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[Hi! Thanks to the amazing @bloomsbury for the art here of Dany x Jon as Lizzie and Darcy! She inspired the hell out of me, and I’ve now gone down a rabbit hole and I cannot be helped! 

CH 1-8 are up over here on Ao3, and since I’m keen on keeping chapters pretty short expect one about every other day until I finish :) ]


“Oh, Dany, we simply cannot keep going this long without seeing eachother.” Sansa mused lightly as she hold Dany’s hands within hers, the warmth of her fingers brought surprise as she scan the bare arms before her, not a goosebump in sight.

The ball had come to its end and the crowds of lords and ladies dwindled to nothing as they disappeared into their respective carriages. Dany look to her gingerly friend with affection, doing her best to avoid the reality of her situation and their parting.

“I like it not either, sister…” Dany replied sweetly squeezing Sansa’s hands tighter within her own, a sad smile slipped her lips and washed the color from her face.“But we all do what we must.”

Daenerys composed herself once she notice Viserys approaching behind Sansa. He walk leisurely alongside Mr. Drogo sporting the widest and by far the most desperate of smiles she’d seen him wear. She watched as her brother placed a light arm on Mr. Drogo’s shoulder, as you would a long time friend. Both of their faces void of color from a long night of endless drinking and tireless dancing with cravat’s loosened modestly.

Behind her brother walked Bingley, who found Sansa’s eyes immediately; His face lighting with a boyish grin just at the sight of her. For a moment, Dany forgot of the duties and embarrassments of the evening and instead appreciated the love that blossomed before her very eyes. The smallest of smiles slipped her lips at the thought as she noticed a darkened shape steadily approaching.

It was Jon Snow… but of course it was. There was little a time he was not at Mr. Bingley’s side. Despite only having just met this man, Daenerys could confidently say she despised him just as strongly as he her. From his arrogance and pride witnessed and heard, she could confidently say she was thoroughly unimpressed with the man. Now as he walk towards them, that same air radiated almost as strongly as his indifference towards those below him. She could see on his face that he truly thought himself above them all and she wondered what it must be like to be so proud.

As Dany look back on the evening and all that she had noticed, it became clear to her that this Jon Snow was the proudest man she’d ever met. Pompous, presumptuous, wealthy and handsome… Dare she say it the worst of combinations. And now she noticed the way he held his hands tightly behind his back, walking stoically in that same confident side. That same lowered brow drawing attention to that same distasteful look he’d worn since she first saw him.

“I shall see you for hunting next week right, Mr. Drogo?” Viserys said with a toothy smile, his rat like features accentuated by the moonlight sprinkling over them. “I simply cannot wait.”

“Until then.” Khal nodded towards Viserys with a look of distain behind his almost blackened eyes.

Daenerys watched as he slowly slid his dark hawk like gaze over her body ending on her lips. Mr. Drogo looked at her like property, like he was sizing her up to eat for a meal and she did not like it one bit. She swallowed attempting to send that discomfort away and to erase any presence of its existence from her face; but she only felt that spiky prickle of fear sending needles into her skin and stomach.

“I’ll be seeing you again as well, Miss Daenerys Bennet.” Mr. Drogo continued in his unknown accent, the heaviness of his words burning into her like a hot day.

“Mr. Drogo.” Dany lowered her head softly with a heavy anxious filled breath, feeling the silence of those around her almost as strongly as she felt them watching. She didn’t lift her eyes until her peripheral promised Mr. Drogo and Viserys had began the final steps towards his carriage.

“You cannot marry that man, Dany… But perhaps I have a solution, even if only temporary.” Sansa whispered into her ear as she pull her into a hug. She tried for soft and easy, but by Dany’s silent reply she knew it had failed. Sliding her icy eyes towards the carriage her friend stare, she spoke now at a volume the others could hear. “I’ve a thought… and I may be out of my place for saying so but, I’m fairly certain that your father would allow you to stay at Netherfield a fortnight if Mr. Bingley,” Sansa paused to look towards him placing a hand on his shoulder continuing in her pearly voice. “—were to ask, don’t you think?”

Daenerys darted her eyes towards her white haired brother who watch as Mr. Drogo’s carriage rode off into the nightlight. “If you think it possible, I would ask for nothing again I assure you.” She smiled lightly looking again to Sansa and Bingley with hopeful eyes, forcing herself to ignore the very tall, very brooding Mr. Snow behind them.

“Of course you don’t overstep, Miss Stark. You are my guest at Netherfield… If I can help you in anyway, I will do so.” He smiled earnestly as he look to Dany with kind reassuring eyes. “I shall write your father at once.”

“Then perhaps this won’t be as long a farewell as suspected.” Dany pulled Sansa into a tighter hug, hoping heart and soul that her words were truth. After a moment she let her go bidding a final farewell. She watched as Bingley led her arm in arm towards their carriage; Noticing her brother already seated in their own waiting impatiently for her to join him.

“Miss Bennet.” Jon Snow’s voice was deep and smooth, pulling her attention towards him and away from her thoughts.

“Mr. Snow.” Daenerys turned with a quick bow stepping up the first step of their carriage. Suddenly she felt a warm hand slide lightly into hers bringing with it a soft ripple that stretched through her fully, both providing a moment of support and a moment of confusion as she make the final step inside.

There was something about the way his thumb closed over her fingers… something in the softness which he held her hand. Something in the look he gave her as he turned and walked away with fingers spread flexing wide at his side.


When the post was delivered the following Wednesday there was a letter addressed to her father. As promised Mr. Bingley sent word requesting her presence at Netherfield Park, and she tried to hide the excitement from her face as each thump of her heart brought her nearer a smile. The letter came as a surprise to both her father and brother, but not to Dany and they all knew when such a family requested your presence, it was best not to leave them unanswered.

The walk to Netherfield Park wasn’t long, just under two hours at her pace and she could hardly believe her eyes when she saw the estates beauty. Netherfield was beyond gorgeous, with gardens and small fountains alike lining the estate in full. As her eyes scanned each dark red brick used to build its two full stories, she wondered what it would be like to live in such a place. As she admired the large pillars that hold each balcony in place she pictured having her own home and as she gaze upon the wondrous white marble of the stairs she imagined for a moment being in love…

“I’ll never understand why you insist on walking everywhere.” Sansa stepped forward as she called playfully from between two wooden doors, both of which were held open by a pair of the Bingley’s servants. Her hair was half down and stretched to just above her hips in loose waves.

“If I remember correctly it was you that started this habit of mine…” Dany teased back closing the space between them, stepping up the smooth marble stairs and linking arms with Sansa in little effort. Her long white hair in nearly the same style as Sansa’s, her dress however was not and had light marks of mud speckling the train. “I was the torpid one until I met you… always dragging me around, forcing me away from my books.” Dany accentuated her last syllable as she ended with a laugh leaning her cheek to rest on Sansa’s shoulder.

“That may be so… but we were children and rather bored if I remember correctly.” Sansa laughed as they walk up the final steps of the estate and through the large polished reddened doors.

“And now would you look at us? Adults and we’re still bored…” Daenerys spoke with certainty at first, but upon entering the estate her words seemed to leave lightly as if carried on clouds.

The entrance of Netherfield alone was more gorgeous than any estate Daenerys had seen, and she didn’t even know where to start. Her lilac eyes danced from paintings to sculptures from ceiling to floor in awe with lips parted in confirmation of its beauty.

“I know… I looked the same as you first time I entered Netherfield.” Sansa smiled looking towards the painted ceiling with Dany. “But if you think this impressive, you should see Pemberley, Jon Darcy’s residence, or rather Mr. Snow’s—“

Daenerys stopped suddenly looking to Sansa with confusion behind her eyes. “I’m not sure I follow…”

Sansa surpassed her smirk as they continue forward again. “His name is Jon Fitzwilliam Darcy Snow…”

A small laugh left Daenerys’ lips at the length of his name and the curiosity of it seeming to match the size of his ego; and Sansa couldn’t deny her own laugher any longer. The sounds echoed around them as they walk down the wide set hall leisurely.

When Sansa spoke this time her voice was almost a whisper, “His mother and father— the Darcy’s, were killed when he was a boy and Lady Catherine Snow has had him as a ward ever since, for he is her grandson.”

Dany turned her head slightly eyeing Sansa narrowly as she returned the soft whisper. “He’s related to Lady Catherine?” She continued forward after a moment wearing a small smile. “It is no wonder he’s so dreadful.”

“You should have seen my face when Bingley told me.“ Sansa shook her head lightly, ending with a sigh. “I still don’t understand what all of that was about… Mr. Snow has been—well, rather proud since we’ve met, but I’ve never seen him behave so ungentalmianly before.” Sansa’s smile faded as she parted with Dany moving to look her head on.

“You think it in us to understand the foolish ways of men? They’re humorless poppycocks, and this Jon Willam Fitz… Darcy is no different.” Daenerys cooed her words with confidence, purposefully butchering his name as best she could.

“You are terrible, my dear, Dany. Just terrible.” Sansa replied affectionately, then look to one of the Bingley’s servant’s. “Reginald will take you to the lounge. I shall return with haste, you won’t even know I’ve gone.”

“Where are you off to, I’ve only just arrived.” Daenerys protested lightly, but truthfully it didn’t bother her to be alone.

“I’ve promised to alert Charles once you’d arrived. He’ll be most pleased to see you again.”

Daenerys slid her eyes around the walls, eyeing the doorways and the large curved staircase behind her. “I think he’ll be more pleased to see you, Sansa.” Dany ended with a wide smile as she watch Sansa walk back the way they came and up a flight of stairs. After a moment she took a deep breath in, nodded to Reginald and began her entrance into the lounge.

“Miss Daenerys Bennet.” Reginald announced from the center of the room as a second servant lead her through the doorway. Dany could not see the occupants of the room at first, but as she step curiously through her eyes were met by another’s instantly.

Jon Snow.

Or was he actually Jon Darcy? Whatever his true name be didn’t change the person he showed all at the ball. The arrogant, rude, entitled man…

Daenerys look to his amber eyes as she lower her head briefly in accordance of what is expected of her, unable to speak at the shock of seeing him there. Wondering why Sansa didn’t mention it, but also half expecting it given his closeness to Charles. She watched heavy eyed as Jon look at her from his seat for a moment too long. He then pull himself hastily from his chair nudging the table with a leg as he lower his head in a perfect bow. He was wearing a dark navy tailcoat, and she could see the black velvet of his collar clearly.

In those moments she almost didn’t notice the steady stream of dark ink that began dripping beside his boots…

That look Jon gave her was enough to make her forget the things she thought she knew of him.  The man she saw before her was elegant. Handsome. For a moment she even forgot what he had said about her… All she could think of was the way his eyes locked with hers when he held her hand lightly within his. It was that very same look he wore for her now, but as the seconds pass even his pale eyes couldn’t keep her from hearing those words again. Seconds trickled by and she remembered his apparent distaste for joy or dancing… His indifference to her and those in her class. All that he had shown her slipped back into her mind like garden snakes slithering though the summer flowers.

Daenerys lowered her eyes and parted her lips just enough for an uneasy smile to form in the corners of her mouth. She moved her eyes to watch the steady stream of ink drip from the table he previously sat, feeling the weight of silence upon her.

“I’m sorry but, where is Mr. Bingley?” She asked suddenly, pulling her eyes from the ink and back to his. Knowing the answer to her question didn’t stop her from asking it.

Jon opened his mouth to speak unable to move his eyes from hers… unable to notice the mess he’d created both within her and around him. Something told Dany that this was something he frequently was oblivious to. She watched as he opened his mouth to speak, and as another voiced her own reply.

“My god, Miss Bennet. Did you walk this whole way?”

Dany turned quickly from Mr. Snow to face the voice that addressed her. The quiet condescending tone came from a tall, thin woman- the splitting image of Charles Bingley, no doubt the twin sister she’d heard of. Her bright red hair was locked in place in a fashionable updo and her dress shined in a deep blood red, screaming of wealth.

“I did.” Dany still held an awkward smile as she replied, glancing between Mr. Snow and Miss Bingley uneasily. “I rather enjoy it.”

“Charming.” The woman stepped closer, holding a pungent smugness around her as strong as her perfume. “I don’t believe we’ve yet had the pleasure… Cersei Bingley.” She raised a clear glass near her mouth as she tilted her head curiously before speaking again. “How long will you be joining us, Miss Bennet?”

“A fortnight, I believe.” Jon answered from his post at the table. If he noticed the ink running empty besides him, he didn’t show it on his face.

“Well, Miss Bennet. I hope you enjoy the perks of your time here.” Cersei looked down her nose at her, sipping her drink slowly and pausing diligently between words.

“How very kind of you.” Dany forced a smile as she bow a head and watch as Miss Bingley left the room.

Once the door closed stiffly behind her, Dany looked to Jon feeling the room grow still around them. Not a sound could be heard aside from the rhythmic drip of ink as she drift into a maze of amber.


*heavy anxious breathing*

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