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Otter Wax | Heavy Duty Fabric Wax

When we buy high-quality items, we simply want them to last a long time. Also, everyone has that favorite item in the closet that they’re seeking to preserve. Luckily, Otter Wax can make your canvas shoes, hats, jackets, rucksacks and backpacks water repellent. 

my new TOMS my parents got me for Christmas(: 

they’re made specially for Neiman Marcus and they’re super high quality and made of this super heavy duty fabric ( i said dooty:3) but they’re also like double the price:0

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lavendernebula  asked:

i feel like weird, heavy-duty fabrics aren't that hard to get in the Marvel 616 universe. Superhero costumes are a big thing, and even minor villains are able to make pretty impressive costumes, so I'm assuming their textile design industry is more advanced than ours, and stuff that's fireproof/waterproof/insulating/stretchy/bulletproof isn't very hard to get.

It’s true. Can you buy, like, fire proof, bullet proof fabric at Jo-Anne’s in the Marvel U? Maybe there are stores that deal primarily in superhero costume fabric. But remember, kiddies, NO CAPES!

anothernametoremember  asked:

My 10 month old GSD had her rear right leg amputated because of a fungal infection(pythium) last week. Currently she's slipping and falling fairly regularly on the tile floors but walking well on the carpets. Is there a way to help make her adjustment period easier?

Remember those rug squares we all loved in preschool, the ones we sat on at storytime? Get some of those (or rug scrap, or samples, really any heavy-duty fabric that won’t slide around too much) and make paths for her across the tile.