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What kind of easy to find modern day civilian clothes are good for a fight (to wear to a fight)?

Jeans (lose fit without being baggy, skinny jeans or baggy pants, not so much), work boots (steel toed preferred, but not necessary, a non-slip grip is a huge perk), work shirt (heavy cotton or denim), leather jacket (preferably with insulated sleeves to provide some padding).

A t-shirt isn’t the end of the world, also, some durable varieties of work pants can work just as well as jeans.

The important thing is making sure the clothes allow freedom of movement without getting in the way.


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Wanted (Jungkook and Hoseok love triangle smut)

Originally posted by bangtansonyeondarnit

Summary: Jungkook likes you, Hoseok’s girlfriend, a little too much and gets a little too excited when he catches you and Hobi having sex.

Pairings: You x Hoseok, You x Jungkook

Genre: Smut, angst, fluff

Themes: Jungkook catching you having sex, Jungkook masturbating, Jungkook having feelings for you while you’re in a relationship, sex with Hobi

Word count: 4k (?)

Trigger warnings: Explicit smut, being caught (kind of), masturbating, over-all mature themes, hints at mental illness (like, sort of- not really)

You watched your boyfriend, who sat cross-legged on the floor, folding clothes to put into his suitcase with great care. Sparkles twizzled across your eyes as you observed him with a thudding heart. His back was facing you and as he moved, his muscles flexed gently beneath his grey sweater. Unable to resist the temptation of his touch- you climbed off of his bed to crouch behind him. Your hands rubbed over his shoulder blades tenderly.

“Hey, baby.” He says and laughs. That enchanting laugh that is so soft it comes out as a throaty chuckle.

“Hey, baby.” You say back and sit down so that your knees are on either side of him. You nuzzle your nose into his soft shirt, inhaling his clean and musky scent. You wrap your arms around him- letting your hands fold over his abs, which he soon covers with his own. He leans his head backwards and the smell of his shampooed orange hair tickles at your nose.

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Denim and Leather-Saxon (studio version)

Saxon’s Denim And Leather from their fourth studioalbum with same name, released in 1981 👍   



Get a measuring table and measure

  • bust
  • collar to knee (or collar to however long you want it)
  • around your collarbone and shoulders
  • however long you want your ruffle to be

Fabric suggestions

  • fabric with a reasonable drape, not too heavy
  • cotton voile, chambray, tencel blends, light interlocks, rayon
  • NOT: quilting cotton, denim, heavy fabric

RLY QUICK INSTRUCTIONS (assumes you know how to do some stuff)

  1. Sew side seams of the dress. Sew short sides of ruffle rectangle. (Right sides together.) Add whatever trim you want to the ruffle, or just hem it.
  2. Apply bias binding to arm holes.
  3. Match centre of dress collar (right side up) and ruffle rectangle (right side up) and sew.
  4. Fold ruffle rectangle and attached dress down 1”/ 2.5cm to create an elastic casing. Leave 1”/ 2.5cm opening.
  5. Thread elastic through the casing and adjust so dress sits comfortably off the shoulder. Sew elastic ends together to secure. Close elastic opening.
  6. Turn up hem 5/8”/ 1.5cm and sew.

You’ve got yourself a damn dress. Fuck ASOS!

Stole The Show

Jughead x Reader


Requested: anon said: 

Hello! May I please request something? So I’ve always read stories of where the reader is an amazing artist or a great writer but I’d like to read one where the reader is a dancer or something like that. I’m a dancer and I’m in my high schools color guard(not rotc). It could take place at a game during half time or a pep rally. Maybe the reader could have a solo or Something like that where jughead see them. Anything like that would be amazing 😁 please and thank you 💕

A/N: im really sorry for making you wait this long :(

Words: 1168

Warnings: 0

Today was the school’s first pep rally of the year and Cheryl had kicked me off the cheer team for the night insisting that I perform a solo at halftime. Don’t get me wrong, I love dancing but doing a solo at the first event of the year was a little nerve racking. I practiced day and night, I even ran through my routine when I got bored in class.

I was stood in front of the mirror in the locker room fixing up my face paint as Betty tied blue and yellow ribbon around my pigtails. All the cheerleaders sat around chatting, they were doing the same routine from last year so everyone was unfazed at performing because they knew the routine perfectly.

“What if I mess up?” I groaned while sponging blue and yellow stripes onto my cheeks.“

“You’ll be amazing Y/N/N!” Betty argued and pulled another strand of ribbon through my hair making me wince slightly as she tugged my hair.

“Yeah, you’ve been practicing for weeks and no one knows your routine anyways so if you mess up just freestyle it.” Ronnie commented. “Are you going to watch the first half of the game?”

“I think I might watch you two,” I said looking at her in the mirror, “then I think I’ll sit with Juggie and Kev. You guys will be off before I go on right?” I went back to fixing my face paint as they spoke.“

"Yeah, Cheryl said were all going to watch you.” Veronica said before the locker room door swung open.

“Hey, is Y/N- oh there you are.” He chuckled and stood in the door eyeing me slightly. “You look great babe.” He gushed and leant against the door frame, letting the door push against his other shoulder.

I rolled my eyes at his comment, I was wearing as little clothes as you possibly could, Cheryl had given me a pair of hot pants and a baseball style crop top to parade in, in front of the whole school, in like the middle of fall. “I look cold.” I grumbled looking at him through the mirror, his body still wedged in between the door.

“Aye! Jug, you lucky guy! Let me join!” I heard Reggie yell as he walked out the boy’s locker room.

“Fuck off Reggie.” Jug growled making him walking off in hysterics. “You’ll be fine, don’t stress.” He said gently as he turned back to me. “I’ll go find our seats, Kev said he got good ones.” He said and smiled once I had finished my makeup then stepped away letting the locker room door close completely.

I turned to face Betty and Ronnie “What?” I  blushed seeing the faces they were pulling at me.

“You two are so smitten!” Ronnie squealed then looked over to Betty who was nodding, backing up her statement.

“You’re making me more nervous.” I whined and sat between them on the bench and rested my head on Betty’s shoulder.

“Your boyfriend makes you nervous?” Betty giggled and rested her head on top of mine.

“You guys know what I mean!” I groaned, just as Cheryl burst into the room.

“We’re on in two minutes girls!” She yelled causing people to throw bags, shoes, clothes and so on into their lockers and follow her outside.

“Good luck girls.” I whispered as I hugged Betty and Veronica before they thanked me and rushed out joining the rest of the team. I got up from the bench and checked my myself once more before leaving the locker room and making my way to the football field.

“Well here she is!” Jug cheered as I slid past the people to my seat between him and Kev, which had food piled on it. I gave him an uneasy smile while I stood back brushing my arms up and down trying to keep warm as the slight breeze nipped at my skin. “You must be freezing.” Jug commented once they had moved the food and I had sat down.

He pulled his jacket off and handed it to me, “Cheryl might as well put me out there in a set of underwear.” I grumbled as I pulled on the heavy denim jacket. “Thanks though.” I gave him a grateful smile before kissing his cheek. The jacket only reached my mid thighs making my legs start to shiver but I couldn’t really tell if it was from the cold or from nerves.

He took my hand in his and squeezed it reassuringly before turning back to the game, only really concentrating on Archie. The game was going pretty well but the crowd wasn’t really cheering them on as much as I would have hoped which made me more anxious for my performance, what if nobody cheered for me? I got more and more antsy the closer half time came.

“Holy cow, I’m up in like ten minutes.” I said after watching the game for a while, I got up and pulled Jug’s jacket off, “I’m going to head down to the field so long.”
“Okay, good luck baby,” He said before pressing a kiss to my cheek, “you’re going to do so well.” A bright smile spread across his face as he pulled back.
“Oh my word, you’re making me blushy,” I cooed, “but I got to go.” I chuckled.

“Break a leg!” Betty yelled as I run past them as the team made their way onto the side lines, I smiled back and waved while they all cheered me on. I stood in the middle of the field looking out at the crowd while I waited for the music to start, I had no time to get nervous though because the music started almost immediately. I counted down when I heard the first beat and started my routine once I had got to three, the whole school went crazy, cheering, whistling, you name it.

I kept looking for Jug in the crowd when I had the chance but I had no luck in finding him. Everyone cheered as I started finishing, a huge smile spread across my face once I had ended the dance. I gave them a playful bow before I was tackled into a group hug from the cheer team. “You did so well Y/N/N!” veronica squealed as she pushed her way closer to me and gave me a big squeeze. Before I could say anything, I was lifted up into the air by Archie before he placed me on his shoulder as the whole football team joined us on the field. I looked around in amazement, everyone was jumping in celebration around me and the whole school was still cheering. A huge smile spread across my face when I finally spotted Jug in the bleachers he was cheering loudly with an insanely adorable smile plastered on his face too. When he saw that I was looking at him we blew each other a kiss simultaneously  making the school go even more crazy.

Topped (M) Pt. 2

Chapters: 1| 2| 3

Summary: All he wanted to be on top for one, and you happened to be there.

Genre: Smut, College AU

Word count: 2.1K

Tags: allusion to boyxboy, cheating, toys, anal.

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Whiskey Nights

 So, after an eternity of dealing with family drama and life’s general bullshit, I have decided it’s time to start writing again. I seriously thank those of you who are dedicated writers for inspiring me to pick up the pen. 

For my first offering, I give you Baron Corbin in a gritty bar scene.

@writergrrrl29  @adriennegabriella @wwe-smutfics @adriennegabriella

If you happen to enjoy this little number, feel free to share!!

* * * * *

“That skirt supposed to be so short?”

The deep voice was practically in my ear. There was no reason for me to turn around. I would know that voice anywhere. Baron Corbin brushed against me as he wedged himself into the narrow space between myself and a voluptuous, platinum blonde.  I didn’t spare him a glance as I waited for the bartender to finish mixing my drink. My blunt nails drummed softly against the brass bar rail as I waited.

Natty’s invitation to join them for Girl’s Night Out caught me by surprise. Normally, they didn’t invite me to join the tightly knit group of Divas. I was too new to the roster. I was trying to prove that I am worthy of their time and attention. On a whim, I decided to wear the ultra short black leather skirt and sapphire blue halter top. I completed the outfit with a pair of strappy heels and a sort of haphazard updo. My arrival in the hotel lobby had been met with approval and a round of good- natured teasing.

But, as I stood at the bar, a fresh whiskey sour in hand, I had a moment of uncertainty. Maybe my revealing outfit had been a bad idea. Maybe I should have gone with a burlap sack and saved myself from the unsolicited attention of the big man beside me.

Gathering my courage, I attempted to turn away from the bar. Before I could move, his warm fingers wrapped around my wrist. I glanced up at him, his dark eyes were unreadable in the low light. I pulled slightly, attempting to release myself from his grasp.

We studied each other for a long moment. Baron made no move to disentangle himself from me. My gaze dropped to the point where his long fingers held my slender wrist. I arched a brow.

“Do you mind?”

I felt the deep breath he released move across my cheek.

“Why are you playing hard to get?” Baron asked as he leaned closer.

The scent of his woodsy aftershave drifted across my senses. I hated the fact that he smelled good enough to eat. His grip remained firm even as he leaned a elbow against the shiny bar top.

I snorted in disbelief as I shook my head. Me? Play hard to get? The thought was absurd. Baron had been given ample opportunity to pursue me. Hell, I had practically thrown myself at him. His reaction had been a smirk and a quick turn on his heel. I stood there, in the back hallway of the Civic Center, looking like a fool as everyone snickered at my unceremonious rejection. Now, all of sudden, the Lone Wolf was looking for a little action? Too bad for him.

“You had your chance, Corbin.”

I patted his hand before lightly gripping the back of his hand. I carefully pulled away each finger until I was finally free.

Not put off by my escape, Baron shifted. He blocked my retreat by slipping slightly behind me. I could feel his heat pressing into me from shoulder to thigh. In a panic, my eyes met his in the mirror behind the bar. The expression on his face was serious. His full mouth was pulled into a thin line. His dark eyes were wide. He watched me with the same intensity that made him lethal in the ring. It was obvious that he was calculating his next move.

He leaned closer, pressing his hips against mine for a fleeting moment. His fingers drifted up the length of my bare arm and over my shoulder. He stopped once his fingers came to rest against the fluttering pulse at my throat.

His voice was husky against my ear, “I was a fucking idiot to turn you down.”

His gaze never wavered from mine. I knew I should look away. The intensity in those whiskey colored depths was too much. However, something in his expression made me unable to do so.

Baron leaned down until his nose was buried in my hair. He made a low sound in his chest. The growl brought goose bumps to my skin.

“I won’t make that mistake again. Come on, doll, give me a chance.”

I drew in a shaky breath. My instinct was to tell him to fuck off. He’d mortified me in front of everyone we knew. The sting of his rejection was still strong. But as I looked into his eyes, I found it almost impossible to deny him.

Baron’s nose trailed from my hair, down to my ear. He nuzzled me for a moment before moving lower. He placed a hot kiss against my throat. His lips were heavenly soft on my skin. My knees weakened. I gripped the bar rail tightly and prayed for strength.

“Five minutes is all I need.” Baron whispered as his lips changed direction and skated upward.

The challenge was evident in those heated words. My body agreed whole-heartedly. In fact, it would give anything to find out exactly what he would accomplish in those five minutes. My thighs moved restlessly, desperate to ease the intense ache that settled low in my body. A whimper escaped as Baron’s free hand lightly gripped my hip. He pulled me into the cradle of his thighs. His cock was throbbing and hard as it rested against the crease of my ass.

“Just say yes.” Baron encouraged as he rested his chin against my bare shoulder.

My gaze dropped from his as I considered the possibilities. Denying him would send me into a hellish nightmare of unsated desire. Giving in would open Pandora’s box. Baron sensed my indecision. His wide palm moved from my hip to rest against my lower belly. His fingers rested a hair’s breadth away from my mound. All I had to do was wiggle just a fraction of an inch and his touch would be exactly where I needed it most.

“Come on, baby, let me show you how good it can be.” Baron’s deep voice was a husky whisper.

The instant those words left his supple lips, the decision was made. I was helpless to deny him. My answer was a single bob of my head. Had he not been watching so intently, he would have missed the subtle response. A savage curse left him as his grip tightened. He pulled me tightly to him. His free hand dug into his jeans pocket. After slamming down a hundred dollar bill, he pulled me away from the bar.

The flash of disco lights were a blur as his long strides brought us to the exit. He pulled me into the alley that ran between the bar and quaint bookstore next door. As the heavy metal door slammed shut, I realized what was about to happen. The very thought of Baron fucking me in the dark alley brought an undeniable wash of pleasure. I leaned against the building’s facade as Baron’s dark eyes swept the area. Once he was assured we were indeed alone, he stepped toward me.

He didn’t give me a chance to so much as breathe before his mouth captured mine. A second later, his bulky frame settled against me. The rough brick exterior bit into my tender flesh as Baron’s hips pushed into mine. His cock was hot and insistent as it pressed at the juncture of my thighs.

He continued kissing me, plundering my mouth with his tongue. He explored every inch of me, tracing over my teeth and gliding along the plumpness of my lower lip. I melted into his kiss, my arms  wrapping around his waist. I held him close as he devoured me.

A startled gasp left me as his fingers skirted up my side. His gentle touch surprised me as he followed the curve of my rib cage. The instant his long fingers grasped my breast, my knees weakened. He kneaded the pliant flesh before his fingers found the puckered tip. A groan left Baron as he plucked at my nipple.

The electricity of his touch was unbearable. I gasped into his kiss, silently begging for more. He put an inch of space between us, allowing him to grasp the hem of my skirt. He pulled the material upward, exposing my over heated flesh to the night breeze. I closed my eyes for a moment, savoring the cool sensation.

Baron’s muttered curse brought me back to my senses. He glanced between us, taking in the barely there lace panties I’d impulsively chosen. He watched the scene unfold as his fingers drew along the seam of my thighs. As if pulled by a magic string, they opened for his exploration. He sucked in a ragged breath as his index finger stoked the damp material.

“You’re so fucking wet, kitten.” Baron’s low voice was full of praise.

I watched as his tongue darted out. He licked his lips as he pressed his fingers against my lace covered clit. He held the pressure until it was more than I could take.

My back arched, silently asking for more. Baron was quick to oblige. He pushed aside the thin material separating us. He slid a thick finger between my slick folds. He gave no warning before sinking inside. My eyes squeezed shut as he worked me, his thumb sweeping tight circles over my clit.

“Do you like that, baby?” He purred as he leaned down.

He burrowed into the crook of my shoulder, his sharp teeth finding the tender spot there.

My cry of pleasure echoed in the sudden stillness. Baron took it as encouragement to add a second finger. I felt stretched to the breaking point. The only relief was the exquisite pleasure he wrought. Each pass of his thumb against my clit drove me closer to the edge. A desperate whimper left me.

Unable to resist any longer, my hands snaked between us. I fumbled with the heavy belt buckle. Once it parted, I made quick work of freeing the copper button and zipper. The instant my fingers found his cock, he growled in approval. The plum shaped knob rested against the hard ridge of his stomach. The tip was dewy with beads of desire. My thumb swept over the broad head, gathering the slick essence. I brought my thumb to my lips and sucked it clean. Baron’s earthy flavor exploded on my tongue. He tasted of every mysterious, forbidden desire I’d ever had. He was salty and sweet and I instantly wanted more.

Shoving the heavy denim down his thighs gave me full access to his thick cock. He was unbelievably long and as thick as my wrist. The heavy length jutted out at me, the twin weights below were drawn tight. Following the network of veins, I traced him from base to tip and back again. Baron groaned softly, his hips thrusting into my exploring hands.

“Please, Baron.” The words left me in a heated rush.

Baron growled something I couldn’t make out. His fingers slipped from my slick with a soft pop. Instantly, the emptiness overwhelmed me. I wanted him fiercely. I stared up at him, my breasts heaving in his grasp.

“Come here.” Baron took a step back, his eyes never leaving my face. He quickly turned us, his back now against the rough brick.

He held my gaze as he pushed his jeans further down his heavy thighs. His right hand slid down to wrap around cock. He gripped the throbbing length and stroked. I watched in fascination as the wide head disappeared into his hand. When it reappeared, a drop of cream beaded onto the tip.

Pushing at his hand, I leaned down to capture the weeping head between my lips. I groaned as once again, his flavor exploded. Baron’s palm cupped the back of my head, guiding my movements. I took him as deeply as possible, my tongue laving the underside. Baron swore softly as I picked up a quick rhythm, my head bobbing over his shaft.

Baron thrust upward, meeting my movements. His soft grunts were music to my ears. I felt so feminine and powerful as I took his cock deeper. He allowed me to continue a moment longer. Then, his fingers threaded into my hair. He applied enough pressure to separate my lips from him. As he drew me upward, he kissed me fiercely. My senses swam. I didn’t know if up was down or where I was. All I knew was the soul consuming passion burning through my veins.

Grabbing my hips, Baron spun me away from him again. The sound of lace rendering was lost in the darkness. All I could concentrate on was the feel of my ass connecting with Baron’s thighs. His warm palm wrapped around the back of my neck. He held me firmly as he bent me at the waist. For a moment, I felt more exposed than ever. My weeping pussy was bared to his hungry gaze. I knew I presented the perfect picture of wanton lust.

I heard the soft rustle of foil a second before a torn, gold packet landed on the worn concrete between my feet. I heard a rumble from Baron as he rolled the condom on. An instant later, his hands grabbed my hips. Without warning, he buried in to the hilt. My lusty scream echoed off the walls. It mixed with Baron’s shout, blending into a symphony of perfection.

He thrust forward at the same time he pulled my hips downward. The friction he created was perfect. My pussy wept as he quickly pushed forward and withdrew. The pace was almost brutal yet exactly what I wanted. I didn’t want gentle. I wanted Baron in all of his wildness. I wanted him unbridled and untamed. And that was exactly what he gave.

His rough fingers dove between my legs. He found my clit with his middle finger and began rubbing tight, hard circles. The pressure grew to unbelievable proportions. Incoherent words fell from my lips as I begged Baron to end the torture.

Baron’s hand found my breast. He gripped the tender flesh as his movements intensified. He pulled at my nipple then rolled the hard tip between his calloused fingers. On the third pass, I could no longer bear it. Stars exploded in my vision. My pussy clamped tightly down on his cock. He was barely able to continue his frantic fucking as I came. His name fell from my lips as I rocked back against him. I came until my pussy ached.

Baron’s orgasm started just as mine ended. He shouted as his cock swelled in my depths. The fingers clutching my nipple tightened. Quick, sharp jabs carried him through the waves of pleasure. He didn’t stop until his balls were empty. He shifted abruptly, pulling me flush against him. Our ragged breaths mingling as I fought to regain my senses.

I didn’t realize I was crying until Baron’s soft lips traced the salty trails down to my chin. He whispered to me, soothing away the last tendrils of tension. The words were intelligible but the tone was infinitely soothing. As the last spasms of pleasure faded from my limbs, Baron slowly withdrew from my scalding depths. He held me close, not allowing so much as an inch of space between us.

He cradled me tenderly, his warm palms sliding over my exposed skin. With his hands on my hips, he slowly turned me to face him.

“You’re mine now, baby.” He whispered before claiming my lips.

While his kiss was tender, it was no less passionate than before. As Baron continued his gentle onslaught, I knew I could not possibly argue with him. I’d been fighting the inevitable all long. The Lone Wolf had finally claimed his mate.

From Hell and Back Again

From Hell and Back Again

Dean x Preg!Reader

Content: Pregnancy, Angst, ~Fluff

Anon Request: Dean x reader request where after dean goes to hell reader finds out she is pregnant with his baby. 4 months later when dean comes back he has to cope with the surprising news. Make it as angsty or fluffy as you want. Also can reader be Bobbys daughter?

A fine sheen of sweat coated his body moving rhythmically above yours, catching the thin ray of light from the pale street lamp. A bead of sweat gathered on the muscular line of his throat, growing, trembling with each slow thrust of his hips. It slid, riding the line between muscle and trachea reaching the high hollow of his throat to pause before a thrust allowed the drop to continue its journey over his heart. You had reached up pressing a thirsty kiss to his collarbone and flicking your tongue to catch the salty remnants. He groaned deeply, the sensual sound vibrating between your writhing bodies. A gasp melted into a wonderfully helpless moan as he buried his face in your shoulder. The passion grew desperate; gentle caresses curling into clutches, nails biting, imploring kisses broke into pleas and simpers, and the methodic pace he set lost the patient tone, slamming harder with each quick jerk. Heat seeped across every inch of your sticky skin. Pleasure gripped your nerves, vision blackening, back arching until all you could do was hold on to the mounting ecstasy. Light burst behind your eyes, your mouth parted, and you tipped into the abyss. Your body melted into the blanketed seat. His breath hitting your ear in mouthy pants. You smiled as he pulled back to drop a lethargic kiss to your lips.

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