This ended up as a movie poster but hey…. that’s the end of act 1 done and it only took me like most of 2017… 

I’ll get better at posting I promise. 



Time 2.5 hours

BeautifulCandy StoreFight For Me,  Freeze Your Brain,  Big Fun, Dead Boy Walking,  Me Inside Of Me, Blue,  Blue - Reprise 

First minute of Musicals
  • Hamilton: depressing backstory of a young man
  • Heathers: normal depressed high school
  • RENT: fuck, how we gonna pay rent
  • Dear Evan Hansen: enjoy the peace and confusion while it lasts sweetie
  • Falsettos: bitch bitch bitch bitch
  • A New Brain: how the fuck do I write a song
  • In the Heights: the milk's gone bad
  • Be More Chill: gotta masturbate