heavily tattooed female

anonymous asked: I’m getting my smiley pierced this weekend for my 18th and I’m going with my squad and whatnot so can you do an imagine with Hannah reacting to the fem!reader getting one and their dating cause she’s my bisexual lil baby

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Hannah X Reader

“So, Y/N,” Clay grins. “What’s the plan for the big 1-8?”

It’s lunch time and you’re sitting outside under the shade of a tree with Hannah, Clay and Tony. "Tattoo parlour,“ you say. 

Tony’s eyebrows shoot up. "Seriously? I can you get you the hook-up with my artist if you need it,” he says.

“No need. Skye’s hooking me up with her piercer.”

“Nice,” Tony says, bobbing his head. “What are you getting done?”

“It’s a secret,” you reply, waggling your eyebrows.

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Covered, a documentary by Beverly Yuen Thompson about heavily tattooed women and female tattoo artists.