NCT - cherry bomb theory 🍒

i was trying 2 uncover anything about cherry bomb but kept hitting a dead end??? like rip it was impossible to create a theory ,,, on a pair of cherries ,,,,, & a bomb ,,,,,, UNTIL.

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Scenario: You come over to his studio to bring him food knowing he’s not eating or sleeping properly while working and like he wants to let off a little steam so he asks you to sit on his lap and his hands slowly start roaming over your thighs and waist and you’re talking but he’s too busy kissing your neck and >.<
A/N: Okay so I know there are a lot of studio sex scenarios with Zico. I tried to make this one a little bit different and played a lot on the whole dom/sub (but lightly, because Zico strikes me as one who likes to be in control, even if you’re being dom). I’m super self-conscious about this, but I’ve literally done all I could for it. Hopefully you guys all enjoy this. Please don’t kill me. Big thank you to @lunatheoracle for letting me use the idea and run with it!
Genre: Zico x Reader
Words: 3611
Disclaimer: As always, I do not own any of the gifs used and they belong to their rightful owners!
Warnings: Slight dom/sub play and smut. A FUCK TON OF DIRTY SMUT.

“Have you eaten yet?”

You weren’t sure why you’d asked. The answer to your question apparent on the small screen of your iPhone. His eyes heavy-lidded with an exhaustion that discolored the skin under his eyes, threatening to turn the pale skin underneath black. His voice a raspy baritone that would’ve left your lower body tightening, if you weren’t aware of his current state of exhaustion.


It was such a direct answer. The both of you knowing he was too tired to try and act cute or come up with a lousy excuse. You were ready to scold him when his next words stopped it short.

“Why are you dressed up?”

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♈️ ARIES // CoRoT-7b – This exoplanet orbits so closely to its sun that the rocky surface has become molten. The “hell planet” is believed to be covered in oceans of lava with temperatures around 4,500 degrees Fahrenheit.

♉️ TAURUS // J1407-B – This exoplanet is much, much larger than Jupiter or Saturn, and orbits very young sun. It possess rings x200 the size of Saturn’s. The rings span so far out that they even overlap/eclipse its sun, and cause the planet to be extremely dim. It’s accumulated several “moons” as well.

♊️ GEMINI // Kepler-16b – This exoplanet is very unique, being half gas and half ice. Most importantly, it is the first known “circumbinary planet” – a planet that orbits not one, but two suns.

♋️ CANCER // Gliese 581 c – This exoplanet orbits a red dwarf star, so it’s sky is crimson. It is very similar to Earth, but it’s tidally locked; meaning one side is always facing the sun while the other is in constant darkness, you’d immediately burn or freeze to death. But the vertical strip of surface directly between had been theorized to sustain life and hold water.

♌️ LEO // 55 Cancri e – This exoplanet is a super hot, super-Earth. When first discovered, this planet was believed to be made mostly of diamond, due to the high carbon-to-oxygen ratio of its sun and its own atmospheric pressure and temperature.

♍️ VIRGO // HD 189733 b – This exoplanet is a huge, gas planet. Astronomers have said that is looks like a big, blue marble, and have theorized that the blue color is likely due to the fact that it is constantly raining shards of molten glass.

♎️ LIBRA // GJ 504 b – This exoplanet is a bigger than Jupiter, yet has the lowest mass of any discovered so far. It is a world that is still glowing from the heat of its formation in a way that makes it dark cherry blossom or magenta color, giving it the nickname “the pink planet”.

♏️ SCORPIO // TrES 2b – This exoplanet is extremely hot, and darker than the blackest coal; reflecting less than 1% of any and all light that falls on it. It is the darkest planet ever discovered and the exact reason is still a mystery to scientists.

♐️ SAGITTARIUS // WASP-17b – This exoplanet is the second largest discovered so far, yet it weighs in at half the mass of Jupiter. This makes it the “puffiest planet”. It is also the only known planet known to always orbit in retrograde (opposite its host star), and it’s discovery challenged the traditional planetary formation theory.

♑️ CAPRICORN // Gliese 436b – This exoplanets immense gravity is strong enough to compress the trace amounts of water vapor in its atmosphere, so its core is made of ice. However, it’s so close to the sun that the exterior is perpetually on fire. It stays frozen from its own gravitational pressure (and spite).

♒️ AQUARIUS // HD 188753 Ab – This exoplanet is located within a tristar-system; a solar system that has three suns. If you were standing on this planet, you would cast 3 shadows, and be able to see witness a marvelous, psychedelic triple sunset.

♓️ PISCES // GJ 1214 b – This exoplanet is also known as “the water world”. The interior/core is comprised primarily of water, surrounded by more water, then covered by a thick layer of gases. Estimated proportions of the total mass are 25% rock and 75% water.

So as I was studying for my Astronomy final...

I was reviewing notes on how the universe had formed according to the nebular theory, and I came across the term “nebulae”.

For those of who you don’t know, new solar systems are found forming in nebulae, which are chambers where gas and dust begin to accrete and heat up, starting the initial formation process for a solar system. 

The term nebulae, a chamber for gas and dust, sounded extremely familiar. That’s when I had REALIZED

“Nebby” sounded short for nebulae, and cosmog bared the resemblance well to the description for a stellar nursery.
To support this, according to serebii, Cosmog is known as the “Nebula” Pokémon, and its Pokédex entry is, 

Molecular clouds form in nebulae, and as these structures gravitationally collapse on themselves, they begin to form a spinning disk. This disk increases speed until the materials begin to heat up in the center, eventually forming a proto-planetary disk orbiting around a protostar.

To which then I had found Cosmoem is known as the “Protostar” Pokémon, with the entry, 

Then after a relatively short period of time, the satellites and planets in the system clear their surrounding neighborhoods, and become as they are seen as as today. The star they are orbiting starts nuclear fusion, and THUS a Solar System is finally born!!!

Despite this being atrociously nerdy, I couldn’t help but admire the fact that the idea behind creation for these Pokémon LITERALLY were inspired by the nebular theory and how Solar Systems are BORN!!  Which is incredible to think about!!


The exchange between Bazz-B and Renji was totally the best in this week’s chapter. Never forget how Renji burned the Heat.

[ R to L format… except the second panel from the top because I’m derp ]

I added Rukia as a bonus. Dou ahou means “idiot.” –It’s actually Kaede Rukawa’s (Slam Dunk) catchphrase, lol.