Ok, I saw Minj500’s amazing work and I just got inspired. Because little Kitty!Kurt would totally knead Blaine’s ass!
Please have mercy, this is my first animation that doesn’t involve bouncing balls (no pun intended) or stickmen.
I did not intend to steal the idea in any way. The concept of this particular Kurt belongs to Min.

Fic: Sophomore (Chris Colfer/Darren Criss)

Pairing: Chris Colfer/Darren Criss
Rated: NC-17 / Mature
Notes: Because Katie got a prompt and I succumb to peer pressure easily. Perpetual thanks to my inspiration in porn, Mav. Somehow I managed this one alone but it was your spirit guiding me. Warnings for age difference (16 and 22) and underage sex. 

Also on AO3. 

Darren Criss doesn’t do shameful little secrets.

He stands up in front of his fifth period english class and announced the topic of his latest essay.

“I’m a teenage boy, and I love Glee.” He waits patiently until the laughter dies down, the grin on his own face undimmed. When his teacher finally nods for him to go on, he starts to read. “First of all, have you seen Chris Colfer…”

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Oops? - Anderbros drabble

Paring: Anderbros
Rating: PG (for mild swearing)
Summary:  Cooper says a bad word in front of bb Blainers.

(Now with an achingly adorable drawing of Coop, Oop, and Blaine by Katie.)

Cooper slams the front door shut and doesn’t care that the force of it knocks a few pictures on the wall askew.  He kicks off his boots, dumps his school bag on the floor, throws his jacket on top, and leaves the whole sodden mess in a desultory heap in the foyer.  When he gets home that evening, Father will probably yell at him to clean up his mess.  But until then, Cooper doesn’t care.  He lost the lead in Romeo and Juliet to Tommy Can’t-Act-For-Shit Rodgers and then he had to walk home in an absolute downpour.

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i have a lot of feelings about this gif that i just need to talk about:

because you can see darren’s fingers gripped into chris’ hair and neck and face. you can see it in the knuckle on his thumb that he’s gripping– and then when his hand loosens is when you see chris’ skin bunch up on his cheek, because darren’s moving his hand (it probably went to his sides or his waist after trailing down his chest lbr), but his mouth pushes in more, needing to keep him as close as possible (((and on the flip side, as darren’s hand loosens, you see chris’ gripping, you see his fingers turning in, ready to grip at his shirt if he needs to to keep him close))) and just–


It was late, and Blaine knew he had important things to do.

Country-saving, life-saving kind of important, but this carnal urge switched on in his brain and his pants were around his ankles while paper work lay forgotten and the phone unplugged next to him.

Blaine pulled on his aching cock at the sight before him; his personal designer clad in nothing but a sweater that zipped on the sleeves sauntered toward him, his gaze heavy with promise and foul play.

Kurt Hummel’s sun-kissed hair fell down on his forehead messily, his toes kneading carefully into the carpet with each step forward, the bob of his fully-flushed cock clear as pre-come soaked into the sweater at the hem.

“Happy birthday.. to you,” Kurt began huskily, his voice like velvet and sex wrapped up into something so much more delicious. 

“Happy birthday.. to you,” he continued to sing, his voice so soft it was like a whisper as he began to climb on top of Blaine’s desk, sitting into the most compromising position as he fiddled with the zippers on top of his shoulders.

“Happy birthday.. Mr. President,” Kurt sang breathlessly, licking his pink mouth as the zipper started to move down, down exposing more pale, glorious skin. “Happy birthday.. to you.”

There was silence that followed and Kurt positively pouted, the sweater falling gracefully down him until his collarbones and chest were free for Blaine’s liking. His mouth started to water, not knowing where to begin, where to kiss, where to bruise.

Kurt dragged his finger along his bottom lip, eyes never leaving Blaine’s as his pout became more pronounced. He then proceeded to lay back, on top of that very important paperwork, his legs spread and hand now slowly teasing the tip of his leaking cock.

“Are you going to fuck me Mr. President,” Kurt wondered innocently, humping up slightly and fingers spreading himself wide, just to show his stretched puckered rim, leftover lube still sliding down his supple crack.

Blaine didn’t need telling twice.


Submitted by heavenorspace:

sorry if you guys have already posted this, but the rehearsal video for ‘Animal’ (while it doesn’t have Darren in it) is adorable. Brooke and Zach work crazy overtime with not only doing all the other 2x15 numbers (and it was a song heavy episode) but the incredibly complex moves going on during ‘Animal’ behind Kurt and Blaine. that’s also a huge credit to how talented a lot of the dancers in the Warblers were.