“Mechanical Tease” So this is a play with words. Heather Renée Sweet. The burlesque queen Dita Von Teese as a robot. Hence Mechanical/robot and Tease/strip tease/Dita Von Teese. Use some imagination to see how those words make sense. A little brainstorm sketch for some pinups in the works. Working hard on these pieces, therefore I try not display too much. Enjoy my peeps. #instavideo #robot #metaphor #futuristic #sketchingvideo #instagram #sketching #brainstorm #vulgar #kissmyass #words #provocateur #latenight #clever #atelier #pinupartist #eroticartist #illustrator #queen #naughty #ditavonteese #burlesque #sassy #stripteaser #vixen #goodvibes #sexy #portrait #goodmusic

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Moose, eh?

Hey we got another new Mutato sculpted! Heather managed to use her crafty art ability to create a Moose! Last week was a shaktato, and now a moose! Neither new Mutato are in the game yet, there’s still some work to on the models as well as the textures, but we’re excited!

Brad started transitioning Mutato movement and animation to a behaviour design plugin he bought. Heather’s been pushing pretty hard to make Brad implement Mutato behaviours for some time now, and he’s finally crumbled. 

Thanks for reading and see you next week!

mushmalow  asked:

Could you do Micheal , Gavin and the rest of the teens (the teens of High school years) at a party with alcohol and loud music and drunk teenagers all over the place? It would be really cool of you to write around that idea , but don't worry , it's totally fine if you don't ;) Anyways, I love what you do and I love to read your stories about the FAHC (^♡^ ) Hope you have a great day, pal !


I may have, kind of, ruined the party towards the end to blend it into a different prompt! Sorry about that :’DD 

The title is another Heather’s reference. Can’t stop, won’t stop.

Now that I think about it, the prom chapter kind of fits this prompt too! (And that one has less angst!) 

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Facebook boredom again...

“Scattergories… with a twist!! It’s harder than you think… NO using Google! Every answer must start with the FIRST letter of your LAST name. And DON’T duplicate MY answers.”

Animal - Horseshoe crab
Girls Name - Hannah
Boy’s Name - Henry
Color - Heather gray
Name of movie - Holes
Something you wear - High heels
Drink - Hennessy
Food - Hamburger
Item in a bathroom - Hair brush
Place - Hilton Head Island


Mon 22 May 2017

On thrusday we went to the Dodger game, Seb, Heather Jess and Sophie. I made it to sophies house in time for seb and sophie and us to get sandwhiches for the rest of the crew. We drove to the subway and pretty much made it on time. Our seats were pretty nosebleed. It was sophie’s first time at a game. Heath, Jessica and I ended up getting hats. The others got beer as well. It was nice. I missed my friends. We talked about outercircle, about bumble and the horrific discovery of Jason being on there (me and jess have been screaming about it for days) and Heather’s thristiness about Louis Clerc. 


The day was normal except that night we decided to go to the club? Jessica talked us into it??? But it was definitely a new thing for us. So was the Game the day before too. 

I kind of sort of lied to my mom about where we went but later the next day told her that we went to the club. We all looked v cute. I was a little tipsy because I drank it too fast but not tipsy to the point where I wouldn’t remember anything. Within in the first 20 minutes though he played almost all the songs I wanted to hear and was wore out!! But we were in there until a quarter to 2 until we left and got nuggs at McD’s. Some nice poppin hot nuggs. 

See the experience was fun because I was with my friends and we were just dancing awkwardly but the actual thing can be compared to a shitty IV party. 

I mean what do you expect its an 18+ club. Most of the girls wore tight dresses and heels they’d take off within the hour and guys that were the biggest grossest fuckboys in real life I’ve ever seen. The place was mainly POC. There was a latino room up in front and then edm and dj in the other. All of us at some point got snagged from some guy and would have to move closer to the group. Some were more gross than others. I was just trying to dance. That was my whole thing. I didn’t care about anyone else in the room and people could probably see that from the way I was dancing. But that might have also sent in an invitation that i wasn’t asking for. And the music was so shotty. He would never play the song in full, kept asking us to scream, and would disrupt the rythmn. You know I’m all about the rhythmn. So that was what was bugging me the most. And a lot of the songs turned into songs you couldn’t actually dance to. 

But it was something to experience. At least I said I did it. It made me miss the IV parties though, as little as I went to them. At least the boys are cuter. 


We drove up to SB to get the rest of my stuff. Immediately when we arrived all I wanted to do was walk to the beach and just sit there. But alas I could not because it was no longer my home. I’m going to miss it. I really am. I’m going to keep saying that too but eventually I’ll provide more context. I was starting to get grouchy cause of the lack of sleep I hate from the other night but you know. 


In the morning I went to a free cycling class at Bootyworks. Regretted it halfway but in the end I’m glad I did it. 

In the evening I went to go see my dad. Mainly because i was going to convince him to give me the money to SIR to Berkeley. He did. It seemed like he missed me. 

But unfortunately I cannot say the same. 


This morning I got Bumble. 

After the whole thing about Jason and talking about the apps at the game I just wanted to ya know scope it out. I finally feel integrated into the 21st century. And it feels weird, manipulative, statistical, and selfish. But I’m not mad at boys I’ve seen so far. Better than tinder right?

I’ve been watching a lot of Shameless. I’m almost done with the second season. Its so good! But I said I have to finish my other cable shows before I can binge it so so far I finished flash and jane. Now just supergirl and blindspot. I have a ways to go on that last one. 

I have an interview for Arclight tomorrow. Please pray for me because I really want it. 

I saw Guardians of the Galaxy 2 today. It was good. I love Chris Pratt. He’s always so beautiful in GofG

Pray for me seriously


anonymous asked:

hey asshole why have you hated your daughter since she literally came out of the womb the fuck is wrong with you heather is perfeCt

“There are so many wrongs in this. I don’t hate her, dear,  I’ve never hated her–I helped her grow up the way she wanted to. She fucking went against everything I ever attempted to teach her, she went off the goddamn rails when she could’ve easily followed her brother’s footsteps. So I gave in, gave her that life. Heck, I even granted her the whole opportunity to become entirely capable of surviving on her own; I shaped her, roughly, perhaps, so she wouldn’t be crushed by the damn world out there. And it worked. Everything that happened from there, both good and bad, was on her. She made that choice.”