Having an Alibi

For Witches in the Broom Closet and Pagans in Hiding

The white lies are the lies we tell to save ourselves, and sometimes can’t be avoided. Ask yourself for each situation, is it more important that I tell the truth, or is it more important that I stay safe? Some gods are harsher on liars than others. My thoughts on this are, if you safety and well being are compromised, lie away. 

Now I have a witch tip for all you baby witches out there, witches in the “broom closet” or pagans in general. Start a short story or an essay. It doesn’t have to be good, it doesn’t have to take up a lot of energy, however it needs to center around witchcraft or paganism. For instance it can be a Percy Jackson/Harry Potter crossover fanfic. If someone finds your research, notes on spells etc. you can tell them, “Oh, that’s just research for my article/story/book.” This is your alibi. This concept applies to many things. Kitchen witches can keep spells in the form of recipes, sigils can be explained away as doodles, and if you keep crystals you can say you have taken up an interest in geology/or you just think they look nice. 

If you are in a situation where your beliefs could put you in danger it is 100% okay to lie about it to avoid harm.