heaven is a place in this box

Achievement Hunter as kids from my Philosophy class

Geoff: EVERYBODY SHUT THE HELL UP, I can’t focus on being depressed with all of you shouting at the same time

Jack: okay everybody, we’re building a fucking fort out of our chairs. Adam, get the scotch tape!

Jeremy: OKAY Y’ALL LISTEN TO MY RAP ABOUT EDGAR ALLAN POE…oh fuck wait I forgot the beat :(

Michael: Someone dare me to eat this whole Bundt cake!! I’ll FUCKING DO IT!!!

Gavin: do you think Ghandi studies about us in heaven?

Lindsay: “Miss Collinway, you better be doing your essay and not looking up some damn video of a Siamese cat” but mISTER ANDrews, did you know that technically they’re called THAI CAT!??!

Ryan: look here’s a picture of that caterpillar I found underneath my bed. i placed it in a box in my room. I named it Bob. I love Bob. ANDY SHUT UP, Bob is better tHAN YOU!

Trevor: shhhh shut the fuck up, I’m trying to throw peeps into Donny’s backpack without him noticing. wHY you ask? BECAUSE I CAN!

Matt: so I built a mini replica of the Addams Family’s house with a bunch of leftover superglue. does it look okay? should i add more windows???

Escape:  Father’s Day

Jamie woke up to the sun streaming through the window.  He blinked, and checked beside him.  No Claire. 

How had he not heard Bree?  

Padding down the hallway on bare feet he stopped at the small kitchenette he had put in upstairs.  When he converted his and Claire’s flats into a two story home he’d insisted on this space for just this reason.  A child.  No going downstairs in the middle of the night to heat a bottle, or grab milk from the fridge, or one more glass of water.  It would all be right here.  

The space was undisturbed.  

She had to be somewhere.

He continued his search for his family.  

His heart started to pound when he noticed no Bree in her crib, and no Claire in the rocking chair.  The room, tidy.  It was like they’d disappeared.  

Jamie sprinted down the stairs.  Not on the chesterfield, not in her study, or his office.  Dammit, Claire.  No note on the kitchen counter.   He looked around for his phone, and realized it was charging on his night stand.  He took the stairs two at a time.  He hit the top, and glanced out the window.  

Jamie stopped cold, and breathed a sigh of relief.  

He caught sight of the stroller as it passed by the alley, with Claire’s dark curls bouncing in step.  What in the hell was she doing out with Bree this early?

Phone forgotten he walked back down the stairs, and opened the front door. He heard the key in the street door, and started across the landing.  He heard her wrestle the carrier through the entry way, and then her voice. 

“Sorry, Bree.  Bumpy steps!  At least you’re awake now, huh?  With luck your Father will still be in bed, and we can surprise him.”

Surprise? Jamie thought.  O mo chreach.  Father’s day.  He couldn’t contain his grin.  Now what?  Sneak back inside?   

He leaned over the banister to look down the stairwell.  Claire had a large bag hitched over her shoulder, a bakery box tied with string poking out of the top, and was trying to unharness the baby to carry her, as well.  

He made his choice.

“There’s my two best girls!” he said, and watched Claire’s head snap up.

“Jamie!  Go back to bed.”  

Bree couldn’t contain herself at the sound of her Father’s voice.  She looked up, and began to kick her chubby little legs, arms extended.  He laughed.  

Light footed he trotted down the steps.  “Now why would I do that?  I get up for breakfast, and my loves are gone.   The flat sounded like a library.”  Undone, and in Claire’s arms, Bree lurched for him when he got to the bottom of the stairs.  He caught her up, and raised her above his head chuckling along with her baby giggles.  

“And no note from Mummy either,” he gave Claire a sidelong glance.  “What’s the deal?”

Claire pushed the bag farther up her shoulder, and grabbed the stroller to carry it up the stairs.  “Don’t be obtuse, Fraser.”

She walked ahead of him.  

“Obtuse, my beautiful red heided lass,” Jamie said, as he pulled the knit cap from Bree’s head, and smoothed her wispy bangs, “is a big fancy word yer Mam likes to throw at me to scold me.  Luckily, I’ve a nice view of her magnificent arse, and I’m happily distracted.”

Claire snorted.   

She set the stroller outside their door, and strode in wrestling the bakery box from the bag.  She set it on the counter with great fan fair.  Reaching back inside she produced a pale grey envelope, and laid it on top.  

Jamie couldn’t pretend any longer.  He hitched Bree up higher on his hip, and slid over to hold his wife.  His first celebrated Father’s Day.  Dammit, he was a Dad.  Had been a dad already, quietly, in his heart.  Today was a chance to commemorate it overtly.  Overwhelmed, he shook his head, a half smile on his face.  

Claire reached up, and rubbed her thumb against the stubble on his chin. “Happy Father’s Day.”

With a firm hold on his loves, he placed his lips on Claire’s, trying to pour all of his thanks, and gratitude for this title into his kiss.  Claire rose on tiptoes, and wound her hand into the curls at the nape of his neck.  She reached her other hand around his arm across Bree’s back.  

Not to be left out, Bree leaned in, and mushed her face between theirs. Laughing, Jamie bussed a kiss on Bree’s cheek, and handed her over to her mother.  

Opening the card he read the sentiments, smiling softly.  “I love you, too,” he whispered, looking at Claire.  She smiled at his quick change in tone.  

“Is this yer name, we’en?” Jamie said to Bree, pointing to a scribble at the bottom of the card.  “Hm?  Did ye write yer name, for Da?”  He popped another kiss on the end of the baby’s nose, and Bree grinned.

He set down the card, and pulled the white box toward him.  Untying the string he raised an eyebrow at his wife.  “I ken what this is.  I could smell it from the top of the stairs.” 

Claire laughed.  “Well to be fair, you were supposed to be in bed, and it was to be delivered with a coffee.”  

He lifted the lid.  Fresh scones, and shortbread.  The only bakery in Edinburgh that made them like his Mam did.  He breathed deeply.  “Thank ye, Claire. Truly. These are Heaven.”

He broke a piece off a scone, and placed it reverently in his mouth.  He closed his eyes savouring the taste.  Bree watched carefully.  He took a small corner of the shortbread and placed it on her tongue.  Bree’s eyes widened, and she smacked her lips.  

“Good, in’t it?  More?”  He broke off another piece, and like a baby bird Bree opened her mouth wide.  He laughed, and fed her again.

“That’s enough.  Time for a nap, you.”  Claire kissed the red curls at her daughter’s neck.  

“Can I do anything?” Jamie said around another mouthful of scone.  

“Yes. Make coffee, and save me one!” Claire threw back over her shoulder as she mounted the stairs.

“Never a chance,” Jamie mumbled.

He brought the coffee and scones, but they sat untouched for an hour.  The sight of his wife placing their sleeping daughter in her crib did him in.  Claire’s bare breast was displayed through the opening in her shirt, the tip wet from suckling.  When she saw him staring from the doorway, she smiled knowingly. Minutes later her nipple was in his mouth, her naked legs straddling him.  He took from her, unwrapped her like a gift, and promising her a Father’s Day present of her own, made her gasp, and cry out.  

They had a late lunch at Lallybroch, and Jamie was pleased to see his sister so happy with so much activity in the house.  He took Bree to the barn, and showed her the horses, played some footie with his nieces, and nephews, and drank beer with Ian.  Through it all he kept one eye on his wife, his heart full to bursting.    

Later that night, Claire tidied up after Jamie gave Bree her bath.  She headed downstairs, but what she saw made her sit down on the top step, and watch.

Jamie was reclining on the couch with Bree, who was clad in a soft cotton sleeper.  She was sitting on Jamie’s lap, laying back on his chest, watching the TV intently, while holding on to Jamie’s index fingers with her little hands.

“Now, that one, he’s a fly half, and a good one.” Jamie pointed at the screen, “But he needs to get the ball to the winger, just like that!”  Bree’s eyes widened as her daddy’s voice rose in excitement.  “Go, go, go!  Yes!”  

Bree squealed, and Jamie laughed.  He waved her arms for her.  “Aye, Bree! That’s a try!  And that braw lad just put us ahead by five points!”

Claire felt the tears come, powerless to stop them.  This.  This was all she wanted.  Being so alone for so long, she just wanted to feel a part of something, of someone.  She did not remember if she’d ever had this.  While she and Uncle Lamb had been close, they didn’t have this.  This warmth.  This unity.  

This sense of family.  

The “blood of my blood, bone of my bone” ancient Scottish promise that she and Jamie had made was sitting on his lap, blue eyes wide, red hair the same bright copper shades of her father’s highlights, with her two bottom teeth smiling.  

Jamie caught sight of her then.  He inclined his head, silently inviting her to join them.  As she came forward, he handed her Bree, patted the spot between his legs, and had her sit there against his chest, with Bree now in her lap, laying back.  Jamie’s long arms came around both of them, and Claire tucked her head on his shoulder, just under his chin.  

“Have you had a happy Father’s Day?” she asked, placing a kiss on his jaw.  

“I have, mo chridhe.  I have.”

There are few important things I really want to talk about. Please reblog so everyone who’s in Eddsworld Fandom can see.

FIRST OF ALL, I just want to make sure people understands that what they are doing is wrong and how they are ruining the fandom. Here are some points I sorted out.

1. TomTord Fandom


And now for the people who hates the ship. Look, I get it ㅡ you guys probably don’t know why people ship them because they clearly hate each other but look. There’s a thing called “hate ship”. You pair two characters who hate each other. Basically every fandom has one so you need to get over with it. Don’t tell tomtord shippers weird or don’t just swear at them. Nobody’s the same so you should respect what others like or ship.

2. Shipwars

Oh god where do we start… Everyone has their own OTP and you should respect others. People can ship whatever they want if it’s fictional! Please don’t say this ship is better than the other. That’s only your opinion. Everyone can’t be the same. If you keep saying them aloud you’ll bring hatred over some people. DON’T.

3. Forced Shipping

For all eddsworld askblogs ㅡ this message goes to you. Except for the blogs that’s about specific ships. (EX. Ask toredd! Ask tomtord!) That way people knows what ships they have so who hates it can easily avoid it.

There might be some people who are very uncomfortable with the ship you guys are including on the blog. Especially in the au blog. People there are following the blog because they’re interested in the plot and the story line the au follows. Well, maybe some ships but you shouldn’t put that in the middle.

4. Using arts without credit


5. Harassment

As you know, Tord and Tom left because people wouldn’t stop forcing them to make out or be together in real life ㅡ same goes to Paultryk now. I’m not saying that I’m against the ship. I’m saying that don’t cross the line. Imagine if group of people shipping you with your friend and won’t stop talking about it and forcing you to kiss your friend. How annoying would that be? Also, please when you draw fan arts or write a fanfiction don’t use their last name because that’s just messed up. They’re real life people just like you and me! Later, if they get a job or something normally their boss searches up their name to see who they are. WELP IF YOU LOOK AT THE RESULTS THERE WILL BE GAY FANARTS ALL OVER THE PLACE PLEASE DON’T RUIN THEIR LIFE. PEOPLE ALSO SENDS BUNCH OF GAY FANARTS TO THEM ALSO?! WHY WOULD YOU THINK THAT’S A GOOD IDEA?!??!

Tord can’t even use his own name now because of you guys. He disappeared because he was scared, disgusted by you people. Tord’s youtube channel is gone too ㅡ why are you doing this to them? 

6. R.I.P


It’s not fine at all.

What the fuck is wrong with you all? Why? We all love Eddsworld but you guys are ruining it for many people.

Some days I swear I’m over you -
when I dance alone in my kitchen while my coffee brews and the sun shines bright outside,
when I read a book while I soak in the tub with only a glass of wine,
when I forget about your things that I placed in a dusty old box in a corner of a closet I barely open anymore
and on days like these,
when I’m happy with being alone,
I thank the heavens that you left

But on days when the sun doesn’t show
And rain clouds color the sky grey
And when the bed is too big for my too little body
And the comforter doesn’t bring me comfort as your arms once did,
I wish you stayed.
I wish you heard me when I whispered, ‘please stay. fight for me’
as you closed the door on your way out of my life.

And on days like these
I dust off the box containing your things,
pour myself a large glass of wine
and remember the good times -
when you danced with me in our kitchen while the coffee brewed and the sun shone outside
when you joined me in the tub for a bath that left me feeling dirtier than when I first came in

But then the sun will shine again
and the box will go back to where it belong -
a dark corner of a closet I barely open anymore
and then I hope this time
the sun will shine a little bit brighter
and the rain clouds will stay away a little bit longer.

—  Cycle / deepthoughtsofanobody
Chuuya’s Birthday
  • Chuuya arrives to the studio, and when he walks in, he’s greeted with loud screaming, lots of confetti and cake
  • The cast doesn’t really do anything on days like this, so Asagiri-sensei lets them do whatever they want as long as they don’t burn the place down
  • There’s a lot of wine presents, along with a crap ton of gift cards and stupid troll presents. Somewhere in the pile of crap is a lingerie set, two boxes of condoms, high heels, and makeup 
  • The day drinking gets worse
  • Dazai tries and convince Chuuya to have birthday sex with him, but Chuuya keeps swerving him
  • The entire cast and crew have a competition to see who can drink the most without vomitting. Chuuya wins (he’s actually very good at holding his liquor)
  • They play truth or dare, spin the bottle, strip poker, 7 minutes in heaven… anything that gives Dazai an excuse to make out with Chuuya
  • Instead of filming, they just rewatch some old BSD episodes and bloopers, laughing and pointing at all the stupid moves they do
  • Somewhere in the shadows, Elise is filming all of this to sell on Amazon somewhere
  • The cast also play some charades, where they pretend to be fellow BSD actors in the most ridiculous ways
  • Sexual innuendos and swears are dropped every five seconds
  • Loud music can be hear from several streets down
  • The people who live in the apartment with the cast are just glad the party isn’t inside the building this time around
  • Dazai manages to break several props, lights, glasses (drinking), and spill paint on the stage. Kouyou tells Chuuya to drive Dazai home before he destroys anything else.
    When they get to the apartment, Chuuya lugs Dazai into their room and tucks him in. Dazai isn’t actually that drunk and opens his eyes, sitting up, telling Chuuya to stay with him, so Chuuya reluctantly sits on the bed, pulling the covers over his legs
  • Dazai smiles and pulls out a chain from underneath his shirt with the same ring. “Of course.”

    They don’t bother returning to the studio.

I love Chuuya so damn much <3

No pie for your spawn!

This happened several years ago, when I was chaperoning a young man with Autistic Spectrum Disorder (let’s call him S) to and from speech therapy. S was using a PECS book for communication. (For those unfamiliar, PECS stands for Picture Exchange Communication System, and the PECS book is a binder full of pictorial representations of objects, persons, actions, etc., attached by a self-adhesive hook-and-loop fasteners, which are used to build a sentence on a detachable sentence strip. User builds a simple sentence -a request or a statement - and hands it to a communication partner. These day PECS books have been replaced by digital devices - like I mentioned this was a wile back.) It became a custom of ours to stop at the Golden Arches for a meal after the therapy. The place was quite busy, and as we waited in line, we used the time to for S to prepare a sentence strip with his order.

Enter a mother of 5, with her brood in tow. Woman with a “can-I-speak-to-the-manager” haircut begun making loud remarks about how slow the service was (it was not, by the way, there was just a lot of customers in store and a drive-through line was wrapped around the building). Her eldest kid, a girl of about 10-11, whined in turns about the wait, and about wanting an apple pie. When it was our turn to order, S gave his sentence strip to the cashier who read it back and entered it into register. And as all of this was taking place, I heard the “R” word from the whiny girl. Something to the likes of “Ugh! That retarded kid is taking soooooo long to order!”. I saw red. I looked at the mother, and she did nothing, did not say anything to her kid, did not look ashamed in the slightest. Nothing! I kept staring, but she was just avoiding looking at me. I guess in her mind, there’s nothing wrong with her kid calling someone with disability a retard.

So, I did, what any reasonable person would do, I purchased 23 apple pies. Why 23, you ask? Because that’s all they had available. If the spawn of hers wanted an apple pie, she’d have to wait for a fresh batch. S and I got seated in a booth with a good view of the registers, and oh joy, it turned out the restaurant did not have any more apple pies. Mother was fuming, and I felt bad for the staff, but the manager handled it quickly with a coupon offer, and her kids were hungry and whiny, so she gave up the fight, and they all went to seat down. They were shooting me angry looks from across the restaurant, to which I responded with a wide smile, because the faze 2 of my petty revenge had just occurred to me. After our meal, I had S build a sentence on his sentence strip that asked “Do you want apple pie?” (Not the most polite way to ask, but PECS book had its limitations) and we made our way from table to table asking it to diners and handing out pies, as I explained about S’ condition and this being a good exercise in communication and social interactions for him. Everyone was responding kindly, smiling and high-fiving, overall very nice experience for S. When we were down to the last pie, I decided to keep for myself, because there was only our favorite family of 6 left, and heavens know, they were not getting a crumb. As we walked past, the mother went “Excuse me, my daughter would like a pie”. The audacity! So I got the box out the bag, looked the woman square in the eyes and said “I know”. Then I opened it, took a big bite, went “mmmmm”, and we walked out of the place. Very petty, but very, very satisfying.

A Haunting

Prompt: After being brutally murdered at the young age of twenty- one and stuck on Earth, Harry has been searching to find a way to heaven for almost a hundred years. One day, a family and their autistic, seventeen year old, daughter, Heaven, moves into his home. Maybe this was the Heaven he was searching for all along.



Heaven sighs heavily, biting her nails lightly, as she enters the musty smelling, older, abandoned home that her parents had suddenly decided one day to move into on a whim. The larger scale home still held beauty after so many years and was somehow still in almost pristine condition, sitting in the middle of the woods on the far side of their little town.

One morning, Heaven’s parents went for a jog and stumbled upon the old mansion, immediately falling in love with it. Becoming practically obsessed, they found a realtor and bought the house in just a few days, not even speaking a word to Heaven until they burst into her room and told her to pack.

Heaven panicked, of course, as she hated change. When she was young, she was diagnosed with autism and her parents made sure she was always happy and comfortable. They lived in the same house, used the same tutors, drove the same car, and ate the same foods to insure that she didn’t have a tantrum. So this was a major change, but eventually, with much coaxing, they got her to pack and get in the car.

When they drove up the tree lined driveway and the Victorian era house came into view, Heaven immediately understood why her parents were so in love. It was absolutely breathtaking and something about it made her want to never leave. Maybe this change will be good.

“Heaven, don’t bite your nails, darling. Go choose your room!” Her mother calls as she places a box down in the kitchen, snapping Heaven out of her thoughts.

“Okay, mama! Okay… Okay, mama,” She clutches her small teddy bear that she’s had since she was a kid to her chest as she takes a step up the rickety stairs. The steps groan under the forgotten weight of someone walking up them as she makes her way up them slowly.

As she steps foot onto the second floor, she freezes as she hears quiet whispering coming from down the dark hallway. “Mama?” She calls quietly, clutching her teddy tighter as she takes a step towards the voices. The hairs on the back of her neck involuntarily stand up as she suddenly feels the intense feeling of being watched after she speaks.

As soon as she takes another step, the voice and the feelings halt and everything seems normal again. Hearing foot steps, Heaven looks down and sees her mother and father walking back outside to the moving truck. Turning towards the dark hallway again, Heaven’s eyebrows furrow.

“Not mama. That’s not mama,” she mumbles as she makes her way down the hall, not caring about it too much. She peers into each room, shaking her head each time she didn’t like them.

Coming to the end of the hall, Heaven begins to frown as she doesn’t find a bedroom she likes. Her eyes tear up in frustration as she lets out a tiny whimper.

As she gives up and begins to walk down the hall, the whispers begin again, louder than before. Heaven gasps, turning towards the voices and before her eyes, a door she hadn’t seen creaks open slowly.

Curiously growing in her, she wipes her tears and slowly walks towards the open door. Peeking into the room, she lets out a happy squeal as she sees the dark red walls, her favorite color. The bed was large, the bed spread a muted red from all the dust accumulated on it. In the corner, a small nook was made by the window so someone could sit and read. The ceilings were high and in the middle hung a giant chandelier that glittered and sparkled in the sunlight.

“Mine,” she states to herself mesmerized and in a trance as the whispers slowly die down.

“Yes,” a deep, raspy voice behind her croons as she feels a hand on the bottom of her spine. The touch was calming and warm, sending slight sparks up her spine as she didn’t flinch away like she normally did to touch.

“Yes,” she mimics as she walks in and the door slowly creaks shut behind her.


“So, I was doing some research,” Heaven’s mother starts as they quietly eat dinner in their new dining room. Heaven’s father hums in response as he gives the love of his life all his attention after he helps Heaven cut up some of her chicken and places her a small kiss on her forehead.

“It’s quite spooky actually. Apparently, the original owners were murdered here almost a hundred years ago,” she states fascinated as she takes a bite of her carrots and peas.

“Wow! That’s interesting. How sad. What happened? Do they know?” Her father speaks as Heaven pokes her chicken with her fork, in a daze as she stares fixated at the pattern on the plate.

“They say the killer snuck in in the middle
of the night and stabbed them in their beds. The son tried to find help after he had been stabbed but he only made it to the hallway where he, sadly, passed. That’s why you can see blood stains on the floorboards upstairs. They are buried in the somewhere in the woods out back, I think. There was Anne, the mom, Desmond, the dad, Gemma, the daughter, and the son was named-”

“Harry,” Heaven suddenly states, making her parents turn to her in shock.

“H-How’d you know that, sweetheart?” Her mom asks softly, her mind reeling in the scary possibilities on how her daughter, who has no way to get on the Internet, knew the name of the dead boy who once lived here.

“He wrote it. Wrote it on my bed,” Heaven states what she had found earlier. Carved on the dark wood on the bed’s headboard was a name. A little worn from the years but still visible, Harry was written in neat handwriting and, captivated, Heaven spent hours tracing the name with her fingertips.

“Oh,” her mom laughs it off lightly, relieved that their new house wasn’t haunted by its past residents. “We will get your bed up there soon, sweetheart. Sorry you have to sleep in that old thing,” she says, making Heaven frown.

“I like it, mama. I like Harry’s bed,” Heaven protests, wanting the old, soft bed that made her feel safe and calm to stay in her room.

“Heaven, a boy was killed there. I don’t want you sleeping in it,” her father says, making her eyes water.

“I want it!” She slams her fork down and just as she feels a full blown tantrum coming on, she hears the whispers.

She freezes as it feels like arms wrap around her from behind and a warm chest against her back, calming her instantly. “Don’t cry, sweet Heaven. It’s okay,” she hears the raspy, deep voice, that sounded like smooth honey, coo in her ear.

“Okay, Harry. Okay… Okay, Harry,” she mumbles as she picks up her fork and takes a bite of her chicken, completely relaxed as her parents stare at her wide eyed.

“Good girl,” she hears just as the feeling of the arms disappear and the whispers cease, but leave behind the feeling of warmth and calm.

“Heaven, w-who are you talking to?” Her mother asks, fear gripping at her heart once again. She had never seen Heaven calm down that quickly before.

“Harry say don’t cry so Heaven no cry,” Heaven mumbles as she finishes her food. “Bed time,” she states, standing and placing a kiss on her stunned parents cheeks. They were so in shock that they didn’t even protest as she make her way up the stairs to her new bedroom.


Harry smiles as he watches the beautiful, innocent girl twirl around in her bedroom as she dances with her teddy bear. He stands propped against the wall, transparent so she can’t see him just yet. He didn’t want to scare her, but with her reactions to him earlier he didn’t think she’d be too petrified.

When Harry first watched the family move in, he was livid. This was his house, his family’s house. He left and died here. How dare they just move in and take over his home of over a hundred years.

But, when he heard it, all his anger dissipated. “Heaven! Come inside!” He heard as a gorgeous girl walked though the door, lightly biting her fingernails with a dazed look in her eyes.

Heaven. Something he had been searching for for decades was right in front of him. On his tombstone, the words Find your way to Heaven were written, but Heaven found its way to him. This wasn’t what he expected but, to him, this was even better. His own personal Heaven.

He had studied her so much since she arrived he could now remember where each of her freckles were with his eyes closed. They dotted her rosy cheeks and nose like the stars in the night sky. Her hair was like spun gold with a slight reddish tint, shining in the light from the window, captivating him and making him feel like he was now one of the richest men. Her lips were like two, perfect, pink rose petals and he fought the urge to kiss them relentlessly. Her ocean green-blue eyes sparkled with innocence and were normally stuck in a daze as she focuses on something sparkly. Earlier, she had spent almost an hour just staring at the chandelier in the middle of the ceiling as he stared at her.

That’s when he figured something was…special about his Heaven. Listening in to her parents conversation, he quickly found out she had autism. He didn’t care. He actually fell more in adoration of the small, special girl with the gleam in her eyes.

Hearing a small shriek and a crash, Harry is knocked out of his thoughts. He panics as he sees Heaven on the floor with tears in her eyes as she clutches her ankle. Not caring any longer about transparency, he rushes over to her and appears right next to her.

His hand reaches out, laying on top of hers that clutched her ankle. She gasps lightly and the whole world seems to slow down as she turns her head and their eyes connect.

“Harry,” she whispers as he smiles gently, reaching out for her hair and tucking a strand behind her ear.

“Careful, sweetheart. Can’t have my Heaven getting hurt right after I find her.”

Hope you enjoyed! Please tell me if you want the part two!!! x -E

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129. “We should get a puppy!” :D

  • “we should get a puppy!”
  • remus looking at him with an exasperated look
  • “you still are a puppy”
  • sirius pouting and giving him 
  • literal puppy eyes
  • “but… I want someone to play with”
  • remus walking away
  • because sirius asks him for a dog every day
  • but sirius follows after him like a lost puppy
  • just proving remus’s point even further
  • remus just telling him over his shoulder
  • “you aren’t even a real dog” 
  • sirius gasping at the insult
  • “how dare you?”
  • remus merely rolling his eyes at his boyfriend’s dramatics
  • (again, he gets this every day)
  • “please, re? I promise I would take care of him”
  • “tell that to squishy bubbles”
  • “squishy bubbles was a lonely fish. she was bound to go to fishy heaven the minute she was taken from that evil place”
  • “you mean petco?”
  • sirius sighing and flopping on top of remus on the couch
  • throwing up his arms in desperation
  • and looking up at his boyfriend with an adorable look
  • “pretty please? you love puppies. they’re so fluffy, like me”
  • “to be honest, I’m more of a cat person”
  • sirius being appalled
  • and flashing into his dog form until he licks remus senseless
  • but
  • two days later, sirius opens a box left on his bed
  • only to find a puppy jump out at him

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Title : Romanticised

Author : Myself 

Pairing : Im Jaebum x You (reader)

Summary : He had planned everything for both of them, including a newly born romantic side.

“All set?”

“Yeah, I have the wine bottle.”

It was hard to see where you were both going, but the firm grip on your hand was like a guide in a secret forest, full of fantasy.

The summer had granted both of you a cool evening, with a soft breeze and no sweat. You were grateful to be able to go out without melting like snow and your boyfriend was slowly walking toward the secret place he had told you about. This date was a total surprise and you could almost see the happiness paint itself on your significant other’s face, signalling he was enjoying your little adventure.

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anonymous asked:

Have you ever had the idea of having a day where the cafe is a Butler cafe and a cat cafe in one? That would be heaven for me. :) Sadly not for people who are allergic to cats. :(

Allura: I’m afraid that you answered the question right there. Yes, we have thought about it. But you need lots of permits and many places usually have second doorways to keep them from escaping. We just couldn’t afford the setup.

Pidge: That does not stop Shiro and Keith from pulling in every stray into the back room. Or trying to. Often or not there is just a box of stray cats that those two find that sit outside in our alley until they take them to a shelter after work.

Allura directed at you all: Please do not go play with those cats, they need their shots.

candies and other sweets (minseok)
word count: 996 w.
genre: romance, fluff, proposal au
summary: when you were in kindergarten, you always gave little minseok a ring pop and said it made you married. guess who’s in for a big surprise.

valentines day special ; pick your date
| junmyeon | yixing
baekhyun | jongdae | chanyeol
kyungsoo | jongin | sehun

“This is nice,” you beamed happily, scanning the kid-less playground the both of you grew up in. It’s been awhile since you sat on your favorite swing.

The last time you’ve been in this kid paradise was when you were four years old and Minseok, being one year ahead of you, shared the same sentiments you had towards this place. Back then, your four year old heart instantly fell for five year old Minseok who participated in the kindergarten talent show.

Minseok occupied the seat beside you. His sneakers sank in the sand below him. “Crazy how time flies so fast.”

“I know, right? The last time I placed a foot here, I remember getting rejected,” You turned to him, jutting out your lips for a pout. Minseok laughed cheekily in return.

“In my defense, you were pretty annoying. You kept on slipping that candy on my finger,” Minseok snapped his fingers to recall that particular memory. “Got it! That big ass ring pop. It was embarrassing.”

You stood up, holding the swing seat below your bum before you gripped on the metal chains and let your feet swing in the air. Minseok copied your actions.

“Remember when you managed to slip the ring pop in my finger. You kept babbling to your teachers that we were married.”

“Now that you’ve mentioned it, it is quite embarrasing,” you admitted in defeat. Cold air blew past your face and stung your skin, a wave of nostalgia crashing.

You missed the innocence that once filled the playground. You wished you could have brought it to adulthood, but you can’t. Good thing Minseok was a constant reminder of that innocence. Minseok reminded you of pink cotton candies, chocolate flavored ice-creams and kiddie playgrounds.

“Minseok,” you called out then pointed out to the far corner, “Remember when I teased you cause you can’t climb on the top of that monkey bar? You had small legs.”

“Of course. The monkey bar.” He rolled his eyes. “How could I forget? You kept sticking out your tongue whenever you were on top.”

Sauntering to the monkey bars, Minseok followed behind you. You noticed how he fidgeted once in a while but you chose to ignore it.

“I bet you still can’t climb here,” you said in a teasing manner while gripping the bar tightly and securing the placement of your foot on each one. Behind you, Minseok held out his arms as if to catch you in case you fell. He’s always ready to catch you anytime.

“Actually, I can. I’m taller than you,” He stuck out his tongue. You didn’t miss the tone of nervousness in his voice.

“Then why aren’t you climbing up? There’s space beside me,” You patted the seat beside you but there’s really no seat. Your hand past through the gap between the two bars and you almost lost your balance.

“Be careful!” Minseok shouted, his hand placed anxiously placed over his chest. You responded with a light chuckle. “It’s not something you should laugh about. I could have lost you over a concussion or something! I can’t afford losing you!”

“The view here is great, by the way. It makes me feel like I’m at the top of the world. It makes me feel like I could see everything here including my future.” You stated as you looked above you only to find a million of stars shining brightly. “That’s why I love the monkey bars the most.”

Minseok felt his heartstrings playfully tug his emotions. He gazed at the stars twinkling right above you and then shifted his attention to you. The night seemed so serene and so were you.

Right then and there, Minseok saw everything flash before his eyes. He saw little copies of you and him running around the house. He smelled the aroma of the food you would cook for him and your children in the morning. His heart raced to the sight of your face greeting him first thing in the morning. And that was what Minseok wanted all along. To spend the rest of his life with you.

You were still caught up with the ethereal view from the heavens when the view that would change your life was right below you. Minseok slipped his hand inside his pocket and brought out a ring.

“Will you still love the view if I become a part of it?”

You looked down to see Minseok kneeling down on one knee, a ring encased in a velvet box placed on the palm of his hand. “Would you let me be a part of that future?”

This time, it wasn’t you giving him a ring pop to make you two official. This time, Minseok decided to make it real and give you a real ring.

“Will you marry me?” He finally popped the question after how many years of being together.

Tears of joy were streaming down your face as you answered him. “Yes. Yes, I would love that.”

Minseok climbed up and took the place beside you. You can see his tears were threatening to fall but instead, it just sparkled under the moonlight. You gladly presented your hand before he slipped a ring on your finger. It wasn’t a diamond ring and yes, it wasn’t much but it wouldn’t decide on the future you have with Minseok.

“It looks beautiful, babe. Thank you.” You kissed him on the lips. Giggling, you teased, “Well, this is the first time I’ve seen you actually climb up here.”

“Yeah. I kinda like it.” Minseok turned to you and smiled softly. “I love the view. No, actually, I love you.”

“I love you, too.” You said before capturing his soft lips once again.

“Forever and ever, babe.”

Finally, you could say. Minseok was your past, is your present, and will be your future.

note: this was one of my valentine gifts for my twitter mutual, chloe !! shoutout to you, beautiful girl  💋 | masterlist

Runaway (1/1)

Summary: After Trini runs away, it caused a rupture in the Rangers’ friendship. Now 6 years later, Kimberly and Trini unexpectedly meet.

AN: Slight Jason and Kimberly but ya know… Trimberly

Read at FF Ao3

The night the Rangers graduated high school, they had set up camp and drank alcohol near the fire and under the moon.

“Happy Birthday to you!” The group ended the song. Kimberly held the cake in her hands in front of Trini. Trini looked behind the candles into Kim’s smiling face.

Trini blew the candle of her yellow cake that Kimberly herself made.

“What did you wish for?” Kimberly placed the cake on top of the folding table that Jason had brought. “Cut that for me, babe” Kimberly told Jason.

Trini shrugged her shoulders, “I guess for our friendship to last… no matter what happens” Trini gave her traditional smirk to the group. Kimberly smiled and she hugged the youngest Power Ranger.

“Always” Kimberly whispered. Oh, how Trini wished this hug wasn’t platonic. Kimberly broke the hug, “Alright guys, I actually got gifts for everyone.” Kimberly grabbed her bag and took out 5 white boxes. The group huddled around the fire.

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A Haunting: Part Two

Thunder rumbles loudly outside, shaking the house and sending terror down Heaven’s spine as she hid in the small cupboard. She and Harry had spent most of the morning playing hide and seek, but now she just wanted to be in his arms and safe on her bed. It had been two weeks since they moved in and they were closer than ever.

“H-Harry!” She slowly pushes opens the cupboard and peers out, looking for the boy that only appears for her. She listens for the whispers and soon, he stands in the doorway looking worried.

“What’s wrong? Are you hurt?” He sounds panicked as he nears the cupboard and squats down so he can be face to face with her. She shakes her head with slight tears in her eyes as anxiety courses through her veins.

“Then what’s wrong-” His question ins answered when another loud, earth shattering roar sounds outside, making her yelp and jump into his arms with a sob.

“Scary! Harry, scary! It’s scary!” She cries into his shoulder as he wraps his arms around her tightly and tries to comfort her.

He found it funny how she was cuddling with the ghost of a murdered boy and telling him how scary the weather was. Irony was funny sometimes.

“It’s okay, angel. I’m here,” he coos, snuggling her closer as she sighs in content at the calming feeling he projects.

“Heaven!” They both look up at the loud yell from Heaven’s mother and in a split second, Harry places her beside him gently and disappears, not wanting to be seen.

It pains him to watch as Heaven whimpers and looks around in confusion for the viridescent, kind eyed boy with fawn colored spirals for hair. It always made her sad when he was there one second and gone the next.

“Heaven!” She hears again, making her look up as her mother walks into the room, looking worried.

“Mama?” She mumbles as she begins to smile at the sight of her sweet mother.

“There you are, sweetheart! Been hearing you run around all morning. Having fun exploring?” She asks as she crouches down to sit on the floor with her daughter, brushing her unruly hair out of her face.

Heaven nods with a smile as she leans into her mother’s touch. “Oh, dear, have you been crying? Scary storm outside, huh?” She asks in concern as the sky answers with a strike of bright lightning and another rumble of thunder.

“Scary,” Heaven whispers again, a dazed look in her eyes as she catches a twinkle of light from the chandelier and becomes transfixed by it. Sparkly things always got her attention.

Her mother smiles lightly as she sees what captured her daughter’s attention and sighs gently. “Darling, you’ve gotten all dirty. How about you go take a shower,” She says, making Heaven come back to earth.

She nods excitedly as she always loved bath time and scrambles clumsily to get up. Harry lets out a small laugh at the girl with the clumsiness of a newborn, stumbling fawn and he doesn’t realize how loud he is.

Heaven’s mother freezes as she looks around for the sound and Heaven giggles. “Harry thinks Heaven is funny, mama,” she laughs gleefully as fear rises in her mother’s eyes, but tries to hide it.

“O-Oh, really, sweetheart? Is Harry a n-nice boy?” She worries for the safely of her daughter whether it be her mental health or the fact that there really was a dead boy haunting her child.

Heaven nods quickly, a smile growing wide on her freckled face. “Yes, mama! Harry’s very nice, mama! Yes! Gives me cheek kisses, mama!” She tells as Harry smirks from behind her. Crouching down, he wraps his arms around her and places small kisses on her chubby cheek making her gasp in shock before she giggles wildly.

Heaven’s mother watches in terror as Harry’s transparency dwindles and he begins to appear as a dark outline of a figure, hunched over her daughter with its arms around her.

What shocked her the most was how Harry’s eyes slowly looked up at her and a devilish, evil smirk over came his face. His eyes flickered black and his demon-like, sharp teeth extended as he chuckled wickedly and held onto her daughter tightly.

Harry didn’t like Heaven’s parents much. They always tried to take her away from him and he hated that. He hated that so much and it’s never good when Harry gets angry.

Maybe the reason why he couldn’t get to heaven was because he was possessed by a demon. When he was alive, he dabbled in the dark arts and sometimes went too far. Way too far, resulting in the possession and possibly his and his family’s murder.

The good part of Harry never wanted to be stuck on Earth, in this house. He wanted to be in heaven with his family. The evil part of Harry, a side that was a dark secret, wanted Heaven for himself and would stop at nothing to get her. Both sides of Harry were possessive of Heaven and that was not a good thing, at all.

“HEAVEN!” Her mother screams in panic and horror, making Harry disappear in a second with one last smirk and Heaven to jump in shock and fear. It only takes a moment for Heaven’s bottom lip to wobble and tears to flood her eyes as she hates loud noises, especially sudden yelling that she had no time to prepare for.

She sobs loudly, covering her ears and rubbing them as she shakes her head. Her mother notices her mistake and goes to comfort her, but the second she tries to step forward, Harry appears right in front of her. His eyes were dark as night and his rage filled face sent terror down her spine.

How dare she scare my angel? He thinks as thunder reverberates through the old home. As his anger grows, he begins sucking the energy from all the electrical units in the house, making himself stronger.

The lights flicker on and off wildly and suddenly, the room goes completely dark. The only sounds were Heaven’s small whimpers and her mother’s heavy, shaky breathing. In a second, lightning strikes outside and Harry’s normally kind and handsome but now terrifying face becomes illuminated.

“GET OUT,” he roars as he lifts his hand and Heaven’s mother flies out of the doorway and onto the hallway floor.  The door slams shut behind her and all the lights flicker back on.

Heaven sits there curled up on the floor, her eyes blurry as she tries to calm herself down. Through her tear-filled vision, she sees Harry crouching down in front of her and collecting her in his arms, his face normal and calm again.

“Why you hurt mama, Harry? Why you hurt mama?” Heaven asks, gripping onto his shirt as he sighs and continues calming himself down.

“I didn’t hurt your mama, sweetheart. She just wanted to fly,” Harry comes up with a quick excuse and smiles as Heaven’s mouth forms an ‘o’ and she nods in understanding.

“Now, are those tears on your pretty face? What are they doing there?” Harry coos, wiping her tears with his thumbs. 

“Don’t like loud noises, Harry! I don’t! I don’t, Harry! No loud noises,” she mumbles as he picks her up and starts for the bathroom.

“Oh, sweetheart, I’m sorry. You’re okay now,” he sighs as he places her on the sink counter. “Wanna take your shower? Make you feel better,” She nods, holding her arms up for him innocently.

Harry’s eyes widen as he gulps lightly. “Okay…” He comments softly, grabbing the bottom of her shirt and helping her pull it over her head. The soft swell of her breasts and her tiny, pale pink nipples are the first thing he sees and if he could breathe, his probably would have stopped.

She isn’t wearing a bra, Harry swears in his head as he fights to control himself. Looking up, he sees she is out of it and gazing at the ceiling as she kicks her legs back and forth, not even caring she was half naked in front of him.

Harry coughs lightly and helps her out of her pajama pants and underwear next, careful not to catch a glimpse below her waist this time. He was a gentleman, not some creep wanting a peep show.

Collecting her in his arms, he helps her to the shower and starts the water. As soon as it’s the correct temperature, he opens the glass door and gives her bottom a little pat as she walks in.

“I’ll be right out here, angel,” he comments, making her nod as she becomes lost in a trance as she stares at the waterfall of droplets coming from the shower.

For a moment, Harry skims around Heaven’s bedroom and plays with the random objects he had no idea were possible.

Grabbing a small, black box, he furrows his eyebrows as he stares at it. Seeing a red button that said power underneath it, he presses it and jumps when the larger, box like object flashes on and starts blaring sound.

“Oh, bloody hell, they have actors stuck in boxes… At least they talk now,” he curses as he watches in shock at the moving, talking pictures.

Moving closer, he surveys the box and tries to look behind it, seeing just the wall. “How the hell?” He mumbles as he comes back to the front and taps it lightly.

“Hello? Can you hear me?” He calls as he tries to get the actors attention but to no avail. “Stupid,” he mumbles, pressing the red button again and turning the moving picture box off again.

Sighing as he becomes bored, he walks back into the bathroom to see if Heaven was finished. Seeing the glass fogged up and her humming a small tune, he walks closer and taps on the glass.

Seeing the fuzzy image of her turn, he uses his pointer finder and draws a heart against the fogged glass as he smiles.

“Harry,” she giggles as she puts her hand against the glass where his was placed.

“Love Harry,” she mumbles quietly after she places a kiss against the glass but Harry still hears it.

He could actually feel his nonexistent heartbeat stop and he slowly opens the shower door. She states at him, biting her lip innocently as she makes no move to cover herself. The steam of the shower billows around them as Harry begins to take off his clothes.

After he is naked, he takes a step into the shower as Heaven gasps lightly, backing up so he could have room. They stand there for a moment, the hot water trickling down their backs as they stare at each other in adoration.

“Harry loves Heaven,” he murmurs softly as he grabs her hand. Heaven smiles, joy filling her heart as she leans up and places her hand against the back of his neck. Standing on her tiptoes, she places her lips against his, like all the movies have shown her, as he stands there in surprise.

Addicted to the tingling shocks that spread through her at the feel of his soft lips, she does it a few more times as Harry finally snaps out of it and begins to kiss back.

Harry begins to laugh in glee as he wraps his arms around her. He had been alone and depressed all these years and suddenly he had a purpose; a purpose to stop looking for the light and stay with his one true love. He knew he never got to live his life to the fullest and now he could.

Coming to terms with this, he pulls back to place kisses all over her face. Heaven squeals and tries to fight him off the best she can as she becomes weak with laughter.

“I love you! I love you! I love you!” He whispers over and over as his kisses become less playful and more meaningful. His arms wrap around her tighter as he pulls her close and rests her head in the crook of his neck.

“Tell me how much you love me?” He feels his evil side begin to appear as it wants its own part on Heaven’s love. He gently strokes her hair as he lets his demon side come through and his eyes turn pitch black.

“Very much, Harry. Heaven love Harry very much,” she mumbles, clutching into his warm, muscular back as she revels in the only person she allows to touch her.

“Hmm, you do, do you? Would you do anything for me?” He hums as Heaven barely notices the change in character.

“Yes, everything. Would do everything for Harry. Heaven loves Harry. Harry nice to me. Not like mean boys at old school,” she begins to ramble and repeat her love for him but Harry shushes her lightly, calming her down and continues to stroke her hair.

“Everything?” He catches her slip up as he begins to smirk. She nods into his neck, her nails digging into his back a bit.

“Would you…. Would you die for me, Heaven?” He asks the question he’s been waiting to ask since he met her.

He feels her freeze as she comprehends his question. Her breathing is a bit shaky as she pulls back and stares into his eyes, his dark, inky eyes, without fear.


That one word is all Harry needed.


Hope you enjoyed! What did you think? If you want a part three please let me know! x -E

Thin Walls

Pairing: YoosungxMC


Hey I’m sorry it’s so short I just wanted to give you guys something to read until I finish my longer one that I am working on!

You sighed as you looked at your new apartment. Your friend had recommended the place as a starter as it had low pay, and the land lady was pretty nice. The only down part was that the heater was broken and the walls and the walls were unbelievably thin. Making the couple making out two rooms down completely audible.

Slowly you lifted your watch up to your eye and noted that it was pretty late, 11:30am. After dropping all the boxes and bags, you swayed over to the bed and fell face first into the springy mattress. Even though it should be uncomfortable, you felt like you were laying in heaven. There was a sudden bang coming from the side of the wall that your bed post was pressed up against, “Ah…I’m sorry new girl…” A voice said directed at you since you were indeed the new girl.

It was obviously a guy….though he seemed to be distracted with something. And whatever he was distracted from was the most likely reason for the loud sniffling that was heard through his words. You hesitantly got up and crawled over to the wall, pressing your ear against it to hear better. Yes, you felt like you were invading his privacy but the thought of a potential friend and maybe a long-term neighbor being sad didn’t really settle well in your mind. “Um…,” You hummed as you tried to think of something to say, “Are you ok?”

The guy was silent for a moment before actually responding to you, “What?”

“That bang…. did you hurt yourself?” You said, cursing silently under his breath as you probably sounded like a creep, “You just uh…sounded sad…or in pain. It’s hard to tell when I can’t see a face”

You heard a faint laugh from the mystery guy, which made a smile appear on your face, “Well thank you…” He said, his mouth seeming to be right where your ear was, “And I’m fine. In was just having a bad day with…. well I just really missed my cousin today. That big bang from earlier wasn’t connected ton that though. I just tripped on my rug” He snorted

“Oh I’m sorry about your cousin,” You said sitting up against the wall suddenly feeling eager and energetic about talking to the guy on the other side of the wall, “And Im also sorry about your rug problems.”

He snorted and knocked on the wall, “My name Is Yoosung by the way.”

“I’m MC”

It had been two months since you first moved into the apartment and you had never seen each other’s faces. But you had talked constantly, about your problems, about your day, cracking jokes, you guys told each other everything you two were best friends even though you had never seen each others faces you two felt so close, which in fact you were, being only kept apart by the walls.

Until one afternoon you were walking back from the store and you saw someone head towards Yoosung’s apartment. He was blonde and had a blue hoodie, when he pulled out the keys your mind clicked that was Yoosung! “Hey!” You shouted, “Yoosung! Its me MC!” You ran over to him.

He was taken aback, he did not expect you to be so….well beautiful, “H-hey MC” He said awkwardly.

  You were just staring, you couldn’t take it all in you were finally seeing Yoosung in person. You ran up and gave him a hug, “Finally I get to see your face.” You sighed into his chest.

He smiled softly though he was awkward about returning the hug. After a moment of silence, they broke away with nervous laughter, “Hey uh….do you wanna go get some coffee with me?” He squeaked out, making him clear his throat and look away as he cursed himself.

“Sure I’d love to,” You nodded and adjusted the purse hung over your shoulder, “I have nothing else to do today”

The blonde smiled flashing his teeth, “Alright….its a date?” He said nervously.

“Yes Yoosung….it’s a date”You laughed

Pour Some Sugar On Me

Title: Pour Some Sugar On Me

Pairing: Gabriel x Reader

Word Count: 652

Warnings: Fluff

A/N: It’s Sweet Treat Saturday! The second fic of the day will be a little late because my nephew’s birthday party is today! So hopefully at 6pm or 7pm! Feedback is welcomed and appreciated! You can request imagines/one shots ( christmas themed or not) or you can request from THIS  drabble list! :D

When Dean and Sam sent you on the last grocery run, you planned on getting the ingredients to make a cake.  Gabriel’s birthday was today and you wanted to surprise him with a cake.  You figured it would be easier to make the cake while Sam and Dean were on a simple salt and burn.  Gabriel didn’t like to share the sweets you made him.

You popped the cake in the oven.  You made sure to keep your mind busy, just in case Gabriel was paying close attention.  You would think about the research you did today just before Dean and Sam left.  Once the cake was done, you made sure to let it cool down.  While the cake cooled, you made homemade chocolate icing.  When the cake was cool enough you made sure to use all of the icing on the cake.

When the cake was done, you took a small store bought bag of icing and piped a cute ‘Happy Birthday Gabe’ onto the cake.  You stood back, looking over the masterpiece of a cake you had created.  When you cleaned up a little bit, you set the table.  You set his gift next to the cake.  You were ready for the archangel.  You prayed for him to come to you.

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Freebies | Newt

A/N: hey guys so here’s another original of mine :) i’m pretty sure all the ladies out there are gonna relate to this am i right ladies. P.S. the gif idk i thought it was funny bc it’s funny how guys portray us when we’re on our periods idk just enjoy the story :))   

Pairing: Reader x Newt

Warnings: boys getting scared over mother nature

Word Count: 1888



Being a girl sucks. Period.

Being the only person with a vagina among 50 other guys also sucks.

Being the only girl in the Glade that has to go through a period every month sucks the most

It also meant feminine products were the most scariest thing ever. According to the Gladers.

And lord behold, you are now on your period.

Having you period was the worst thing ever. Since you were the only girl, the other Gladers would  scratch their heads at times when you were on it.

The first time you got it, you had a vague idea about it, but you weren’t sure. That ended up hanging out with the Med-jacks for a full week. Even to this day, a bunch of the Gladers get the heebie-jeebies at the slightest mention of it.

And now you were moping around, clutching your stomach, praying that you don’t bleed to death.

You walk over to the med-jacks place and see Clint organizing some supplies.

“Yo Clint!” you groaned, “is there any more… products… left?”

“There’s only a few left, Y/N,” Clint said, “the Box will come sooner today. Until then, hang around for a bit.”

You bit your lip to force back a choke.

“Do I have to?” you groaned as you flopped down on a bed.

“I’m afraid so, Y/N,” Clint responded, “what if you get harsh pains ”

“Then I die,” you simply said.

It was nice that you got to hang out and not work, but it also sucked. You were planning to hang out with Newt in the gardens.

You kept denying it, but there was no doubt that you’ve gotten close to Newt the past year. He was a real nice guy, and you couldn’t help but developing a slight crush on him.

But of course, you had no clue if he ever liked you back. And it wasn’t kinda allowed, either. Ever since you came through the Box, Alby has made it very clear that relationships were not allowed on any circumstances. Serves the Gladers right for staring too long when you do something.

The alarm signaling the supply box coming up rang. You mentally rejoiced in your head; you can finally cry alone in your room.

You broke into a run towards but was stopped short because Clint got a hold of your shirt.

“Where do you think you’re going?” Clint demanded.

“To go get my pads, where else?” you sassed.

“I don’t think so,” Clint started, “You’re not well and it’s hot out. You can get heat stroke,”

You looked at Clint in disbelief as you began to protest, “I have every right to get my things. I don’t care if they are underwear, pads, tampons, or anything considered ‘feminine’ for the matter.”

“Oh, c'mon Y/N, just rest for a minute. I’m sure all of your supplies are in a box or something. No one’s gonna know,” Clint said.

“Here’s a deal: next time, when the supply box comes up, you can go get it. We’ll alternate everytime,” you proposed.

“Fair enough,” Clint agreed as you gave him a hug and jogged outside to go fetch your stuff.

Clint wasn’t kidding either about the heat either. Should’ve listened. 

You saw the gang of Gladers surrounding the Box’s entrance, eagerly awaiting what new things the Creators brought this time.

As you were going to approach the crowd, Newt came from behind you and picked you up.

“What’s up, Shuckface!!” Newt boomed.

You made an ear-piercing scream for two reasons; one obviously because you were caught by surprise and two you were obviously on your period and you felt Niagara Falls flow out of you.

“Newt, put me down! Please!” you begged and laughed. You prayed to the heavens above that you wouldn’t stain through your pants. That would be a nice view to see.

“And what if I don’t,” Newt challenged. 

“Because I am gonna start crying and you’ll end up in the Slammer,” you half-heartily said.

“Oh, I’m so scared,” Newt said, still carrying you. 

Newt started pushing through the crowd, you still in tow, and placed you inside the Box with Gally where he was checking all the supplies.

“What’s this," Gally asked in a posh voice as he gestured towards you.

"I haven’t gotten a clue, my dear Gally, I think it’s a girl!” Newt replied with the same voice.

“A girl!" Gally exclaimed, "I thought girls were a myth!" 

"Well I guess they are not,” Newt said as a matter-of-factly as the Gladers were chuckling at the show unfolding in front of them.

Even Alby was having a good time and added. “I think the Creators are starting to like us because this one is a real beauty. Isn’t it, Newt?”

Newt blushed a deep red and mumbled, “A real beauty, I say.”

This earned multiple hoots and whistles and you felt Thomas pat your back and say, “that’s my girl!”

You couldn’t stop laughing as Newt put you down into the Box and gave Gally a friendly hug. It was then his turn to carry you around.

“Look at this gem!" Gally announced as he held on to you tighter, "She probably outshines every single Glader here!”

“C'mon guys,” you giggled, “I’m just an ordinary girl!”

The Gladers began to disagree and started complimenting you on the most ridiculous things as you started handing out supplies outside of the Box.

“Well one thing’s for sure," Gally said as the last of the boxes were being whisked away, "you sure are ticklish.”

“I’m what,” you screeched before Gally started tickling your sides.

“Stop! Stop!” you screamed between laughs, while Newt watched from the corner of his eye.

But it was too late. You felt something seep through your jeans, and sure enough, it was blood. 

“Holy fuck,” you whispered to yourself as the Gladers began to quiet down, concerned at what happened. In the whole 2 years you’ve been here, this has never happened to you. the only time you’ve ever stained your pants was the first week you were here… when there wasn’t any pads.

You scooted to the far end of the Box and started to hyperventilate.This can’t be happening, this can'r be happening, you kept whispering to yourself.

'Y/N, are you okay?“ Newt said as he crouched down next to you. 

You nodded furiously saying you were alright, but suddenly a jolt of pain shot through your abdomen.

You curled up into a ball and started to sob silently, repeating the words this can’t be happening, this can’t be happening.

Oh god, Y/N, did I hurt you,“ Gally cried out.

You started to feel faint and tears started to stream faster and faster.

Now the Gladers got scared. You were close to all of them, and you called them your brothers. Even though, some did try to hit on you on a daily basis.

Newt carefully picked you and ordered, "Med-jacks, NOW!”

As Clint and Jeff laid you on a makeshift cot, the two of them including Gally and Newt whisked you away to the Med-Jacks’ huts.

You were definitely a hot mess.


5 Hours Later

 "Look she’s waking up!“ a voiced yelled.

"Quick! Someone call Alby or Newt, preferably Newt because he called dibs,” someone else snicked.

You struggled to get up, but you heard Jeff in the distance say, “don’t move, just relax. You’re excused from working for the rest of the week.”

That was the only thing you heard before you sat straight up and gave Jeff the evil eye.

“Are you saying just because I’m on my period, i can’t work!” you fumed.

“Not my orders,” Jeff said as he put up his hands in defense, “don’t hate the messenger, hate the one who ordered it.”

“Then whose order was it?” you asked in a pissed off mood.

Clint and Jeff looked at each other and looked scared.

“Oh, c'mon don’t don’t me Gally is up to this. He’ll do anything to get into my pants,” you sneered and stood up to confront Jeff and Clint. But it didn’t help when you had searing pain all over your body from the stupid cramps.

“Actually, it was me,” a voice said from behind.

It was Newt.

“Really,” you huffed, “because I can take care of myself, thank you very much.”

You turned to face the Med-jacks, “Clint. Jeff. Thank you so much for the help today. You are excused from any work. You don’t have to help me.”

“Thanks Y/N!” the two guys beamed as they both ran out to do whatever the hell they wanted.

“Why did you that!” Newt questioned.

“Because, I didn't need any help. I can very well take care of myself,” you grunted as you carefully plopped yourself on the bed.

“Then why did you faint??” Newt asked.

“Clint said it was hot. I told him fuck that, I’m gonna be a bad ass. Sadly I was on my period, and the heat did me worse,” you rambled on, “plus you and Gally were carrying me around like if I were a sack of potatoes. Which, I might add, was not pleasant.”

At the slightest mention of the word 'period,’ Newt looked like he was going pass out himself.

“Yo, Newt,” you called as you snapped your fingers in front of him, “you don’t seem to hot.”

Newt ruffled his hair, “What are you talking about, Y/N? I'm always lookin’ hot.”

“Yeah, sure. You winced at the word 'period.’ Every guy here is horrified of mother nature,” you laughed.

“Well, it’s not our fault we don’t know much about the female anatomy,” Newt explained, “especially with that body of yours.”

“You suck at flirting,” you giggled.

“I try. At least I have the decency to actually tell you how much I loved you,” Newt confessed.

“Wait, what,” you stuttered,

“You heard me: I love you. All those compliments that the Gladers were telling, well it’s all true. You’re bloody amazing, Y/N. And it’d be an honor if you would be my girlfriend,” Newt stated.

“Of course, Newt, I would love that,” you cooed as you gave Newt a long hug.

As Newt was leaning in for a kiss, Thomas barges in.

“Y/N! Gally told me to tell you that how long is he going to be in the Slammer?” he panted.

“Why would he be in there in the first place?” you asked.

“Because you said, and Gally quoted, 'if Newt or I make you cry, then we go into the Slammer’” Thomas said.

“Aw, poor baby,” you said, “Tell you what, Thomas: tell Gally that he gets 1 hour in the Slammer, plus a crash course on the anatomy of a girl.”

Thomas smiled widely, “Will do, boss!” and off he went to break the news to poor ol' Gally.

Newt started to chuckle.

“What!?” you exclaimed.

“it's amazing what you can do to keep things in order, Y/N” Newt complimented, “maybe you should be second-in-command.”

“Shut up and kiss me, you moron,” you sighed.

And at the end of the day, you and Newt had a wonderful kiss, and you felt all your troubles wash away.

Except for the fact that you’re gonna embarrass Gally tomorrow. That’s going to be funny as hell.

Being the only girl in the Glade has it’s way.

It’s the most fucking awesome thing that’s ever happened to you.

A/N: hell yeah two updates in one day how awesome can life get. well i’m off to bed, going to dream about newt y'know the usual. have a nice day/night/ whatever and stay fabulous! cheers xx 

- Mayra 

Not As Good, But Greater

“She’s just not as good as Natalia or Wanda…”

Not As Good, But Greater 

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It was an amazing morning, the bitty cinnamon haired avenger stretched her sore muscles, her soft coco colored hair looped itself in curls as it bounced over her round ass cheeks and her smile so wide her perky whites are on full display.

She loved Friday mornings, she always spends the whole day planning dates with the free avengers that roamed the building.

Last week, Sam and Natasha were free, which just so happened that (Y/N) had won three tickets to six flags, she thought it was a match made in heaven.

The week before that, Steve and Tony were un occupied, leaving the three adults to go visit the zoo.

And so on so forth. The young lady continued to gather her breakfast bowl, cereal box, Milk jug, and her spoon. She was smiling to her self as she tried to get the last ingredient, the sugar. She was fairly short. So as she tried to hold everything in one hand the other hand was trying its best to grab the sugar that was placed in the way back. Just as she was about to give up, a dark and cold figure came behind her and snatched the sugar, handing it down to her with a simple grunt. She turned around to thank whoever it was, but stopped when she saw Bucky was rubbing his eyes tiredly.

“What’s the matter Bucky?” She asked sweetly, placing all her breakfast next to him. She then placed a hand on her teammate, before he shrugged it off quite aggressively.

“I have a last minute mission.” He grumbled angrily. He was so tired and out of it, the small girl knew he didn’t get any sleep last night judging from his eyes, but it’s not like she could do anything about it…

“Here, have breakfast.” She stated happily, poring him a bowl of cereal but kept the sugar can open so he would apply how much he liked. “Good morning Bucky,” Then she dipped her head and slightly grazed his stubbly cheek with her puckered lips. His posture stiffened, but went unnoticed by the giver  

If she could have a great Friday morning, then so should Bucky. The super solider always held a soft spot in her heart. (Y/N) would do anything to see him smile.


“Go low,” Bucky hollered, having about enough from his new teammates stubborn attitude, “I said low!” He barked in the com, after her figure disappeared from view. He shoved his gun behind his back before clasping his pocket knife. He walked slowly into the halls, stopping before every door until he was sure there wasn’t anything lurking behind them.

“(Y/N) where are you?” Bucky asked, slamming a door shut once he finished inspecting inside of it.

The com was static from his side, he knew then and there his teammate was in trouble.

Serious trouble.

If Buchanan wasn’t old then, he sure was now, all thanks to his partner who is a stubborn mule. That didn’t even listen to anything he said, he was the captain in this team, he was the one in charge. And yet the only girl who was suppose to follow him through the jaws of death had decided to follow the yellow path that her mental mind conjured.

Non the less, he continued to walk softly, the ghost in him never once leaving his traces behind.

James opened the last door, labeled ‘The Lab’ once he pushed in, he found the girl lying on the ground, her locks sprawled behind her, her face bashed in like some inflated balloon, her arms tied down with her feet. She looked unconscious, maybe even dead. Just how long had they caught her…?

“What the fuck is wrong with you.” Bucky hummed, then untied her hands and legs before pulling her bangs from her face, he gathered it all, then tied it down with the spare hair tie she had around her wrist. Barnes then Bent down and picked her frail broken body over his shoulder like a sack of potato. Once her weak form was thrown over his shoulder a small drive fell from her clutched paws.

“At least you got what you were suppose to get.”  With that said, he grabbed the chip and then made his way to the waiting chopper.


It was a few hours since the mission was over, the young avenger was excited to know that they had made it home alive, still basking in the feeling of Friday. Nothing could or would ruin a Friday in her book.

She had exited the medic bay with much ease, she had a black eye, a sprained wrist but else then that she was in great shape to binge watch new series in the living room with who ever had the day off.

Like that, she showered, and gathered all the candy and chips the kitchen owned, her hands were hurting from how much she was holding, but stopped walking once she heard voices.

It was like an instinct. Something telling her it wasn’t right, and she should just listen. She was behind the couches in the living area. Steve and Bucky arguing together on the couch while Steve flipped the TV.

“-All I’m saying is,” Bucky grumbled, “She’s just not as good as Natalia or Wanda…” Bucky finished, running his metal fingers through his locked while he slumped back on the couch.

(Y/N) felt numb, everything she was holding had fell to the ground. As well as her pride. A fresh sheet of tears coated her once warm chocolate pupils, everything then stood still once Bucky had turned around and locked gazes with the young avenger He stood up abruptly, fear written over his face, but she wasn’t going to have any of it. She flickered her eyes to Steve, before taking off and running to her room.

The man who she always wanted to feel good, the man who she tried hard to get a smile from, the man who she wanted nothing but happiness for, had just compared her to her female partners, Natalia and Wanda.

Her heart constricted, while sadness burned her chest. She was disappointed, running away from Bucky who was hot on her trail.

"Doll, Wait!”

Her bare feet patted the ground quickly as she tried her hardest to move past an on coming Sam.

“Sam, Hold her-”

But she made it, pushing past the Falcon as she entered her room and locked herself in.

The last thing her eyes landed on was a worried Bucky just in arms reach.

She locked herself in. Didn’t let anyone enter. Because how could she, how could she come out that door with a smile plastered on her face when she was just now stabbed by the man she had harbored feelings for. The same man who compared her to the two most powerful women known to mankind, and said she wasn’t as good as them.

But around dinner, she exited the safety of her room, freshly dressed and washed, hair pinned in a messy bun as she classed one of Tony’s Iron Man shirts with her fuzzy red socks.

She walked down the hall, already knowing that the whole team would most likely already be in the kitchen serving food on the table. So she walked on, occasionally stopping near one of the mirrors to check herself. She applied light foundation, to conceal her puffy eyes. She knew she was beautiful.

“-Pass me the salt.”

She neared the kitchen. But stopped once she was a foot away. The place was awfully quite. As if a very damp towel draped over the teams mood. She figured everyone had figured it out by now, and we’re very sad or disappointed in Bucky.

“Hey guys!” She cheerfully sang, attracting the attention of the team. They all looked at her in amazement.

“That’s my shirt!” Tony broke, he knew if she was acting happy he at least needed to act normal. For her sake he though. “Give me my shirt back!” Everyone burst out laughing as the said girl took the only empty seat beside James and Steve. She giggled with everyone else, while she secretly eyed Barnes.

“It looks better on her.” Sam joined, with an agreeing Bruce. “She’s smoking!”

With that, the whole team went back to normal, except Steve and Bucky. The latter wouldn’t even pick up his gaze from his plate never mind move a muscle.  And Steve was just eyeing his friend the whole time. As if analyzing every step.

“Where did you even find that I’ve been looking for it for weeks.” Tony asked after a while, they had started to gather the dishes and place them in the washer. The whole group picked up interest on the question.

“I found it in my drawer.” She answered truthfully, twirling around to show off the shirt that dropped to her mid thighs. “Don’t worry I’ll give it back.” She mumbled.

After a while, the whole team started to head to their respected rooms. Leaving the only broken girl alone on the couch. She signed sadly, closing the TV she went ahead and dragged her self to her room passing Bucky’s in the process. From under his door the light was shining brightly, so she thought he was up again.

The urge to ask if he was fine was very strong. But the sudden hurt that bubbled deep in her stomach and mid chest had won over. He called her out, said she wasn’t as good as Nat and Wanda… who knows what else he could have blabbed if she didn’t drop all the candy in her arms.

Locking her door she broke down sliding near the mahogany wood and curled up in a ball, her slight chocked sobs rocking her body.

Imagined of Natalia’s swift movement and steady skills flashed in her mind, while Wanda’s amazing skills and speed came. She knew she wasn’t as great as them, she had just tried to help her friend Bucky that morning.

He looked miserable, and tired so she thought if she had helped James in his mission he could spend the rest of the day with her, watching the new movies that are now being aired. Albeit her plans had taken a sudden turn. She no longer wished to even see him, or hear him speak.

A soft knock vibrated through her door. She didn’t move, just silently let the tears stream down her cheeks. She didn’t care who it was out there, but hoped the message was sent.

“Open the door Dollface,” his voice was like a snake, innocent and swift, but deep down its fangs clung into death.

She didn’t move, even tried to hold in her breathing.

“Open the door sweetheart,” He cooed, tapping the wood lightly, “I can see you from under the door.” He tapped again, “I’m going to break this door down,” He then grabbed the knob tightly, shifting it from side to side before he pulled with one huff. The door splinted in half, the girl already standing up anger seeping out from her.

“What’s your problem!” She cried, punching his chest, “Go away,” She changed, her fists now pulling on his hair, “Can’t you see I don’t want to look at you?” Pushing him away was hard, so he stood in place watching as the women he hurt ran around her room grabbing a spare bed sheet and hung it over the door with a streaming face.

He stayed in place, he stood there begging for forgiveness. And when the sun rolled around, and she peaked out to start her Saturday morning she came to a sudden stop, the man still in his spot. Frozen, wanting to explain.

“I’m sorry-”

“Not now,” She concluded, pointing to his room. She didn’t care, she didn’t want him near her, she wanted space and time…

Although he wasn’t having any of it, instead he dropped to his knees and brought her down with a hug, his face buried deep in her chest, while he held onto her tightly muttering apologies, “Your not as good as Natasha or Wanda, but greater Doll,” He chanted, wiping the tears that streaked her cheek. His voice was out of tune, but sincere non the less…

“I’m sorry please forgive me, darling…”

Diet Wreckers

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Request: Chanyeol angry when he finds out that you are dieting and trying to make you stop

Word count: 1651

Note: I included Baekhyun because Baekhyun just makes everything more funny 😂. I got a bit cheeky with this one, forgive me 😩😭 +I didn’t really make him angry, sorry lol I just couldn’t.

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For the adorable @faecakes !!

The first picture is from the inside of the manga cover of Servamp #8 and the second picture is from Servamp #9, I’ll be getting Servamp #10 soon, so I might post it later ( ´ ▽ ` )ノ

(My crappy) translation:
Picture 1
Tsurugi- haha,I was pretty sure I will be on the cover of Servamp #8 but I got hanged by Kuni-chan instead~ Kamiya Tsurugi 26 years old❤️ I have nothing to do now so I’ll introduce my self~ 170 cm tall, born on 31/8❤️, I like eating strawberries and my idol is Fukusawa Yukichi❤️ Peru Peru❤️ …Ah! Jeje-chan! Finished posing for the cover? Help me get downnn

Picture 2

~Servamp academy 4~

First Box:
Licht- The weather is pretty good, let’s go eat somewhere near the heavens (roof top), cause I’m an angel
Lawless- Licht!! STOP!!
Licht- What?
Lawless- You can’t!! If you go to the roof top, you will have to pay money!!
Mahiru- Pay money?

Second Box:
-Last Week-
Lawless- Ahhhh I don’t wanna learn! The trouble maker Lawless is here at the roof topー

Third Box:
Tsurugi- Thank you for coming! ❤️ (Tsurugi acts like he owns the roof top, so people need to pay him money for coming)

Forth Box:
Tsurugi- You can’t smoke in the teacher room so you come here right? If you want to use this place then pay up Touma sensei~ You can pay me by buying strawberry bread~
Touma- Don’t act like you own the roof top or I won’t help you cheat on the test again
Tsurugi- I’m sorry senseiiii~~~

That’s all for now! Sorry if I made any grammar mistakes ( ;∀;) And I hope everyone could appreciate how adorable Tsurugi is (*´﹃`*)