heavens nectar

Easter Cuddles

Pairing: George x Reader
Request: lol nope I’m putting them off because I’m the worst!
A/N: Hoppy Easter! I really liked my Preference about Fred being a third wheel so I did this thing, hope you like it!
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It was the Easter two-week holidays, and your boyfriend’s family was generous enough to invite you to spend the holidays with them at The Burrow.

Molly had reluctantly allowed for you to sleep in the same room as the Twins, the two of them convincing her by pointing out that nothing was going to happen since Fred would be in the same room anyway. The only condition being that you slept on a separate mattress on the floor, which obviously didn’t happen, and Fred promised not to dob you in if you paid him in chocolate frogs.

It was early on Sunday morning. Easter wasn’t one of those special days like Christmas or birthdays where you’d be super excited to get up and do things, so you remained in the best place in the world: wrapped up in George’s arms. He had a single bed, so it was a tight fit, but what better way to have it really?

The two of you were fast asleep, you cuddled into him and his arms wrapped around you. Slowly, you felt the bed sink lower on your other side, and before you knew it there was another in the bed.

You opened your eyes in confusion, seeing that your boyfriend George appeared to still be asleep.

“Morning you two,” Fred says overly cheerfully, wrapping his arms around you and snuggling in, “Hoppy Easter,”

“Fred, what on Earth are you doing?” you ask, your voice still hoarse from having only just woken up,

“I was starting to feel lonely, the two of you always get to cuddle together so why not have Freddie join in?” he says, acting as if this was a totally normal thing to do, being your second big spoon.

Before you could say anything in response, George pushes forward into you, causing Fred to shriek and fall out the other end of the bed, half-dragging you with him (thankfully George still had his arms tightly around you).

George groaned before nuzzling his head into the crook of your neck, complaining about it being too early.

You laugh, but Fred was quick to jump right back into bed with the two of you. “Where’s your Easter spirit?” Fred asks with a tone of sarcastic annoyance, making sure to reach his arms all the way around the two of you, bringing you all painfully close together,

George let out a lengthy, whiny groan, “Oh my god, go away,” he moans like an annoyed child, causing you to laugh and only encouraging Fred.

“Come on, get your arses out of bed, you’re so boring,” Fred says, now lying directly on top of the two of you, making himself more and more annoying. This was one of Fred’s new favourite hobbies: voluntarily being the obnoxious third wheel. A small price to pay since the two boys have been inseparable since birth you figured.

After what seemed like too long, George had finally had enough, groaned very loudly, and threw the covers (and Fred) off of the bed, sitting up and rubbing his face in his hands in an attempt to wake up, “alright alright we’re getting up,”

“YES,” Fred proclaimed, jumping up off the floor, “MY BODY IS READY FOR THAT SWEET SWEET NECTAR OF HEAVEN THAT THEY CALL CHOCOLATE” he yelled, running out of the room.

You sat up with a laugh, rubbing the sleep from your eyes. Just before you could make your way out of bed, George rolls over on top of you, pushing you back down. You laugh as he pretends to snore, his muffled voice saying “he’ll be back in like five minutes, let’s sleep until then”.

Sure enough, almost exactly five minutes later you hear the door creek open. You look over George’s shoulder to see Fred’s face, etched with the most pure look of betrayal. He stared at the two of you for a few moments, before quietly whispering, “I’ll eat all of your chocolate too”.

As quick as anything, George leaped out of bed throwing the covers over you, “YOU WILL DO NO SUCH THING” he shouts running after his brother,



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Maybe a really smutty drunk Eric and reader smut. Eric gets you fucked up and dominates you hard?

“Your such a little bitch Eric!” You laughed loudly as you watched Eric’s face contort from his drink you’d made him.

“Y/n what in the actual fuck is this shit? It tastes like perfume!” Eric spat and grimaced before taking another swig from his glass.
“Gin and tonic with lime Eric. It’s nectar from heaven itself you dork” you grinned at him taking a huge Gulp of your owt gin.
“Well I’m making the next round, you suck at drink y/n. No offence” Eric laughed back at you.

How’d you end up here You thought happily watching Eric begrudgingly drink, his face grimacing with every sip. You’d had a pretty heated argument with Eric earlier in the day in the smokers pit that a woman could drink just as much as a man and boy be more intoxicated. So here you were. 5th drink in and only feeling a slight buzz, you had no idea on how Eric was fairing but you did know that Eric Harris was going down! Physically you were about the same height. Maybe he had a inch or two on you but you didn’t care. You had a point to prove and you were going to prove it god damnit!
You watched happily as Eric mixed two jack and cokes before he handed you one. You took a sip and almost choked.

“Jesus fucking Christ! Can I have some alcohol with my coke eric?!” You giggled reaching for the bottle.
“Oh gonna show off huh y/n?” He replied.

“Ol Harris it’s on! I declare a voDKa battle!” You smiled widely at his sudden change of face. The voDKa battle was named after your mutual friend Dylan whom had chugged ¾ of a bottle of vodka in one go AND DIDNT vomit.

“You sure y/n? Your gonna get smashed and I’m gonna have to take care of your drunk ass”

“What you chicken? Bock bock bock bockaa!!”
(imagine that chicken noise ok😓)

“Oh your going Down!!”

“Na uh Eric your the one that’s going down! One way or another!”

With the challenge set you both grabbed a bottle and began to chug the spirit, you managed 1/3 of a bottle of gin before you stopped, coughing and spluttering. Eric fist bumped the air as he continued to chug away at his baileys.

“Yea yea alright dork you win” you laughed as Eric stopped and dropped next to you.
“Well truth is y/n your gin is like poison so let’s call it a draw. Fancy a beer to chase?” He offered you a cold can which you happily took.
30 minutes later and you. Were.fucked! Totally smashed. Drunk and a mother fucking skunk! Eric was in the exact same boat and you both couldn’t stop laughing. It was lucky his folks wouldn’t be back till early morning.

“Shhhh your so loud Eric oh my god!” You squealed as Eric laughed loudly at something on his tv.
“Bet I could make you louder!” He murmured at you. For some reason the sentence didn’t make you laugh or get fake grumpy with him in the slightest, you swallowed.

“N-no you couldn’t!” You stammered. Eric turned to face you, his eyes trailing up your body. He kicked his lips quickly.
“Yes. I could” he said teasingly making your body clench.
“Oh yea? Prove it loser!” You whispered under his intense stare. Eric smiled before moving towards you.
“I thought you’d never ask…” He mumbled as he reached you.

Swallowing hard, your body sat frozen as Eric leaned forwards, his lips hovering about yours. He smiled again before pressing his lips to yours. You whimpered happily and returned his kiss with enthusiasm. He put his arms around you and pulled you closer to him his kiss intensifying. Your head was spinning, all the sensations hitting you at once.
You began to tug at his shirt but he stopped you.

“ oh no sweetheart, I’m in charge now understand?” He commanded you. You nodded quickly as he smirked at you before crashing his lips onto yours again, quickly moving down your jaw to your neck. You felt the slight sting as he sucked hard on your neck, leaving deep purple hickeys all over you.

“Strip. Now” he told you. You quickly began ripping at your clothes, shedding them one by one till you were just in your panties. Eric smiled before grabbing your face, kissing you hard again. His tongue fighting yours. You felt yourself grind against him. The fabric of his jeans giving you slight friction in your dampening panties.
He pulled away from you his hands finding your throat.
“I’m.in.charge.y/n! Now, suck me” he let go with one hand and unfastened his jeans, pulling them down with his boxers. His hard on springing free.
He then pushed you two your knees, guiding your mouth to his member. As you slid your lips down over him his head fell back and he groaned loudly.
“Suck it y/n, fuck, so good…” he moaned as he thrusted in and out of your mouth. Only stopping when you began to cough and gag, and only for you to gulp some air before he returned to fucking your face.

“Y/n! So good…fuck it, god damn!” He groaned before pulling out of your mouth. Still on your knees and gasping for breath he walked around you and pushed you face down onto the ground, wrenching your hips upwards.

“Eric!…” you whimpered

“Mmmm look how wet you are for me y/n! Such a dirty little bitch. I think you should be punished” he chuckled. You weren’t expecting the sharp slap across you ass, you squeaked as Eric rained slap after slap down upon you. Your hips were shaking when he finally relented. He pulled your sodded panties off you. You felt his tip against your entrance and took a sharp intake of breath as he pushed into you.

“Oh god y/n..so tight…so wet for me” he moaned as he began to pump his hips into yours, slowly at first but quickly speeding up and slamming hard into you.

“Eric yes! Yes! Fuck right there! God!!” You screamed as he slammed over and over into you. Each thrust a mix of intense pleasure and pain. He growled as he pushed you down further onto the floor your torso pressed hard against it. This angle you felt him even deeper. And something deeper still inside of you began to stir. Rising to the surface like a flood.

“Eric I’m gonna cum!!” You screamed.

“Oh no you little slut not till I say so!” He growled and pulled out of you. He slapped your ass a few times before commanding you to suck him again. You grimaced slightly at your taste before Eric brutally began to thrust into your mouth again.

“You.ask.permission.to.cum.understand? He moaned each thrust emphasising the words. He pulled from your mouth and you quickly nodded.

“Yes Eric!” You replied. Eric smiled and bushed you down onto you back this time. You moaned loudly as he slid back into you, he quickly began slamming into you again as you hung onto his shoulders. His thrusts bringing that rising feeling again.

“Eric please! I’m close! Please can I come?! Please, please, please!” You begged him as he thrusted.
“Mmmm that’s better baby!, come for me! Cum all over my dick!” He groaned into your ear and sinking his teeth into your neck. It was too much.

Your orgasm tore through you like a hurricane, your whole body shaking with the release.
“Oh shit, oh shit I’m gonna cum too!” Eric gasped before he pulled himself out of you. His cum landing in thick hit bursts all over your stomach. You both sat there, breathing heavily.

“Told you..” Eric puffed at you smiling.

“Told me what?” You replied giggling.

“That I could make you be louder than me” Eric replied laughing handing you a towel.

he is almost divine in the literal sense
god-adjacent heaven-born with nectar lips
and a golden heart

his swift-footed grace
your swift-falling heart
the star-filled sky lit up like a song called fate

it is hard to tell where gazes stop and touches start
(and oh- even his pulse is quick)

the gods take what they will but this
this is yours alone and all the
prayers melt into his collarbones like rain

sometimes his eyes are storms and his
rage is rather disquieting
but this is what happens when you bottle up
the sun and use it as a candle:
it burns

he makes you better and he makes you forget
for all the holy exhales and altars of ‘always’
you are but mortal lovers in a gods’ war

—  we were like gods (except for the blood rushing through our veins)

i just made the nicest mac and cheese i’ve ever had in my life and it has made me feel a very conflicting range of emotions

1. happy, because i just had the nicest mac and cheese i’ve ever had in my life

2. proud, because i just made the nicest mac and cheese i’ve ever had in my life

3. sad, because i’ll almost definitely never make mac and cheese that lives up to the standard i’ve accidentally created for myself ever again

4. terrified, because does anything really matter now? does anything actually truly matter? the nicest mac and cheese i’ve ever had in my life and am likely to never experience again has been and gone. that moment has passed. have i peaked? is this all there is? can anything have relevance or importance to my life as a whole any more now that i’ve tasted the saccharine nectar of heaven and have been forced to return to the bitter gravel of earth? does my life in and of itself matter? have i created something so beautiful, yet so ephemeral, that i should bow out gracefully and let my masterpiece be the last work of art i ever contribute to the world? do you think God stays in heaven because He too lives in fear of what He’s created?

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What are your thoughts on fruity beers/shandies/lambics? I just got back from Disney World, and maybe it was the heat or exhaustion from squiring around twin four-year-olds, but the Schofferhoffer Grapefruit at EPCOT was like nectar from heaven.

I’m not normally a fan (it’s just not my jam), but every now and then something comes along that’s so good, I can’t help but drink it. Clocktower’s raspberry wheat comes to mind, since I just had it last weekend.

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I have a serious question that will make or break my love for you (not really)......which do you like better snow cones or ice cream

*puts on my serious hat for serious questions*


I have to say ice cream. I just can’t get enough of it. In actual fact, I have a very dramatic story to tell you about ice cream.

‘Twas the Easter of 2011 and I was in Florence, Italy, soaking up the sun and the sights. It was the heat of the day and I was working up an appetite for some gelato. I stepped into a gelateria and witnessed the minor miracle that is an italian ice cream selection - they had everything. My eye happened to be caught by a sign reading arancia e pesca, orange and peach. It sounded kinda yummy, whatever, so I picked it along with a rich dark cioccolato.

It was the best ice cream flavour in the whole world.

I do not exaggerate. It was manna from heaven. It was the nectar of the gods, distilled into sweet, creamy, fruity form. I loved it so freaking much, I did a little happy dance the whole way to the ponte vecchio. no one questioned it, for they knew that I was tasting ambrosia.

But now, drama. Because I returned the next year, eagerly awaiting my arancia e pesca fix. And friend, they had removed it from the menu.

I have never again tasted orange and peach ice cream with a side of dark chocolate. I may live out the rest of my days with only my memories. It hurts me every day. But I say, better to have loved and lost, than never to have loved at all, right?

So, yes. I prefer ice cream. ^^