BTS Reaction to you not wanting to be lifted up because you think you’re too heavy-

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When Jin tried to playfully lift you up off the ground while hugging you, you instantly pushed him away and backed off, trying to make it look like no big deal. Leaving Jin to think that he did something wrong. Once you shamefully explained that you felt you were too heavy to pick up, Jin wrapped his arm around you and held you closely to him “You know i’m the strongest of us all right baby?”


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You were casually sitting beside Yoongi on the couch when you both decided to head to bed. He decided to mess around and try to lift you bridal style to your bedroom. You planted your feet to the ground and pushed him away, laughing nervously. He gave you a confused look but left it alone. When Yoongi brought it back up in bed together, you told him how you thought you were too heavy to pick up. Yoongi sighed and shook his head. “Have you seen my big ass muscles?” He teased. “Baby I can lift a car.”


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Hoseok was such a playful and loving boyfriend and that’s one of the things you loved best about him. But sometimes he takes it too far for your liking. While walking hand in hand with him one day, he suddenly went behind you to wrap his arms around your waist and lift you up. You intermediately screamed for him to put you down and get away so he did so with a shocked look on his face. After you explained to him that you were too heavy for him to pick up, Hoseok sighed and pressed his lips to your cheek lovingly. “Baby that’s not true. But if you don’t like it, I won’t do it.”


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Namjoon was always so respectful and laid back but he had his moments. While holding you tight one day, he tapped the bottom of your thighs, indicating that he wanted you to jump up on him.You instantly pushed away from him and shook your head no. He knew something was off immediately. Once you explained to him that you felt you were too heavy for him to pick up, Namjoon looked at you with sad eyes. “Not true whatsoever but if you’re not comfortable with it baby, I won’t try it again.”


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After Jimin tried lifting you up out of nowhere, causing a distressed you to kick and scream for him to put you down, you ran off in tears and ashamed. Leaving Jimin thinking he did something wrong. Once you were both able to talk at the end of the day, you told him about how you felt you were too heavy to pick up. Jimin only smiled that gorgeous smile and moved his face centimeters away from yours. “Okay baby, just dont scare me like that again. I thought you were mad at me!”


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When Taehyung playfully decided to pick you up, you went into panic mode and became flustered while telling him to get off of you. Taehyung was confused and slightly hurt until you told him that you were too heavy for him to be picking up. He shook his head and gave you a silly face. “Believe what you want, silly cutie pie.”


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Jungkook tried scooping you up to take you to your bedroom, causing you to jump up and back away from him. He asked what was up and you finally told him. “ I’m too heavy for you, Kookie…” Jungkook suddenly swooped you up in his arms and held you tightly to him, like you were a little feather.  “I’m literally the strongest of us all, baby. You KNOW this.”