Can we all universally as a fandom agree that if JD had lived and he and Roni figured things out and got married someday that he would start to cry everytime someone would refer to Roni as “Mrs. Veronica Dean” because that was his mom’s name (theoretically) and he loves both of these women … Omfg. And that’s why he calls her Roni instead of Veronica bc he can’t say that name without thinking of his mom in that explosion


Years after the events of Heathers
  • Veronica: Psst. Miss Flemming.
  • Miss Flemming: Who? I have never heard of that person---whom I am not! Who are you?
  • Veronica: It's me.
  • Miss Flemming: I am a blind woman and cannot see.
  • Veronica: It's Veronica Sawyer.
  • Miss Flemming: Oh wait! Are you the student I used to have who was so insecure that she kept changing her name?
  • Veronica: No no no---
  • Miss Flemming: Yeah! First Darkstorm then Geminizzle then Neversmile then Freakface then Snazzypants---
  • Veronica: Okay okay fine! Yes!
  • Ram: NO! I'm not letting you get us killed just because Heather makes you feel insecure in your masculinity!
  • Kurt: In my-- Look who's talking!
  • Ram: *scoffs* Kurt, when I was ten years old, I killed a bear.
  • Kurt: Nuh uh! Really?
  • Ram: With a bow. Then Daddy made me take a big ol' bite out of its heart...
  • Kurt: Oh my god! That's....horrible!
  • Ram: No shit, I was bawling my eyes out the whole time.