• 9th doctor: i`m pefectly fine, absolutely fantastic!!! *locks himself in a room and cry about the Time War*
  • 10th doctor: Time War? i havent heard about this for a while,I...i, i mean...*lay in the ground in fetal position and cry for hours*
  • 11th doctor: i was totally over it and now i dicovery that they are back!! Wonderfull, love time lords,love my race. Finally going home!!! ;)
  • 12th doctor : Oh well... fuck you.

Is it just me or are a lot fanfiction really depressing lately? Every time a new post pops up I just expect to experience pain and agony. With all these friendly reminders and theories, I feel my heart break into tiny little pieces! Don’t stop you glorious writers! I enjoy the pain! Bring it on! There is nothing I can’t handle! That doesn’t mean I want you to stop writing fluff or smut scenes! Keep those coming too! All I’m saying now is that I have finally died from all these fics about my babies dying and nothing and I mean NOTHING can hurt me anymore! I have read it all! However I bet someone will prove me wrong! I’m looking at you @sparkleywonderful @hermajestymanon
And all the other writers I have stumbled upon! I love you guys and can’t wait for all the torture I will endure at the hands of your writing!! (Does this make me sadistic!?)

One year on, my retro-style posters for series nine of Doctor Who.

They’re available as officially licensed limited edition prints and art cards from Big Chief Studios: www.bigchiefstudios.co.uk/art/artist/stuart-manning