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Jeffrey Dahmer’s mugshot after being arrested for public intoxication. 

Dahmer started drinking heavily from an early age to numb the pain from his parent’s divorce. He would go drinking at a friend’s house everyday before school, and would even bring bottles of liquor to school which he would pour into a polystyrene cup and sip during lessons. This unusual behaviour led him to become an alcoholic later on life and during most of his murders, he was roaring drunk. Once, he recalled getting drunk with a young man and sleeping with him. In the morning, he found the man lying next to him dead: He had been beaten to death. When asked by an interviewer what happened he replied “I don’t remember beating him to death, but I must have.”

Mother Night

Denerim City was not a safe place at night. Gangs fought in the streets, not caring who got hurt in the crossfire. Corrupt city officials were bleeding the city dry instead of fixing the problems, and the city was falling further into the grasp of the underworld.

As she stood on the edge of the building, and looked down at the blinking lights - she had to wonder. Would it be worth it? To save the city that had done nothing for her? It was be so satisfying to let the city burn, a small voice said in the back of her mind. For it to burn, as payment for all the sins it has done.

She shook her head - chasing away the thought. Denerim is still her home, and maybe - if she could save it, she could make it better, a safe place.

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The whole ‘Pro-Templar or Pro-Mage now pick ONE!’ Thing is really old. Bioware has really been pushing this divide heavily since Dragon Age 2 but why can’t I be  pro-both? The Chantry as an organisation mistreats all Templars and mages while some Templars go out of their way to mistreat some mages, but both sides have their share of vile people as well as innocents, both of their lives suck and I want to help BOTH get more out of life.
Dragon Age 2’s forced ending has been talked to death about but in Dragon Age: Inqusition I would have liked to take my Inqusition on one of the faction quests eg. In Hushed Whispers while I send my army of highly trained agents to go deal with Champions of the Just


I’m wondering though are these kids the same as the old zero squad members as before? Because I mean the old zero squad members weren’t much smaller than Arima and these kids are so tiny they make Kaneki look tall in comparison, (also they seem really young).

Unless it’s just a forced perspective thing and I’m being silly but… IF a lot of the old zero squad members were garden kids maybe Arima died after some other members of his squad also started facing the consequences of aging to heavily to continue (or they just started dying.)

Maybe these kids are so tiny because that’s what they are KIDS. The next upcoming generation of garden kids in the role of Zero Squad members Younger teens like Arima was, started early because of there shortened life expectancy so V/CCG can get more bang for their buck.

…Just a thought… probably wrong…

“why do ppl ship killugon theyre 12 leave them alone”

  1. 12 year olds can and do have crushes
  2. 12 year olds can and do have crushes on ppl of the same gender
  3. queer kids exist
  4. queer kids who realize theyre queer at a young age exist
  5. its heavily implied that killua (at least one-sidedly) has a crush on gon which is a big deal for lgbt youth who want to see themselves in something
  6. also? theyre 14/15 in canon rn anyway? last time i checked 14/15 year olds r at the age where they wanna date and w/e??
  7. u had no problem with ppl shipping kids when it was a girl and a boy (flame princess and finn, moonrise kingdom, steven and connie, etc)
  8. most ppl arent even shipping them sexually as 12 year olds so that argument isnt even valid….99.999% of the fandom agrees that its gross to make them sexual as kids and ages them up if theyre going to depict them doing anything other than like idk holding hands
  9. let the fandom enjoy itself maybe??
  10. at least put {/} between the ship name if u have to talk rudely about it (ex: “kill/u/g/on” or “kill/ugon” instead of “killugon” so that it stays out of the tag)

A 90-year old man made his dream come true: to walk the top of the @cntower in Toronto, Canada.

People all around the world are living longer today than ever before – but the extent to which everyone can benefit from this depends heavily on health. Healthy ageing means having the freedom to continue to be and do what we have reason to value as we age.

Post a photo of you - or someone you know - embracing old age as part of the World Health Organization campaign to break down the stereotypes that we often associate with ageing. Tag it with #YearsAhead and your photo might be featured!

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Welcome to The Smorgasbord of Pain

Hello and welcome to The Smorgasbord of Pain. My name is Momtaku and I’ll be serving you. Our Master Chef, Hajime Isayama has been working hard on tonight’s menu. We call it “SnK Chapter 80”.

For starters, I recommend a plate of 104th. While they are normally served fresh and vibrant with a spicy zing, tonight they are fully battered and steamed to perfection. You may notice a slight smokey flavor from the Bertholdt that we’ve added. 

If that’s not your cup of tea, we are also featuring the Senior Squad. Heavily seasoned and aged to perfection. If you’ve had this dish before, you know to expect the intense flavors of Squad Mike and Team Levi. Those are still present, but we’ve added something new. There’s a dash of Moblit. I’m sure you’ll love it!

Lastly, for our main course, we are serving Eruri. Only Eruri. I recommend a large helping. You may want to go back for seconds and thirds since our Chef, Isayama, has prepared piles of it. 

There is nothing subtle about this dish. It has been soaked in angst and is dripping with pain. Aromas of devotion are blended with the bitter taste of defeat and disappointment. And you should know that while this dish is wildly popular, I suspect this item will not be on our menu much longer as we may soon run out of Erwin, one of the main ingredients.

Bon appétite!

(I was thinking about this art by @alemanriq when this post happened.)

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Fun story: during my very brief stint on okcupid, every guy outside my stated age range who messaged me was always HEAVILY outside the age range (like, twice as old as me and more)... and they always justified it with 'I've dated women younger than you so what's the problem'. Like, congratulations! You've just made absolutely certain I'm gonna block you because if a dude twice my age has dated someone younger than me, there is a HUGE problem that I am not going near. It's gross.

God, that’s another thing like… so many of these guys who are specifically inter younger girls are incredibly predatory about it. People act like “well love happens, people fall in love”, but it’s not a coincidence. These dudes are looking for younger girls specifically and they are wiling to be manipulative in order to try and get with them.