heathers: the musical

I really love the fact that Heather Duke is the only one without a primary color. Veronica, Heather M, and Heather C are all one of a kind (whether or not that’s a good thing) But all Heather Duke can do is imitate her surroundings. She’s so lost, she doesn’t even realize she’s been running on autopilot with a synthetic personality forged by someone else. What happened to the funny chubby girl she was in middle school? When did she stop caring about real things? Red, Yellow, and Blue just are. But green? Green has to be created. 

All POC Heathers Cast

made by @nb-partypoison and me!! inspired by this post

Chandler: Keke Palmer 

McNamara: Phillipa Soo 

Duke: Alice Lee 

Veronica: Brennyn Lark

Martha: Amber Riley 

JD: Jordan Fisher 

Kurt: Elijah Kelly 

Ram: Dan Domenech 

Kurt and Ram’s dads: Norm Lewis, Lin Manuel Miranda

Ms. Fleming: Queen Latifah

Random Until Dawn Headcanon

Emily loves Heathers. She would watch the movie almost every night and whenever she had a stressful day at school. 

She loves the musical, too, but she was upset that they took out all of Heather Chandler and Heather Duke’s sympathetic qualities.

She says she’s totally a Heather Chandler, but really she’s more of a Heather Duke/Heather McNamera mix.

I want an episode of Supernatural where Sam get’s cursed and can only speak by singing lyrics from pop songs. And he and Dean are trying to figure out where the curse came from, then Crowley randomly pops in and has no idea what’s going on so he’s just like ‘Are you serenading me, Moose?’

Then at the end of the episode Sam is all 'Ah, ah, ah, ah, stayin’ alive!’ and then surprise bitch, Gabriel pops in.

The end.