heaven hart

King City
Swim Deep
King City

I wanna be everything that I’m not
I wanna be rich I wanna show off
Just a desperado, with a sour twist
It’ll all come sweet on your lips

‘Cause I’m in love is so old
Put your flowers down it’s too cold
And fuck your romance
I want to pretend
That Jenny Lee Lindberg is 
my girlfriend


Video editors from TRXYEStudios decided to edit a multifandom video in order to show a support to LGBTQIA+ community.  We used song by Troye Sivan “Heaven” because it perfectly describes coming out and other struggles that people from LGBT+ community are facing almost everyday. 

We want to share this video with world, because of Pride Month, a recent tragedy that happened in Orlando and also because there are many more people that are afraid of coming out and being rejected by the others. 


Please share this video as much as you can so we can help other people and show our support for LGBTQIA+ community.