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tfw you’re sure you’ve successfully removed all human emotion from your system until some guy at a coffee shop suddenly kicks your gay ass back into gear


A fun attempt at the duo teaming up in battle.


Feeling a bit tired today so this is all I have, my good friends!

Stardust! Precure, a new magical girl anime╰( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡° )つ──☆*:・゚


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My first attempt at a comic and I can’t even finish it. I had issues with perspective with the last page, I didn’t know how to drawn the point of view.

I wanted to I ended up just giving up. The last scene was supposed to be a far away flying shot of the dragon calling out to her parents meanwhile behind the grass she’s hidden in the corpses of eastern dragons were strewn in the grass.

Bluh, but there’s better news! I made myself a brand new signature, sort of as a commemoration for starting down the path of making art a job. 

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Salutations! I absolutely adore your art and your Miraculous OCs! Sadly, but on a positive note, I cannot choose a favorite as I love all of the designs for them and how unique they are. Representation, done correctly, properly, and out of respect, is super important and I admire you for keeping that in mind. And being so open-minded. If it's all right, I'd love to see more of those darlings whenever you could get the chance to draw them more often! Keep up the miraculous artwork, wonder worker!

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Thank you so much :DD I was heavily inspired by my own friends/family, mashing up a bunch different characteristics together, I’m so glad that I was able to properly convey that diversity and uniqueness in their designs. I don’t have much on them beside their deigns and general traits welp i suck when it comes to story creation but I’ll definitely be completing the set with the remaining miraculouses!!

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Hmm..perhaps that is a hint that Lloyd and this N-Pop girl -who is heavily inspired from Unikitty- will end up together…*sipps tea*


..I am not fully serious..

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aaah lucy can i ask for "“Quit smiling at me, I can’t stop messing up my sentences when you look at me like that.” and taehyung please? thank you!! :')

“Quit smiling at me, I can’t stop messing up my sentences when you look at me like that.”

pairing: taehyung x reader
wordcount: 730

A/N: heavily inspired by me finishing up exams ahahahaha i hope you like it sam !

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“So, what do I have to do?” Taehyung asks, lazing on your bed, claiming the space as his the second he came in and spread out on it. He tilts his head at you with wide, curious eyes.

Turning around the chair, you throw your notes at him, hitting him square in the chest to which he protests with a little whine, but he shushes quickly when he sees you opening your mouth. “Here are my notes. Just… go ask me a bit. Exam prep, ya know.”

He nods in understanding, idly thumbing through the pages of your handwriting, humming in fascination. He mumbles a small those are pretty to which you can only return a shy thanks.

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belated bday draw for @jiving !! (aka an excuse to draw one of my fav ocs in the world, tanya <33) + process pics

and i say this all the time, but if you aren’t already following her then you gotta follow jasmen bc she has been my art inspo since i was like??? 12?? i just love her colors and faces and shading and characters and everything. also not a day goes by that i don’t wish i could draw hair like jasmen… i could probably go on but then we’ll be getting into “i still cant believe senpai noticed me” territory so instead i’ll end with HAPPY (belated) BIRTHDAY!!!!

Meet my new Troodon OC! Their name in Teebs and they’ll be appearing in my Jurassic World AU.  Like all of Jurassic World’s animals, (since they stopped using amphibian DNA, at least), Teebs’s biological sex is female, but since they’re a dinosaur, they don’t give a synapsid’s butt about gender. Call them whatever you like!

(For any of you MTMTE fans out there who may come across the post, yes, they were named after Trailbreaker’s fan?nickname. I dunno whether his nickname is canon or not. I just thought it was cute. Also, Teebs’s human caretaker is a massive transformers nerd.) 

Because the more, the merrier, more dinosaurs should be cropping up soon. 

The concept of Teebs was heavily inspired by @iguanodont‘s Soap and several depictions of Troodontids with facial disks floating around Tumblr. (If you’re the one that came up with that paleomeme, please contact me so I can give you proper credit!)

@theasgardiantimelord this was the character who the Raptor Squad would pick a fight with who I told you about. Big Boy. 

Confessions In A Blizzard (Carry On Countdown Dec 12th)

I could have done fluff but instead I give you this. Idek what I was going for tbh but I hope you enjoy! @carryon-countdown


Baz knew Simon was following him. He had gotten used to the way his footsteps sounded during Snow’s fifth year stalking phase. Baz sighed inwardly. He wasn’t particularly in the mood to fight with Snow.
The wintertime was when he was forced to go back to his house and leave his shared room with Snow. He always got moody when he thought about the separation.
Instead of going back to the room where Snow could safely corner him, Baz walked off the drawbridge and towards the forest. It was snowing pretty heavily and he hoped the cold would inspire Snow to give up his pursuit.
“Baz!” He heard Snow’s voice ring out.
“Leave me alone Snow.”
He heard the crunch of snow behind him and picked up his pace. Eventually Snow would have to give up in this kind of weather. Being a vampire had some advantages; one being that Baz could handle extreme cold better than humans.
“Baz…wait! I have to ask you something.”
He ignored him and found a nice patch of snow to sit on. It would definitely get his clothes wet and make him uncomfortable, but Baz enjoyed the idea of looking arrogantly cool sitting in the snow. He leaned his chin against his hand and smirked at Snow.
Snow looked completely disheveled. His uniform was muddied and wet up to the knees and his curls were plastered to his forehead with sweat. Even though he was quite tan, his cheeks were red with either physical exhaustion or sunburn. His unremarkable blue eyes were watering at the cold. Baz felt his whole body light up just looking at the messy teenager.
Snow glared at him.
“You do realize it’s like, a blizzard out here right?”
Baz shrugged, “That’s kind of an overstatement.”
“You might be able to deal with this kind of weather but I can’t.”
Baz grinned. “Precisely the point Snow. Go inside and be warm. I’ll be fine.”
“Because you’re a vampire.”
Baz sneered. “Don’t be so presumptuous. I’ve got fire magic, remember?”
Snow rubbed his arms. “Well can you use some of that on me?”
Baz rolled his eyes. “No I can’t. For one thing, you’re not worth it. And for another, I don’t want to encourage you to stay.”
Snow clenched his teeth. “Fine! Look all I wanted to say is that…well it’s kind of awkward.”
Baz closed his eyes. “You’re boring me. I think I’ll take a nap while you dribble on.”
He heard Snow crunch forward and sit beside him. Baz opened his eyes in surprise to find Snow sitting only a few inches away.
“What are you doing? You’re going to freeze.”
Snow shrugged. “I needed your attention.”
Baz put his face in his hands. “You’re not going to give up are you?”
Baz frowned. “Fine. I don’t want your death on my conscience just yet.”
Baz used some low burning fire magic to warm Snow’s body. It would melt the snow a lot faster but it was better than nothing.
Snow bit his nail.
“Look Baz, I wanted to ask you something.”
“So shoot.”
“Do you like me?”
Baz laughed. “Are you serious? I think we’ve established long ago that I hate you.”
Snow sighed and looked away. He seemed nervous about something.
“That’s not exactly what I meant. I…do you like me?”
Baz realized what Snow was getting at and felt his stomach dip. Snow must have caught on to him. Baz had thought he was being careful but what did he know really? Snow probably caught him staring at him during class and guessed.
“I honestly have no clue what you’re talking about Snow.”
Snow’s cheeks were as red as they could possibly be.
“I-I just want to know the truth. It’s not like it upsets me or something.”
Baz peered off at the drawbridge. He knew this was his chance to admit his feelings. Hell, Snow was even saying he wouldn’t be upset. But it didn’t feel like enough. It didn’t seem worth exposing his soul just to have Snow say it was okay. He wanted Snow to like him back, not accept him.
“Look it’s getting late. They’re going to pull up the drawbridge soon and you definitely can’t afford to get stuck out here.”
Snow sighed and followed him in the snow. It was coming down pretty heavily. Baz worried that Snow might actually be in some danger at this point.
“Baz I know you like me,” Snow shouted into the flurry.
“That’s kind of cocky of you.”
Snow pushed forward a bit so he was trudging next to Baz instead of behind him.
“You stare at me all the time. And sometimes you blush a little when I get too close.”
Baz felt a flicker of panic as he realized the sun was setting. They really would be pulling the drawbridge up soon.
“Maybe that’s just because I want to eat you.”
He felt Snow’s warm hand grip his arm. Baz let Snow whip him around. Snow’s eyelashes were starting to frost over and his nose was too red.
“Simon you need to pick up the pace! You’ll die out here if we don’t get inside in time!”
Snow’s eyes widened.
“You just said my name.”
Baz squinted against the snowflakes.
Snow smiled, his eyes brighter than the blinding white around them.
“You called me Simon, not Snow.”
Baz felt his cheeks warm. “Well that’s your bloody name you prat!”
Simon’s eye lidded warmly. “I told you that you blush sometimes.”
He rushed forward and kissed Baz. For a moment Baz felt completely shocked. Baz held himself back as he worried Snow was playing a trick on him. But then Snow growled and pushed his hands through Baz’s hair and he found he didn’t care if it was a trick. He kissed Snow back with everything he had. Baz poured years of anguish and desire into the kissed and groaned when Snow gave it right back. He wanted to keep going, to kiss Snow for hours, but he could feel the temperature dropping.
He ripped himself away.
“Fine! I like you! Okay? In fact I’ve been in love with you for years you fucking git. Can you please let me get you out of the snow now?”
Snow grinned. “Of course.”
Baz and Simon walked back hand in hand. They got across the bridge just in time. Snow was shivering by the time they got back to their room. Baz fussed over him and wondered how much fire magic he would need to use.
“Baz, I have another idea on how to warm me up.”
Baz wasn’t very focused on Snow’s expression.
“What is it?”
He felt Snow’s hand snake up his chest and into his hair. Baz realized what Snow was getting at. Giving up Baz nodded and let himself bask in Snow, his Snow.

Take Me To Church
Take Me To Church

The Areté of Aphrodite

Personal Praxis of Areté and Kharis with the Theoi

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Areté is a complex topic, heavy with implications of knowledge and the importance of humanity, but I aim to simplify the subject and allow us to experiment with areté and kharis. Areté, at its most simple, is excellency of virtue, with connotations of understanding and morality. Truly though, it is about enacting or embodying excellency of any sort; in the same way heroes are not necessarily good, areté does not necessarily imply goodness or beneficent acts or virtues. Areté is about reaching our highest human potential, which many philosophers retain in the realm of knowledge and contemplation, but I would like to take a nod towards other sorts of virtues. As a devotional practice, why not consider and personally try to maintain an excellence of those traits and virtues which we most admire from the theoi? Borrowing heavily from my inspirations, I’ve come up with a brief series of “virtues” with which to align ourselves with the areté, or most excellent traits and nature, of Aphrodite, and in doing so draw closer to her and further kharis with her.

There are a lot of considerations to make when beginning such a devotional project. There’s the virtues themselves, the deity in question, the timing, and of course, the manner in which you will actively work on encompassing said virtues. All of these factors deserve serious consideration, and perhaps a bit of divination to see if the things decided are in line with the will and desires of the theos in question. Shortly after coming up with this idea, I purchased a second hand book on the tales of courtesans. If there was anyone who set me towards thoughts of Golden Aphrodite, it was the infamous women of Paris and Venice, whose beauty, cunning, and sex made the world their oyster (trite, I know, but appropriate). While I’m playing with punnery, I also wanted to begin with Aphrodite because one her her epithets is “Praxis” meaning action, of course, but here specifically meaning sexual actions. It was to good a word play to pass up! I had a good long think about the traits successful courtesans had which were also traits which could align me to The Queen Melissa. I came up with a short list originally, but nearly doubled it over time. I also wanted to use a number associated with Aphrodite, and decided upon twelve virtues, which is twice six; six like the sacred geometry of honeycomb. For timing, I’m going to let that be your decision, but I would recommend either a week per virtue, for three months of devotional focus, or else a month per virtue, for a year of Venusian areté. 

External image

Onto the virtues of Venus

Rather than create a laundry list of definitions and potential devotional activities, I’m going to instead list the virtues themselves, and a few ways to approach them. Defining and redefining your understanding of those virtues, and developing the practices, habits, and activities that will allow you to encompass them should be an integral part of the devotional activity. If folks like what I’ve created and wish to take up the task for themselves (and I hope you do), and wish to share, then please feel free to tag your thoughts, acts, questions, and reflections on the topic with “arete praxis”. If instead you come up with your own virtues and stations for other theoi, please feel free to use that tag as well! As for Aphrodite:

The First Virtue: Beauty

- understand and embody beauty, both naturally endowed and created

-understand and create beauty for beauty’s sake, your own and in the world

-find and understand beauty in others and in the world, and find ways to elevate it or share it

The Second Virtue: Timing

-understand, embody, and live a good sense of timing

-rediscover timing in rhythm, the body, and the social world

-understand timing and epiphany in mythos and why it mattered

-understand “gut instinct” and timing as it pertains to your relationships, and actively work on yours

The Third Virtue: Brazenness

-understand and embody boldness, in all of its potential iterations, cheek, aggression, conviction, etc

-understand when and why a lack of modesty is a good thing

-understand the difference between being forward and confident vs. outrageous and impertinent

-embody fierceness in all you do, but especially in the way you love and that which you defend 

The Fourth Virtue: Grace

-understand and embody grace, and the ever changing and mutable nature of graciousness

-embody the wildness and patience of grace, and understand how grace and timing relate

-rediscover the grace in others, and how grace and beauty so often coexist

-unlearn grace as physical poise, and rediscover spiritual grace without any gender-specific or Abrahamic trappings

The Fifth Virtue: Charm

-understand charm, much easier said than done, what does the ability to please really entail, or to enchant?

-embody charm, understand the social cues which will cause others to find you magical, to be drunk on you

-understand how timing, grace, and brazenness may all be a part of your charm

-rediscover, contemplate, and emulate the charms of Aphrodite in her mythos

The Sixth Virtue: Brilliance

-understand how intelligence, reflection, and luminosity are related

-understand the many forms of brilliance of Aphrodite

-rediscover your own personal radiance

-embody and reflect the brilliance of Aphrodite in as full a way as possible

The Seventh Virtue: Flirtation

-understand how timing is an inherent factor in flirtation

-understand how charm, brazenness and flirtation relate

-rediscover the fun of flirtation, rediscover its power

-embody flirtation, be coquettish in all you do

The Eighth Virtue:  Gaiety

-understand the importance of having and creating a good time

-rediscover a sense of joie de vivre

-learn to create joy, and understand how previous virtues can effect joy

The Ninth Virtue: Sensuality

-understand sensuality, both natural and created

-infuse sensuality into your daily life, and your relationships

-rediscover the power of suggestion and the senses

-understand the intimate relationship between beauty and the senses

The Tenth Virtue: Seduction

-rediscover the power of sexuality

-bring sexuality into your daily life and practice seduction

-contemplate seduction as arousal and penetration of the soul

-use the power of sex for constructive means

The Eleventh Virtue: Rapture

-understand the concepts behind rapture, being caught in the moment, the small death, and resurrection

-contemplate the concept of being seized and swept away in her mythos

-contemplate sensuality seduction, and worship and their relationship to rapture

-become enraptured, and bring others to rapture

The Twelfth Virtue: Discernment

- understand how discernment is an essential part of love and life

-contemplate the power plays of her mythos, and

-contemplate how brilliance, timing, and justness can be integral to discernment

-practice discernment as an essential and meaningful part of your life

External image

As for me, I will be personally beginning my Vensuian virtues in August, and will be doing each virtue weekly. I will be brilliant, and charming, and gay. I will take a lover, and bring them rapture, and bring them to the shrine of Aphrodite Praxis, and they will take me to church. 


I still have a week of dissertation work and exams left, and i can’t wait until they’re done.

Here’s a quick piece I drew up in about 15 mins, heavily inspired by Tim Burton, so the style is totally different from what I usually do, but it’s for an exciting new project I will be beginning VERY soon

all thanks to @undeadly-angel <3


Hello :v Remember like, an actual year ago when i drew more sfw art, and therefore used my sfw sona and used a different sona for my nsfw blog? Well today i wanted to draw something cute, and it ended up kinda turning out like my seal sona’s feral form??? i guesS??? anyway i like it and wanted to share :v

Yes this ended up heavily inspired by Shark Puppy, who is freakin adorable, although she seems more like a seal guinea pig to me XD a Guinea Seal! :v


“With the exception of you i dislike everyone in the room”
3z verse takamui playlist


i.- too cool for school | fountains of wayne
ii.- jealous of your cigarette | hawsley workman
iii.- do i wanna know | arctic monkeys
iv.- you only live once | the strokes
v.- stop the world i wanna get off with you | arctic monkeys
vi.- my blue supreme | interpol
vii.- feel good INC | gorillaz
viii.- people are people | depeche mode
ix.- school | nirvana