state of dream of that person (refer to Matrix), notice the black and white code:

Maybe all these refer also to other SMent groups, not only EXO. And the television is back in Xiumin’s Pathcode:

And in LMR too:

The television could also refer to the authority (in Red Light the authority was seen on a screen), that tries to control the mass through media. The authority makes our brain sleep, our knowledge less aware. Xiuchen are sleeping among screens.

And they keep dreaming: in Xiumin’s Pathcode, he is going upstairs and it’s like a labirinth, in Kyungsoo’s one, he is going downstairs.

The most clear reference to the dream is the caption from Alice in Wonderland we read behind Sehun (in black and white colour code): “Eat me, drink me”

{GG’s “Catch me if you can”}

We see also a large amount of drugs-related imaginary in LMR (Matrix is back)

(with a gas-mask, like in Red Light)

“Someone call the doctor”: EXO look like are manipulated, are lab experiments with superpowers and are used against their own will (all the Pathcodes could refer to this)

They look HIGH on drugs (”overdosed”?)

And the dream keeps going:

Kyungsoo is looking at you also when you are masturbating

Kyungsoo is controlling you all. Notice the light-bulbs, like in fx and in Tao (whose superpower is time control)’s Pathcode

Jongin keeps wearing his ring in LMR

And, between the balls, we can see Jonghyun’s broken statues

and an eye:

AN ODD EYE (like in fx, in A clockwork Orange):

Shineee’s View (an action the eyes do) is somehow “disturbing”: the atmosphere feels like teenagers-related, but then you see the girls kidnapping them (in black and white and red codes):

Utopia (summer’s teenagers dream) ruined by a distopia (kidnapping).

The colour codes are also used in LMR, CMB and Pathcodes:

And, lastly, we see a tiny light ball (remember Baek?) and a box.

Summerized in CMB logo (a box trespassed by a light ball)

What does all this mean?
Let’s resume: we have references to distopian movies, to dream-like stories, to utopias books and classical music. Distopian movies often refer to future scenarios, while classical music to old times: in this way we keep travelling in time. Time is represented by clocks. Distopia are represented using different simbols: we have the odd eye, the cat, the television/screens (the authority that wants to control the mass), the colour code red (alarm), the balls (control of the balls, the balls chasing people, the balls invading all the space), the light bulbs that break, the kidnapping. The dreams are represented by drugs, gas masks, the spinning things, the staircases, the upsided-down world (the bird in Shinee, Kyungsoo and the door in LMR), the rings, the mask, the people who sleep and the invitation to wake up, the references to Alice in Wonderland (both in LMR and GG’s Catch me if you can). The ball breaking the television could symbolize that the authority wants to make people think that something is different, but in the distopian reality, it’s not.
Now, imagine to pack all these scenarios: what do we have? We have the infamous SMent boxes. And a box is in Kyungsoo’s hands. And this same box is EXO logo and is crossed by a light ball. Maybe Kyungsoo is the authority that can manipulate box? Or maybe he represents the real utopia that can destroy all the distopian boxes and giving us the real box, the only utopian box? One thing is sure: Kyungsoo has the power, because his super-power is actually power.
(SMent storytellers, you are foxes)

Loop of lies >> Suga, you (Part 1)

Ones live can be destroyed by a simple lie.

Maybe you had been living your whole life as a lie, and you accepted to play along.

They said that friendship is one of the most beautiful thing that must be cherished. You never believed that.

Every single person around you, always wanted something from you. And you accepted the challenge to play dumb and be foolish.

Y/N whom everyone hated, you became that girl. But never thought, it would all turn against you.

And hunts you.

Mon, 10:23 AM

Police station.

“Where were you last night?”

The police officer, who introduced himself as Jaebum a while ago, asked you. He was probably talking to you. You thought.

You were sitting in front of him as if you weren’t there.

Mind blank, eyes puffy and swollen. Your heavy black make up missed up all your face, and your mouth was dry. You couldn’t hear him, or function what he was talking about, or even answer him.

You were frozen, shocked and almost hypnotized with another disaster you never thought was coming.

“You need to answer me, Miss Y/N.” He said, determined. “Keeping quiet won’t help you.”

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