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A & E Kirk

“Divinicus Nex Chronicles”

1.- Demons at deadnight

2.- Drop Dead Demons

A.C. Marchman

“The Callahan”

1.- Overwhelm me          

2.- Stay with me

3.- Release me

A. G. Howard


1.- Splintered

1.5.- The moth in the mirror

2.- Unhinged

3.- Ensnared

A. J. Blue

“Los caballeros del amor”


2.- Expectación

A. J. Cronin        

A.J. Kazinski

A. J. Molloy        

A.L. Jackson      

“Take this regret”

0.5.- Lost to you              

1.- Take this regret

2.- If forever comes

A. M. Dean        

A. M. Evanston

Abbi Glines

“Rosemary Beach”

1.- Caer demasiado lejos (Fallen too far)              

2.- Nunca es demasiado lejos (Never too far)

3.- Siempre demasiado lejos (Forever Too far)

4.- Rush too far

5.- Perfection 01 - Twisted perfection

6.- Perfection 02 - Simple Perfection

7.- Chance 1 - Take a Chance

8.- Chance 2 - One more chance

9.- You were mine

10.- Kiro’s Emily

11.- When Im Gone

12.-  When you’re back

“The Field Party”

1.- Until Friday Night

“Saga Existence”

1.- Existence

2.- Predestined

3.- Ceaseless

“Serie Sea Breeze”

1.- Breathe

2.- Because od Low

Abigail Gibbs    

Abraham Merritt

Adam Baker      

Adam Gidwitz

Adam Soboczynski          

Adele Ashworth              

Adi Alsaid            

Adolf Hitler        

Adrian Blake

“Placeres prohibidos” (+18)

1.- Deseo            

2.- Persuasión

3.- Anhelo

Adriana Jimenez              

Adriana Law      

Adriane Leighg  

“Saga Lace”

1.- Acero y encaje

2.- Whisky y encaje

3.- Éxtasis y encaje

4.- Precioso encaje

Adrienne Kress

Agnes Martin-Lugand

Aida Cogollor    

Aimee Bender  

Aimée Bouquet

Aimée Carter    

“Goddess Test”

1.- The Goddess Test    

1.5.- The Goddess Hunt

2.- Goddess interrupted

2.5.- The Goddess Legacy

3.- The Goddess Inheritance

“The Blackcoat Rebellion”

1.- Pawn

2.- Captive

Ainhoa Escarti  

Alba Corpas

Alba Sabina Pérez

Alban Orsini

Albert Espinosa                

Alberto Vázquez-Figueroa

Alejandro Dolina

Alejandro Dumas

Alessandra Neymar

“Mirame y dispara”

1.- Mirame y dispara

2.- Colapso

3.- Traición

Alessandro Davenia

Alessio Puleo

Alexander Beliaev 

Alexander Hawks

“Tilogía Ishtar”

1.- Overture

2.- Aria

3.- Requiem

Alexandra Adornetto

“Trilogía Halo”

1.- Halo

2.- Hades

3.- Heaven

Alexandra Bracken

“The Darkest Mind”

1.- Mentes poderosas

1.5.- In time

2.- Nunca Olvidan

Alexandra Roma


1.- Aura cambia las zapatillas por zapatos de tacón

2.- Aura tira los tacones y echa a volar

Algernon Blackwood

Alice Kellen

Alice Sebold

Alice Walker

Alicia Giménez Bartlett

Serie “Petra Delicado”

1.- Ritos de muerte

2.- Día de perros

3.- Mensajeros en la oscuridad

4.- Muertos de papel

5.- Serpientes en el paraíso

6.- Un barco cargado de arroz

7.- Nido vacío

8.- El silencio de los claustros.

Allie Brennan

Allison Brennan

Serie “Amigas del FBI”

1.- La presa

2.- La caza

3.- La trampa

Ally Carter

Ally Condie

Serie “Juntos”

1.- Matched

2.- Crossed


Alvaro Colomer

Alycia Taylor

Serie “MMA Romance”

1.- Consumed

2.- Devoured

3.- Addicted

4.- Damaged

5.- Committed

Alyson Noël

Amanda Grace

Amanda Hocking

Serie “Tierra de Mágia”

1.- El viaje

2.- La Caída

3.- La Ascensión

Serie “Canción del Mar”

1.- Sirenas

2.- Encanto

3.- Olas

4.- Elegía

Amanda Stevens

Serie “Reina del Cementerio”

0.- Los abandonados

1.- La restauradora

2.- El Reino

3.- El profeta

Ana Alvarez

Ana Frank

Ana Iturgaiz

Ana María cabrera

Anabella Franco

Anai Lopez

Trilogía “Quiéreme”

1.- Quiéreme cinco minutos

2.- Quiéreme si te atreves

3.- Quiéreme bien

Andivia Adriana

Andrea Golden

Andrea Milano

Andres Caicedo

Ángela Becerra

Angela Graham

Serie “Harmony”

0.5.- Ingulge

1.- Inevitable

2.- Irreplaceble

3.- Indestructible

Angie Sage

Saga Septimus

1.- Magyk - Septimus.

2.- Flyte - Septimus y el hechizo imposible.

3.- Physik - Septimus y el último alquimista.

4.- Queste - Septimus y el anillo de las dos caras.

5.- Syren - Septimus en la Isla Encantada.

6.- Darke - Septimus y la magia negra.

7.- Fyre - Septimus y el fuego eterno (Epub)

Angy Skay

Saga “¿Te atreves a quererme?”

1.- Te robé un beso

Saga “Solo por ti”

1.- Provócame

2.- Y quiéreme

3.- Eternamente

3.5.- Incítame

Anissa B. Damon

Trilogía “Éxodo”

1.- Éxodo

2.- Revelación

Ann Aguirre

Trilogía “Razorland”

0.5.- Foundation

1.- Enclave

2.- Refugio

3.- Horda

Ann Hood

Anna Carey

Trilogía “Eve” (Recomendación del blog)

1.- Eve

2.- Once

3.- Rise

Anna Casanovas

Serie “Las reglas del juego”

1.- Las reglas del juego

2.- Cuando no se olvida

3.- Donde empieza todo

4.- Fuera de juego

Serie “Nualart”

1.- Doce años y un instante

2.- Saltar al vacío

Anna McPartlin

Anna Premoli

Anna Todd

Serie “After”

1.- After

2.- Amor infinito

3.- Almas perdidas

4.- Amor infinito

Annabel Pither

Annabel Vázquez

1.- Que no se te olvide, El sexo alivia la tensión, el amor la aumenta

2.- Que no se te olvide, la última palabra la tengo yo

Anne Eliot

Anne Fortier

Anne Garber

Trilogía “Descubriendo a Seytton”

1.- Descubriendo a seytton

2.- El reencuentro

3.- Moriré por ti

Summer Daze: a mix of chillwave, dream pop and shoegaze songs. I hope you enjoy it:

  1. All I Know - Washed Out
  2. Time Between - Bear In Heaven
  3. Zebra - Beach House
  4. Aquarium - Nosaj Things
  5. Nevermind The End - Tei Shi
  6. Can’t Do Without You - Caribou
  7. I Wanna Go - Summer Heart 
  8. Honest - Heavenly Beat
  9. Invisible Cities - Beat Connection
  10. Quand Vas-tu Rentrer? - Melody’s Echo Chamber
  11. Bluish - Animal Collective
  12. Lazuli - Beach House
  13. Love Unlimited - Blackbird Blackbird
  14. Underwear - FM Belfast
  15. The Future - Austra
  16. New Theory - Washed Out
  17. Genesis - Grimes
  18. End of Days - Light Asylum

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This is part of my Seven Heavenly Virtues series, listed in my Masterlist archive post which can be found linked at the top of the blog or here.  :)

There’s so many opposites to the 7 deadly sins that I went with one of the general themes of each “virtue” on wikipedia lol.

Temperance- humanity, justice, honor, abstinence

“What the hell is going on on this damn station?!” Jack growled out as he was typing away furiously, angry grimace on his face.

“Do you want me to send another team out, or…?”

“The fucking deck is on fire, the gravity is off in the damn science labs of all places, my guns ended up on Pandora and we’ve got a damn crate of– I don’t even know what kind of mushrooms those are- and my top programmers are locked out of their systems like some goddamn interns!”

“Jack you know I can look into some of this–” Rhys tried to help, only being cut off by more aggravated ranting.

“And I could really go for some pretzels right about now but these pretzels are shitty and I can’t go get good ones because no one can apparently take a shit without me!”

Rhys came up behind the man to work a hand against his shoulder, waves of irritation and frustration coming off the CEO. “Jack, do you want me to start on anything specific? I can handle some of this for you.”

“No. No if I don’t take care of it personally they’ll just fuck it up more,” the older man said with frustrated helplessness.

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What It’s Like Here: Cartagena, Bolivar, Colombia

Regina Ernst is an UNLV MFA student in Fiction currently pursuing the Peace Corps track, fulfilling the international experience emphasis unique to the UNLV MFA program. She spent two years on campus in Las Vegas, and will spend two years abroad as a Peace Corps Volunteer while completing the writing of her MFA thesis. These are some of her musings from abroad.

I’ve been waiting to write something official about my experience as a Peace Corps Volunteer in Colombia until I felt like I had a better idea about what was going on here. I’ve spent the last five months in cities on the North Atlantic coast, I’ve moved permanently to Cartagena, and I’ve realized I may never know what’s going on here. But I do know some things.

Last week, while visiting Barranquilla for official business, I dropped by my old host-mom’s house to say hi. She’s an energetic woman in her sixties who I’d lived with for just over a month during my training. When she saw me through her open door, Sarita jumped from her seat at the dining room table and shuffled to receive me. She stood before me with her arms open absurdly wide. We hugged and kissed and she led me to the table. She didn’t even ask if I wanted lunch before shoving a feast arroz con pollo with avocado in front of me, which I’d learned never to say no to (and also, why would I?). I stayed to chat for a few hours and when I left, she escorted me to the door, lecturing me about how I was welcome at her house any time any day, the same sermon she gives me every time I visit her.

Las Murallas, the walls that surround the “Old City” with Bocagrande’s modern cityscape in the distance.

You’re not a true Cartagenero/a unless you’re carrying around an authentic mochila.

The other day, when I boarded the bus after grocery shopping, my hands filled with tearing bags, I squeezed through a sea of men to stand among them, swaying with the harsh stop-and-go of the bus and gripping onto any bar or shoulder within reach for balance. Within minutes, a seat opened up. These bus rides are lengthy and hot, and these men were here long before I was. Yet, the man closest to the free seat (and therefore entitled to it) reached out to tap my shoulder, and I crowd-surfed to the back of the bus to claim his spot, my bags supported by the hands of strangers until I made it securely into the seat. An hour later, when we were approaching my location, I stood to yell for the driver to stop. He didn’t hear me, so the chorus of men chanted on my behalf and the bus halted abruptly. All of them squished together to make room for me to exit. One took my hand to guide me down the steps.

One of the many plazas that make the Centro the beautiful but confusing labyrinth that it is, la Plaza de San Pedro Claver.

Servicio Nacional de Aprendizaje (SENA) in Casa de Marques in la Plaza de la Aduana. I work in this vocational college teaching ESL and ESP to Hospitality and Tourism students. Por eso, I’m a lucky duck.

Last night, when I was walking home from an English Conversation Club that I “co-founded,” I bumped into one of the members of my current host-family on the street. It was my host-uncle, Roberto, a man in his fifties who lives with his sister, his niece, his father, and three other miscellaneous people (myself included). We’ve lived in the same large house together for almost three months. We’ve conversed every day. We’ve worked around each other in the kitchen-space. Yet, when I caught up to him on the street that evening and greeted him, he turned to me surprised. His eyes opened large and he smiled so genuinely. Acting as if he hadn’t seen me in years, he put out his hand to take mine and we kissed cheeks in typical Colombian fashion. Then we shared the rest of the walk home, chatting about our days. My young Spanish only permits me to comment on the basics—where I was, what I was doing, who I was with, my plans for the evening—but every response from him was full of interest and sincere curiosity.

My host-sister, Lilia, and I standing on the shores of Playa Blanca on a nearby Caribbean island.

So, this is what it’s like here. I have new stories everyday about my interactions with people during my time here. Despite the big cultural cities, the heavenly beaches, and the numerous beautiful historical landmarks, the people are what make my time in Colombia feel so right.

 Thanks, Regina! Las Vegas misses you. (All photos by the writer)