heaven actually


As we approach the Holiday season, think about those less fortunate, and the what the reality of being less fortunate means for millions of American citizens (ie fellow humans) as laid out by the incomparable @seananmcguire 

concept: magic wands intended for kids that allow them to practice the verbal and somatic components for combat spells without worrying about hurting themselves or anyone else. 

concept: taako and angus using these shitty wands for a giant long term laser tag battle that spans the entire moon base

  • me: I'm going to practice today
  • me, one hour later: I'm going to curl into a fetal position and have an existential crisis on the floor of this practice room

In Hell, Satan banishes you to an eternity in a dystopian wasteland. When you get there, you’re shocked to see a world more beautiful and extravagant than the Earth you just left. You’re left to wonder if this is actually Heaven or an elaborate ruse.

The truest form; this is me, 100% unfiltered

I’ve spent most of my teenage years growing up with over 10.000 people watching. Whenever i posted a selfie on tumblr it would hit close to 300 notes, sometimes up to 2k. But that’s not me. That is a girl who is trying so hard to be beautiful and flawless.

This is the real me. How i look about 90 percent of the time.
Although I love to wear a lot of make up I try not to let it take over, but I am very insecure about my bare face, without flattering angles or make up.

My eyebrows are a different height, my nose has a weird and big shape, my mouth is way too small for my face and kinda crooked. I dont like the mole next to my mouth. I hate that my face is almost a square, that i have permanent bags and that my face is bright red 90% of the time. I hate the scar on my neck from removing a cancerous mole, i hate the scar on my face i got at birth. (Which you cant see on this picture)

But after years of struggeling with my self esteem i slowly started to accept myself, to love myself.

I’ve come a long way and I’ve got a long way ahead with not just loving my face but with loving my body.