heaven in a biscuit

OK we all know Whitebeard and his crew but now imagine a fallenangel!AU where Whitebeard is the leader of a bunch of fallen angels, who where sent down from heaven bc of their sins and instead of their white wings, they turn night black and are hated by absolutely everyone

Now imagine Ace being one of the strongest fallen angels and being the most brutal/heartless creature and there you come, a innocent white angel, white wings, eyes that burn with passion and a pure heart- one of the strongest angels that fight for heaven

So, now imagine a fight between the fallen angels and the angels of heaven- good against bad- and since you and ace are pretty much on the same level, it’s clear to say; you’re going against each other. It’s a bloodbath, you and him keep fighting and then he does it, in one quick moment, he opens his giant wings and surrounds you, the lights turning into darkness and the disgustingly pleasing smell of him in your senses. You feel numb for a few seconds, then a hand touches your face, a quiet laugh is heard and then everything turns bright again, but something is wrong; you feel something burn on your chest, cutting deeper into your skin and you groan in pain. You look down, trying to find the source of pain and what you see let’s the blood freeze in your veins; a black print of Ace’s wings is tattooed on your chest, a white print of yours on his chest.

He turned you into his soulmate; you lost the battle.

A Dog's Life

‘I feel ill around her, almost dizzy, and when she touched my arm in passing it was like I had been burned. I can’t stop thinking about her. Wondering what she is doing, if she’s thinking of me, what it would be like to hold her hand or even kiss her.’

Blackbeard cocked his head and studied his pensive human. ‘Sherlock’ is what the other bipedals called him. Or ‘Git’. Blackbeard wasn’t sure which was the right appellation.

He loved His Human, though, whatever his name, and promised to be his Protector ever since His Human rescued him from the Bad Men.

And today something was tormenting His Human. He had not moved in hours and was wearing his Serious Face.

‘I suppose it was inevitable.’

Blackbeard whined sympathetically and rested his snout on His Human’s leg. Sherlock looked down at him and sighed with a smile, rubbing the spot behind Blackbeard’s ear that never failed to make his tail thump happily.

‘I’m in love, old boy.’

Blackbeard blinked up at him.

Well, this was an interesting development.


A few days later, Blackbeard was in the middle of his afternoon doze when the downstairs door opened.

The Biscuit Lady was fighting with the air monster downstairs and Sherlock was staring into the large metal contraption at the food altar.

Blackbeard lifted his head and perked up his ear as he sniffed the air.

Soft footsteps. And the overwhelming scent of Doggie biscuits.


Blackbeard jumped to his paws and barked excitedly as his second favourite bipedal hurried the last few steps into his home and greeted him with a hug and ruffle.

‘Oh, hello there handsome,’ Molly gushed. Blackbeard basked in her attention, his tongue lolling out in happiness. He could almost taste the biscuits she’d stashed in her bag.

‘Who’s been a good boy?’ She teased with a smile.

Me, I’ve been a good boy! He preened when she agreed enthusiastically.

‘Ah, Molly,’ Sherlock interrupted them, to Blackbeard’s disappointment. 'I wasn’t expecting you today.’

Molly stood up and Blackbeard sat back on his haunches, sighing now that he was no longer the center of attention.

But then he breathed in and forgot all about his disappointment. There was a strange scent coming from Sherlock. Blackbeard cocked his head and looked His Human over carefully. If he didn’t know better, he would say Sherlock was attracted to Molly.

Blackbeard tilted his head up to look at Molly.

Then back to Sherlock.

He took another sniff and a second scent, similar, hit his nose. But this time, it was coming from Molly.

I’m in love, old boy

Oh. Ooooh. Blackbeard’s heartbeat quickened in excitement and he jumped to all four paws as his tail whipped back and forth in a blur. His Human loved Molly! And Molly loved His Human! 

Oh, oh, this was the best day! She would live here and take Blackbeard for walks in the park with Sherlock, she would cuddle with him and bake him those pant-worthy biscuits every day and call him a ‘good boy’ and, and, and so much more! Blackbeard could barely contain his excitement.

‘-and three fingers. I tried to wrangle an extra liver, but I’m already pushing Stamford’s understanding. Maybe next month?’ 

Molly held out a cooler. One sniff and Blackbeard knew it was one of the Experiments that he would avoid at all costs. One unfortunate incident during his first week at Baker Street and he’d learned a hard lesson to avoid the coolers and their contents. 

‘That’s more than I expected, thank you.’ 

‘Just make sure they don’t end up in Blackbeard’s bowl,’ she giggled. 

Sherlock wrinkled his nose. ‘I rather think he learned his lesson.’

Yes, I did. Blackbeard shook his head and hacked in remembrance. Molly laughed and scratched his ear.

‘Poor boy.’

He looked up at her pitifully, hoping for more attention. But she was already walking into the kitchen. Sherlock followed her and watched as she deposited the cooler on the counter.

Blackbeard padded along with a whine. Sherlock absentmindedly patted his head, but didn’t take his eyes from Molly.

‘I, er, I was about to take Blackbeard out for a walk.’ 

His ears perked up at the word and he began panting again. A walk?! Yes, please. Oh, please please please!

Sherlock felt around the table for Blackbeard’s leash. With an awkward smile, he asked, ‘Care to join us?’

‘I would love to!’ Molly eagerly accepted. 


It was hopeless. Blackbeard shuffled along beside his Human Idiots as they walked back toward Baker Street. They had spent the majority of the walk to and through the park in silence, each looking at the other when the other wasn’t looking.

'I had a lovely time,’ Molly said when they stopped outside of Baker Street. She was looking at Sherlock balefully. Blackbeard glared at His Human. For a brilliant man, the Git was being remarkable stupid. If that lovely Shepherd mix from down the street ever looked at Blackbeard the way Molly was looking at Sherlock, they would be expecting a litter by now.

But instead of seeing what was right in front of him, Sherlock looked away toward the street. 'Yes. We should… do it again?’

Molly smiled, her eyes dimming in disappointment. 'Sure. I’d like that.

Sherlock cleared his throat and nodded. 'Good. That would be…good.’

And then they just stood there! Blackbeard looked from one to the other. Then back again.

Oh for the love of doggie kibble! Having had enough of their moony-eyed shyness, Blackbeard sprang to his paws and started running around them. 

‘Whoa, boy!’ Sherlock called out in surprise as his arm was yanked by the leash and he fell forward right into Molly, who yelped in surprise when the leash wrapped around the backs of her legs and she stumbled forward, bracing herself on Sherlock’s chest. 

‘Blackbeard, stop that! Sit!’ 

For once, Blackbeard ignored his Human’s orders and ducked under his leash and ran around them again.

‘Blackbeard, halt!’ Sherlock commanded loudly, just as Blackbeard reached the end of the leash slack.

Panting and excited, he sat on his haunches and watched delightedly as Sherlock struggled to untangle them, his face turning bright red and trying to avoid looking at Molly. A rather difficult feat, considering they were tied front to front. 

But Molly didn’t move. She was watching Sherlock flush and stammer and avoid her gaze entirely. And for a bipedal, she was also remarkably bright but rather blind to some obvious things. Like Sherlock’s feelings. But Blackbeard watched with smug satisfaction as she saw Sherlock and finally, finally realised what she had missed all along. Without a moment’s hesitation, she reached up to pull his face toward hers. Their lips met awkwardly, as Sherlock blinked in surprise. He seemed to be struggling to understand what was happening. But then, with a great sigh of relief, he closed his eyes and kissed her back.

Blackbeard laid down in the shade and smiled to himself. Yes, this was the beginning of something beautiful.


Six Months Later

'Are you sure? I mean, I would love to, honestly,’ Molly was saying as Blackbeard woke up from his afternoon nap. He indulged in a deep stretch before he padded over to his Humans who were sitting on his bed. Well, they called it a sofa. But that was neither here nor there. He nudged his way past Sherlock’s legs and sat down between them, resting his snout on the cushion.

Molly gave him a good scratch behind the ears and his tail thumped against the wood floors. Yes, this was the best life. Molly was here almost every day and Blackbeard was in doggie biscuit heaven. She would take him for a walk in the mornings if she stayed over or stop by for a nice, long ear scratching when Biscuit Lady was watching him while Sherlock was away.

'But I’m not sure how Blackbeard would take it. I don’t want to intrude.’

Sherlock scowled. 'Don’t be ridiculous. I love you and you wouldn’t be intruding. I want you here.’

Blackbeard whined. Sherlock’s tone was very sharp. He didn’t like it when Sherlock was angry.

Molly sighed, but then she smiled. 'I love you, too, you sentimental git.’ She leaned her head on his shoulder. 'And I’d love to move in.’

'Good,’ Sherlock declared and kissed her head. 'And just think, this will be our regular afternoons. You know, unless you’re on duty or I have a case.’

Molly sighed contendly. 'Sounds just about perfect.’

Sherlock patted his lap for Blackbeard to join them. Excitedly, Blackbeard laid across their laps and settled down for a nice long petting. He rested his nose on Sherlock’s leg and let out a happy snort. This was the life. Molly would soon be here every morning for walks and every evening for couch cuddles and he would die happily of consuming too many of her delectable doggie treats.

Blackbeard barely paid attention to their conversation, lost in the bliss of having his ears scratched and that one spot on his back he always had trouble reaching, as visions of doggie biscuits danced around his head.

That is, until Molly said, 'Toby will love having the run of the back garden. My current landlord doesn’t allow cats outdoors.’

Blackbeard’s eyes flew open.


Regarding Abigail - Epilogue (AU Tom and Abby)

TITLE: Regarding Abigail
CHAPTER NUMBER/ONE SHOT: Epilogue (follows chapter 32)
AUTHOR: theothercourse
GENRE: Romance/Drama
FIC SUMMARY: In an alternate universe (of In Formal Wear), a terrible car accident robs Abigail of her recent memory. She doesn’t remember Tom or their relationship. Injured and alone, Abby can only put her trust in a man who claims to be her boyfriend. Tom has a second chance to make Abby fall in love with him - again. (Based on a request from missviolethunter from THIS LIST)
RATING: Mature (includes some sexual situations and there’s a flashback in italics)
AUTHORS NOTES/WARNINGS: Based on the characters from Upstaged, In His Kiss, In Her Arms, Who Loves You, Baby?, The Road to Something Better, Regarding Abigail, Tom/Abby One Shots, All Tom/Abigail in chronological order  - Thank you the kind message this story has gotten over the past 8 months. I never anticipated a story of this length when I accepted the prompt. But it’s been so much fun! 

Book Cover | Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4 | Part 5 | Part 6 | Part 7 |Part 8 | Part 9 | Part 10 | Part 11 | Part 12 | Part 13 | Part 14 | Part 15Part 16 | Part 17 | Part 18 | Part 19 | Part 20 | Part 21 | Part 22 | Part 23 | Part 24 | Part 25 | Part 26 | Part 27 | Part 28 | Part 29 | Part 30 | Part 31 | Part 32

Regarding Abigail - Epilogue


My head spun and swirled, considering all the things I’d done with Abby this morning to get a succinct and vague text message. Texts like these usually meant trouble with Abby, something I’d done wrong or not done the way she expected.

However this morning had been glorious, and we’d been taking full advantage of her feeling better. Her first trimester morning sickness eased off and turned on its heel for her second trimester. She didn’t sleep as much, and she seemed more eager than a sailor on leave after six months at sea. Between her cranky hormones, need for sleep, constant nausea, and need to vomit without notice, Abby rarely wanted me to touch her during the first three months of her pregnancy, but now she couldn’t get enough of me.

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Blueberry Cheesecake Pie

For the Digestive Biscuit Crust:
2 cups digestive biscuit crumbs
2 tablespoons light brown sugar
¼ teaspoon ground cinnamon
Pinch of salt
¼ cup unsalted butter, melted

For the Cheesecake Filling:
8 ounces cream cheese, at room temperature
⅓ cup granulated sugar
2 eggs, at room temperature
1 teaspoon lemon juice
1 teaspoon vanilla extract

For the Blueberry Topping:
2 cups fresh blueberries
½ cup water
⅓ cup granulated sugar
1½ tablespoons cornstarch whisked into 2 tablespoons water

My OTPs Will be the End of Me

Me with Sasusaku: “Holy biscuits and gravy! They freakin’ looked at each other!” *floats away to heaven*

Me with Ichihime: “Holy biscuits and gravy! They were in a freakin’ panel together!” *floats away to heaven*

Me with Okikagu: “Holy biscuits and gravy! They freakin’ attacked each other!!!!” *uproots a tree by hand* *tree floats away to heaven*

The Truth Behind "Fat-Free" Food

Walk down any aisle of your supermarket and you’ll see everything from fat-free yoghurts to low-fat biscuits and ready meals. Heaven right? Getting to eat all the “bad” foods you would like and not having to feel guilty for it. Unfortunately, as good as that sounds, the fats that these foods usually contain are often replaced with other ingredients that are just as bad for you! 

Firstly let’s talk about “fats”. Here is a quick run down of the main types of fats:

Healthy Fats

Monounsaturated Fat: Monounsaturated can have a positive affect on your heart when eaten in moderation and should be used as a replacement for saturated and trans fat in your diet. They can also help to reduce bad cholesterol levels in your blood. Foods that are rich in monounsaturated fats are olive, canola, peanut oils, avocados, nuts and seeds.

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Polyunsaturated Fat: Polyunsaturated fats can also help to reduce bad cholesterol levels in your blood, which can reduce your risk of developing heart disease and stroke. Oils which are rich in polyunsaturated fats can also contribute Vitamin E to your diet, which is an important antioxidant vitamin. Like monounsaturated fats, these should replace the saturated and trans fat in your diet. One type of polyunsaturated fat which is particularly beneficial for your heart are omega-3 fatty acids. Foods that are particularly rich in polyunsaturated fats are sesame and sunflower oils, fatty fish such as salmon, avocados, flaxseed and walnuts. 

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Unhealthy Fats

Saturated Fat: This is the type of fat that comes mainly from animal sources of food, such as red meat, poultry and full fat dairy products, like cheese and yogurt. This type of fat increases your LDL (bad) blood cholesterol levels, which in turn, can increase your risk of heart disease. They may also increase your risk of Type 2 Diabetes.

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Trans Fat: Trans fats are fats that are created from oils that have undergone a food processing method called partial hydrogenation. They occur naturally in some food, but only in small amounts. The process of partial hydrogenation means that the oils become easier to cook with and they are less likely to spoil than naturally occurring oils. This type of fat is generally solid at room temperature, and is known to increase the levels of LDL (bad) cholesterol in the blood. The main food sources you will find these fats in are margarine, snack foods, fast foods and ready-prepared foods (that naughty stuff that we love to munch on).

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Before the creation of “fat-free” or “low-fat” foods it was quickly realised that if we continued to eat so much saturated and trans fats, our society would be one filled with heart disease and obesity. Fat-free and low-fat foods were created in order to ease the mind of consumers who were worried about their weight, having been told they need to reduce their “fat” intake to stay healthy. The bad thing? Manufacturers had to compensate for the fact their food was no longer tasting quite as nice. The result is food which is high in sugars, carbs and added preservatives and chemicals designed to make things taste better. So while these products may be lower in calories, they often contain tons of refined carbs which spike your insulin levels and get stored as fat if not used properly.

Next time you are in the supermarket before you pop that “low-fat” yogurt into your basket, ignore the big labels and have a look at the ingredients. No doubt they are filled with tons of sugar! I know so many people that like to use these foods to “treat” themselves, and if they eat a bit more they think it is okay because they are “fat-free”. This can be doing soo much more harm than good to your weight-loss process! In saying, that I know we can’t eat clean 100% of the time and it IS okay to have a treat once in a while. However, I recommend to stick to full fat products in small portions.

It is best to eat foods from the polyunsaturated and monounsaturated categories, these fats are also essential to maintain healthy bodies! My favourites are grilled salmon, smashed avocado on rye toast and a handful of nuts as a snack. 

Remember if you are not sure about something always check the label and choose the most wholesome option you can!

Kayla x

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