heathy hair

‘Queen Bee’ Hair Honey

This product is a must for honey lovers, it’s perfect for curly or Afro hair needing help to lock in the moisture and for an added bonus it smells amazing too.
It’s packed full of Fair Trade Organic Cocoa Butter,amazing for softening & conditioning.
Corn Oil which is good for hair because of the linoleic acid which promotes hair growth and has a good source of Vitamin E.
Almond Oil is fantastic for softening the entire hair shaft and adding amazing shine.

Simply smooth over locks and marvel in the glory of beautiful hydrated heathy hair.


My favorite thing about having unicorn hair is that it changed so much in different lighting ~

▲ Pravana violet & lilac w/ Olaplex △

..and yes, this is all my own hair! I was so hesitant to go with such a fun color b/c I didn’t want to damage my lengths, but Olaplex really did help keep my stands heathy!


The thought of box color literally makes me cringe! I don’t think most people realize just how awful the stuff is, so I’m going to give you the knowledge you need to better care for your hair.

As a professional cosmetologist I can tell you I’ve been educated on the way hair color really works. When you go get your hair colored by a licensed professional there are a lot of things we take into consideration before making a recommendation and applying color to your hair. We are able to make a decision based on the amount of new growth (or your “roots”), how much gray you have, whether or not your previous color has faded, the natural color of your hair, and the products you use on your hair just to name a few factors. We come up with a customized formula just for you based on your hair and your lifestyle and we can continue to customize that formula over time. 

Depending on your desired color and your natural color, you may need two different formula’s to color your new growth and your previously colored hair. If this is the case, it would be impossible for color out of a box to give you one even tone. I think we can all agree, that is NOT a cute look. 

Box color also contains something called progressive dyes and often metallic dyes as well. The simplest way I can describe progressive dyes to you is that they never stop working. They continue to process and darken pretty much forever, especially if you reapply it.  Metallic dyes are just a mess. They basically never leave your hair. Usually they just stay until you finally cut them out. They are a huge pain for future coloring as well. They have chemicals that completely clash with all other hair color and they will make it very difficult to change… ever. Even professional stylists have a lot of trouble working around the stuff. 

Here’s something else to consider, you’ve heard all about preservatives in your food right? They’re bad for you, you know that. Well, box color is made to be able to sit on the shelf for a long time. There are preservatives which are very harsh chemicals in this situation. It’s very bad for your hair,  it damages it and it will cause your hair to be very dry and brittle. They may claim some kind of moisturizing effect but it simply doesn’t make sense and it’s not true. A meal made fresh with fresh ingredients is much better for your body than a microwave tv dinner right? Well fresh color is also much healthier for your hair. Sure, the tv dinner is cheaper but you KNOW it’s bad for you. 

So I guess what I’m trying to tell you is even though box color may seem like an easy cheap option it’s not a good idea. YES, box color costs $1 but that’s because it’s worth $1. You get what you pay for in this world. On the same note, I’ve seen a lot of people do their hair themselves and end up paying over 3 times more to get it fixed professionally than they would’ve to just get it done right the first time. You may think you’re saving money, but eventually it will most likely catch up with you. If you’re one of the lucky ones who’s color never looks obviously messed up I guarantee you WILL see negative results with the condition of your hair over time. 

If you’ve already been doing it DON’T worry your life isn’t over. I suggest you go to a professional stylist and let them make a recommendation based on the current condition of your hair and get started on the road to recovery. :) 



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