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Hey do you have any lance and allura brotp headcannons ??



  • Once Lance taught Allura how video games work and they’ve been an unstoppable team online since; to the point where ppl see their usernames and they just log the fuck off. Pidge thinks it’s the funniest shit but they’re getting bored af with no new challengers.
    • They end up making new accounts and destroying people whose levels are in the hundreds while their characters are like on level 10.
    • They feed off of gamer boy tears
  • Lance once took Allura to go apple picking and she legit just picked up a tree and lowered it down to Lance’s height so he could get the apples from the top branches
    • She wasn’t allowed back in the orchard after that
    • But she’s like part chameleon and has been going back there with Lance for the past few months and no one there has noticed yet.
  • They call each other pet names like babe, sweetie, husband, wife ironically.
    • They give each other platonic smooches because some days you just need a smooch from your favorite blue paladin and space princess.
    • You see them together you would think they were dating.
  • Whenever Lance needs help with something heavy and Shiro and hunk aren’t there he calls Allura.
    • He does it during a group project at school and people are laughing because he called his “girlfriend” for something simple (A heavy crate)
    • Turns out he needed help with the several hundred pounds of planks of wood and everyone’s jaw pretty much dropped when she just hefted that shit over her shoulder and asked Lance where he wanted it like it was nothing.
    • And then she proceeded to emasculate everyone there and to top it off she kissed him on the cheek and then just left.
  • Allura’s strength comes in handy (Especially when they’re in stores)
    • Lance: Allura I need help reaching that shelf
    • Allura: *Picks him up and sets him on her shoulder with one arm*
    • Lance: Thanks
    • Everyone else nearby is just watching like “WTF?” Because conventionally she looks skinny and just…delicate? But she’s picking this tall af boy up with one arm like it’s nothing?????
      • Alot of girls realize they’re gay after that
Monster Fortress headcanons: Grocery Shopping
  • You’d think Miss Pauling would have their supplies shipped to the base.
    • She does, but the groceries are different than the necessary supplies they receive.
  • They go at least once a week.
  • Engineer and Spy actually get what’s on the list.
    • They usually split, tbh.
      • Pyro helps sometimes.
  • As soon as they get into the store everyone goes in different directions which makes Spy and Dell shake their heads.
  • Scout likes to run off.
    • He’s at the the sports the entire time.
      • Usually looking at the baseball stuff.
    • If not he’s trying to chat up one of the female employees or looking for more earmuffs.
  • Sniper goes to the outdoors stuff.
    • He likes to look at the rifles and the knives.
    • He usually talks to the employees in that section about his next camping or hunting trip.
      • He’s a regular so he knows all of them.
      • He gets discounts so much on the stuff.
  • Demo goes to look at more hats and beanies.
    • Usually he finds the alcohol aisle somehow.
      • “I don’t know how I ended up here, Engie! I was jus’ lookin’ at hats!”
  • It’s a grocery store for monsters so Medic goes to the blood and organs section.
    • No one other than the team knows why he buys so many organs.
    • He’s been kicked out of the store a few times tbh.
  • Heavy goes to get a few books from the reading section then goes to help Engineer and Spy.
    • He reaches the tall shelves super easily.
  • Soldier somehow always manages to get trapped in the freezers.
    • And loses at least one body part.
      • “Soldier… where’s your hand?”
  • The team always has stuff they don’t need.
    • Spy and Engineer need to separate out what everyone can and can’t have.
      • Engie: “For the love of- Sniper you don’t need another rifle! I don’t care if you want- Don’t give me those puppy eyes!”
        • (The puppy eyes always win).
      • Spy: “Tavish, you have three unopened scotch bottles at the base.”
      • Demo: “You can have two…”
      • Spy: “Very well.”
      • Engie: “Medic, you don’t need an entire gallon of blood! We got your cans of sparkling blood right here! And put those tiger kidneys back, you have two crates already.”
      • Heavy: “I want these books.”
      • Spy: “Alright.”
      • Soldier: “I WANT THESE BUCKETS.”
      • Engie: “Solly, you have ten buckets. Why do you need so many?”
      • Soldier: “For the bread I teleport.”
      • Engie: “You don’t need to teleport anymore… fine! Fine! You can have the buckets.”
  • They spend so much money.
  • Takes forever to put the groceries away.
    • “Why isn’t Scout helping?”
      • “Scout isn’t here.”
  • They forgot him at the store again.
    • This always happens.

Dirty Thoughts

Summary: The Reader lives with Abraham and Rosita and has been in Alexandria for only a few weeks. Reader has a major crush on Daryl and Abe invites him to dinner one night. Daryl and Reader finally get what they want from each other. Smutty Smut. Daryl x Reader. Enjoy!

Warnings: SMUT (All my blog is so… ;) )


You stared over at Daryl, watching as he picked up one heavy crate of supplies after another, lugging them from the truck parked at front of the gate, to the side of the street. His arms glistened in the sun, as sweat ran down his big, muscular body. You bite your lip a little at the sight of him, looking him up and down with one thing only on your mind. You imagine what it would be like to run your lips up and down his neck, what his tongue tasted like. Your mind begins to wander, thinking about all the things you would do to the man you stared down.

You had only been in Alexandria for a couple of weeks, but in that short amount of time you had developed a full on raw physical attraction for the man they called Daryl. His big muscular body was like nothing you had ever seen before and the way he made you feel when he was close enough to touch. He didn’t say much, to you or to anyone else, Rosita told you that he wasn’t at all a social person. You tried to make excuses to talk to him and get to know him better, but he was always short and stoic.

Rick and Michonne had saved you from a couple of walkers out in the woods a few weeks ago. Before that you were travelling on your own, you had been with a group, but you had snuck away in the middle of the night. The men there were anything but friendly and you had saw what they did to their women, you had only been with them a short time before you ran off. Before that you had been with a close friend from the days before the world ended, you and her made it quite a while after before she was bite and turned.

Now, here you were seemingly hitting the jackpot, Alexandria was a heaven that you never thought you’d see again after the world went to shit. Not only were the people nice and the supplies decent, but there was also the added bonus of this beautifully rugged man, that it just so happened didn’t know how damn attractive he was. He grunted a little in the hot Georgia sun and lifted one of his big hands to his forehead, wiping away the sweat the heat had caused to build up. You bite your lip a little harder, feeling yourself tingling all over as you imagine his hands over your body. You rub your stomach a little absentmindedly, not hearing Rosita come up from behind you on the road, towards the gates of Alexandria.

“That man has to be deaf, dumb, and blind not to notice the way you look at him.” Rosita said matter-of-factly, crossing her arms, coming up to stand beside you.

Your face gets a little hot and embarrassed by her words.

“Is it that obvious?” You ask her laughing a little nervously.

She turned her head sideways and stared at you with a smirk.

“Are you kidding? You might as well be over there straddling him right in the street.” She smiled mischievously.

“Actually… that might work.” She finished and you laughed out loud, feeling a little more relaxed as she joked with you.

You and Rosita had become close in the few short weeks you had been here. You had been assigned to live with her and Abe, you taking the bedroom in the basement of their house.

You stared back over at the man that had you wanting everything that you shouldn’t want in this hell of a world. You stared him up and down again as he lugged the last of the crates over to the stack he had built on the side of the wall.

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Birthdays Still Matter

Pairing: DarylxReader 

Warnings: Smut, fluffiness 

Summary: Everybody at the prison (let’s pretend they’re back at the prison okay cool) forgets your birthday but Daryl, who treats you to a night of fun 

Word Count: 1,723

 A/N: This is for @fangasm202 who requested a Daryl fic for her birthday! But I’m behind 😭 so this is after her birthday. Happy birthday nonetheless girl :) I hope you enjoy!!
A/N2: I’m sorry I haven’t posted much guys. Life’s been crazy as fuck lately. Hope y’all understand. I’m hoping to be able to work on things a lot more once school is out <3

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SVT - Click a Prince: Vernon/Hansol

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Series: Click a Prince (intro

Member/s: OT13 - Vernon/Hansol x Reader

Words: 1328 

Your eyes traveled across the array of horses and wagons that were lined up against the castle entrance.

From the top of the stairs in front of the door, you could see all of them circling the fountain. Them, all of their owners, and to top it off, heaps of wooden crates being dropped off.

“The workers have come down with a plague, your highness. They are being quarantined in the workers quarters right now.”

You sighed, “What are we to do now? Do you think those men would be able to set up the ball room?”

The butler laughed, “We’d be better of letting the horses do it, Princess.”

“Then we have no choice but to cancel the presentation ball.” You pivoted on your heel, “tell the men they will be paid for their trek, but we will not be needing their items anymore.”  

“If I may,” your butler began, “you could always ask for the help of the Princes.”

There was a loud bang, followed by a series of groans and barks, coming from the ballroom.

You ran down the steps of the grand staircase, almost tripping over your own two feet.

Your butler, you saw, was running out from the kitchen with an apron tied around his waist.

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7-Eleven AU

Ok so I was inspired by @blessedkeith and their library au, and when I offhandedly said I should make an au based on my job, they were immediately invested, and what’s a girl supposed to do?

So under the cut is Part 1 of my brand new 7-Eleven au that I have been working on all day with them lol

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Underneath Our Armor (Pt.2)

Pairing: Jon Snow x Reader

Summary: [Request Itself] Imagine where Jon snow marries a greyjoy girl who is secretly a mermaid. ( like can have legs on land but maybe is hiding a patch of scales also has sea monster pets) and she freaks when he finds out because when she was a kid balon said if anyone found out they’d kill her but Jon is splicing he doesn’t care and maybe a cheeky little does that mean of kid will be a fish from him thanks

Requested?: Yes!

Words: 1171

Read on Ao3: http://archiveofourown.org/works/11619831/chapters/26458890

The generosity of the Starks never ceased to amaze you. Even though Jon was a bastard and you were a Greyjoy, they gifted the both of you a small castle far north by the Bay of Seals. It was abandoned and it’s old, but something warm inside told you this was going to be a good home.

Theon and your other Iron Island brothers and sisters helped you move Squa, Squi, and Little Theon into the Bay of Seals as you and Theon were afraid of them travelling alone. They were too little. When you told Jon that Theon would be helping you move your things, he thought nothing of it until he caught your group moving crates into carts at night.

“What are you doing?” he asked.

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open arr pee

Voredelia slumped forward with a heavy crate in her arms. Exhausted, she quickly scanned the area before settling down. Carefully, she pried open the box.

“So it’s come to my last resort,” she huffed. “But with this treasure in my hands, no one will be able to stop me.”

Adventures on the Blasted Dragon (Chapter Two)

Word Count: 508

Pairing: Kirishima Eijirou/Mermaid!Reader (none in this chapter yet, but soon!)

Summary: Ah, life on the seven seas! Could it get better than this?

Notes: Still no reader-insert, but next chapter our charming pirate may come to your rescue!

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Open for Business

Maui checked his watch as cursed under his breath. He had exactly 5 minutes to heft the last crate of stationary out of the storage closet and get it set up out on the floor before customers started showing up. Scrivenshaft’s always had a steady flow of business and never opened late to keep the consumers coming. A headache was working its way up from the base of his skull, a byproduct of a late night of drinking. He sighed and set the heavy crate on the counter. Silas had ordered a huge batch of spell checking stationary that they didn’t need. Now due to the overstock Maui was forced to keep it up front where people would hopefully be tempted to buy it. Honestly they should just stick to quills but the boss gets what the boss wants. He took his shrunken wand from his necklace. Once it returned to it’s natural size he began to levitate the parchment into its display before a knock at the door nearly made him drop them. He rushed to the door and opened it with a smile. “Welcome to Scrivenshaft’s Quill Shop! I was just about to open up.  What can I do for you?”

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Yooooooh! I want to request a drabble! A smuggler! Ben SoloxReader where the reader is the new Han's helper (I think this is right, please say if it's right I am learning yet 😂) and Ben don't stop flirting with her!

“Where do you want this?” You puffed, hauling a heavy crate onto the Millennium Falcon.

“Just over there.” Han pointed without even looking up. He had begun to play a match of Dejarik with Chewbacca.

You huffed, crossing your arms. “I know I signed up for this, but I didn’t sign up for this.” You motioned to the pile of storage units littered around the ship.

“You signed up for all of it when you agreed to this smuggling mission.” Han retorted. “Ask Ben for some help if you can’t manage on your own.”

“Who’s Ben?” You asked, raising a brow.

“I’m Ben.” A voice chimed behind you, making you jump. “Whoa there, I don’t bite.” The tall man smirked, placing two large arms on your shoulders. “Not unless you want me two.”

“Stars Ben, not in front of your old man.” Han shook his head with a scowl. “Just help her load up the supplies, will ya?”

“Anything for you, pops.” Ben mocked with a salute, then turned back to you with a cunning grin. “Give me your box.”

Your eyes widened in disbelief.

“Loth-cat got your tongue?” Ben chuckled. “Pass me the crate.” 

“Oh.” You let out a breath, passing him the container. Ben then lent so that his lips just barely grazed your earlobe.

“Once we finish this, I’m sure there’ll be time to get to know each other in the storage hull.” 

You shook your head with a giggle, picking up another box.

“You’re not very subtle, are you?”

Ben shook his head, biting his lip.

“Sweetheart, subtlety doesn’t run in the family.”

The Gift of Hope

A Star Wars Rebels Fic

By RoboEmma

Summary: Zeb informs Kallus of a failure of the former imperial agent’s, one that gives the newly-minted Rebel hope he doesn’t deserve (AKA, Kallus finds out about Lira San). (Oneshot. No, it’s not shippy. But it’s heavy.)

Yavin IV was very different from Atollon. Dense jungle yielded only enough for ancient temples to rise through the trees, and unforgiving vines still insisted on growing over the stone. But the vast stone courtyards worked well as landing pads, and the permanent structures provided cover for the rebels and their supplies, so it was not at all a bad set-up for the recovering Rebellion forces to move into.

Zeb hefted the heavy supply crate to the top of the stack he was building and broke to rest and gaze around the landing pad. It did not look so different from Atollon, he decided. Enough familiar ships speckled his view, and the ramshackled way they sorted supplies, set up generators, laid out their quarters, it was all things he recognized. The topography of a rebel base never changed much.

Something new caught his eye as he scanned the pad, something that didn’t fit, and his eyes moved back to the unfamiliar person. Agent Kallus. Just Kallus, now. It was still difficult to get used to. For so long, Zeb’s instincts had been trained to think threat when he saw the man. But circumstances had changed. Agent Kallus had become Fulcrum, and Fulcrum now became…

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A Fishy Deal

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Summary: I love the idea of Smuggler!Ben Solo ok? Lol. So here’s this! An AU where Han gets Ben and Chewie to cover for him, as he tries to save himself from another deal gone wrong. Things go smoothly for the pickup of their smuggle. The transport to the client however, not so much.

A/N: I’m not super sure about this one but its been sitting in my drafts for a long time so I’m finally setting it free, LOL enjoy!

Strumming fingers were the only sound coming from the booth, nestled far in the corner of the dingy cantina. Creatures from every corner of the galaxy were bustling around, downing their drinks, reuniting with friends and escaping the mundane. Ben Solo however, kept his deep eyes focused precisely on the unsightly creature in front of him. 

“So are you taking the deal or not?” it sneered at him.

Ben peered over to his right at Chewbacca who had his giant furry arms crossed. He gave out the slightest huff to which Ben nodded.

 It was like every other deal, get to point A, meet skeez 1, get your payment, smuggle the goods to skeez B and call it a day. Though he was reluctant to cover his fathers back because he, once again, bit off more than he could chew, Ben loved the stroke to his ego these transactions gave him. He knew he was good. With his last name, a legacy he lived up to too. 

“You’re serious that this is going to settle the damn debt we have with the Hutts? With the payment you’re providing I would hope you’d have more to offer us. We are the best in the business after all.” 

Ben knew he wasn’t supposed to antagonize the clients, but the potential to squeeze out a few extra credits was all too tempting. The blue creature sneered, exposing his yellowing fangs that matched his two yellow horns. 

“It may not seem much to you Solo, but the Hutt will be more than pleased with you when you arrive with this. You can hope they’ll let go of that grudge.” 

Ben hesitated, turning to Chewie again who simply nodded. He wasn’t about to dig Han into even deeper debt for the sake of Ben having a little fun. 

Ben smirked, “Then we have a deal. We’ll get it there. Under the condition, of course, we get paid up front.” 

The men all stood from the booth, seeing the creature sneer at him Ben hesitated. He was sternly warned by his father not to mess this up, or else. Remembering the look on his fathers face when he made that threat made him suddenly second guess the last words to just fall out of his mouth. He started to reach for the blaster hiding in his belt as a precaution, until he saw the creature reach into its jacket pocket and reveal a small brown patten leather bag. As if with disgust the creature threw the bag at Ben as he quickly caught it in his grip against his chest. 

“Typical…now…this way.” 

Placing the small bag safely in Chewies satchel, Ben and Chewie followed the two creatures out of the back door. 

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Can I have another MAN Eren..../please/

It`s the cadets job to move the supplies into HQ and of course they weigh a fucking ton and they break the backs of any who lift them, at least that`s what they complain about. So of course Eren comes around carrying like three of them and even asks if the others need help, then takes their heavy crates in one hand like it`s nothing.

Oluo trying to assert his dominance against Eren because he feels threatened, he challenges him to a sparring match in which Eren throws him across the yard and has the nerve to smile and apologize for it, “Sorry, guess I don`t know my own strength.” And he wasn`t even gloating, he honestly hadn`t meant to throw Oluo like a piece of paper, he was just that strong. Oluo gave up on being alpha male after that, Eren had the title.

Nobody wants to spar with Eren come training because they know they`re going to get hurt, badly. The only one brave enough to fight him still is Levi and that`s only because either Eren won`t go that hard on him because he`s whipped, or because he actually likes it when Eren throws him around.

Fic 398: On the Cusp

Taking a quick break from our Rare Pair celebration for a little bit of Red Oktoberfest. @tf2-daesdes did this lovely SFM, and @erikonil challenged me to write a thing. Enjoy!

Heavy stared out into the dark. It was another cold night at Coldfort, with yet another storm sitting over the base as if determined to bury them alive. Had you asked him six months ago if anywhere on earth could come close to the winters he’d lived through in Siberia, Heavy would have laughed.

He wasn’t laughing much now. A single light flickered in the center of the courtyard. It was the only bit of warmth as the wind howled and the snow swirled before coming to rest, slowly burying the light’s post inch by inch. Coldfort gave Mother Russia a run for her money. Not for the first time that night, his hands came up to rub his arms to warm him from the chill that seemed to be able to ignore the walls entirely in order to creep into his bones.


The amusement in Medic’s voice caused him to turn around to see the doctor looking at him with a smile on his face as he sorted a stack of books. Heavy returned the grin as he shook his head. “Nyet. In Russia, we live with weather. Does not mean we like it.”

Medic chuckled and continued on with the work that had occupied most of his waking hours since the storms had started; finally setting up his massive personal library.

For the past four hours they’d been sequestered in the modestly sized room that sat right off the infirmary. Unlike 2Fort, whoever designed Coldfort’s base had clearly intended for their medic to stay near their patients. It was a proper bedroom rather than a broom closet, and lined from floor to ceiling with shelves. Medic’s expression had been practically giddy when he’d first seen it, but since it felt like they’d been fighting since the moment they’d arrived, it was only now that he’d enlisted Heavy to help pull the not-unsubstantial number of crates from storage. As far as mindless tasks went, it wasn’t an unpleasant one. In fact, it had been a nice break from weapons maintenance and fetching firewood. More importantly, it gave him more time with his doctor.

His doctor.

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Amend (Cassian Andor)

word count: 2, 965

request: a lot of people asked for a part two of Abandoned

tagging: @theoinkypiglet@ginger-swag-rapunzel@princeofsassgard, @marvelavengings  

a/n: This is, as stated before a sequel of Abandoned. I hope this is good enough? Some angst, Cassian loves Y/N, Jyn, and Y/N are besties (Lil bit) 

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