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𝐩𝐚𝐢𝐫𝐢𝐧𝐠 | jungkook x reader

𝐰𝐨𝐫𝐝 𝐜𝐨𝐮𝐧𝐭 | 13.5k

𝐠𝐞𝐧𝐫𝐞 | roommate au. slight e2l au. smut. porn with very little plot.

𝐢𝐧𝐝𝐞𝐱 | explicit language and sexual content. mentions of vaping. mutual masturbation, sex toy usage, oral sex (f + m receiving), gagging, fingering, squirting, dirty talk, some wall fucking, riding, unprotected sex (you know the drill, wrap it up), multiple orgasms, overstimulation, creampie, jungkook has tattoos, long wavy hair and a giant schlong.

𝐬𝐮𝐦𝐦𝐚𝐫𝐲 | you hate your temporary roommate, jungkook and it doesn’t help that he’s been catching you at the most inconvenient of times.


“Seokjin, how could you do this to me?” You whine from the kitchen island, reflexively stabbing at the bowl of cereal in front of you. You can’t believe your roommate is just now telling you, a day before he leaves for vacation, that his “friend” will be temporarily moving in while he’s away. Of course, Seokjin pays no mind to your tantrum. Instead, he continues packing the last of his luggage in the living space, across the room. Simply rolling his eyes and heaving a sigh in response, he’s far more acquainted with your antics than he’d like to be. He could almost call you the younger sibling he most certainly never wanted, a nuisance wrapped in feigned misery. The arrangement between the two of you seemed nothing more than the result of a last-ditch Craigslist roommate search.

He should have known the consequences, he supposes.

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Originally posted by taebae-btsv

Author: @kpopfanfictrash , as part of the Bound series with @underthejoon 

Creative Content Contributor: @m00nk1ld FOR THIS FREAKING AMAZING MOODBOARD. I actually yelled out loud, the first time I laid eyes. 

Rating: 18 + (explicit sex, road head, denied orgasm, dirty talk, hate sex) 

Word Count: 14,566

Summary:  You hate him. He hates you. It’s a fine line though, isn’t it  – between love and hate? (Arranged Marriage!AU)

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Borrowed Sweaters, Stolen Kisses

— In a game of Truth or Dare, you’re dared to sneak into your crush’s dorm and steal one article of clothing to wear the next day. It just so happens that the hoodie you snatched was Shinsou’s favorite sweater.

pairing: shinsou hitoshi x reader
word count: 2,204
genre: fluff, aged up au (class 3a)
warnings: 16+, suggestive content

a/n: this used to be a harry potter fic i wrote on my hp account but i rewrote it for shinsou bc it just seemed fitting fhgjdhsfg. shinsou is in class 1a in this fic or 3a since they’re aged up and at least 18 years old u.u i hope y’all enjoy!! xx 


“No way.” You shook your head, kicking your legs out in front of you as you ignored Hagakure’s poking and prodding.

It was a relatively relaxed Friday night, and you and your friends decided to spend it in your dorm with a bottle of whisky and a game of Truth or Dare. The truths ranged from anything to, “Fuck, marry, kill: Sero, Kirishima, Kaminari” to, “Who was the last person you sent a nude to?” And the dares weren’t any better. Ashido practically vomiting in the corner served as a great reminder of that.

You were just grateful the dares you received were rather mundane. 

That was, until now.

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Strangers in the Night

Bucky Barnes x Reader

Summary: You’re on a date, but things aren’t going well. You find refuge in the restroom where you meet a man who’s also having a bad night. Together, you make an escape plan.

Word Count: 1,829

Warnings: Language

A/N: I saw this prompt a long time ago but I couldn’t find the link anymore. Hope you enjoy this story. Feedback is always appreciated <3


Originally posted by veronikaphoenix

“I’ll be back in a minute.”

You pushed your chair back from the table and unhooked your purse from the back of the chair while your date nodded, taking a large gulp of his drink. Cringing internally, you made your way to the restroom.  

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Day Off

Summary: Bucky really wants to take a nap with the reader, but she just wants to read.


Bucky is a giant dog that needs a lot of attention.

Pairing: Bucky X Reader 

Word Count: 2,169

A/N: Thanks for reading! Let me know what you think! I would love to hear from you guys! Also, if you’re interested, I’m willing to take requests (if you can’t tell I like to write fluff). I can’t promise I’ll do them as I reserve the right to say no, but the offer is out there. <3 

“Please,” he whines, standing in the doorway to the living room. Y/N doesn’t look up from her book, curled in on herself on the couch. “Please, doll?”

She heaves a deep sigh and looks up, no longer able to focus after ten minutes of Bucky’s begging. “I want to read, Buck. This is my day off too.” He lets out a whine and shifts from foot to foot. “Just go nap by yourself. I don’t know why you need me there.” She lifts her book again and does her best to ignore Bucky’s hurt expression.

It’s quiet for a few minutes and Y/N thinks Bucky might’ve finally left her alone when he flops down onto the couch next to her and buries his face into her hip, arms pushing around her waist to tug her a little closer. “Please?” comes his muffled plea into the soft material of her sweatpants. “I don’t sleep well without you, sweetheart. And all I wanna do is cuddle with my girl.”

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i’m sorry but the phrase ‘among their shared interests’ summons nothing in my mind but a vision of rey getting on some GFFA dating app and seeing ‘99% match with kylo ren’ and her ensuing indignant shriek echoing for miles and sending the nearest flock of porgs scattering

 — the cockpile: tell me more | namjoon (m.)


namjoon/reader | smut | pornstar!au


wordcount: 2.4k

contents: sex work, porn-without-plot, rough oral (m. receiving), multiple orgasm, cum eating, dirty talk, praise kink

synopsis: as an up and coming porn actress, you jump at the opportunity to debut on Kim Namjoon’s Casting Couch.

note: well guys, this is the second to last installment of the cockpile! only taehyung is left! that’s crazy! tune in next week for tae’s!


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Drums | Bakugou Katsuki

Don’t slide into my dms about how dangerous it is to fuck on a drum kit, I get you. This is pure self-indulgence~

Drummer Kiri next anyone?

Warnings: 18+.



You chewed on the string of Bakugou’s hoodie that you’d stolen, the air-conditioning in the practise room was freezing, and you couldn’t wait to get out and grab some lunch. There was no denying the fact that you enjoyed watching your handsome boyfriend practice but sometimes he took it far too seriously. Jirou just had to convince him to play the drums and of course he was a natural, channelling all his aggression into the instrument. Your friends had already gone for lunch, instruments haphazardly abandoned around the room, so now you were alone in the practice room with your explosive lover, and frankly, you were bored. Absentmindedly scrolling through your social media, you opened Instagram, angling the camera towards you boyfriend. His face was clenched in concentration as he focused on a beat inside his head, his muscles rippling with each hit to the drum. You couldn’t ignore the throb that coursed through your lower half at the sight, shuffling uncomfortably on the couch as you tried to ignore the feeling. Bakugou hated it when you distracted him during practise, especially when he was trying to think of new songs. 

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The Seven Steps to Sleep

Pairing: Bucky Barnes x Reader

Summary: There are seven steps you need to complete before Bucky can sleep soundly with you.

Warnings: implied PTSD

Word Count: 1857

A/N: This was requested as a headcanon regarding Bucky and reader’s nightly routine by @hufflebucky eons ago and I never forgot about it. So, CJ, this one is for you! Also, I know I haven’t written anything in a hot minute and I’m so sorry for that. But the series is almost done and I promise you the wait will be worth it! Thank you for your patience and undying support!!


One: let him know it is time for bed. He will need some coaxing and time to accept the impending sleep. He appreciates the heads up.

It is bedtime once more in your small apartment. Bedtime takes place around 10:00 PM and it is a time of both dread and exhilaration. 

Bedtime was always erratic with Bucky. There were some nights where he could go to bed without a problem, but there were other nights where his demons wouldn’t let him sleep.

You always gave him an hour’s notice that bedtime was coming up. No matter how many times he said with a teasing smile at 9:00 that he was a big boy and didn’t need a bedtime or reminder, you knew he appreciated your warning.

The squeeze to your hand was evidence of that.

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BTS Reaction - you being bratty and refusing sex


“Hello, love,” Jin says, coming up behind you to hug you. You’re not having it today though, not after what he did yesterday.

Your back stiffens and you give a small huff. Jin chuckles slightly and you feel your blood run hot once more.

“Still mad, I see,” he says smoothly, and you elect not to answer. You subconsciously push your nose a little higher in the air in defiance. Not that it matters - Jin is still towers over you.

He leans down to place slow wet kisses along the length of your neck, your resolve starting to crumble slightly under the tantalizing kisses, but you know that there’s no way he’ll change his mind if you relent now.

It’s only when he presses into you and you can feel his hardness against you that you pull away. Jin’s jaw clenches slightly at your stubbornness, but he doesn’t say anything.

“Princess,” he says, “I’m sorry that I’ve upset you but we really can’t get a kitten.”

You pout thoroughly, and despite Jin’s earlier arousal he’s smiling at you.

“Why not?” you cry.

“You’re allergic to cats…  I didn’t think I’d have to remind you. We were only in the pet store for five minutes and your eyes were leaking so much everyone thought you were crying.”

“Maybe I was crying, huh? Did you ever think of that? Maybe I was crying because I loved all the animals so much. What does that make you, pulling me away from all those sweet babies even when I love them?”

Jin laughs again at your antics. You’ve always had a flare for drama, but it’s something he loves about you. He wraps his arms around you in a hug, and tips your head back to place a soft kiss to your lips.

“I’m sorry,” he tells you, “I love you.”

Wrapped up in your boyfriend’s arms you know there’s no way you can stay mad at him, especially when he’s being so sweet.

“Jin,” you say, “Can we still have sex?”



It’s early in the morning when Yoongi finally crawls into bed. You’re still awake though, never really being able to get to sleep when he’s away. He’s been gone so much lately, and while you’re trying to be understanding you have to admit that it’s grating on your nerves just a bit.

Perhaps it’s your own self doubt, but you can’t help but think that it’s something wrong with you that’s keeping him out and away all night, rather than his work.

Yoongi must know you’re awake; he pulls you towards him and into a kiss that’s hot and heavy, and your head is spinning with the passion behind it. You briefly consider abandoning your carefully thought out plan for a moment, but decide to hold your ground.

You break the kiss and roll away from Yoongi quickly. He’s still for a moment - shocked - you’ve never rejected him before. Never.

“What’s the matter?” Yoongi asks, and you repress a shiver at how low his voice is. It’s always so rough when he’s aroused, his Daegu accent slipping out and lighting your core on fire.

“Nothing, Oppa,” you say, allowing your aggravation with him to seep into your voice. “But maybe you should see if someone at work can fuck you, since you’re always there. It might be quicker - you wouldn’t even have to come home.”

He heaves an annoyed sigh and even though you’re not looking at him you can imagine the look on his face; twisted into a cranky grimace that would usually have you giggling.

“You know I don’t want anyone but you, baby,” he tells you, forcing you to roll back and face him, “But I’m sorry if you’ve been feeling neglected because of work.”

He looks so sincere gazing into your eyes that you can’t help but lean forward to kiss him. He lets his lips lightly play against yours, gently kissing you and pressing you down into the mattress. You tangle your fingers in his hair in order to deepen your kiss but Yoongi stops you, whining slightly as he pulls away.  The sound makes him chuckle.

“Yoongi!” you cry. “Oppa, please.”

His eyes darken at your words, but he holds his ground.

“Sorry baby. This is what you get. I can’t have you thinking all I want from you is sex. Let’s just cuddle tonight.”

You huff quietly again, but let your boyfriend wrap his arms around you and pull you close. He’s warm and firm against your back, and even though you’re still a little flustered you can’t help but let out a quiet contented sigh before letting sleep overtake you.



“No?” Hoseok says, “What do you mean no?”

“I mean no, Hobi,” you reply, “We aren’t going to have sex tonight” 

The two of you are lounging in your bed on one of Hoseok’s rare days off. You hadn’t been planning to reject your boyfriend’s advances tonight, but with how he’d been teasing you tonight–in front of the other boys–you felt this was a fitting punishment.

He had been relentless, running his fingers over your body under the table, raking his hands through his hair and giving you that look, kissing you breathless when the other’s hadn’t been looking… it was shameless, honestly.

And so now you’re here, refusing him and hoping for the love of God that he’ll call your bluff to put you out of the flustered misery he’s caused.

Hoseok merely looks at you quietly for a moment before nodding his head.

“Okay, babe. I understand.” He lays himself back down, leaving you in a shocked and slightly angry state.

You huff to yourself, turning so that your back is facing him. All is silent for a while, just the two of you laying in bed in the dark. Eventually though, you can hear the sounds of your boyfriend’s breathing getting heavier, small gasps and moans escaping his mouth.

You turn back around to see Hoseok running his hand up and down his member, jerking himself off while staring directly at you.

“H-Hobi!” you chastise. “What are you doing!”

“I thought it was pretty obvious,” he quips, not slowing the movement of his hand, “It’s a shame that this isn’t your pussy wrapped around me, though. Bet that would feel way better.”

Your breath hitches in your throat, heat pooling at your core in a way that’s all too familiar. You can already feel yourself squirming in an attempt to get more friction for the throbbing between your legs as you watch your boyfriend stroke himself firmly.

“Do you want it baby?” he asks you, and you just nod and bite down on your lower lip. “Ah. Too bad… This feels too good to stop now…”

Hobi laughs as you gape at him, astonished that he would reject you even with his cock literally out and ready.

“But how about this,” he proposes, “Why don’t you touch that sweet pussy of yours too… we can cum together this way.”



Nothing had happened to make you feel like this; it wasn’t something Namjoon had done, nothing had gone wrong at work and there wasn’t anything to feel stressed about… but god were you in a piss poor mood. You had tried hard not to let it show while you were out with Namjoon and the other boys, but you could tell Joonie knew something was up.

“Babygirl, is everything okay?” he whispers to you during dinner when the rest of the boys are distracted.

“I’m fine Namjoon,” you say, scowling.

Namjoon let’s it drop, knowing that if you’re acting like this there isn’t going to be an easy way to pull you out of it. He let’s you eat in peace, as do most of the other boys when they notice you’re feeling a little grumpy. You’re happy that they do, too. You would feel terrible if you ruined the mood or made them feel awkward.

When your night is finally finished and you’re just walking into your apartment, Namjoon stops you.

“You’ve been upset all night,” he says. “What’s the matter?”

“Nothing Namjoon, I already told–”

“What was that babygirl?” he questions firmly.

“Namjoon, I’m not in the mood tonight. I just want to be left alo–” Again he interrupts, 

“You and I both know that’s not true. Whenever you get like this it means you want to be taken care of. It means you want to be punished.” Your cheeks heat up at your boyfriend’s words and you stare down at your shoes. “I’ve not been a very good daddy, have I, if you’re acting this way? You only do it when you’re desperate for me.” 

You huff and try to walk away. You know Namjoon is right, but you can’t help but want to push him just a little more; that way the punishment will be all the better. He grabs your arm as you walk away, pulling you back to him and grasping your chin, forcing you to look up at him.

“Look at me when I speak to you babygirl.” The sight of the fire in Namjoon’s eyes immediately flips a switch within you. “You’re being a bad girl…”

“I-I’m sorry daddy, I–” Namjoon tuts and you immediately silence yourself.

“You act like a brat all night, begging for punishment and when I try to deliver you tell me you’re not in the mood? You know you’re allowed to say no, but I want you to look in the eyes right now and tell me if that’s the truth. If you’ve lied to me, you’re going to be sorry. You’ll not be able to walk for the next week I swear.”

“I’m sorry…” you say. quietly.

“For what?”

“For lying, daddy. I want you please.” Namjoon’s eyes darken at your submissiveness, relishing in the power he has over you.

“Then bend over the table sweetheart. You’re in for a long night.”



You just wanted to test him, that was all. You knew it was petty, but you still couldn’t help it. It wasn’t fair that Jimin got to tease you whenever he wanted, do whatever he wanted, while you had to be a good girl all the time.

You decide enough is enough, and that no matter what he says or does, your boyfriend will be the one begging tonight. Jimin has the day off, and the rest of the maknae line are over at your apartment playing video games and generally causing mischief.

You try to be as subtle as possible in your teasing, keeping it to little things you can totally play off as nothing. You bend down a little slower, stretch your arms high so that your shirt rides up, doing anything and everything you can do to work Jimin up. You can tell it’s working, too, by the way you can feel his dark eyes on you whenever you walk into the same room as him; their heady weight threatening to pin you down and fuck you right there if you aren’t careful.

You feel a bit high on all the heated gazes he’s throwing your way, and by the time the rest of the boys leave you’re feeling both excited and smug.

“What was all that you were doing today, kitten?” Jimin asks, stalking towards you. You back up until your back hits the wall and Jimin seems pleased by this, placing his hands on either side of your head to trap you.

“I was just acting normal, Jiminie, I was just–”

“Cut the shit,” Jimin growls. “You’ve been teasing me all day, acting like a little slut. Trying to turn me on in front of Tae and Jungkook.”  Suddenly Jimin presses himself against you, letting you feel how hard his member is in his pants before continuing. “Well here you are. I’m turned on. Is that what you wanted?”  

Summoning all the courage you can muster, you squeak out a small ‘no.’

“No?” Jimin scoffs. “Then what are you playing at? What do you want?”  You stare into his eyes for a moment, watching as he gets visibly impatient. Finally you blurt out your motive for the entire night.

“I want you to beg for it.”

Jimin’s eyes darken in lust and anger. He brings his hand to your throat, pressing you back into the wall to kiss you roughly, biting your lip harshly between his teeth.

“Oh no, kitten. We aren’t going to fuck tonight,” Jimin whispers lowly into your ear, “My cock is only for good girls, not dirty little sluts like you. You’re going to have to get off the old fashioned way, with just your hand.  Maybe if you put on a good enough show I’ll let you swallow my cum.”

Needless to say, you’re not altogether too upset with how poorly your plan has backfired.



“I honestly can’t believe you, Tae,” you spit out angrily, “She was all over you and you were so into it.

“I wasn’t into it at all babe, I swear! She was the MC and I didn’t want to push her away on camera. It would’ve been so obvious that I was dating someone if I didn’t flirt back a little!” His admission only makes you more upset. You understand that you and Taehyung can’t go public with your relationship just yet, but still, hearing him say it always hurts your feelings. It’s as if you’re some shameful secret of his and you hate it.

On top of that, now he’s admitted to knowing he was flirting with that girl, too. Sometimes you just wish your boyfriend knew how to keep his mouth shut. You press your eyes closed trying to will Tae away- perhaps you can calm down if he just leaves you alone - but behind your eyelids all you can see is the way that MC had been flirting; touching Tae’s shoulder and letting small girlish giggles leave her lips at anything he had said.

You don’t blame her, really, you can’t. No one knows about your relationship, and you’ve been in the same position as her countless times - the thing that hurt was seeing your boyfriend’s reaction. The way he had looked at her… well… you only want him to look at you that way.

“Babe, I’m really sorry,” Tae says, approaching you with outstretched arms as if you’re some wounded animal. He places a soft kiss on your lips but you twist away from him, pressing your them together in a stiff pout.

“You don’t just get to kiss me and have everything be better Tae. That’s not how this works.” The boy in front of you hums quietly before leaning down to kiss your cheek softly, trailing his mouth slowly down your jaw and neck.

“I know babe… but we might as well try it anyway.” He leaves a small nip at your earlobe before continuing down, his hands coming around to unzip your dress.

“Tae-yah,” you say in warning, but all that really comes out is a breathy sigh.

He kisses your lips again, running his hands down your sides. “Come on babe,” he says, “Let me show you how much I love you.”



For the third time tonight you push Jungkook’s wandering hands out from in between your legs.

“Kookie-yah,” you tell him, “Not tonight.”

“Noona, come on. Why not?” he snipes at you.  You raise an eyebrow at the younger boy but still he holds his ground, looking as petulant and as devilishly handsome as always.

“Watch your tone baby boy,” you tell him, “You’re sounding a bit bratty if you ask me.”

“Oh I’m acting bratty? Look at you noona! You won’t even take care of me.” He leans in close to you, and even in the dim light you can see how dark his eyes have become.  You’re admittedly very surprised at the way your boyfriend is acting. He’s never begged so vehemently before, opting instead to submit to your every whim.  

Jungkook’s hands make contact with your shoulders, pushing you down on the couch and scrambling in between your legs. You can feel the way his length rubs against your core, already desperately hard as he ruts against you, and you wrap your legs around his waist to bring him to a stop.

“Noona please,” Jungkook says, “Please. I need you so bad.”

His head drops down onto your shoulders and you run your fingers through his hair, still not allowing his hips to move. At the feeling of your fingers on his scalp, Jungkook shivers and his cock throbs against you.

“Baby,” you ask him, “Is someone desperate?”

“Fuck yes,” he gasps, “Please let me fuck you, noona. Let me taste you. God I want you so bad.” Heat pools in your core at his words and you let your legs go.

“Alright then,” you relent, “Come on.  Fuck me hard, baby.” Jungkook whimpers in your ear as he scrambles to get the both of you out of your pants. He wastes no time, stretching you out around his fingers and pressing into you in a matter of minutes.

“Oh god,” he groans as he slips inside of you, “You make me feel so good noona, let me return the favor.”


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- Mackenzie xx


title: things unbearable
notes: this prompt bore a strong resemblance to my other witcher fic but i’m so obsessed with treating geralt nice that i ended up saying fuck it and making up a whole new reader personality / scenario. enjoy!!
rating: teen, it’s all very tame in this house
pairing: geralt of rivia / female reader
word count: 1,856

You look at the thing that feels and is not like you. 

Geralt considers it a lady’s look, one given to company. But why offer it up to him, as you pluck two loaves of bread from a warm hearth? Just after follows a much smaller one, pressed into a heart-shaped tin so brown with heat and use as to become something other than iron.

“My father sent you,” you tell him with a blasé sweetness that accompanies daughters who are not afraid.

“He said something about a wraith,” Geralt sounds flat. He’s unnerved by the light that curls in the centre of your eye.

You shake your head.You pick up the still-hot tin holding a third loaf. It’s tapped out, carefully with your hands stuffed into oven mitts.

“Idiot, thinking it’s a wraith,” you shake your head again. Though you look down briefly to butter the top of the bread, you turn your eyes back to him soon enough. Your fond eyes, “I have been told she’s a lutin,”

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Beautiful and Damned 4- Heart Of Ice [Geralt of Rivia x Reader]

A.N: My loves, your great feedback makes me so happy, thank you! Please don’t forget to tell me what you think of this chapter, kisses!

Reminder: This story will not follow the show’s plot, so even if you haven’t watched the series, you can still read it.

The previous chapters are on my masterlist!

Summary: Warmth turns cold fast.

Word Count: 3191

Warnings: None.


Originally posted by officerrogers

You could barely see Geralt in the following days. Aside from when he had come to your room to get Ciri after that first night, your parents had basically drowned you in court duties. Your days were almost the same lately, attending to your duties, helping your mother plan a feast, dealing with Fin’s moods and calming him down about his potential marriage and at night Geralt was going into the woods to hunt down the monsters.

Which left you no time to see him, other than when you were surrounded by people.

Not that you could do anything even if you were alone anyway.

But to say that you were frustrated would be almost underestimation.

“Is Fin really getting married?” Ciri asked you as you raised your head from the needlework.


“Fin. Is he getting married soon?”

You heaved a sigh, then put the embroidery down. Your mother had this bright idea to have you prepare some beautiful looking designs to put over the guests’ beds, so naturally, you had been suffering for days.

You would much rather go back to your sketches.

“It’s just a visit.”

“But will he meet his future wife?”

“She’s not coming,” you shook your head, “Not this time anyway. It’s just some ambassadors.”

“Still, he will marry her?”

You pressed your lips together, “Probably yes,” you muttered, and Ciri sucked in a breath.

“He doesn’t look happy about that.”

“That’s understandable. Not having a choice is the worst thing in the world, if you ask me.”

“But not you, right?”

“Not me?”

“They won’t marry you off?”

You felt your heart drop, “I-“ you started, but thankfully someone knocked on the door, then opened it when you told them to come in.

And just like that, your heartbeat got faster.

“Princess,” Geralt greeted you, “Come on Ciri.”

Ciri pulled her brows together, “I’m busy.”

“You’re just sitting there.”

She heaved a sigh, then shot you a look as if she wanted your help but you raised your hands, gesturing surrender.

“I’ll see you later.”

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Reading Their Crush’s Diary

a/n: THIS IS SO CUTE OMG MY HEART,, BUT PLS FORGIVE ME I ONLY DID BAKU + TODO bc they ended up too long and detailed and i ran out of what to write for kiri ahh :( also the hc’s turned out to be more like the boys react to accidentally reading their crush’s diary and finding out she also has a crush on him! hope that’s okay with you! ilysm thank you for the req xx


Originally posted by haru-kaas


— When Bakugou saw your diary abandoned on the corner of your desk, his first thought was to leave it there for you to find yourself. If it was something that’s important to you, you should notice quickly that it’s missing, right?

— But after waiting a while and realizing you weren’t going to come back and pick it up anytime soon, he heaved a defeated sigh and decided to return it to you at the dormitories.

— (Not because he wanted to be nice to you because you were his crush or anything. But because he knew you’d panic at the thought of your lost diary would annoy him with your constant worrying.)

— As he reached out to grab the notebook, it fell off the edge of the desk and landed on a page that caught his eye.

— The layout is tilted, ‘Bakugou…’ in big, bold letters that would make even the purest of saints tempted with curiosity. Of all the things he expected to see in your journal, his own name never crossed his mind. Katsuki peered closer, despite the nagging in the back of his head telling him to stop.

‘Why does Bakugou have to smell so good? As if it wasn’t enough that he’s infuriatingly handsome and has a nice body– But he smells like an earthy caramel too? It’s not fair! And not to mention his stupid smirk makes me want to kiss the smug look off his face…’

— He stopped reading there.

— If anyone were to ask, Katsuki would most certainly have insisted he was not blushing uncontrollably. And that he did not feel a flutter in his stomach at your words. And–most important of all–there was not an embarrassed smile on his face as he snapped your diary shut and tucked it under his arm.

— Nope. He felt absolutely nothing as he realized his crush had a crush back on him…

— When he arrived to Heights Alliance from the main campus, the first place Bakugou went was up to your floor, ignoring the questioning looks and mischievous grins on the faces of his idiot classmates.

— He knocked on your door, diary in hand and teasing smirk on his face.

— “So I hear you like caramel?”

— Your shocked and flustered expression was definitely worth getting the door slammed on his face. (And the following weekend, the two of you ended up going to a confectionery shop to try the sweetest of caramels.)


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— Todoroki didn’t mean to read your diary, but to be fair, he didn’t exactly know it was a diary in the first place.

— After class ended, he found a black notebook on the floor near the exit of the room. He had opened it only to find out whose it was to return it, but he never would have thought it belonged to you– His crush.

— Shouto spotted your name printed in neat lettering on inside cover as he walked across campus to the dorms, when a breeze rushed by and flipped the pages of the notebook.

— Before he could close it, he found the journal had been blown open to a page with doodles of ‘Todoroki + Y/L/N’ surrounded by various drawings of hearts and flowers.

— His fingers twitched and his cheeks blazed. Todoroki wanted to shut the book and respect your privacy, but before he managed to coerce his hands to close the diary, he caught a glimpse of what you wrote.

‘Have you ever seen a man so beautiful you started crying? Because that’s the first thought that runs through my mind every morning when I see him.’

— He couldn’t stop the embarrassed exhale of laughter for escaping his lips.

‘He’s so intelligent and powerful, yet gentle and kind. I want to learn more about him.’

— Shouto blinked. He didn’t know you felt that way… Though he never said it out loud, Todoroki had always wanted to learn more about you as well.

‘I wish he’d smile more though. When Todoroki-kun smiles, it’s like his whole face softens into the squishiest mochi ever! His cheeks dimple and his eyes crinkle and I could spend all day talking about it… His mochi smile looks just like this ⌒◡⌒ and it’s my favorite sight in the whole world!’

— He reached the entrance of the building and quickly closed your diary in case he passed by you in the common room. The whole way up the stairs to your room, there was a small, dimpled grin on his flushed cheeks as he thought of what you wrote.

— Even when he knocked on your door, Shouto couldn’t wipe the ‘mochi smile’ off his face.

— “Todoroki-kun?” you asked in surprise. “What are you doing here? And w-why are you looking at me like that?”

— “I found your notebook on the floor,” he said, quickly handing back your diary.

— “Oh! Thank you.” Taking the journal from him and hugging it close to your chest, you avoided his gaze nervously. “Did you, ah… Did you see anything?”

— Todoroki was tempted to lie and say he didn’t, but he figured he should fess up now and accept whatever anger you threw his way for invading your privacy like that.

— “Yes,” he admitted. “I’m sorry, I only meant to look for who it belonged to, but I saw my name and I…”

— The whole time, you felt your cheeks heating up to unreasonably high temperatures as you realized he most definitely found out your feelings for him in the most humiliating way possible.

— “But don’t be embarrassed,” he said, causing you to look up at him. “I feel the same way.”

— And after offering to treat you out to a first date, you decided to forgive Todoroki for snooping. After all, the date was most certainly worth it.


adam, cautiously: have you ever considered that maybe…. your brother acts with forethought and consideration and that’s why he is how he is

ronan: not only will i not consider this. i am blocking you and reporting you to the mods

adam, sighing: okay. what if i offer my own logic then


adam: hello

ronan: don’t make sense i want to burn shit down :(



part 5 - love never lasts

— you’re at a theme park when kaminari dares you to airdrop memes to the first device that pops up and reluctantly, you give in. but never would you have thought they’d send you memes back… nor could you have guessed the person you were feeling a meme-connection with was your first love and first heartbreak, shinsou hitoshi.

series masterlist

a/n: *HEAVES A HUGE SIGH* PHEW. glad to get this off my chest ahfjdkd,, obviously there is a still a lot more to the backstory especially regarding the breakup and why shinsou doesn’t think y/n is “blameless” and that will all be answered later ;) for now,, have this crumb ahdjdjjd this big heavy meaty crumb o.o i hope this answered SOME questions,, though ik it def elicits plenty more 😳 i promise the next part will be some mememate content and more crack 😤 ily and pls lmk what ur thoughts/predictions 🥺 xx sof

here’s my galaxy brain idea (inspired by this art)

crowley takes aziraphale out on a cowboy date, a cute thing where they dress up and go to an old-fashioned saloon where the staff is in character the whole time, you know. and aziraphale is thrilled, he loves cheesy shit like that, and he loves a sarsparilla, and usually he’d be the one having to convince crowley to do something like this, bc crowley is big on costumes and drama but only on his own terms. but crowley suggested it, and he keeps deflecting whenever aziraphale starts to get suspicious as to his motives.

and they’re there and they’re having fun and they’re drinking and talking and the bartender makes a few sly comments about how cute they are together, and aziraphale says “i know, isn’t he gorgeous?” and crowley says “shut up, angel” and aziraphale says “take a compliment, my dear, you’re a vision” and crowley says “takes one to know one” and everyone around them is positively sickened.

at some point, crowley whips out his lasso - not a euphemism, an actual lasso, and he looks at aziraphale and aziraphale looks at him and says “what is that for.” and crowley says “i know it’s so silly but can i pretend to catch you? i just think it would make a funny picture” and aziraphale, long-suffering and ever indulgent of his demon, allows it. and crowley has him all wrapped up in his lasso, and the bartender offers to take the picture for them, and right as she’s telling them to say cheese, crowley drops to one knee.

aziraphale gasps, the bartender gasps, crowley pulls out a ring and looks at aziraphale with the goofiest lovingest look in his eyes and says, so sincerely, so earnestly, “would you be my pardner, angel?” and aziraphale is just silent for a moment, and then he says, “that’s. your proposal. that’s you proposing to me.” and crowley is a bit hurt but he pushes through like “well golly, buckaroo, if it ain’t your cup of tea -” and aziraphale says “shut up, you sound so stupid. obviously i’ll marry you, but stop talking like that, for the love of something.”

the bartender has been taking pictures the whole time, and she continues to snap one every few seconds while crowley takes the ring out of the box, slides it onto aziraphale’s finger where it’s tied awkwardly against his side. and aziraphale says “you can untie me now.” and crowley says “nope, there’s one more thing.” and aziraphale says “what could you possibly need that requires me to be tied up like this?” and crowley says “lemme get a yeehaw, angel.”

aziraphale rolls his eyes and heaves the deepest sigh in the history of the world and then says, completely deadpan, “yeehaw.” and crowley grins like a madman and frees him from the lasso, and they’re both overjoyed, and the bartender gives crowley his phone back and she’s crying a little bit. and crowley uploads a bunch of the pictures to instagram with the caption “caught me a feller 💍 he said yeehaw!” and it takes him a good few weeks to get the schtick out of his system enough to discuss anything in non-cowboy terms.

anonymous asked:

this is just a request 👀 I don’t know if you do like team requests but I would like a manager!reader for Seijoh, Nekoma, and Karasuno and how the teams react to a strange male harassing her on like a team relaxation day/ outing/ just shopping?? LMAO IM SORRY IF THIS IS A WEIRD REQUEST I WOULD REALLY LIKE TO READ THIS??? 🤡👀🤧

Oooh yes, I can definitely do this, and I don’t think it’s weird at all! I love writing the team dynamics ^^ Fem!Reader is implied. I tried to mention most of the team in each one, but obviously I couldn’t include them all!



  • It’s already kind of an unspoken tradition that some / all of the boys will walk you home or to the bus stop or wherever you need to get to whenever practice runs late and it’s dark. They don’t want anything to happen to their precious manager-chan (these are most definitely Oikawa’s words, but the sentiment is shared by the whole team).
  • On this particular day, it’s completely dark by the time you leave the gym. You have to stop at the corner store to pick something up for your mom, and you tell the boys they don’t need to wait for you.
  • There’s a weird looking guy who just so happens to be in every aisle you’re in, and you brush it off as a coincidence - that is until you make your purchase and he follows you out the door without even buying anything.
  • You start walking F A S T towards home. “Hey!” He’s trying to talk to you, but you ignore him, pulling your phone into your hand when he reaches for your arm. You’re almost paralyzed with fear, but the moment his hand wraps around your arm you hear someone bellow out, “Y/N!”
  • You turn, and Iwaizumi, Mattsun, and Kindaichi are sprinting towards you (it was Iwa who yelled your name). The guy looks like a deer in headlights.
  • “Do you know him?” Mattsun calls out before they’re quite there, and all you can do is shake your head, hard. No no no. Words don’t want to form right now.
  • By the time they get there, the guy has already turned to flee, and Iwaizumi rests a hand on your shoulder as Kindaichi moves to pat your back awkwardly. Mattsun is just kind of standing there with his hands balled into fists.
  • “I - I-” You still can’t quite speak, the fear making your breaths come quick and short.
  • “Breathe, Y/N.” Iwaizumi looks into your face, concern in his eyes. “He’s gone now. Did he touch you?”
  • “No.” You try to take a deep breath in an effort to calm yourself. “Almost, but you guys were just in time.” You heave a shaky sigh. “That was terrifying.” You admit in a small voice.
  • “Y/N-chan.” Oikawa suddenly appears beside you, panting slightly, it’s obvious he’d been running. Yahaba and Watari are behind him. “I heard Iwaizumi call your name - are you alright?” One look at your face tells him that you probably aren’t quite alright, but you’re surrounded by your boys who are absolutely doting on you.
  • “I am now.” You say with a shaky smile. “Thanks, guys.”
  • “You are never, ever allowed to walk home alone again.” Oikawa’s tone is not one you’d argue with, even if you wanted to. Every single head nods in agreement.


  • You’d all decided to go on a team beach trip, just for a day, to celebrate the training camp being over. It’s a perfect day, warm and sunny with just the slightest breeze and a few wispy white clouds in the sky. It means the beach is especially packed.
  • You have all the beach blankets and towels spread out with a few umbrellas and chairs, and you’re content to dig your toes in the sand and read your book. Many of the boys are splashing around in the water, and every so often you glance up to watch them, smiling to yourself. Kenma is laying near you with a t-shirt over his face, and Lev and Shibayama have set about building a sand castle nearby.
  • You hear a whistle, and you ignore it at first, but then it comes again, closer. Peering over the top of your book, you catch sight of two guys, perhaps around your age, not bothering to hide the fact that they’re absolutely ogling you.
  • “Hey there, sweetheart.” One of them says as they approach, and you cringe inwardly. Really? Kenma lifts an edge of the t-shirt to peer at you. “Want to come hang with us?” He jerks his chin in the direction of his friend.
  • “Ah, no thank you.” You say firmly, pulling your book a little closer to your face. They’re still hovering there, and the sandcastle making is forgotten as Lev rolls back onto his heels, taking in the situation. Kenma has pulled the t-shirt off his face and is sitting up now.
  • “Hey hey, Y/N-chan!” Yamamoto is jogging toward you, followed closely by Kuroo, Kai, and Yaku. “About those snacks you said you brought-” He cuts off when he notices the guys, and the way they’re standing a little too close to you.
  • “Oi.” Yamamoto’s expression darkens. “Everything alright over here?” Kuroo adds nonchalantly, though his expression is anything-but. They all take a few steps closer to you and the creeps, who take a few steps backwards.
  • “Y/N.” Kenma says quietly, gaze flickering between you, his teammates, and the strange boys. Lev has stood to his full height.
  • “We were just leaving.” They practically stumble over each other in their attempts at getting away fast. Immediately, you have a whole herd of volleyboys surrounding you, asking all at once if you’re okay.
  • “Of course, nothing even happened.” You smile even though you’re a little shaken. “That was close, though.”
  • “WE’LL NEVER LET IT HAPPEN AGAIN!” Yamamoto shouts, practically face-down in the sand. No one else is quite as vocal about it, but they all agree. Your boys will always protect you, no matter what.


  • Spending a day at the mall with the team is always an adventure. There are constant stops at the various food stands and you’re pulled into one store, then another. You’re stuck in the sporting goods store looking at different pairs of sneakers for entirely too long, but you still love spending time with them.
  • “Do you think these look cooler, or these?” Noya asks you, holding up two different shoes. You tilt your head in thought for a few moments. “Definitely the yellow.” You finally decide with a grin, and he laughs. “I thought so too!” Just as he trots off to grab the box, you feel an arm around your shoulders.
  • “Hey, what’s someone like you doing in this store?” You’re so shocked that someone you don’t know would so brazenly touch you that you freeze. “You don’t look like the sporty type.” (First of all, what’s that supposed to mean, anyway? And second of all… EW) You finally shrug his arm off of you.
  • “I’m here with friends.” You say, trying to politely inch away. Tsukishima looks up from the other end of the aisle, and with a jab in Yamaguchi’s side, the two move closer to you.
  • When Daichi, Asahi, and Suga come into view from around the corner, you can feel the relief coursing through you. They seem to catch on, because they approach you quickly. Somehow, your new “friend” doesn’t seem to notice them.
  • “So, do you have a boyfriend?” If you didn’t before, now you have 12. Daichi finally speaks up.
  • “Hi there.” He’s smiling that smile, and if it was directed at you, you know you’d be quaking. The guy next to you blanches a bit, but he doesn’t move any further away. “Y/N, everything okay?” Suga gives you a pointed look.
  • “Ahh…” Before you can answer, Tanaka and Nishinoya explode onto the scene. “Hey, what’s the big idea?? Can’t you see that she doesn’t want to talk to you?” Tanaka’s face is suddenly inches away from his. It’s impressive how quickly he’d moved.
  • “Um.” The guy mumbles a pathetic apology as he turns away, and Noya shouting after him to “stay away” seems to have drawn everyone else’s attention.
  • Hinata drags Kageyama over. “Uwa, what happened?!” He’s looking at you anxiously. “Are you okay? Was that guy just hitting on you?”
  • “I’m okay.” You can finally smile, relieved. “Thanks to you guys.” You look from one face to another. “Some guys are such creeps.” You add with a sigh.
  • “Then we’ll protect you from all of them!” Hinata declares, with Tanaka and Nishinoya quickly agreeing. You even manage to laugh at that. “I love you guys.” You say fondly, warmth replacing the discomfort in your middle.
cherry slurpee

an alexei smirnoff x reader

word count: 5.6k

summary: working for Hawkins PD is no walk in the park. days off rarely came around, and as soon as you are lucky to get one- the chief of police, the mother of Will Byers and a Russian scientist come knocking at your door.

warnings: cussing, sexual implications, gun violence

authors note: whats uppp my dudes it’s finally out! i worked for so long on this so i hope you enjoy 


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Bloom for You

Pairing: Bucky Barnes x Reader

Words: 2,7k

Summary: An undercover mission at a museum leads Bucky to boredom, but then you show up and he figures that adding a bit of fun on a mission isn’t a bad idea. Based on Troye Sivan’s “Bloom”. 

Warning(s): fun, fluff, Bucky’s got it bad, few cheeky sexy mentions, language! 

A/N: This is written for my darling Gigi, @tropicalcap‘s 4k song writing challenge! Once again, a big congratulations on the amazing milestone, I know there’ll be thousands of more to come, you talented beast!!! I think I cheated a bit, as it’s not solely based off the song but also this tumblr post as well as another one that I can’t find the link to, but I’m pretty sure you’ll know which it is when you read the fic!! Thank you to @jaamesbbarnes for giving this a read beforehand!


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“Join the Avengers, they said,”

“It will be fun, they said,”

Bucky grumbled under his breath, promptly ignoring the taunting snicker that echoed in the comm. Wriggling his nose, he blew out his cheeks and let go of the air with a displeased grunt.

“Quit your fucking whining, Barnes,”

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