heavily armored

B. A. R. D.

Bard : So we’ve got this airship.

Gunslinger : Yup.

Bard : And I can cast Feather Fall on a small group of people.

Gunslinger : Mmhmm?

Bard : So technically, if it DOES come to war, I can drop a small task force of heavily armored troops into the enemy’s backline. Probably archers.

Gunslinger : You know… That’s a good idea.

Bard : I’m gonna call them BARD Jumps. Brilliant Aerial Reconnaissance Drops. Bard.

Gunslinger : *facepalm*

Starfinder: The Classes [COMPLETE EDITION!]

Meet the new guardians of the galaxy.

In Starfinder, the average adventurer looks much different from average party on old Golarion. Understandings have shifted, old disciplines have faded out of vogue, and everyone has friggin’ laser beams.

So while it’s possible to convert some of the old Pathfinder classes, the bulk of adventurers in the Pact Worlds will likely adhere to one of these six new disciplines. Check it!


Envoy is Starfinder’s intrigue and tactics focused class. They possess the most skills out of any class (tied only with the Operative) and their Skill Expertise feature allows them to specialize in certain favored skills; granting them an extra 1d6 insight bonus, and allowing them to perform acts that skill doesn’t usually grant. For those of you familiar with Pathfinder, think of it as a cross between an Investigator’s inspiration feature and the skill unlocks of an Unchained Rogue.

Their main class features are Improvisations; non-magical abilities which allow the Envoy to manipulate the battlefield; they can make enemies Flat Footed, warn allies of impending dangers, or even grant their friends additional actions in a turn. 

Play the Envoy if you…

  • Want to be a social butterfly.
  • Enjoy using unexpected tactics both on and off the battlefield.
  • Want to be the undisputed master of a narrow set of skills (without sacrificing other proficiencies).


Mechanics are masters of machines. Unlike the more academic Technomancers, Mechanics aren’t afraid to get their hands dirty working with the futuristic technology of the Pact Worlds. Some even go so far as to augment themselves with advanced cybernetics!

A Mechanic’s best friend is their trusty artificial intelligence; a digital construct they personally designed. At first level, the Mechanic can choose between implanting this AI into a drone (granting them an autonomous robotic ally who can fight alongside them) or into an implanted exo-cortex (augmenting the Mechanic’s cognitive abilities and allowing them access to stronger armor and weapons). As the Mechanic levels up, they can augment their AI (or themselves!) even further. A high level Mechanic can even split their attention between a drone and an exocortex, becoming a cybernetically augmented mastermind with a personal robot honor guard. 

When they aren’t trying to turn themselves into the singularity (or just make a really sweet robot), Mechanics are masters of technology in all forms; they’re master hackers, brilliant engineers, and can make that ray gun work really well in a pinch.

Play the Mechanic if you…

  • Want to play a pet-focused class.
  • Don’t want to play a pet-focused class, but would love to play a heavily armored ranged combatant with a wide array of skills.
  • Want to be a master of technology in all its forms.
  • Want your character to be more machine than person. 


Mystics are the spiritual successors of Golarion’s divine and occult spellcasters, and often fill similar societal roles. Understanding magic to be a manifestation of the connection between all living things, the Mystic channels the fundemental nature of the universe to a variety of effects.

Mystics are one of Starfinder’s two spellcasting classes, viewing the fundamental forces of magic through a more esoteric and philosophical lens than their Technomancer colleagues. Their spells tend to be focused more on living things; affecting both the mind and body. Of course, this doesn’t mean they can’t draw upon natural forces as well; Mystics are more than capable of flooding a room with gamma radiation if they feel like it.

All Mystics can establish a link with other creatures, which manifests first as a healing touch, and then eventually evolves into a party-wide telepathic network you can use as a conduit for their other abilities.

Mystics also all have a connection to a force they see as the source of their power; they may choose to be an akashic, empath, healer, mindbreaker, overlord, or star shaman, with each connection changing the lens through which a Mystic views the universe. An Akashic may view their powers as coming from the divine records that govern reality, while a Star Shaman may take a more religious viewpoint. Healers focus on restoring the vitality of their allies, while Mindbreakers focus on crushing the psyches of their foes. 

Play a Mystic if you…

  • Want to play a support focused character with strong healing potential.
  • Want to be a psychic or similar character.
  • Want to play a more magical character with minimal scientific influence. 
  • Love enchantment spells like charm person.
  • Want to have a connection with natural forces. 
  • Want to define your own supernatural tradition (in SPACE).


Operatives live on the fringe of society. More than just simple thieves and assassins, the Operative represents any sort of character willing to utilize underhanded tactics and dogged determination to get the job done.

Every Operative chooses a specialization (daredevil, detective, explorer, ghost, hacker, spy, or thief) which grants them access to unique exploits; similar to the talents of a Rogue or Vigilante in Pathfinder. 

Their most unique ability, however, is the trick attack. Unlike the Rogue, an Operative has need to hide in the shadows to surprise their enemies. Instead, they use a skill (usually Bluff, Intimidate, or Stealth, but some specializations can use other skills) to gain an advantage over their enemies; allowing them to deal extra damage and inflict a variety of detrimental effects on their foes. Operatives are also one of the only classes capable of becoming snipers, granting them additional combat options.

Like the Envoy, an Operative is a master of skills. Unlike the Envoy, they lack the same level of focus; the Operative’s edge class feature grants them a bonus to all skill checks (and initiative checks) and they can gain special bonuses to skills in which they’ve taken the Skill Focus feat for. Of course, Operative specializations can grant uses for skills that an Envoy could never hope to accomplish, so perhaps its all relative. 

Play an Operative if…

  • You want to play a character on the fringe of society, like a spy, vigilante, or assassin.
  • You want to be the ultimate skill monkey. 
  • You enjoy stealth and subterfuge (or dashing derring do)
  • You love the massive payoff from a perfectly set up attack.


Solarians believe in the power of the stars; that they are the ultimate expression of the powers of creation and destruction. They guide worlds with their gravity and give life with their light and heat, yet can also obliterate with supernovas and black holes. Solarians seek to be agents of this cycle of preservation and annihilation, channeling the forces of their stars themselves in battle.

All Solarians have a mote of fundamental energy or entropy that accompanies them, which can either transform into a lightsaber Solar Weapon, or augment the Solarian’s armor. 

In battle, Solarians are one of the few classes who specializes in melee combat (indeed, while they gain access to Advanced Melee Weapons, they lack proficiency in any ranged weapon more complicated than a blaster pistol). To make up for this, Solarians are capable of making more melee attacks than other classes (three in a round, rather than the normal maximum of two) and can utilize the power of the stars for a variety of spectacular at-will effects.

Solarians can choose to attune themselves to either Photon or Graviton energy; each of their powers is connected to one of these two energies, and as they build up their attunement these powers grow stronger. After spending three rounds attuned exclusively to a single type of energy, the Solarian can activate a spectacular manifestation of cosmic force known as a zenith power. Even at level one, a fully attuned Solarian can explode in a miniature supernova, or draw distant enemies closer to them with the power of a black hole. These powers only grow stronger as the Solarian’s experience and understanding of the cosmic balance grows.

Play a Solarian if you…

  • Want to play a knight attuned to the cosmic forces of the universe.
  • Want to be a melee focused combatant with a variety of at-will effects that can shift the battlefield.
  • Want to wield the very power of the cosmos themselves.
  • Enjoy characters with a more philosophical bent.


If the Solarian is a master of melee combat, the Soldier is a master of combat, period. Heavily armored, proficient in every kind of weapon, and trained in the culmination of thousands of years of tactics, the Soldier’s skill in a fight is unparalleled. Not only do they have access to more combat options than nearly anyone else.

All Soldiers specialize in a combat style to specialize in (arcane assailant, armor storm, blitz, bombard, guard, hit-and-run, and sharpshoot), and can pick up a second fighting style at level 9. In addition, they can pick up gear boosts that increase the effectiveness of their equipment, representing the modifications they’ve made to their favored combat kits. It doesn’t matter if it’s magic or technology; if it can give a Soldier an edge in combat, they’re willing to give it a shot.

Of course, they wouldn’t be the main combatants of Starfinder if they didn’t have access to bonus Combat Feats. Unlike in Pathfinder, combat feats in Starfinder are far more streamlined (requiring at most one other feat and some BAB and ability score requirements to access). This allows Soldiers to gain access to advanced combat options quickly and easily; for instance, a second level soldier could gain Weapon Focus with every single weapon they are proficient in (which is to say, all of them) with only a two feat investment. And since Weapons in Starfinder are capable of a wide variety of effects (including creating beams, cones, and bursts that would make a Wizard jealous), a Soldier can prove to be one of the most versatile and effective combatants in the game. 

Play a Soldier if you…

  • Want to be a bad-ass power-armored space marine.
  • Want to be a melee combatant but don’t like all that weird cosmic stuff.
  • Want to modify your weapons and armor to fit your combat style.
  • Want to combine magic, technology, and martial prowess.
  • Want to be able to use almost any weapon you can pick up.
  • Want to have a jetpack. Anyone can have a jetpack, but you’re the best at jetpacks.
  • Want to take a variety of combat feats while still having slots left over.


In the Pact Worlds, Magic and Science are effectively the same thing; a fundamental set of rules that governs reality. While Mystics and Solarians focus on the esoteric connections between things, a Technomancer’s approach to magic is much more practical. Using a combination of the scientific method, advanced technology, and a bit of old-fashioned wizardry, Technomancers can hack into the very fabric of the universe to achieve a variety of effects. 

Unlike the Mystic (who is more focused on connections between nature and living things) a Technomancer’s spells are more focused on interfacing with technology, or fiddling with the laws of physics. They can conjure small technological devices, hit things with logic bombs, bend light to create illusions, and drop fireballs like no one’s business.

What makes the Technomancer unique is their approach to magic; by viewing it as a scientific force, they can break the rules of magic as they’ve been known in the universe since the days of ancient Golarion. They have access to a spell cache, which starts out as a way to bypass the need for a spell slot, and can eventually be used to keep certain spell effects running for 24 hours. They can also fuse lower level spell slots together to achieve higher level effects; the most powerful Technomancers can even fuse two of their 6th level spell slots to cast 9th Level spells like the fabled wish.

Technomancers also have access to Spell Hacks, special abilities focused on manipulating magic, technology, or both. Fueled by spell slots, these magic hacks can modify how your spells and equipment function. You can drain the battery from your weapon to power up a spell, modify how a spell functions, force technology to do things that shouldn’t even be possible, or even fabricate equipment from nothing. 

Play a Technomancer if you…

  • Want to play a dedicated spellcaster.
  • Like your magic with a healthy side of science.
  • Want to blend both magic and technology into a single discipline.
  • Are willing to mess with your class resources to achieve an optimal effect.

calevmir  asked:

So I'm rewatching vld and I just realized how built Hunk is? His bayard gun has got to be so heavy, and there are scenes in the Balmera where he is running and firing this huge cannon with pretty good accuracy. Also his lion is the strongest and most heavily armored too.

I’ve made posts before about Hunk’s body type but yeah! like… if you look at Hunk’s casual wear he’s wearing a pretty loose comfortable shirt

but on his arms, the sleeves are incredibly snug. Takeaway implication, this guy has the biceps of a god. Could probably rip the sleeves off something by seriously flexing except he won’t do that because he likes that shirt. 

Not only is his bayard a huge heavy thing, but like you say, in s1e7 he runs while shooting and has no problem, in s1e11 he holds it one-handed with a bent arm without really paying attention to it. Frankly I think the fight in s2e2 with Lance where Hunk is mind-controlled is pretty much a testament to how terrifyingly physically powerful Hunk is, because for most of that fight, even if they’re underwater, Hunk is bodily swinging Lance around.

It’s a pretty one-sided fight, even considering Lance can’t use his bayard because his fighting style is pretty much “shoot either head or chest with devastating accuracy” and he can’t do that to Hunk, because Hunk isn’t using his bayard either- and it drives home that actually, close-quarters combat with Hunk is not somewhere you want to be.

In s3e6, Narti does a lot better against him, but the implication for Narti is that she’s quite strong herself- given she was able to bodily lift him by the neck using just her tail. Even then, that’d suggest she couldn’t break his grip on her body and instead redirected an attack so that he’d have to let go of her.

So I mean, if you want any of the paladins to help you move, go for Hunk because he could probably sling an entire couch over his shoulder.

okay but shatt seeing each other for the first time

Matt has been making his rounds on Galra prison ships. Him being human, the Galra don’t have a full grasp on how to detect them like the odor and heat signatures of other alien civilizations they’ve conquered. Because of that, his rebel group sends him on the espionage and breakout missions. He’s small, he’s fast, and - to the Galra - he’s nearly untraceable.

He breaks into one of their heavily armored cells, with only thirty seconds before the guards come back and the alarms sound. He never expected to find who he did. Word had gone around about the escape of The Champion, and Matt had only hoped that he’d found his way home, not back here. Not back in the throngs of the ones that had stolen their lives in the first place.

He also never expects to be immediately tackled, frozen in shock as the unfamiliar white tuft and scar marr a once familiar face. He doesn’t expect the fist raising up, up, a snarl ripping its way across Shiro’s face. Only as the hand starts its descent does Shiro’s face flash with recognition. His hand lands on the metal beside Matt’s head with an unusual thud, but he doesn’t have time to worry about it. They have only ten seconds until the guards are back.

Without a word, he pushes Shiro off of him, clambering onto his feet before pulling Shiro up as well. He doesn’t seem to weigh as much as he used to. He grabs Shiro’s unusual chest plate, half dragging him into the halls. 

But he took too long getting Shiro. The other guards near the escape pods have taken their post again. He hears Shiro swallow behind him. Matt readies his body to run forward; if either are to go down in this fight, it’s better him than Shiro. But Shiro’s hand find his shoulder, pushing him back up against the wall.

His eyes close with the impact of the wall, cold, hard metal jarring him almost as much as the warm, soft lips pressing against his own. Matt’s heart stutters in his chest, despite it being scant and chaste, not lasting for more than a couple seconds, but just long enough to leave Matt wanting more. God, he missed Shiro so much.

Wait for my signal,” murmurs Shiro, lips brushing against his own.

With that, Shiro takes off, right arm starting to glow under his body suit as he charges the Galran sentries.

Worse than a stormtroopers...

I started playing Werewolves: The Apocalypse with some friends online, it is me (a kitsune medical assassin) and Regal(a giant simba bastet)and we are infiltrating a pentex facility for video proof to stop a gang war between the local glasswalkers and vampires. We are caught as we find the video by 4 black spiral dancer Guards, one in Crinos(Goltragg) and the other 3 Guards wielding m16s with silver bullets, during the battle, this happens

DM: Okay, Goltragg(big Boss for encounter) is prone and injured on his back after being thrown to the ground and being stabbed in the chest, now its the first Guards turn to attack. His gun is pointed at you Ren(Me) since you are the one driving said knife into him. *Rolls to hit, -3 Successes* Oh my

Me OOC: Oh shit

Dm: Okay… The guard fires his gun, the shot misses and hits the ceiling, but he also drops his gun, being startled by the gun fire. The gun hits the floor on the butt and the fires upwards, all 3 bullets fired hit the guard in head and instantly kill him, despite how heavily armor he is.

Me In:…




Everyone OOC: *laughing uncontrollably *

Me: He’s worse than the stormtrooper from the holiday special!

gods of wood and stone

(this may or may not ever turn into something, so I thought I’d leave it here as the product of my procrastination.)

Obito gets lost on the way back to the afterlife.

It sounds like the start of the worst joke ever, like something Kakashi would mock him for forever after finding out about it, but it is, Obito admits to himself with great reluctance, actually true. This is definitely not the Pure Land, Rin is definitely not waiting for him, and he is definitely alive, because apparently using Kamui to skip out on your path to the afterlife leaves you alive even when you don’t want to be.

The worst part is, Obito can’t even regret it. He’d make the same decision again, because Kakashi needed his eyes so he wouldn’t just stand on the sidelines like a useless lump or throw his life away trying to take a hit. With Kamui, Kakashi has a chance at getting them a victory against Kaguya. Without it—

Without it he’s dead, and Obito doesn’t need the blood of any more teammates on his hands.

Cursing quietly, Obito pushes through a particularly tight net of tree branches, trying to figure out where he is. Another dimension, he can tell that much—Kamui gives him a good sense of such things—but unless he wants to kill himself with chakra exhaustion he can’t teleport back out of it. He could try it to get back to the afterlife that way, or just use a kunai, but—

Obito is a stubborn bastard. He was fine dying to save his friend, because there was no other choice and he was dead at the end of the war anyway, but if he’s alive? Yeah, fuck that, Obito is going to survive. It’s what he’s always done, and even if it’s against the world’s best interests, Obito is going to keep it that way. He’s alive, and no one can take that away from him.

The forest thins out up ahead, the spaces between the tree trunks widening as the ground grows rocky, and Obito makes for it, hoping to find some higher ground so he can at least get a look at his surroundings. The earth is covered with old leaf-litter, soft and silent underfoot, and Obito feels like he should know it, like this whole area is familiar, but he can’t quite place it.

He rounds a thick stand of trees, pushes through a thicket of brambles that curl away from the touch of his Mokuton, and hears—

War. War like the one he just left, the one he started, but without the monstrous roar of the bijuu or the overwhelming lash of chakra from shinobi with no concept of human limits. The earth trembles beneath his feet, the air rings with shouts, and there’s a clang and crack of weapons meeting. Fire roars, the smell of scorched cloth and flesh rising in its wake, and there’s a loud cry.

A familiar cry.

Obito reacts without even thinking. He dodges around the last copse of trees, chakra already surging within him, and bursts out onto the battlefield just as there’s a flash of yellow light.

Years of learning how to craft a plan, how to alter it on the fly, how to act and react and take advantage of every skill he’s managed to cultivate—that’s enough to let him take in the fight in one swift glance, ignoring that fact that it should be impossible. Senju on one side, heavily armored and fighting desperately; Uchiha on the other, backs bared because their stupid pride won’t let them wear armor, but pushing the Senju back. Two sources of chakra brighter than the rest—one on the far right, two heads with long black hair, a dragon made of wood, a familiar gunbai and a curl of scorching flame. The other is at the far end, almost dead-center. A fading glow of gold, black hair, Uchiha symbol, and he’s turning but it won’t be fast enough.

But Obito has faced a man who’s even faster, and he can make it in time.

It’s nothing conscious that drives him—the connections are simpler than that. Half a moment to judge, another bare fraction of a heartbeat to let Kamui whirl to life, and there’s a beat in Obito’s blood that sounds like the cause the cause the cause. Nothing solid, nothing certain, but trained instinct and denial working in tandem as he whirls off the battlefield. A portal into the Kamui dimension, and almost before he fully materializes he has another forming, leading right back out, and he snatches up a staff from a pile of stored weapons and is gone. As soon as he’s through he shifts his body sideways, back into the other dimension as he phases through the man—no armor, just robes, and fuck but Obito can’t believe he’s part of a clan filled with such arrogant assholes, thinking they’re too good to wear armor in a fight—and brings the shakujo around.

A sword collides with it in a flash of yellow light, and red eyes framed by white hair go wide.

Obito snarls, in no mood to call for a truce here and now, and plants the butt of the shakujo in the ground. He leaps, using it as a pivot, and slams a foot into Tobirama’s armored chest with all the force of his chakra behind it. The future Nidaime goes flying, and Obito lands lightly, yanking the staff up as he turns.

Uchiha Izuna rounds on him with a victorious laugh, red-and-black eyes bright with triumph, and opens his mouth.

Obito sweeps his feet out from under him, dumps him on his ass, and buries him in grasping roots that drag him to the ground and pin him there. “When the hell is it ever going to be enough for you bastards?” he snarls right in the man’s dumbfounded face. “How many innocent people need to die in this stupid fucking war before you finally decide that you’ve had enough revenge?!”

There’s no answer, only blank gaping, and Obito growls, pivoting on his heel. Several knots of fighting shinobi are watching him with one eye, clearly wary, but not enough to stop their own battles. It’s not going to be enough to save them, because in a split second Obito has made up his mind. It’s a stupid decision, probably the worst he could come up with, but if there’s a chance in hell of stopping all of this before it starts, Obito will take it.

“Stay there,” he growls at Izuna, leveling his shakujo at him, and then turns. A burst of speed sends him hurtling right at a Senju kunoichi with her hair in a topknot and the ponytailed Uchiha she’s fighting, and he shoves right behind them, knocking the woman into the man and pinning them both with Mokuton. The Senju lets out a startled cry, but Obito is still moving. Branches and roots erupt around him, grabbing for shinobi without discrimination.

Those in Obito’s path don’t have nearly as much of a chance to fight back; Kamui makes him a ghost, and even when he’s tangible his speed leaves him all but untouchable. He plows through the ranks separating him from the other fighting pair, drives forward with a wave of Mokuton subsuming everything behind him. There’s a snarled knot of fury growing larger and larger in his chest, a twist of something that’s very close to grief, and he’s had enough.

With a shout, Madara shoves Hashirama away, then whirls in, sword sweeping down. Hashirama catches it on a thick burst of wood, shoving him back, and in the same moment Madara’s eyes flicker up above Hashirama’s shoulder, taking in the rest of the battlefield in an automatic sweep.

Obito, barely three yards away with his shakujo already swinging, catches his eye and bares his teeth in a wolf’s grin.

Oh, he’s going to enjoy this.

Hashirama must see something in Madara’s face—either that or his instincts give him warning, but Obito likes the idea that Madara’s dumbfounded expression serves as warning enough. The man ducks, rolling to the side, and the ring of the shakujo sweeps across the space he just occupied. It just misses Madara as he leaps backwards, a fireball bursting from his lips, but Obito phases right through it, landing lightly and spinning the staff through his fingers.

Madara feints left, but this is man who trained Obito to begin with, almost a century younger and far less skilled, and Obito easily spots the misdirection. He lunges the opposite way, catches Madara’s sword when he reverses directions, then twists past the blow, drives an elbow into Madara’s gut, grabs him by his long, thick hair, and uses it as a handhold as he spins, knocks Madara’s feet out from under him, and drags him down to the ground.

From above and behind him, there’s a cry, and Obito wrenches the sword from Madara’s hand, keeping the other man pinned with the shakujo against his throat, and half-turns to level the blade at Hashirama. It taps the Senju’s chest as he pulls up short, eyes wide, and Obito snorts.

“One move and I’ll happily put another hole in this waste of space,” he growls, seeing the way Hashirama’s eyes flicker from him to Madara and back.

Hashirama stares at him for a long moment, then nods and takes a careful step in retreat. One half-glance around them and he says very quietly, “You have Mokuton.”

Madara makes a sound like a pissy cat dropped into a pond. “You have the Sharingan,” he spits, as though this personally offends him. “You’re an Uchiha.”

“And that fact has been responsible for pretty much all of the misery in my life,” Obito retorts, and for a breathless, terrible moment he’s back in that clearing under the full moon, a handful of seconds too late to save Rin from Madara’s manipulations. One blow and he can stop all of that here and now, can prevent so much of the pain that might come.

Hashirama must see something of that in his eyes, because he takes a quick stride forward, only to pull up short when Obito snarls and levels the blade at his throat again. “Please, don’t!” he insists.

“Get lost, Senju!” Madara snaps at the same time. “This is an Uchiha matter, I will handle—”

“Clearly it is a Senju matter as well,” Tobirama says coldly, coming to a halt a short distance away, but his eyes are on Obito’s sword where it touches his brother’s collarbone.

“I don’t think so,” Izuna counters, equally chilly and just as biting as he edges closer, Sharingan eyes narrowed and wary. “Just because some Senju bastard couldn’t take no for an answer when it was coming from an Uchiha kunoichi—”

Instantly Tobirama whips around, offended rage written clearly across his face, and he grabs for his sword, only to be pulled up short when Hashirama reaches back and grabs his wrist.

“But—” Tobirama starts to protest.

“Izuna,” Hashirama says, carefully even, and he doesn’t look away from Obito but there’s a spark of tightly contained fury in his dark eyes. “Mind. Your. Tongue.”

Izuna flicks a glance between Hashirama and Tobirama, swallows, and takes half a step away from them. “Brother,” he complains.

Madara gives Obito a dark look, but he doesn’t try to move. “You wouldn’t stand for such an insult to our clan, Izuna,” he huffs. “Don’t expect the Senju to have any less pride.”

Narrowing his eyes, Obito presses the shakujo in a little more firmly. “Don’t bother taking that high and mighty tone, Madara,” he bites out. “You’re the one I hold responsible for all of this, and I’m going to fucking take it out of you hide.”

Red-and-black eyes go wide, and Madara almost flinches away from him, hands rising in something like surrender.

Obito doesn’t want surrender, though. He wants to rip into Madara the way he wasn’t able to before, wants to get a hand in his chest and tear the heart right out of him, pay back every bit of pain that Madara inflicted on the world, through Obito and through Zetsu and by his own hand as well. Wants to rip and slash and hack away until this monster is nothing but a pile of bloody flesh, unable to hurt anyone ever again. It overwhelms him for the space of a breath, white-hot rage the only thing inside of him, and before he can think to stop himself he tightens his grip on his shakujo and—

Big hands grab him, one arm around his waist and the other around his chest, and with a jerk he’s hauled right up off of Madara, dragged back against a broad chest as dark hair tumbles around him. “No,” Hashirama says, halfway to a plea, and his grip tightens enough to force the air out of Obito’s lungs.

Obito freezes, stiff and stunned at the touch of another human. Years, it’s been, since anyone touched him to do anything but inflict pain, and his muscles go tense and tight in anticipation of a blow.

There isn’t one, though. No hit, no pain, no kunai slid into his kidneys to gut him and leave him for dead.

No pain, just—

A trickle, wet and hot, against the back of his tattered robe. Blood, by the smell, and since Obito doesn’t bleed anymore it has to be Hashirama’s, has to be from when he knocked the sword aside to save the man who will eventually kill him.

It’s too much. The thought of it, the reality of standing here over Madara, able to end everything before it begins, and Hashirama is the one to save him—

What Obito did, the people he killed—that’s on his head. But it’s on Madara’s too, on Zetsu’s, on Kaguya’s. Uchiha Obito should have died in a cave-in when he was thirteen, but he didn’t, and the reason for that is right in front of him. The reason he didn’t carved a seal into his heart, killed his best friend, and gave him a twisted, broken vision of the world as an illusion, and then set him to unmake it.

Obito is responsible for his own actions, and he knows it all too well. But Madara was the trigger. If Obito was the sword then Madara was the hand that forged and wielded him, and that has to mean he bears at least a part of the blame from the hell of the past few years.

No,” he snarls, and though he shoves backwards to loosen Hashirama’s grip and get away he doesn’t reach for Kamui, doesn’t try to hurt the man (again, again, something in him whispers, hurt him again you mean). “Let go of me! He deserves whatever I do to him!”

Hashirama’s grip isn’t harsh, but it is immovable, and he’s as solid as an oak as he drags Obito back another step. “Don’t,” he says quietly. “This isn’t the way.”

Naruto, Obito thinks, guilt and grief and regret and anger all wound up and tangled together. He curls his fingers into fists, takes a breath that vibrates with anger, and does the hardest thing he’s ever managed in his life.

He opens his hand and lets the weapon go.

  • people on any group shot with merrill: replace her with anders and that's--
  • me, knowing how well she works as dps, support, or tanking if used correctly: --a bad, bad choice. make your own post.


>“Making deals to get the things you want, shooting at the things you don’t. That’s me.”

>Surviving the rough world of smugglers and mercenaries requires street-smarts, adaptability and cunning, qualities that serve Vetra well in Andromeda. Her experiences have taught her the importance of having someone to watch your back, and she’ll do anything for the people she considers friends and family.

* Name: Vetra Nyx
* Species: Turian
* Origin: Born: Palaven; Resided in: Too many places to count
* Height: 198 cm
* Weight: 95 kg
* Known Affiliations: Andromeda Initiative
* Nicknames: None
* Combat Roles/Strengths: Wears heavily upgraded custom armor that provides additional shielding.
* Favorite Weapon: Modified Cyclone assault rifle
* Favorite Biotic/Tech/Other Ability: Power Armor. Vetra’s custom armor hardens and activates reinforced shields, providing her with unrivaled protection.


The Turtle Ships of Medieval Korea,

In 1592, the de facto ruler of Japan, Toyotomi Hideyoshi, ordered the  invasion of Korea.  Hideyoshi, the successor to Oda Nobunaga, had grandiose plans which began with the conquest of Korea and ended with the conquest of Ming Dynasty China.  Little did he know that the Koreans would fiercely resist their invasion, nor did he know that the Koreans had weapons technology far more advanced than that of Japan.  Among that advanced technology was a heavily armed and armored warship called the “turtle ship”, a tough and mighty gunboat that better resembled a floating tank rather than a ship.

Invented by the Korean Admiral Yi Sun-sin, the turtle ship was named as such because it resembled a turtle.  Unlike other vessels of the day, the turtle was enclosed in an armored shell.  Around 100 to 120 feet long, the turtle ship featured a large armored roof to protect its crew from arrow or musket fire.  While some suggest the armor may have been iron plate, thus making the turtle ship the first ironclad, most historians disagree.  Regardless the roof was armored with strong materials as well as anti-incendiary materials.  The roof was also lined with metal spikes to prevent boarders from climbing on to it.  While the turtle ship had two sailing masts, primary propulsion in combat was from oar power.  Crew numbered to around 130, with 80 oarsmen and officers, and another 50 marines.

While the Japanese had firearms, Korean technology had developed far past Japan’s due to their contact with China.  The key to the turtle ship’s power were its heavy cannon, about a dozen mounted on each side.  The Japanese, who never mounted guns on a boat or ship, preferred to get in close and board the ship, fighting in hand to hand combat.  Against the turtle ship, this wasn’t a very good idea as the cannon, with a range of 300-600 yards, pounded away at the Japanese ships from a distance.  The front of the turtle ship also sported a dragon’s head, which typically concealed a flamethrower.  A sulfur gas thrower was also available to create a smokescreen to hide the ship from the enemy.

Toyotomi Hideyoshi invaded Korea with a force of 158,000 soldiers and Samurai.  However, all of his men and equipment had to be shipped across the Sea of Japan.  Thus, Hideyoshi needed tremendous naval power to support the invasion.  Although heavily outnumbered, Korea’s fleet of 40 turtle ships, as well as hundreds of other warships, harassed and decimated the Japanese fleet.  At the Battle of Hansan Island, Admiral Yi Sun-sin ambushed a Japanese fleet of 133 ships with his fleet of 3 turtle ships and 52 panokseons (a traditional battleship wihch was also armed with cannon).  In the ensuing battle, 60 Japanese ships were sunk.  The Koreans lost no ships of their own, with casualties numbering only 19 dead.

Despite the might of Korea’s fleet and the power of the turtle ships, eventually the Japanese were able to overwhelm the Koreans with superior numbers.  The Japanese invasion was a success, but a short lived one as the Chinese intervened, pushing out the invaders with a superior army.  Hideyoshi attempted a second invasion in 1597, but by then the Koreans had strengthened their defense and reformed their military.  The second invasion quickly ground down into stalemate, a stalemate which would be ended once against with Chinese interventions.

Types as my friends’ D&D characters and their type (+me)

ENFP : Wood Elf Ranger that just wants to pet all the animals, falls in love with all the NPCs and can’t fucking remember a thing about the main quest.

ENFJ : Dwarven warrior that went away from his underground city to taste all the beers of the world and then go back to open a brewery.

ESFJ : Elf enchantress that uses charms to make people do her bidding, but for their own good.

INTP : Elf wizard that can’t fucking decide which spell to use because there’s so much choice, and kindly asked a red dragon to shut up, he was browsing his grimoire.

ISTJ : Human barbarian who says he just wants to kill stuff, but will take time to bury corpses and wait two months to try to make saltpeter. Also, doesn’t kill a lot of things.

ENTP : Half-elf bard that once took out 10 heavily armored mercenaries with glitter, and made an epic poem about kissing a camel’s butt.


About a week ago, @komadoriwonder requested the batkids+blackberries. I finally wrote it.


“Why is it so hooooooooooot?” Dick complained from his place on the kitchen floor.

“It’s summer.” Tim replied from somewhere Dick couldn’t see. “And didn’t the circus winter in Florida?”

Dick rolled over so he could look Tim in the eye. “Tell me you aren’t more effected by this than me.”

Tim did look way worse than Dick did. For someone who practically lived in layered sweatshirts with the sleeves cut off, he really couldn’t take heat. His T-Shirt was soaked through with sweat and he’d pulled his hair into the saddest bun possible to keep it off his neck.

“No,” Tim said. “But I—“He pulled open one of the kitchen drawers to punctuate. “—Am going to do something about it.”

Dick sat up fast when he saw that Tim was taking a spoon out of the drawer. “Tim, don’t. That ice cream is Damian’s.”

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I swear, I’m gonna update a fic… but instead, have a trope for @promptisfanweek !! 

Omen!Noctis x MT!Prompto, because yes, I can bitches. this draws heavily from other stuff, including a different (spicy) fic i’m writing, but.. i wanted to offer something up. <3 this is bad and i wrote it in about 2 hours, so don’t hate, okay? 

Sometimes, when Noctis closes his eyes, he’ll open them and realize he’s somewhere else entirely.

The first time it happens, it scares the shit out of him. He’s just a kid, and he’d had a horrific accident. He can’t walk, stuck in a hospital bed, and that’s what clues him in that things are weird. One minute, he’s lying in bed, angry at the world, angry at himself, feeling so inadequate.

He rolls over to try and sleep again, in a haze of drug-induced hysteria, and the next minute, he’s elsewhere.

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Why Coco and Yatsu Lost Their Match

[Image of Coco and Yatsuhashi knocked out at the end of their match in V03E04]

This, I think, more than anything, gets people upset about CFVY’s characterization in the show. While I know it’s been over a year at this point, I want to tackle this head on and hopefully lay this issue to rest because I still see people discussing it. (Yeah, wishful thinking I know.)

“Why did Coco and Yatsuhashi go down so easily in their two on two match?” people cry. And honestly, I’m not going to pretend that the match is easy or fun for me to watch, but here are my thoughts on how it happened because, honestly, it always made sense to me and never once felt out of place (even as I get upset at seeing my beloved team get hurt).


The only other time we’d seen CFVY fight was against grimm, in a life-or-death situation where they were protecting their home and civilians. They had just gotten back from a long mission about 24 hours before they got the call to go into downtown Vale and help with a grimm invasion of unknown size. They were packing their heavy hitting dust and bullets – Velvet was preparing to pull out her weapon and we know how devastating that can be.

Remember also that fighting grimm – no matter how heavily armored – is inherently different than fighting humans. Grimm don’t have auras – they are comparatively much easier to hurt and kill – so even if CFVY was packing the exact same equipment in Breach as Lessons Learned, it would still have taken more effort to even drain the aura of a human.

However, the Vytal Festival Tournament was a sparring match. A sparring match that was heavily televised and promoted, but still a sparring match. They weren’t out to kill or hurt anyone, so I’m certain they left their heavy hitting ammo and dust at home. They’re students training to be hunters to protect humanity – why would they bring things to a friendly sparring match that could hurt people?

Team Composition

[Image of Coco and Yatsuhashi at the beginning of their match in V03E04]

Okay, so, then why Coco and Yatsuhashi – the two tanks of team CFVY? Even with less heavy hitting equipment, they are clearly not the best choice – they’re both slow moving, Yatsu doesn’t seem to have a ranged weapon and Coco’s gun pretty much requires her to stand in one place to use most effectively. Fox and Velvet, the far more mobile pair, would have made a better choice – right?

Unless you consider this:

[Image of Velvet and Fox in the stands at the tournament]

Velvet essentially doesn’t have a weapon. Given Ruby’s attitude towards Velvet’s pictures, and Coco treating the weapon like a priceless commodity, she doesn’t pull it often. There would be no point in pulling it for a friendly sparring match against a rival school – it would have been a complete waste of photos. While she’s a perfectly capable fighter without her weapon, it still puts her at a disadvantage, and therefore she’s not a good choice.

Fox is a great fighter, has a weapon, and is plenty mobile. However, in Breach, he followed Velvet’s lead into the fray. He may work best with someone guiding him into a battle because of his blindness*. I also think he fights better when he knows what to expect from their tactics – I’m sure grimm are fairly predictable – and in an environment he’s familiar with. So he’d be fighting two unknown hunters in training he’d never fought before and partnered with Coco or Yatsuhashi, who again, are slower and not as mobile and would make for a poor lead. He probably would have done fine in the singles round, but struggled to get through the doubles.


Here’s another thing to think about: Coco and Yatsuhashi had a very different mindset going into the fight than Emerald and Mercury.

Emerald and Mercury were prepared to kill. They weren’t trying to kill Coco and Yatsuhashi, but there’s not a doubt in my mind that if it came down to it they would have. (Mercury more readily than Emerald, but still.) Again, Coco and Yatsuhashi were there for a friendly sparring match and were not actively trying to hurt anyone – nor would they ever feel like it would be necessary given the circumstances.

Final Thoughts

Given that they knew their strengths and weaknesses and that the doubles round essentially would have to be Coco and Yatsuhashi – arguably the worst possible combination from the team – why did team CFVY enter the tournament in the first place? They had to know they’d lose at some point – that the four on four match would probably be easy, but in the doubles round they’d crash and burn.

So, let’s rephrase the original question: why did team CFVY enter the tournament knowing they were going to lose?

[image of Velvet with a holographic version of Crescent Rose]

For Velvet.

Velvet is an amazing fighter with a huge weakness – her weapon is only as good as the weapons she has photos of. The Vytal Festival is a fantastic chance for her to get as many photos as possible – and if they enter the tournament directly they’re going to have access to locker rooms and be able to get in way closer. Hell, Velvet may not have been allowed to bring in her weapon without being a participant. So with that in mind, I think CFVY signed up for the tournament without a second thought - and would do so all over again just so that Velvet had as meany weapons as possible at her disposal.

*I know, technically, this is only fanon, but heavily supported fanon and so for the purposes of this post and any meta I write, I’m working under the assumption that Fox is blind.