heavenly recordings

The Head and the Heart

Day 8: H is for The Head and the Heart

is it any wonder why we all leave home?
people say, “i knew you when you were six years old”
and you say, “but i’ve changed, i’ve changed, i’ve changed, i’ve changed.”

2 do list

Just as a guide

◘ art-trade with @treefin and @thecrowned-starprince  (sketch and lineart done, just color)

◘ sansfrisk comic Spring-cleaning - might be the last UT comic I do ;_; (need to trim to fit it into a shorter oneshot)

◘ UT music video in collab with @reethaa  ♥ (still just planning, but heavenly voice already recorded)

◘ one day requests (during some random savage day.. I’ll let you know!)

A Human and their Star comic

◘ more of Sprouts


Some more photos from Sea Wall. It’s my new favourite place to hang out :’)