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How do moms feel about dating sites? I met my baby daddy online and am way too embarrassed to go through that again. But like idk how else to meet guys. Ugh I feel pathetic I'm only 23:/

I met my SO online, and now we’re married. It was the same for Hannah (doncarnage). Dating sites aren’t terrible as long as you’re careful and use good judgement because there is always that danger on meeting a freak or someone. You could also try going to social interactions with friends, either a party or camping trip or something, and maybe seeing if any of your friends knows someone you might like. Bars are also a place but not always looked favorably on and don’t always end well. You are only 23 so there really is no rush into dating or marriage or any of that stuff.

-Heather (sacredseacow)

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Once you get this say five things you love about yourself publicly and then send it to ten of your favorite followers!

Alrighty, so because I’m terrible at talking about myself, I’ve decided to instead use this time to tell the world 5 things that are awesome about bettydays, because she is best human, and I think the world needs more of her. So without further ado:


1. Humor

You really only need to spend about 5 minutes on her Twitter or reading her fics before it’s abundantly clear how fucking hilarious she is, like last night my sides actually hurt from laughing. And it’s not just her actual sense of humor, it’s the humor she finds in life. Like she’s this brilliant human being but she still makes Dad jokes. 

2. Ridiculously Intelligent

The good thing about me writing this list, is that I get to include this point because I know it wouldn’t be something she would include herself. The thing you’ve got to understand about Betty is that being smart is just such an incredibly pervasive element of who she is, and it comes so easily to her, that I sometimes see her interact with people and it seems like she is genuinely unaware that she’s the smartest person in the room. She can tell you your MBI with ridiculous accuracy, and she just knows shit. Like I feel like half the time I spend with her is just me being amazed at her beautiful brain. And it’s not just book intelligence, she has this amazing emotional intelligence that just makes her great at reading people. 

3. Fantastic problem-solver

Bets is one of the most pragmatic people I know. Like she’s got this beautiful logical approach to problems and she’s fantastic as a leader or in a crisis situation. 

4. Expressive

It’s hard to talk about Bets without mentioning her fantastic creative ability to tell stories. Like, obviously people know her from her fics, but her stories are just as fantastic in real life! Like she does all these gestures and her eyes just get real wide and she laughs with her eyes shut and basically what I’m saying is that listening to her tell stories is pretty much the cutest thing I’ve ever seen. And I just think it’s really awesome that she can do it in writing and in real life, and be engaging in both mediums.

5. Independent 

Alright, so honestly Betty just has her shit together. Like she has a good job and she owns her own house and she writes so much awesome stuff all the time! She isn’t the kind of person who always needs someone to hold her hand, and I just think it’s great that she is such a motivated person. She’s probably going to take over the sci-fi sector of the world someday with like, 0 help from anyone, and I will be on the sidelines watching with pride.

You guys are incredibly lucky I don’t have time to write out everything awesome about her, because you’d be here a while.

(Also, she did this for me if you were inclined to read it.)

I voted in that Project Broadway poll and it was kind of ridiculous? There were three options:

  1. Keep the theme.
  2. Scrap the theme and move on to an entirely new one.
  3. Change the theme to “underrated.”

The idea behind changing the theme to “underrated” was that people could continue to use the gifs they had made for when they thought the theme was “minorities” but that makes no sense? Just because someone is a minority it doesn’t mean that they’re underrated. Like, is Hamilton underrated? Fun Home? Would any of us describe Lea Salonga or Audra McDonald as underrated? I saw someone make gifs of Ryan Steele, and not only is he not a minority, if anything he’s overrated.

Plus, how does leaving this up to a vote solve anything? The issue here is that none of you saw what was wrong with this until a group of people pointed it out, so obviously we can’t trust these people to accurately asses the situation from the proper vantage point?

Tbh this whole thing seems like a bad idea from its conception and I’m not surprised that an online gif making competition curated by young adult mainstream Broadway theatre tumblr users went so poorly.