So we over here at ayeohwesterg have decided to make a site that houses almost every production and rehearsal pic from Joe’s Pub, LA, and Off Broadway, mostly because we’re kinda sick of having to search all over the place for them XD.  We also plan on adding more things that we’ll announce as they get done.  This took a lot of blood, sweat, tears and slaving over hot computers to get done, but it’s worth it!  

so please check out ayeohwesterburg’s site!

okay so if anyone is interested i will be starting
that stream of heathers the musical later again
today. but we need to be mutuals ( i’ll be following
you on hella-good-swift bc this is a sideblog ). the
stream will be from here && i can have up to 10
people join; please like this if you’d be interested
in watching with me.


Going Backstage with the Cast of Heathers the Musical

“I see the crayons on your spot. Do you get into character as a murdering teenage girl by coloring?”

“Yeah. I think it’s appropriate. Yeah. Teenage girls, you know… They color, right? I think?”

“Yeah. Yeah, they do. Totally. Absolutely.”