It’s gotta be a strange twist of fate  

                            Telling me that Heaven can wait 

Telling me to get it right this time   Life doesn’t mean a thing 

                                   Without the love you bring  Love is what we’ve found

  The second time around


~Y/N and Dean are abducted after a night at the bar and thrown into a maze of horrors. Can Sam track down his brother and girlfriend in time? Can they even hold on that long?~

Series Warnings: Angst. Show level violence. Graphic gore and blood. Extreme situations that may cause anxiety and fear. Character injury and trauma.

Chapter One: A Quick Pit Stop In Hell  

Chapter Two: One Hell of a Hangover

Chapter Three: Hell Or High Water 

Chapter Four: Hell of a Mess

Chapter Five: Some Fresh Hell

Chapter Six: Bloody Hell

Chapter Seven: Highway to Hell

Chapter Eight: Hell of a Problem

Chapter Nine: Burn in Hell

Chapter Ten: The Road Through Hell

Chapter Eleven: Facing Hell

Chapter Twelve: The Gates of Hell

Chapter Thirteen: Stairway to Heaven

Heaven Can Wait


Iron Maiden - Heaven Can Wait