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Look. I’m not saying it’s micro gems………………….

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The Three Sacred Treasures: Opposites to shinki?

 Okay so I don’t usually do these analyses (unless they’re about Yato sweats) but, in sight of the unfairness that ended up being the covenant due to the inability of the Three Sacred Treasures to permanently die, I began brainstorming last night about possible explanations to… 


 This is just me rambling theories, not even sure if it’s been theorized before. It’s also an excuse to talk about lore and wash my salt over Heavens’ unjust system of laws. If I’m mistaken in anything related to lore, feel free to correct me!

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rohan in weird clothes + breakdancing heaven’s door

i was suddenly overcome by this insatiable urge to draw a rohan and i have no idea where it came from but i did not resist

The devil loves law and litigation. Every year on his birthday all the lawyers in hell get together and overwhelm heaven’s legal system with frivolous suits and petitions making odd demands of the almigthy

Random Memories [burst]

Turns out I’m having a memory burst ahahaha I’m remembering a lot of things

- Witch doctor house. I saw giant lizard spirits hanging around his car/front yard. They’re as big as Komodo Dragons, but they’re obviously not Komodo. I saw five of them. They’re just bathing at the sun.
- A trip to a lake in the Astral with F. This is from before I managed to break the binding he made on me, however the fuck I did it.
- Meeting with Leon and getting my gloves back(Astral). He’s now ruling over a society after getting his position from his father. He told me that.
- A veiled woman holding a heart on her hands to someone/something(Astral)
- Meeting an angel, Idk if Abrahamic, who has a really interesting “Heaven system”. I also met the “God” of this system. [I’ll talk about this in the future]
- Arguing with a nephilim over something stupid

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  10. The Good the Bad and the Dirty (PAT!D)

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Here is another of my goddesses! She is named Amigaëlle and is the goddess of light! :)

Amigaëlle is another of the goddess recruted by Amaterasu. She is renown for her diplomate side and bad temper. She is stern and stiff with everything related to any kind of rules that dictates a way of being or behave. It’s thank to her that her confederate goddesses were accepted by the other gods in the mains Heavens. Her disciplined and respectuous character helped her win the respect of the other gods quickly, showing to them that it was not because they were “raised” by Amaterasu that they were as chaotic and merciless as her.

She established numerous moral principles and numerous change in general to the heaven’s systems of functionning to allow a better commnication and “partnership” with the hells and with the multiverses. Her character being one of the main reasons for the progress she brought, since it isn’t easy to make drastic changes when being itself a young divinity among old and renown gods. Nonetheless her character, she is really charming and well-behave, allowing her to have a large social network. However, she is not known for having successful romantic relationships. She is too much obsessed with discipline and mannerism, making her too inflexible and dogmatic for anyone to endure her. It is why she prefers, herself, to keep up her relations to a friendship level.

She possess an absolute control over light, deserving her an essential role in maintening an equilibrium this element with other elements. But in general, it is not the hardest to do, since light isn’t a disturbing element as much as elements like water and earth that brings tones of catastrophies when the harmony breaks within the elements. However, it is when it comes to the spiritual aspect of her element that it tends to become harder. Light is closely related to the mind and spirit, it is in fact the aspect of the spirit when it is “on the right way” or when the spirit is plunged in a general state of well-being and peace. When darkness overwhelm a country, a world or a whole universe, her duty is to bring back an equilibrium, except if this world was “born” or “meant” to be this way. But when it’s the case, those worlds tend not to be in a bad state either.

Otherwise, with her confederate goddesses, she doesn’t get along very well with one of them, for an obvious reason: Amelia, the goddess of darkness. Their works constitue the same, but at the exact opposite. She must let the light prevail, guiding the lost souls to the light “in their hearts”, and Amelia guiding them deeper and deeper into the darkness. Thus, bringing them to argue all the time, but it amuses their confederate goddesses who find them more amusing then troublesome.

She gets along with all the other, except sometimes with Adrianne and Venus that can be very chaotic and disastrous, making her out of her mind. She is genrally the one cleaning their disasters. Her and the goddess of fire are renown to be merciless when it comes to establish programmes, especially training programmes. It will ovisously result into pain for anyone targetted by the said programme. The goddess of water is her closest friend, because of her calm and comforting nature. It helps her calm down and relaxe when she is overwhelmed by her obsessive desire of organisation and perfection. The goddess of earth too provide her of such calm and ressourceful aura and company, but she is more stern and have more character than the goddess of water, letting her be more of a motivationnal friend than a passive-comforting friend. She is known too to have a close relationship with the goddess of electricity, but she keeps it pretty much to herself. Her confederates know about it, and Amaterasu as well, but divinities, demons and mortals in general don’t have a clue of this relationship.

Surprisingly, her relation with Amaterasu is better than with Amelia, even though nobody not closely related to them knows how and why. It is known by them and only them, and kept secret as much as Amaterasu keeps her past a total mystery. But the past of Amigaëlle and her confederates isn’t known very well either. The only thing known about her, and that is not even confirmed by trustful sources, would be that she was once a race of elf before becoming a goddess.

So, that’s it for her! Hope you like it! ˆˆ


JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure: Eyes Of Heaven game system trailer.