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A hufflepuff community: 

  • The most gorgeous gardens, with so many different plants and flowers.
  • Happy bees and butterflies everywhere.
  • Everyone walks around barefoot, feet running around in the fragrant grass.
  • Dirt on their hands, in their fingernails.
  • Sundresses and sandals sometimes.
  • Cookouts
  • Tanned/freckled faces
  • A lot of singing or humming while they work
  • Sunrooms & solar panels
  • Flowers everywhere; as bookmarks, behind ears, in pots, mugs
  • Just - unity, everywhere you look
  • Bonfire nights with acoustic guitars, harmonicas, drums, you name it
  • Tree climbing by kids
  • Stargazing
  • It smells fucking amazing everywhere you go, whether it’s nature or baking
  • Some weed tbh, though I don’t see them as the heavy smoker types
  • Torn denim, scruff, sunglasses
  • Treehouses, bird feeders
  • People would go there for spiritual retreats

“Front view.

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Pic by @jannikabgold” by @raw.denim

AU where Nurse and Dex live in the same little fall town,  with a quickly approaching halloween festival.  Fog and pumpkins and scarlet and crimson treetops. Grey skies with splashes of unapologetic vibrancy against them. Little, dark wooden houses and cobbled streets. Golden fields of fall leaves on concrete.

Dex working his ass off in some coffee shop sweeping floors.  Nurse comes in daily and sits on the second floor, which has an open floor so you can see the counter and people below, seating himself at the railing to watch Dex sweep and scrub and bus tables.  In his thick wool sweater and loose jeans, ripped at the knees, the heavy denim well worn. Dex looked at home in them. His long, angular face, and his dark eyes and red lashes. Nurse realized he always looked tired. Tired and irritable. 

Dex crouching next to the cafe fireplace one day, tossing another log in. Pressing his long, well worked fingers against the stone slab finish of the tall fireplace to help pull himself up. Tightening his thick canvas apron as he straightened his back. Nurse catching his eye as he turned to recollect his broom and grinning in his direction. Dex raising his brows, frowning immediately, and looking behind himself for whoever he must be smiling at. 

He finds a girl reading a book and tucking hair behind her ear at a table a bit behind him. Making a, “Ah,” sounds, lips parting and closing, he returned to his work. Nurse thinking, “No, no, no! I’m looking at you, you idiot!”

The halloween festival grows ever closer. Dex is working it, naturally, and Nurse thinks that for the first time, he may lend the local crew a hand.