heavy dee

I kinda want a dee episode that’s the flip of the gang broke dee, like dee’s always the butt of the joke and pathetic, the useless chick who wants approval, etc. But the last few seasons Dee has become slightly less crazy for approval, especially from Dennis (replying to both of his ‘I love you’s’ with suck my dick and whatever) and she has done some terrible stuff, like what she did to the stripper guy in ptsdee. Like she’s getting worse and I kinda think it would be hilarious if she did something to the gang as comeuppance, like really fucked with them and have them all break down emotionally, only to bust in and laugh in their faces. Idk I’d just love that. Maybe fake her death à la  Mac and Charlie, but actually convince them of it for real. Although I’d take any Dee heavy episode at this point. Like really any, I just want more Dee,