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Bless Steve Yockey for giving us the “most sacred oath.” It clarifies so much. Even in those episodes when Cas suffered from Crap Writing, we can now apply Heaven’s Most Sacred Law ™ to his motivations and suddenly… Castiel comes into crystalline focus. Every time he leaves Dean, he does it because he nearly slipped, he was getting too close to revealing the secret content of his heart, and he can’t bear to bring Heaven’s wrath down on Dean– neither of them would survive it, and we know after 12.9 that Cas would gladly lay down his own life to keep Dean in the world.

This is Cas’ deepest and most harrowing fear– underneath his feelings of duty toward Heaven, his admiration for the world his father created and his respect for the humans that walk this earth, Castiel is terrified that his love for Dean would be the thing that ultimately destroys him.

I’m sorry but I don’t think you can really still claim that someone is ‘in love with humanity’ when that someone doesn’t even flinch at the mention of genocide, of killing 1 in 10 people (which, in case you were wondering, is roughly 729,598,920 people), but when the life of one single human in particular is threatened…

…picks that moment to draw their weapon with all the wrath of heaven in their eyes.

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I used to be the most patient person but tbh everything trivial pisses me off these days or frustrates me. Like it’s trivial. Leave me alone. It doesn’t demand my attention so stop making it out to be a huge thing. And I know as an angel I should be more compassionate. Maybe for that person it isn’t trivial. But I’m just so tired of always jumping up to help and getting stepped on. That’s not what being an angel is. Being an angel isn’t being a martyr, or a saint, and it took me a long time to realize it. Yes, angels can be healers, and helpers, and gentle and kind, but they are also the embodiment of the wrath of the heavens. And I think it’s good to remember sometimes that we don’t always have to be petal soft feathers and pastel palettes. We can be the wrath of heaven, and we deserve to be that when we need to.

Castiel was never meant to meet Sam Winchester. His first and only concern was meant to be the elder Winchester, Dean, the Michael Sword. To fraternize with the likes of the younger Winchester, the Lucifer vessel was never meant to happen. 

But then there was the Lucifer vessel, standing in front of Castiel, with a soul so blindingly bright and resilient that Castiel wanted to return to Heaven and howl divine wrath. 

How could a soul so pure belong to a boy destined to destroy the world?

His brothers and sisters- could they be wrong? For so long he’d heard nothing but the darkness that resided in the Boy King- nothing but the hell he would bring to Earth.

But that boy’s soul made Castiel doubt everything he’d ever been told by his brothers and sisters. To doubt was far too dangerous for an Angel.

“Sam Winchester” Castiel clasped his hands over the younger Winchester’s outstretched one. The boy’s soul pulsed even brighter at the contact. So beautiful and pure- no.

Castiel had to remember that the boy was tainted, destined only to bring about the end of times.

“The boy with the demon blood.”

SPN Rewatch

So I’m watching 4x18, The Monster at the End of This Book, and I realized a continuity error:

Cas tells Dean that prophets are highly protected and that they have an arch angel tied to them. He says that if a prophet and a demon are ever in the same room together, the fiercest wrath of heaven would rain down upon that demon.

So what about all those times that Kevin was in the same room as Crowley or other demons? What about then? We see that Lilith was blown out of the room when Dean brought Chuck to the motel, so are we just gonna ignore that this never happens in the later seasons with Kevin?

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Supernatural Imagine #14

You felt your heart pounding in your chest which you remembered being ripped to shreds by hellhounds. You had sacrificed your soul to Hell to save your brother/sister/friend from Heaven’s wrath. You didn’t believe that Heaven had a right to kill them just because they were half demon. You tried to run, but nothing could help… Except… for making a deal. And you had. They would be able to walk and live under the radar, in exchange for a one way ticket to hell… The last thing you remember was being ripped apart…

As you felt your now unmarred skin, you looked up, only to see those two.

“Hello, dear.”

“W-what happened?”

“Well, darling, it would appear that Heaven’s greatest rebel has a soft spot for sinful little humans like you. This is the one you wanted right? You’re lucky I found her so fast. One of my favorite worker bees was about to draw with my best silver and paint my throne room red-”

“Wait what?!?”