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1. how do you do?

Hey, I’m okay, a little tired!

2. your 5 fav books  - the sagas are valid as one - ?

Wuthering Heights, the twilight saga, the Chronicles of Narnia, Romeo and Juliet and Harry Potter :)

3. what are you wearing right now - underwear included - ?

Although still 5pm, I’m already in my pajamas! hahahahaha

4. do you have a tipe, - in case the answer is “yes” describe it - ?

no :)

5. a nice memory of your childhood?

The afternoons I spent in the playground that had at the end of my street!

6. 3 famous people you have a cruch on?

Naya Rivera, Zac Efron and HeMo

7. how do you describe yourself?

Good question! I have no idea! Maybe a little shy, romantic and funny… 

8. a secret wish?

Well, I wish I could say to a specific person that I love your smile, your hair, your laughter, your friendship, and also wanted to say how much I wanted her by my side. Loving me and caring to me as much as I care. But this will never happen …

9. your fav videogame?

Sonic <3

10. how would you like to spend your first date with crush/boy/girlfriend?

I think at a dinner at some outdoor restaurant, and then I would take that person somewhere to lie down on the grass and just stare at the stars, and we would be embraced for a time, just feeling each other’s hearts.

11. a twitch you have?

I have habit of biting my lips! It is so strong that sometimes my friends tell me to stop! hahahahaha

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4- What is your dream trip?

5-Do you want to do / do what university?

6-Describe your face.

7-What is your greatest wish?

8-What languages do you speak?

9-Do you have pets?

10-What are the celebrities you admire most?

11-What are your favorite songs?

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Heather Morris. Well, I am not a fan of Glee but when I saw her dance, gaaaaa! She’s great! Love her :) 

Heather dances and shows off her rockin’ body on the new Esquire video “50 Songs Every Man Should Be Listening To”! She tells the mag, “I find it so much better to see a guy at a club being a dork, and having fun, than trying to be sexy.”! And when asked how she does it, it’s simple, twenty-three years of dancing. 

Source: http://www.esquire.com/