heaven's bookstore


Heaven’s Bookstore

This film has been on my to-watch list for ages; finally got around to watch it. It was beautiful. I cried. First, we meet a struggling pianist, Kenta, played by Tetsuji Tamayama, who encounters his idol, Shoko, played by Yuko Takeuchi, in heaven.Then, we meet Shoko’s niece, Natsuko, also played by Yuko Taeuchi, who is on a mission to pull off a fireworks festival with Wabi fireworks, Japanese style fireworks.

This film reminded me of “The Classic,” in that it had two stories. It’s not until the end that we learn how the two tie in, and when it does, it creates magic. Both films have a great soundtrack. I wonder if I can track down this film’s soundtrack. Yuko Takeuchi has always been an actress that I respect. All, if not most, of her works that I’ve seen have left an impact. This film is no different. She chooses amazing roles and she is so versatile. She makes you cry and feel her pain, even if she’s not the one doing the crying. Give this film a chance; you won’t regret it.

Dear Reflected Moonlight,
it’s me again.
I know that it’s been awhile,
I know that I don’t write as much,
but when I do, I write one for you.
Do you still read?
Books, maybe?
I try to limit visiting bookstores because
I buy too many books.
Is there like a heaven bookstore or something?
That sounds great. Books with wings.
How fancy.
I know that it’s been awhile,
I know that I don’t write as much,
but when I do, I write one for you.
Do you still send anonymous asks?
Sometimes I scroll through
and wonder if some are from you.
I know they’re not,
but it’s a nice thought.
Our realities intertwined,
I live life in rewind,
I burst flowers from my spine
and grow gardens in my throat,
if I ripped these butterflies
from out of my belly,
do you think I can finally eat
strawberries without feeling
a bit lonely?
I love the raw element of poetry,
it’s why I became a poet in the first place.
The writer doesn’t choose to be one in a sense.
It kinda picked me. I don’t know why,
maybe it was love,
maybe it was trust.
I’m starting to trust myself again,
maybe there’s hope
for things to come,
I’m smoking less
I’m popping less
head’s still a mess
heart’s still a mess
body still needs rest
soul still needs a red
rose for things that
I’ve buried for feelings
that I’ve let go of
but when the night turns cold
and the stars spark out
and my mouth gets kinda dry–
sorry, I’m everywhere.
let’s start over.
I know that it’s been awhile,
I know that I don’t write as much,
but when I do, I write one for you.
Do you still read?
Words that suffocate
before they bleed–
It is the only way
that I know how to write,
it’s the only feeling
that’s ever right with me.
and it seems,
my heart still wants to feel.
my brain still wants to think.
my soul still wants to sink.
my body is still a fiend.
They say that life isn’t about finding yourself,
it’s about creating yourself.
I’m just kinda exhausted,
so I’ve been limiting my writing.
I’m just kinda torn apart,
so I’ve been kinda mia from myself.
I’m just sorta ripped inside out,
I like to watch the trees dance
as the wind tells us about the time
and how life’s too short to be this damn sad,
so I close my thoughts and I open my chest–
I just want to feel okay,
so when I write, I write one for you.
Because death is just an unknown part of life.
And you may not ask for poems anymore,
but I’ll still write.
I know that it’s been awhile,
I’m still trying to find myself,
I know that it’s been awhile,
I’m still trying to glue my pieces back together,
I know that tender things stay tender
for twice the amount of time since
you’ve been in love, so I threw away
some flowers and I threw away some poems,
so I place a smile on my face
just in case if you’re ever checking up on me,
I don’t smile often, but when I do,
I smile for you.
—  floral skulls
  • *goes in to a bookstore*
  • me: *squeals of excitement*
  • me: *gently strokes all the books*
  • me: *whisper* I am going to be your new mom
  • *buys books*
  • *goes home*
  • me: *looks at bookshelf* but on the other hand I have only read these books twelve times... I should probably read them again.
  • me: *looks at the new books* please don't judge me!

Queer Sam Week: Day 6; AU

Sastiel bookstore AU

Panromantic & asexual!Sam has a huge crush on the owner of his favorite bookstore, Castiel. However, besides his shy nature, he’s also afraid of asking his crush out on date because his last dates didn’t go well after he’d be honest about his sexuality. It takes a long time, but by the time he managed to stutter out the asking, Castiel was already smitten with the tall, blushing, handsome regular custumer with those irresistible dimples.