heathers moi


So this is what NY has been for me. I went to watch Beautiful and it was an outstanding show, and you could see exactly why Jessie Mueller got her tony. I also went to see Audra McDonald in Lady Day but unfortunately she did not perform that night, in her place they summoned the spirit of Billie Holiday and that’s what I saw onstage. The most unforgettable performance I have ever seen, you can see how she got her 6 tonys! My friend got me a Playbill signed by the entire cast of Hearthers, it closed before I got here and she knew how I was dying to watch that show, so she went after the cast to get me this :D she is the best. She also took me to watch something that I’ve been dreaming to see for 5 years, a performance by Joe Iconis and his family. And it took place on the famous 54 Below!!! Words are not enough to express what I felt on the audience banging my head and singing along to Rosalie, Everybody’s At The Bar, The Goodbye Song, and of course my all time favourite (that got me crying like a baby) Albuquerque Anyway. Plus I got that selfie with Joe himself, one of my biggest heroes! I went to Sleep No More, something I’ve also been wanting for a long time, and I regret not having sold all my belongings to go other 7 times. I got two 1-on-1s, had a very intimate and beautiful moment with a nurse, saw the prophecy orgy, it was all I was hoping it would be! That little paper right there says that (after 4 days trying) I won the lottery to see Matilda!!! I’ve been in love with this show ever since the Oliver awards and know all songs by heart, but I was not prepared for the impeccable and flawless way it was performed onstage. The choreography, the set, the jokes, it is a show with no mistakes and nothing in it isn’t genius. Plus I was extra lucky cause the girl playing Matilda was on her last show, so it was very special, you could feel how the entire cast was feeling and she gave 300%, and that girl got so much talent that you can imagine how incredible her performance was.

But talking about luck, I want to take you guys back to March 29th of 2012. As some of you who follow me long enough might know, this was the last day of my first trip to NY, and coincidentally the first time Newsies was ever performed here in New York. And as you know, I got myself a ticket for that debut performance, so you can guess what my surprise was to learn that on August 24th the show would close. And that I was gonna be here. The Universe whispered some Seize The Day in my ear, cause it took me to go on the line for this historical performance, at 9am, for free lottery tickets. Yes, Disney was offering free tickets on that last lottery, and not only that, it was 100 TICKETS. And guess who got one of them? Yes guys, I did the full circle, first and last show of this movie/musical hat is so important and dear to me. I don’t have to say how much I cried and clapped and yelled during it, my hands were sore for not being put to rest for more than 15 minutes. But it gets better. After it ended, most of the audience went to get pictures and signatures from the cast. And I was going to, cause I had the full cast of the first day sign my Playbill, so it would be nice to have the last one as well. But as I was walking towards the cap-wearing crowd, someone else appeared in the corner of my eye and I knew it was him. I skipped some sits, ran through some very important people, got to him, and trembling, showed my clean playbill and a marker to that man, used the air that I did not have in my lungs to ask “Would you mind?”. And after watching him sign my Playbill, while I was trying to thank him for all that he has done in his entire career, I got out of the Nederlander Theater, crying more tears than I knew I had, still shaking, and not believing that in my hands I had the very last Playbill of Newsies signed by the legend, the master, the one and only, Alan Menken.