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EX. 0 Diner, located off of Exit 100 on the highway (often referred to as Exit 0 by residents due to how many visitors get lost on the way to the city) is up and running! It’s the best place in town to get a wonderful meal, heavenly cappuccino, and questionable quality customer service! 

Owned by the Kim family for generations, the diner has recently been put into the hands of a young man named Junmyeon. Although he is young, the diner has not lost its unique (albeit unconvential) charm in his command!

Secrets - Eisuke Ichinomiya

It’s like a craft of pure fascination that I’ve become engulfed in as I watch her quietly twist the lollipop she has in her mouth between her fingertips; a popping sound escaping her as she takes out the hard strawberry flavoured candy and glides it across the top of my lips. A growl rumbles deep within my chest which burns up like winter flames on the inside, cooled externally by the graze of her ever so cold fingertips tracing along my skin.

Circling her hips in an anti-clockwise motion, I watched as her eyes half flutter shut, how she pokes her tongue out only just enough that she can hold it firm between her teeth. Raising my hands to bring them up to her waist; it’s a quick slap from her own – toying, playful to met me know that the gesture is not allowed – forbidden almost like a sin.

“Tell me – does your girlfriend know about me Eisuke?”, she asks with a cheeky grin. Her voice is soft, angelic and heavenly; her question ends with a gently breath that races along the edge of my jaw, forcing it to clench with a fight for desire that I want – that I need. As she nips at my earlobe and the kisses continue to travel across my cheek, I give into the temptation that I’ve wanted to all night; fingers snaking through her ebony hair as my hand behind her head pulls her straight in.

The kiss is needy, passive, rough; her body is thrown forward enough that I’m now trapped between her arms as she aims to balance herself above me. A teasing thrust of my hips beneath and up to meet hers causes her to whimper, causes her to flinch. There’s a delightful moan which briefly eludes from her strawberry flavoured stained lips which is delicious.

She’s intelligent, courteous, ambitious, a little older than half my age; she’s got bright eyes which read like poetry to show her emotions first thing in the morning and the body of an angel – everything I want, everything I shouldn’t have yet everything I need.

“Should she?”, I ask, not particularly keen on answering the question she’s set me. Sitting up right, a little straighter than usual, she sucks on her lollipop again – leaving it in her mouth as she works her dress up, the opulent navy lace material lush to the touch pooling eagerly at her hips. I wonder how much further she plans on pushing my buttons tonight; she’s definitely a woman who’s an exception to the rule when it comes to playing games with me.

“I could be your little secret”, she sighs whilst raising an eyebrow, twisting the ends of her hair around her fingertips, “Your dirty little secret.”

A chuckle rumbles within me at her naivety, yet for a reason that I can’t quite explain or express I feel as if by her I am utterly intrigued.

“My favourite little secret”, I add with a murmur, “…best kept secret that I’ve ever had.”

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Greed: Why just one bag? I have more than one bag! Many bags! I can make Sullivan carry my things!

(50. If they could only take one bag of stuff somewhere with them: what would they pack? What do they consider their essentials?)


“The almighty is still not listening.” you were whining. “the almighty must have had his reason for erasing my memory.“  You were guessing my intention. I was always listening. You were pleading for death, So I gave you a chance. But…why are you still alive? I never erased your memory. You chose to have your memory erased and yet, you think it’s the Almighty’s plan or mistake? the almighty simply questions. Fate is the question I throw. You…can find the answer.

What’s in a Star?

Inspired by a conversation with @kashikoikawaiisaschachen

While looking over chapters 110 and 111 again, I noticed something peculiar. Bravat mentions that people are under the divine protection of a particular star - like Sirius and Canopus.

However, just before Sebastian is ejected from the music hall, Bravat refers to his followers as ‘tiny stars.’

Plus, Sebastian is referred to as a collapser, or black hole. He eats stars, or at least the radiance of stars.

I had previously assumed that the stars were celestial beings, but perhaps I was wrong. What if the stars in questions aren’t heavenly, but refer to people. Each person is a star, and the people around them form a constellation. If that’s the case, than someone else is Ciel’s protector Sirius. (As pointed out by @kashikoikawaiisaschachen ) The number of stars on their bracelet might even have something to do with the people they are truly close to.

This might be one reason that Sebastian doesn’t have the protection of a star. Being a demon, he doesn’t have these people protecting him nor does he have human connection. Ciel is as close as he has to a connection with another, and their contract is tied up with dinner plans.

The Shinigami aren’t human but were human at one time. In Alan’s song, the first line talks about how the memories of a dead star. Stars that die can still be seen for a long time - just like the shinigami are dead but still appear human.

City of Heavenly Fire questions/spoilers

Hi Cassie! I love your books and the characters you’ve created so much and thank you for sharing them with the world! I’ve just finished reading CoHF for the third time and I wanted to ask a question about the tapestry Emma and Jules look at towards the end of the book. My question is why is Clary “almost invisible” in the tapestry where Jace is in the front and center clearly visible? She was the one that killed Sebastian and my logic is that she should be in the front or at least side by side with Jace. Is it because of her ties with her father and brother that stands her apart from Jace because if anything Jace has greater ties than she does. Or is it something else entirely? I’m sure Clary wouldn’t even think twice about something as trivial as a tapestry with her in the background and wouldn’t mind at all. But I’m just curious as to why she’s set apart from Jace when she was just as much, if not more, involved with the ending of the Dark War than Jace was. — winchester-squared

Is this what you mean?

“There was another tapestry as well, this one looking newer and freshly hung, which showed the Angel rising out of the lake, this time without the Mortal Instruments. A blond man stood at the edge of the lake, and near him, almost invisible, was the figure of a slight girl with red hair, holding a stele… . ”

That tapestry is meant to depict the events at the end of City of Glass, but the blond man isn’t Jace. It’s Valentine. Jace would have been “a blond boy” — he’s not a man, not quite yet!

Clary is depicted as smaller than Valentine to emphasize the fact that it was a David and Goliath type victory, with an underestimated hero going up against a much bigger/more powerful villain. Jace is not even pictured, due to being dead for much of this part of the book.

Perhaps it is confusing because the tapestry is “newer” but it’s only been a few months since the Mortal War and it takes time to make a tapestry. There are no tapestries depicting the events of the Dark War in the Gard. There hasn’t been time to commission one much less make one! I imagine that when there is one it will show Clary front and center, this time along with Jace, Alec, Simon and Isabelle.