heavy dogs


Lana del Rey - This Is What Makes Us Girls


Look who it is!!

Long story short we have had a pretty tough year. We got evicted in early feb (by my own dad no less) and I have been struggling with the fallout from that and my health.

Keiko, however, is fine! He is loving the new area we live in. Lots more wooded paths and parks to play in here, and he is happy and healthy!

Hopefully I will be able to be a bit more active from now on!

DazAtsu vs DazAku
  • Atsushi: Fight me!
  • Dazai: (from directly behind Atsushi while cleaning a kitchen knife) Do not touch him if you ever want to see the light of day again.
  • ...........
  • Akutagawa: Fight me!
  • Dazai: [to the opponent] Do me a favor and get rid of him.
elitist metalheads
  • what they think they sound like: *very educated on the history and subgenres of metal, seem impressive and intelligent*
  • what they actually sound like: lmao u listen to [insert random subgenre here]?? lmaooo poserrerr thats not even REAL METAL lol are u 12 REAL METALHEADS like ME only listen to dark blackened black extreme technical progrssive super grind porn core shit brutal stuff death heavy stone dog diddly doodly penis metal but i bet you dont even know what that is because its super underground and a POSER like YOU could never know that loool poser

Bungo Stray Dogs Cosplay - Gravity

Nakahara Chuuya -> Kayleigh

Photo taken and edited by the lovely @rythme  <3 Thanks again dear! For crouching in the dirt to take that photo. :D

Costume is selfmade~