heavy denim

the five senses

sights: blue skies dotted with cartoon-perfect clouds, hands raised in mock defence, someone winking at you, fields of green in the spring, walking backwards, eyes being lit up, flannel shirts, grinning so wide it hurts, cocking your head to one side, a rose in a cola bottle
sound: the wind rustling through the trees, lightning strikes, fingers snapping, rapping knuckles against a desk, unrestrained laughter, easy, simple (like everything else)
smells: freshly mown grass, morning breath, toast burning, rain on concrete
tastes: strawberries, mint, toothpaste, water when you are parched, when you need it more than you need it to breathe, running down your lips
touch: tracing the line of a jaw, knowing what someone else is going to say before they say it, finishing someone else’s sentences for them, your heart skipping a beat, wind running through your hair, flying

sights: heaving chests, running both hands through your hair, dark eyelashes, catching someone looking at you, like they can’t help it, like they can’t not look at you, the lights going down in a cinema, the mottled blue and purple of a bruise, a black so dark it is almost bright, dried blood crusted around your lips
sounds: thunder rumbling, cracking knuckles, the growl of an engine, profanity and the way it twists your lips, the way it makes you whole
smells: cigarette smoke, hazelnuts, gasoline, sharp peppermint that sticks in the lungs, gasoline, ink, dark and black and bloody
tastes: roasted hazelnuts, black coffee at 3am, bitterness
touch: sandpaper tongues, fingers on the hot, sharp glint of steel, sweat on skin, blood running through your veins so fast you can barely breathe, throwing a punch, driving with the windows down, hands against a brick wall, like you have hit the wall, like you can’t get past it

sights: autumn leaves dead on the ground like carrion, circulation being cut off in your fingers, the colour of wine, deep and burgundy and looking a little too much like blood—
sounds: waves crashing, a mixtures of torrential and calm all at once, a guttural growl in the back of the throat, the crunch of gravel, twigs snapping, heavy sighs, the crackle of vinyl, something tearing, something being ripped
smells: woodsmoke, wrapping paper, fresh linen, old parchment
tastes: blood in the mouth, milk chocolate, tea leaves
touch: picking away at a scab, biting your nails, ripping up handfuls of grass, teeth sinking into your lower lip, a barking laugh of surprise escaping your lips, like you didn’t know it was there, like you didn’t know you were capable of it 

sights: a fairground in full swing, empty chairs at empty tables, a million pairs of shoes piled at the front door, turned backs, palms upturned, to catch, to hold, the one chipped union-jack mug in the cupboard, the empty stretch of tarmac at the airport and the feeling that sticks in your throat like glass, like you don’t know where you’re going, like you don’t know where you’ve been
sounds: walnut shells crushing underfoot, the wind buffeting along the beach, the crackling of foiled candy wrappers, a phone that rings, and rings, and rings (but no-one answers)
smells: wet earth, roasted chestnuts, the smell of baking, musty, like something is dying, like something is already dead
tastes: sorrow, chocolate bars, bubblegum, chewing something that just won’t swallow
touch: feet on carpet, carpet burn, grinding your teeth, laughing so hard it hurts your sides, starting a sentence you forget to finish

sights: daffodils in the spring, shelves bursting with books, like there is so much life and knowledge there it cannot be contained, mothers holding their children, pastel ice cream flavours, bunches of flowers outside a florist’s, your drink being placed in front of you in a coffee shop
sounds: the roar of a motorcycle in the distance, heavy metal rock, laughter, bells chiming, a page being turned, walking on cobblestones, clinking china
smells: cinnamon, grass, lillies, tea tree, the way perfume lingers on your clothes, fresh night air
tastes: copper, metallic and sharp on the tongue, not quite bloody but just enough, vanilla, a sadness so heavy it is almost sweet
touch: the material of your skirt swirling around you as you spin, like you cannot stop spinning, you won’t stop spinning, breathing unsteadily, porcelain, the roughness and heaviness of denim, someone else’s hand in yours, the way love has a pulse and you can feel it under his skin

Wanted (Jungkook and Hoseok love triangle smut)

Originally posted by bangtansonyeondarnit

Summary: Jungkook likes you, Hoseok’s girlfriend, a little too much and gets a little too excited when he catches you and Hobi having sex.

Pairings: You x Hoseok, You x Jungkook

Genre: Smut, angst, fluff

Themes: Jungkook catching you having sex, Jungkook masturbating, Jungkook having feelings for you while you’re in a relationship, sex with Hobi

Word count: 4k (?)

Trigger warnings: Explicit smut, being caught (kind of), masturbating, over-all mature themes, hints at mental illness (like, sort of- not really)

You watched your boyfriend, who sat cross-legged on the floor, folding clothes to put into his suitcase with great care. Sparkles twizzled across your eyes as you observed him with a thudding heart. His back was facing you and as he moved, his muscles flexed gently beneath his grey sweater. Unable to resist the temptation of his touch- you climbed off of his bed to crouch behind him. Your hands rubbed over his shoulder blades tenderly.

“Hey, baby.” He says and laughs. That enchanting laugh that is so soft it comes out as a throaty chuckle.

“Hey, baby.” You say back and sit down so that your knees are on either side of him. You nuzzle your nose into his soft shirt, inhaling his clean and musky scent. You wrap your arms around him- letting your hands fold over his abs, which he soon covers with his own. He leans his head backwards and the smell of his shampooed orange hair tickles at your nose.

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Topped (M) Pt. 2

Chapters: 1| 2

Summary: All he wanted to be on top for one, and you happened to be there.

Genre: Smut, College AU

Word count: 2.1K

Tags: allusion to boyxboy, cheating, toys, anal.

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From Hell and Back Again

From Hell and Back Again

Dean x Preg!Reader

Content: Pregnancy, Angst, ~Fluff

Anon Request: Dean x reader request where after dean goes to hell reader finds out she is pregnant with his baby. 4 months later when dean comes back he has to cope with the surprising news. Make it as angsty or fluffy as you want. Also can reader be Bobbys daughter?

A fine sheen of sweat coated his body moving rhythmically above yours, catching the thin ray of light from the pale street lamp. A bead of sweat gathered on the muscular line of his throat, growing, trembling with each slow thrust of his hips. It slid, riding the line between muscle and trachea reaching the high hollow of his throat to pause before a thrust allowed the drop to continue its journey over his heart. You had reached up pressing a thirsty kiss to his collarbone and flicking your tongue to catch the salty remnants. He groaned deeply, the sensual sound vibrating between your writhing bodies. A gasp melted into a wonderfully helpless moan as he buried his face in your shoulder. The passion grew desperate; gentle caresses curling into clutches, nails biting, imploring kisses broke into pleas and simpers, and the methodic pace he set lost the patient tone, slamming harder with each quick jerk. Heat seeped across every inch of your sticky skin. Pleasure gripped your nerves, vision blackening, back arching until all you could do was hold on to the mounting ecstasy. Light burst behind your eyes, your mouth parted, and you tipped into the abyss. Your body melted into the blanketed seat. His breath hitting your ear in mouthy pants. You smiled as he pulled back to drop a lethargic kiss to your lips.

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What’s different about the Mk2?
The pattern has been redesigned from the ground up to take advantage of 4 years of research since  the original pattern was made. This means that while the outward appearance has been maintained, the feel of the coat is better than ever. This is the case for all sizes, but the difference will be especially noticeable on larger and smaller sizes. New calculations is sizing make it so that every jacket looks and feels custom tailored and every detail is crisp. We’ve also added a natural bend to the elbow and redesigned the sleeve cap, resulting in more comfortable range of motion. Beyond that, new techniques have allowed us to perfect the fold angle of the tail so that the look is consistent across all sizes. While we were at it, the interior pockets are now at a lower placement and cut at an angle for easier access. It’s a little more expensive than the Mk1, but we feel these enhancements are worth it.


Redesigned for a better fit

Updated shouder structure for better mobility

Natural elbow bend for added comfort

Crisper details thanks to new formulas

Ergonomic internal pockets

Still True!

Heavy denim shell

Interior is a cotton blend that allows the coat to breathe and stretch

Two inside pockets

Removable hood

Double Breasted and reversible front panel

Fold-able tails 

anonymous asked:

For the anon with the heavy denim jacket: maybe even buy a cheap denim jacket and just turn it into a vest (or even just buy a vest) and buy some studs and punk-it-up just for the hot days! That way you can still feel punk when it's horribly hot out.