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No one asked for this, but I needed to vent my feels over this boy desperately. 

Here are some of my personal headcanons for Wesley Evans, my son and love of my life ♥♥

  • Wes supports and loves his brother so freaking much!! 
  • When they were little, Soul adored and admired his older brother to the point that he wanted to be exactly like him. The day Soul started being moodier and holding grudges against Wes, it shot him straight through the heart. Wes was torn up about that.
  • He was also torn up when Soul’s weapon gene made itself known because that meant Soul had to move away to DWMA. 
  • DWMA and weapons/meisters were actually super new to Wes, but in order to support his brother, he spent all night studying about the school and what being a weapon meant. He slaved over the computer, printing everything out, but ended up being more knowledgeable about everything. 
  • Wes also saved every clipping from newspapers and articles that featured his brother and Maka. He saved them in a little box because he wanted to still follow his brother without actually being there because he knew Soul needed his space as well.
  • Not really Wes, but I also headcanon that Mama Evans adores both her sons, but unfortunately her love overshadowed the pressure Papa Evans put on Soul which really fucked Soul up.
  • Wes sends Soul a birthday present every year since he moved out because he wants to make sure Soul knows someone still loves him.
  • After the battle of the moon, Wes’ first instinct is to go down to Arizona and reunite with his brother. Which he does. It’s actually a super emotional moment between the brothers because they haven’t seen each other in years and only kept contact through letters and phone calls.
  • When Wes meets Maka, they hit it off right away because they both share a love for intellectual things that makes Soul super jealous, but Wes and Maka also bicker like siblings and butt heads quite a bit.
  • Wes adores Maka like a little sister and thinks she’s perfect for his brother.
  • Wes and Mama Evans are the only two who make an attempt to get to know Death City, its customs, and the strange language they speak. Wes ends up saying everything is dead (his sandwich, the piano, Soul’s dick) which annoys Soul but amuses Maka.
  • Wes also ships SoMa.
  • At first, Wes believes Soul and Maka are indeed together until he asks about their relationship and is devastated by the news that they aren’t an item. He then spends the rest of his time trying to figure out why they aren’t together and if they’re lying to him because they are so freaking flirty together!!
  • He also teases his brother when he notices that Soul is indeed crushing so hard on Maka much to Soul’s embarrassment. Wes goes as far as making subtle hints of Soul’s crush when Maka is in the room which earns him a punch to the dick.
  • However, when Maka goes to Wes to ask him about Soul and confesses her own mutual feelings for her weapon, Wes chooses to not to interfere. Instead, he gives Maka sound advice that’s a lot more heartwarming and sincere than the advice he gives Soul. This prompts him to have a very strong relationship with Maka, and eventually she goes to him for advice.
  • In a weird twist, Wes is the voice of reason for a lot of things in Soul and Maka’s relationship. Which surprises Soul a lot.
  • Wes can be a dick, though. 
  • He cries at Soul and Maka’s wedding because he can’t believe Soul found someone to marry him ;u;
  • He’s also a meme king and pun master and drama queen.
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James Hetfield of Metallica recording The “Mercyful Fate” medly.

The “Mercyful Fate” medly consists of five Mercyful Fate songs: “Evil”, “Curse Of The Pharaohs”, “Satan’s Fall”, “A Corpse Without a Soul” and “Into The Coven”.

You can Listen to the songs here: