heavenly dancer


A little theory ;) :
I noticed that Bard tends to touch Vegard (or moves his hands very noticably) if he wants to direct his brothers attention to something (or himself) rather than simply calling his name. I only posted two GIFs here but if I remember right there are several examples in NH and other older videos. So I came up with some thoughts about it:
I believe that Vegard was already very nerdy when he was a kid and usually occupied with scientific and random stuff. Like, we all know the story of little Vegard sitting on the backseat of a car, writing down cardinal directions every 15th minute during a long drive (mentioned in IKMY) and I remember Bard joking about how Vegard was “kind of autistic” as a child (during an interview). So I assume it was quite difficult for little Bard to get his brothers attention (as Vegard used to be in his own little bubble). He probably learned fast that the best way to get Vegards attention is to make some physical contact instead of just talking (like a nudge, a slap, a little touch, …). And he kept this behaviour over the years….until now. 
Vegard once jokingly said in an interview “ I feel like he (Bard) needs a lot more attention.”. Maybe one of the reasons that B is such a heavenly good entertainer, performer, dancer, improviser, ect…. is that since his earliest childhood he had to learn certain strategies to make himself noticable and get some of the attention and recognition (from V) he craved for. (And I`m not even mentioning anything about the whole middlechild-syndrom-thing here). 
Any thoughts on this ? :)