heavily fangirling about it

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🌟Sign: Sagittarius 

🎈Height: 5′0″

✨Last thing i googled: A Song of Ice & Fire

🎶Favorite music artist: Coldplay! I also really like One Ok Rock & Paramore

📺 last tv show: Game of Thrones

👗What am i wearing right now: oversized t-shirt & culotte pants

🌸when did i make my blog: 2013

🐻Do i have any other blogs: 2 active multi-admin side-blog, 1 other personal blog

❤Why did i choose my url: Since this is my fangirl blog & I fangirl mostly about Japanese stuff (though I post heavily about Yamada Ryosuke now) I decided to include my nickname (Nikka) and adds a random Japanese surname “Aizawa” from a character I kinda like back then when I made this blog, from the drama Code Blue

🎀gender: girl

🍙pokemon team: I don’t really play pokemon & I’m not into the game nor the anime 😂😂😂

🍕Favorite colors: blue and green

💤 average hrs of sleep: 3-5 hours 

🐶Favorite character: Edward Elric, Jon Snow, Levi Ackerman

🐨Dream job: traveler, movie director

Thanks again for the tag! It was fun :D

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