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You Exist in My Song


Composer, Lyrics and Singer: Qu Wanting

没有   一点点   防备,也 没有 一 丝 顾虑
Without any precaution, and without a trace of apprehension

你 就 这样  出现  在  我 的 世界 里,带给 我 惊喜,情不自已
you appeared in my world as you did, bringing me a pleasant surprise, that I couldn’t resist

可是 你 偏 又  这样,在  我 不知不觉 中
But like this, without me knowing

悄悄  的  消失,  从  我 的 世界 里,没有   音讯,剩下    的 只是  回忆
you quietly disappeared, from my world, without a word, leaving behind only my memories

你 存在,我 深深   的 脑海 里,我 的 梦里,我 的 心里,我 的 歌声 里
You exist, deep in my mind, in my dreams, in my heart, and in my song

I’ve been loving Li Wei and Fuzhou teams’s cover of this song on 油梦想合唱团. When I heard it playing in a music store, I asked a sales staff who the original singer was. She directed me to Wanting Qu’s album and I bought it immediately <3____<3

I totally missed the Wanting Qu hype last summer BUT HERE I AM, APPRECIATING HER NOW


Just went on a bat releasing ceremony with my vet-to-be roomie and her hilarious boyfriend, who likes to say “JESUS WEPT!” to minor offenses like farting in the car.

“We have to release him at dusk,” Emma explained earlier today, stabbing pencil holes into the sealed USPS box she had brought back from the wildlife center. “Although we tried to test fly him this morning. He didn’t do very well because that’s the equivalent of waking you up in the middle of the night and asking you to run a marathon.”

“If I was that bat, I would’ve punched you,” Kevin supplied unhelpfully. After that, they got into a very loud discussion over how Kevin was just one step away from a nosy Asian (read: he wasn’t). I had to end it by screeching “Mommy and Daddy are ruining the bat party!” from the backseat.

“Use your indoor voices,” Kevin hissed from the passenger seat. “You’re scaring the kid and the bat.” He later demanded that we name our baby bat Christian Bale. When I suggested the name Bat Boy, he replied “don’t be stupid! That’s the Joseph Levy Gordon Guy.” (Joseph Levy Gordon!!!!)

Emma insisted that we had to hang Baby Christian from a branch at least 3 meters high and that Kevin may have to help her up a tree. “Babe, 3 meters is the height of your waist,” Kevin reminded her.

Baby Christian flew off rather well. We watched him wistfully before retreating to Emma’s red punch buggie, where she explained the white nose syndrome commonly found in bats. 

“White nose syndrome? Isn’t that just cocaine addiction? Charlie Sheen syndrome?” Kevin asked. “See, that’s what happens to bats in the midwest. They don’t have anything to do but look at the cows, so they get into drugs instead.”

I squinted at the lid that Emma had previously placed meal worms in for Baby Christian. “Is that Tupperware from our kitchen?”

How I got my miss dior perfume for free

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On that note, I’ve been meaning to post this for a while. This is the story of how I got my miss dior perfume for free by using swagbucks.

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I earned more than $150 in amazon gift cards last year from using swagbucks. Swagbucks is a search engine that awards you digital points (aka “swagbucks”) for searching random keywords. The searches are automated and random, so you won’t win consistently from sitting by your laptop, searching for hours on end. In my experience, you can win points for searching every 2-3 hours.

After earning a certain number of swagbucks (sbs), you can exchange your sbs for gift cards and prizes. The most popular choice is the $5 amazon.com digital gift card for 450 sbs. Recently, I’ve been winning $20 worth of amazon.com gift cards per month. It’s not a huge sum of cash, but the gift cards do add up! Keep searching, and you can save enough to buy yourself something nice at the end of the year! It’s also a hassle free way of earning $ for derping around the internet.

There are also other ways of earning swagbucks. You can take surveys, polls, watch videos, complete tasks, etc. Swagbucks also release “swag codes” that you can automatically enter into the swagcodes bar for free sbs. You can check sc-sfor active swag codes or follow them on twitter for live notifications. If you are lazy and don’t know what to search, slickdeals has a thread with other people’s search key words and how much sbs the keywords won. Remember, the searches are random, but I find that the keywords here work around 40% of the time.

Just a note, I’ve given you my referral link, but you certainly don’t have to use it. Just remember, be smart, be thrifty, and be economical! Swag on, swaggernauts!


I graduated from the University of Virginia but have no diploma to show for it :’) Apparently I overachieved this year and got bumped from graduating with distinction to graduating with high distinction. My diploma is now getting reprinted and mailed to my parents’ house. I also won a thesis award that is forever embedded on my transcript… which I also don’t have. It’s a little sad to think that absolutely no one will look at my transcript again, but !! I have a job!!

College taught me that there’s a difference between doing things for completion and for the act of learning. It also taught me about humility and how to ask for help. It showed me how to live with people and how to cry with someone- that friendship is about how much you care and how much you hurt. During my college years I fell in and out of love, learned how to run, and juggled an engineering work load & business minor while secretly (??) pursing something more exciting. The entire college experience isn’t about the name of an institution or the degree on your diploma. UVA was very conductive to my personal growth. The memory of all-nighters and transfer functions is still fresh in my mind. I want to compartmentalize, tuck it away, and put a giant check mark on my life agenda. But I’m still the same person, just better. I’ve burned bridges but also made friends in the strangest of places.

In college, I learned how to run. Instead of running away, I am finally running towards something. At the end of one adventure, I realize that the next thing is even bigger and better.