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I noticed how some filler episodes foreshadowed the finale in Season 11: the episode with Eileen, the one with the gay hunters... they all shared a theme: revenge. Then in the finale, the same thing happened. Revenge isn't worth it and doesn't fix anything. Because I don't really watch the motw episodes this season, do you know if there's a specific theme in multiple episodes that could be the potential endgame of this season?

I gotta think about this, because you make a very good point and we know this is something the writers do.

This is slightly harder this season because, as I keep harping on, the myth and monsters have been spread out much more evenly over all the episodes than in the Carver era. But lets look at some of the important Monster of the Week.

The Foundry - A long burred ghost. American Nightmare - A child who was hurt by her family and locked away. The One You’ve Been waiting for - Bringing back Hitler. Asa Fox - Looking back at the mistakes and enemies of a dead man.

Are we sensing a theme? 

Lily Sunder - Cas’s past come back to haunt him. Regarding Dean - Dean forgets his past while Rowena’s comes for her, Stuck in the Middle - Mary’s past is the influence. Family Feud - messing with the past has consequences. The Raid - Bringing back an old enemy and an old weapon. 

We also see in 15-17 a pattern of defying rules or following them and the consequences. The Memory remains was all about the Bishop Family’s past mistakes and how those couldn’t be undone.

Looking at this as a whole, the season is hugely focuses on the consequences of past mistakes, on old systems versus new ides. We have the past again and again coming back to haunt and hurt our characters. In a season where the Winchesters past - the mother - has literally come back, and a new entity is trying to correct their systems and mistakes…this is big.

So what’s that mean for the end of the season? Well. We know the next episode is literally titled “The Future” and may highlight this choice between old mistakes and new paths for Cas. 

I think we’ll also see Mary trying very hard to correct her mistakes, but not in a productive way. Similarly Crowley may see consequences for his past at last. The Winchesters, as usual, will offer a new way, breaking with rules and the constraints of fate and toxic cycles…but at what cost? Some people can’t get out of those cycles, as we’ve seen again and again…some people need to pay for their sins.

I think this will playout badly for the Brits of letters, and maybe heaven, as their rigid systems result in their downfall. But with the Nephilim, I think it could be good. He might get a fresh start undefined by his parentage…or he might destroy the world.

I can’t find the quote now, but I recall at SDCC Dabb saying the theme of the year was you can’t out run your past and BOY HOWDY was that right.

rohan in weird clothes + breakdancing heaven’s door

i was suddenly overcome by this insatiable urge to draw a rohan and i have no idea where it came from but i did not resist

So I was ‘studying’ History and I wrote a fic

Dean watched as Cas squinted at the textbook for a few seconds before shutting with a sigh and putting it on the bed, then pacing the room.

“I just don’t understand this, Dean.” Cas frowned, and stopped pacing for a second, “why would anyone think that a fascist dictatorship is a good idea? The proposal of being ruled by onky one person is obviously a flawed system. And having complete control over an entire nation seems to be a ridiculous amount of power for one person.” He continued pacing.

Dean raised an eyebrow at his friend. “You lost me at ‘fascist’.”

Dean was sitting on his bed, and Cas was studying for his History exam in two weeks. Dean’s dad was out for work - he was a pilot, currently flying to Rio - and Sam was out with his girlfriend, so they had the place to themselves.

Cas ignored Dean’s last remark. “And this… enabling act? He had total power, and there was no democratic system.” Cas sat down next to Dean This Von Hindenberg seems like he should never have been in power - he actually wanted Hitler to be Chancellor. Why was Hitler so fixated on control, anyway?”

Dean shrugged, and said, “well, isn’t God a bit like that?”

“God isn’t a power-hungry genocidal maniac, Dean.”

“No, not God - I mean the system in heaven.”

Cas tilted his head slightly and frowned. “I suppose you’re right.”

“Anyway - why are you even studying? The exam’s in two weeks,” Dean said, let out a yawn and lay down on his bed. Cas lay down next to him.

One of the things Dean would never understand about Cas was his lack on knowledge about social customs and the world in general. Dean almost took things like World War 2 for granted, in a way - it seemed a given fact for him that some people were just plain evil. But Cas was always curious. Why are they evil?’

Good question.

“I think Lucifer is more like Hitler,” Cas said, snapping Dean out of his thought train. Dean turned his head on the pillow to look at Cas, who was staring absently at the ceiling.

“Demons are like Germans - the ‘superior race’,” Cas continued, “the Knights of Hell we learned about in Religious Studies could be the Gestapo - Secret Police, and us humans would be the Jews, and homosexuals. Of course, ten percent of us are homosexuals, but you get the point.”

“Yeah,” Dean agreed, realising that he’d been staring at Cas for a long time, and also realising that he didn’t want to stop.

“I’m not sure what the equivalent of concentration camps would be. Perhaps where they torture sinners in hell?”

Dean was subconsciously studying the was Cas’ lips moved as he spoke, the was his head shifted slightly and his eyes furrowed as he thought.

“Satanists performing acts of sin could represent Kristalnacht, when Nazis destroyed Jewish houses and synagogues. I wonder if there would be corruption in hell, such as how Hitler assassinated threats to his power? Probably. I mean, totalitarian systems all seem rather similar.”

Dean could only see half of Cas’ face - Cas was staring at the ceiling as he spoke - and Dean suddenly had a thought of wanting cas to be looking at him, not the ceiling, and wanting to look at Cas’ gface instead of just its profile.

“…what do you think, Dean?”

Realising Cas was asking him a question, Dean felt his cheeks flufh as he also noticed Cas’ nose was less than an inch away from his own.

Lost for words for a few seconds, Dean swallowed, Cas’ eyes seeming to x-ray him as he looked at them.

Then he quickly moved away, and tried to brush off the moment. “Personal space, Cas.”

“Uh, right. Sorry, Dean.”

“No problem.”

There was a few more seconds of awkward silence before Cas continued with his analogy.

“Of course, we can’t really compare a mortal figure to Satan himself. What I’m more interested in is why a human would want so much power?”

“I dunno, Cas.” Dean wasn’t really listening any more. His heartbeat felt alarmingly high for someone who had just been lying on a bed.

“I think it’s also fascinating how Hitler exploited the public. He used propoganda to make himself seem like the Germans’ saviour. Did you know that while Hitler actually needed glasses in real life, he never wore them in photos and posters because he thought they made him weak?”

“No,” replied Dean, trying to avoid looking at Cas.

“And he was always standing, looking stoically into the distance with a bright light behind him.”

“Really? That’s, uh, interesting.”

“It is, isn’t it? So many people were manipulated through propoganda, speeches and rallies.”


“Dean, are you alright? You’re quite quiet today,” Cas said, and Dean finally turned his head to look at Cas, whose eyebrows were slightly furrowed as he looked at Dean.

“I’m, uh, I’m fine.”

“Are you sure?”

“I said I was fine, Cas,” Dean snapped, and immediately regretted it at the look of hurt of Cas’ face.


What felt like an hour passed, Dean looking away from Cas, yet feeling the burn of Cas’ eyes on the back of his neck, and feeling his heart beating fast in his chest.

“Dean,” Cas breathed, so Dean could hardly hear him. Despite his stubbornness, Dean gave in and turned to look at Cas again. 

Everything suddenly seemed to click into place, and then Dean was kissing him, and Cas was kissing him back, and it felt like the whole world had come to a stop in that moment-


Dean jerked away from Cas at Sam’s voice.

“Sorry, Cas, I-”

“Thank you, Dean.”


Yay some fluff. I’m feeling kind today. Next time it might be some heart wrenching stuff so be warned…. it all depends on my mood >:)

picspam | castiel & lucifer + emulation

I’d prefer letting go of you early and always remembering you as you were, rather than hanging on and letting things develop and blossom and then eventually decay.

– Jarod Kintz

The Three Sacred Treasures: Opposites to shinki?

 Okay so I don’t usually do these analyses (unless they’re about Yato sweats) but, in sight of the unfairness that ended up being the covenant due to the inability of the Three Sacred Treasures to permanently die, I began brainstorming last night about possible explanations to… 


 This is just me rambling theories, not even sure if it’s been theorized before. It’s also an excuse to talk about lore and wash my salt over Heavens’ unjust system of laws. If I’m mistaken in anything related to lore, feel free to correct me!

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Witty Astrologist

A Scorpio that blends well within any recipe, but their chemistry squeezes the living breath in me. I am suffocated not amused. Proud of their betraying ways, I call abuse. They bring ignorance and a good time , which do I choose.

Perception of lies that’s really “truth” if you dig inside. A Gemini is childlike not in maturity but in fun. They steal the show though no ones cheering. You get zapped by their gorgeous appearance, words shoot like a gun. Hated by many, loved by few. Grip their trust and watch your emotions brew.

Capricorns are stingy with their mental, clingy and hyper - judgemental. Being wrong is not an option, instead they excuse any conscious caution. To meddle with their brain , may land you in a grave. The woman work like intense slaves, and the men roar like they’re brave.

Virgos are the wanna be Geminis. Cutting through time with manipulation, they swear is hard to find. Down the line they lead a path of creativity and glory. Tell stories through allegory. For pleasure they experiment with trolls, until they grow old in a black hole.

Libras are the hearts within anything that can love. They fit comfortably but still leave space just like a glove. Very intelligent but aware not to sleep with arrogance. Friendliness and learning is the only thing in their residence.

Pisces wish to be spicy , but their weakness is backed by a feisty demeanor that’s icy. Very giving when its their life you are living. But find yourself and they tend to distance. Persistent affection can grow into a traditional fetal position. If you wish to stretch your legs, they are not the ones you should beg.

Instead of aquarius riding a wave , they choose to ride the wind. Instead of hiding in caves, they choose to brighten the dim. Through the whim of their rebellion , grows a fearless determined heaven. Essence clears the system like a cup of gifted lemons.

The humbleness of a Leo is usually smashed by their ego. These lions shouldn’t be caged, for they break free like a torpedo. They age like time is stuck within itself, screaming for help. A human sponge to pain. I love these protective souls, respect it or choke on coal.

I saved the best for last, more like a dreadful death I wish to pass. Sagittarius is in a class full of grass. Slithering like snakes, opening your eyes for a better chance to mase you. They will make you adore the potential treasures, with no essential measure. Rape you , with prudential pleasure, that slits the throat. it’s kind of clever. When are they a true friend? How about never.

I know what you are thinking. No I didn’t miss your sign. Either you’re too vague for me to speak on, or in this dimension you cannot be defined.


The more I see of Amara, the more I fucking adore her.

Because she’s not evil.  She’s the personification (…deitification? what’s the equivalent when the person is an entity beyond time itself?) of amorality.  She came back into the universe to find that it had been shaped and structured in her absence, and even though she can appreciate some of the things that have come out of that, she also sees the whole thing as a flawed system that has to be broken down completely in order to be fixed.  The machine is broken beyond repair, and the only option that she sees is to take it apart and rebuild it as a new model.  The fact that the creatures living within the system will be harmed along the way is no concern of hers, because she’s looking at the bigger picture, where things will move a lot smoother according to her vision.

This episode highlighted two things that I found thematically interesting: Amara and her powers being mistaken for ghosts, and Amara’s alignment with the feminine.

As we were reminded in the Then sequence, ghosts are souls that have chosen to remain outside of the system of heaven and hell and reapers collecting them.  They choose to remain on earth, either for vengeance or just to stay with their loved ones; and yet, no matter what the ghost’s intention on remaining, they all inevitably decay until they are either rabid and raging, or (more rarely) have just lost all sense of themselves.  Interestingly, this is a similar range of reactions with the same sense of inevitability that people have to losing their souls, as was explored in this ep. (I feel like there’s a meta to be written about the mechanics of it all, how maybe what causes the eventual violence isn’t necessarily the lack of a soul or the lack of a body, but the separation of the two- heaven and hell would then either be preserving the soul to keep it from reaching that end, or expediting it, respectively).  Amara can be seen as a sort of ultra-powerful ghost as well: left behind by the rest of the world, whatever good intentions she might have are not going to result in good consequences, at least not from a human perspective.  Instead, she seems to be pulled by revenge, against God who trapped her, and allowing others to seek their own revenge.

Which brings us back to her amorality, and her connection with the feminine.  We’ve seen her consume the souls of three humans, two women and one man.  Of the three, both women have become immediately violent, while the man simply… continued, until he was presented with a situation where violence was necessary.  The biggest difference between Jenna and Sydney vs Len is, of course, a need for vengeance- put more simply, past trauma that has never really healed.

While with Jenna we never had any specific reference to why she would have thought about killing her grandmother (”I always wanted to try this,” she said right before brutally murdering her) but it’s been hypothesized that her queerness and her grandmother’s religion clashed with what were probably traumatizing results.  In any case, it’s clear that Jenna had a beef with her grandmother, and that it was most likely tied to her religion, indicated by the way she smashed every one of the ceramic angels.  Notably, she also seems to form a connection with Amara, both before her soul is eaten and after.

Both the personal connection with and past trauma are repeated in Sydney.  In this case, both of these themes are expanded on to show their true extent: a connection that Sydney makes with Amara both as a caring human being and through supernatural means, and past trauma explained as childhood abuse and subsequent ptsd.  We also see that from Amara’s perspective and Sydney’s, the connection between them actually helped Sydney.  It gave her peace and freedom, the double jackpot as far as the spn universe goes (”What would you rather have, peace or freedom?”), and even though her actions are immoral when viewed from within the broken machine, they make perfect, even righteous sense from Sydney’s new point of view.

Meanwhile, Len doesn’t seem to have any past trauma that has affected him, nor does he really connect with Amara- in fact, in their conversation, he actively denies Lizzie Borden, whom Amara does seem to connect with, her freedom to be angry and violent.  Instead, Len attributes that violence to Lizzie’s uncle, shifting what might have been a cathartic act of vengeance away from the feminine and onto the male.  As far as personal vengeance goes, Len doesn’t seem to have any beefs with the world- even as a somewhat less than attractive, obsessive, and generally weird man, his life seems to be pretty damn good.  Without his soul, he has no reason to do violence until he’s right in the middle of a violence situation.

With the contrast between the two women vs Len, there seems to be a parallel forming between Amara and these wronged, trapped women who are yearning to be free of their past trauma but unable to realize that desire.  These women are abused, either physically or emotionally, and for them the violence they cause under Amara’s direction isn’t immoral but imperative so that they might be truly free, at peace for the first time in their lives.  Amara too has been trapped, yearning for freedom, needing to destroy the broken machine created by her male (coded, considering the pronouns used for God) counterpart, the male entity who trapped her, in order to create her own freedom.

Amara has made one more connection during her time on this show: Dean.  While Dean has not been relieved of his soul at any point, we can see his actions under the Mark of Cain and as a demon as evidence of his behavior under Amara’s influence- and the story that it tells is remarkably similar to Jenna and Sydney’s.  As a demon especially, Dean embraced a freedom that he’d never had in his life, living without conscience but also living free of the childhood trauma that has followed him his entire life.  In the First Blade and the Mark, Dean found both peace and freedom, that came only at the cost of a lack of conscience.  With the parallel made between Dean and the two women, we can see three oppressed and trapped aspects of Dean that Amara has helped him unleash: his sense of self free of the burden of past abuse, his feminine-coded expression of self free of the burden of performed masculinity, and his sexuality free of the burden of societal (and familial) expectations.

“See you soon, Dean,” Amara says at the end of 11x05.  We definitely haven’t seen the last of this budding tale of peace and freedom.


If you are a socialist you want everyone to have what they need. It may seem like this makes you a good person but you are mistaken. If you pay taxes and your taxes feed the homless have you done a good deed? No. Because you had no choice in the matter you really made no decision and could not have been doing a good deed. This makes the charity a duty not a donation. Just like in clockwork Orange when they brainwash the main character so he can’t commit crimes. Goodness must be a choice.

What that means for the rest of us:

Socialism is not an act of kindness but an act of practicality. Homless people are something a country doesn’t want as a general rule. Conservatives and capitalists would like to ignore the homless in hopes they will eventually die out and decreases the surplus population. But this had never happened in the history of the world. The fact is when one dies of exposure there are 5 more impoverished people ready to take his/her place. Do homless increase becoming a more and more expensive problem. Socialists would say if you have homless, build houses. By investing in bringing people out of poverty through support and education you save alot of money. You see it is cheaper to teach a man to fish and have 2 people fishing than to sit there fishing by yourself and hope the other person dies. You will both have plenty of fish and can sell the extra to someone else. That is socialism.

So are capitalists good people? :

In general less so. The bible says, “love your enemies for even the heathens love those who love them back. ” capitalists are worse than heathens. There are literally several red states who refuse to expend Medicare even though not expanding it will cost them billions of dollars. Why? Because a democrat thought of it. So while the government giving your money to the poor is not getting you in to heaven, purposely preventing a system of government that helps others from existing will definitely land you in hell and cost you alot of money on the way. Would it be better to give by choice? No. If you pay taxes to support the needed and then give the rest away by choice then you will be doing a good deed. But you aren’t doing any good giving a dollar to the man on the street while preventing him from having health care. Sorry.

So who should I vote for? :

Bernie Sanders.