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12x15 Coda: Heaven Doesn’t Come With Keys

After meeting with the angels, Cas thinks about his wings.  Dean decides he wants to see.  12x15 coda, destiel, 1.2k

They can all see.

Castiel tucks his tattered wings more closely to his back.  One flutters uneasily as someone brushes by; he hasn’t had so many people close to them in a long time.  He doesn’t miss how Kelvin’s eyes rove over them.  How no one quite looks him in the eyes because they’re more focused on the shredded feathers sticking out every which way.

Later, that’s all he can think about.

Cas lets himself into the bunker, some of the hollow feeling in his chest easing at the glide of the key in the lock.  Heaven doesn’t come with keys.  Doesn’t come with something to confirm that he belongs there.

“You’re home early,” Dean says as he walks into the war room, carrying a stack of books.

When he sets them down on the map table, a small puff of dust rises up.  He glares at them, as if they’ve personally set out to offend him with dirt in his bunker.  Cas swallows the lump in his throat at the word home.  

“I lost Kelly’s trail.”

Dean doesn’t look disappointed. “We’ll find her eventually.” Then, “Want a burger?  I’m about to start dinner.”

Heaven doesn’t have burgers, either.   Cas follows him obediently into the kitchen.  When he begins to roll up his sleeves to help, Dean pushes him gently on to one of the benches at the table.

“You’re quiet,” Dean notes.  He shoots Cas a smirk. “I mean, not your normal sort of quiet.”

Cas looks down at his hands, clasped on top of the table, before he speaks. “I was approached by an angel.  Joshua wants me back in Heaven.”

Dean stops right in the middle of shaping his second patty.  “Joshua.  As in the gardener guy?”


Haltingly, he begins to shape the patty again, using a little more force than strictly necessary, not quite looking at Cas.  A long few moments go by as he sets the patties down one beside the other.  Then he moves to chop up some onions and tomatoes. (“Sammy always wants something green,” he’d told Cas once.)

“Are you going to? Go back, I mean?”

Dean says it casually, but Cas can tell by the fact that he’s stalled right in the middle of putting the onions on his burger that he’s more affected than he’s letting on.

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  • moral of the story so far: if you’re in the woods by yourself with a bunch of couples making out, don’t go deeper into the woods by yourself. make out with your voyeur dudefriend instead 
  • how come hell gets cell service but heaven doesn't 
  • i like you, weird bearded taxidermy police man
  • [dean voice] meheheh
  • lmao @ the weird bmol jazz music
  • “there could be a god up there” “lmao??? ok???” honestly an actual god would be easier to deal with
  • “hunting people! KILLING THEM! the family business!” people always bein more cray than the monster smh
  • sam. dean. god literally wrote a series of books about you idiots.
  • goddamn dean gotta immediately go all gossipy right after a phone call


Cas Imagery (and Some Destiel?) in 12x18

As an FYI, there is Destiel in this post, like, all over. So if that’s not your thing, I’d probably stop reading now.

I know, you’ve already seen eight million posts about this–but I had to add my thoughts here. We’re all missing Cas, and as others have pointed out, I’m pretty sure we’re supposed to be missing him right now. We are meant to notice his absence. And to cement that feeling, there is a steady progression of Castiel-based imagery in 12x18 starting almost immediately after Dean and Sam talk about how he is STILL missing (A Destiel side note: Dean does that weapon-cleaning thing he does when he’s nervous because HIS HUSBAND HAS VANISHED and no one in a trenchcoat has turned up in the news either alive “or dead” because of COURSE Dean jumps to worst case scenarios because he’s so worried and he knows Cas has a tendency to have horrible things happen to him when he disappears…but I digress.)

So the first thing I noticed:

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Alex Galchenyuk #4

Requested by Anon:  Hey! I love your writting! You’re the best imagine blog on tumblr. Take your time, but can I have an imagine where the reader is dating Alex Galchenyuk, but prefers gally’s burger in McDonald’s duel gallagher vs galchenyuk? Something funny where the boys chirp eachothers about it. Thank you ❤️

*Hiii! Thank you so so much! Here it is. I hope you like it. :) Funny and sweet! Enjoy!:)*

Word count: 838

Originally posted by gallylove

The door to the dressing room banged open and you almost jumped from shock. A grinning – very widely, by the way – Brendan Gallagher led the pack of exiting athletes. His grin spread even wider when he saw you leaning against the wall at your usual spot, a little farther from where the fans gather – so they can have their time with the athletes and not for any other reasons.

“Sooo,” he drawled, walking over to you, “I heard you went to McDonald’s,” he wiggled his eyebrows.

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les mis characters as some things in my google search history

Jehan: norwegian curling pants

Marius: a bout de souffle what is it about

Grantaire: saturn sleeping at last chords

Bossuet: can people see you screenshotted their instagram story

Bahorel: hasa diga eebowai

Courfeyrac: anime daddy

Combeferre: habitability factors of various objects in our solar system

Feuilly: what can i make with the stuff in my fridge

Joly: poop cafe toronto

Enjolras: my dear find what you love and let it kill you

Cosette: non-linear love story

Eponine: fuck you aesthetic

Montparnasse: fancy knives

Musichetta: does it pass the bechdel test

Myriel: our father who art in heaven

Gavroche: burger king voltron toys 2017

Javert: how much do snakes cost

Jean Valjean: airbnb london england

anonymous asked:

Was it just me or did it seem like dean was leaning pretty heavily on the performing dean shtick in tonight's episode? LOVE your blog and meta btw 😊

Aw, thank you! And yeah, it felt a LOT like his act at the beginning of 12.15, being gross for the sake of being gross, deliberately trying to make Sam uncomfortable.

Because I think he believes that Sam is still hiding something from him, and he’s incredibly worried about Cas right now, and the fact that Cas hasn’t returned his calls in “days.”

And heck I just realized the super on-the-nose music playing in the diner while he was flirting with the waitress, it’s called “Music To Watch Girls By”

(After the creepy kid was skeevily watching a couple making out by the campfire while drinking was a song called “Prohibition.” Which I have no idea about that particular song but I’m choosing to read it as an ironic choice considering he was stoned and drunk… which makes “music to watch girls by” ironic by association for Dean since it’s also describing that kid’s activities in an ironic fashion)

and at the end eating his Heaven burger Burgers and Fries by Charley Pride was playing…

Tofu and quinoa burger (in a brioche bun with lettuce, tomato, avocado, melted vegan cheese and spicy Sriracha mayo) that comes with sweet potato chips and chipotle sauce.
Shared with the Original Stir-fry, seasonal vegetables stir fried topped with smooth satay sauce, accompanied with brown rice.

Vegie Bar
Fitzroy - Melbourne - Australia

You’re Beautiful

gif is not mine

Title: You’re Beautiful

Pairing: Gabriel x Reader

Word Count: 762

Warnings: angst, and slight fluff

A/N: This was requested by an Anon! I hope you all enjoy this! I wish you all an amazing Sweet Treat Saturday! I’m sure you know what else I’ll be posting today! I love you all! Feedback is welcomed and appreciated! <3 <3

Sam and Dean were startled by the sudden slamming of the bunker door.  They looked up from their books, watching you descend down the stairs.  Once they heard a sniffle, they jumped out of their seats, standing up just in case.  They knew you went to go see your family, but they didn’t know what to expect.  

“[Y/N] what happened,” Dean asked, watching you enter the library.

“It’s nothing,” you mumbled.  “I should have known going to see them was a bad idea.”

“Are you alright [Y/N],” Sam inquired, trying to get a good look at you.

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Dean Imagine

People have asked Dean Winchester what would his heaven look like and he’d always answer with burgers, beers and busty women. But that partially changed when he met Y/N Y/L/N.

Yes, his heaven still has burgers and beers, but those women changed into a beautiful girl with Y/H/C hair and Y/E/C eyes. They had a happy life for over 5 years and his brother, Sam and certain angel though that they would have a happy ending, that was until Y/N died.

It’s been awhile since that tragedy, others have moved on, but Dean didn’t. He grabs that Jack Daniel’s bottle and drowns his sorrows aways until he passed out,

Dean woke up to find himself in a small pier with a cooler and a fishing rod, he closed his eyes and relaxed himself as he heard the sound of waves crashing with each other.

“Dean Winchester” he heard a very familiar voice say. How could you not recognize the sound of your soulmate.

“You don’t know how much I’ve missed your voice” he said. his eyes still closed but a happy smile started to grow on his face.

“What did I tell you about drinking,mister?” she asked calmly.

“Really? This is the first time I’m seeing you after you die and you want to start a fight?”

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Vegan, hclf smokey sweet potato burger in a fresh sesame bun topped with lots of veggies and yummy cucumber sauce next to organic handmade potato wedges. HEAVEN!! I’ll create a new burger recipe real soon, so stay tuned! :) xx Amber