Seven Excellences of Ramadan Fasting.

The Holy Prophet (saws) has stated:
There is no Mu'min, who fasts for a day in the month of Ramadan with the intention of attaining its rewards, except that Allah, The Exalted, grants him seven excellences:
1. The forbidden food that had entered into his body melts away. 
2. He moves closer to the Mercy of Allah, The Exalted.
3. Allah expiates his sins.
4. Allah reduces for him the agony of death.
5. Allah protects him from the hunger and thirst of the Day of Judgment.
6. He is granted pardon from the fire (of Hell).
7. Allah provides him the good and pleasant food of Paradise.

Source (Mustadrakal-Wasaailal-Shia'h, vol. 7, pg.395)

You are war wrapped in peaceful eyes and a Godly mouth and I am a tired soldier, blinded by your angelic smile, unable to see the hell that is your soul.
—  Nikita Gill, You Fooled Me Into Thinking You Were Heaven