…we’ve talked to you all about the ancient Egyptian idea of maat, which dealt with conceptions of balance, order, and truth…and as with all the stories we tell, they come from a place of celebration, a love of beauty, and a simplistic honesty…


Their grace, their confidence that only women who have lived a little can possess, their intelligence and peace were so inspiring I could have shot them for days. I could do a photographic study around the lines on their faces…the lines of life are signs of living, and isn’t life a beautiful thing?

Notes from the photographer on this week’s series…

Our first chapter begins now, and from here I’d like to take a journey together, to a place of ma’at, to a world where real women are celebrated, where beauty only exists in truth.

…from our continuing search for truth and beauty with Maiyet

I’d like to believe that we can bring back the idea of ma’at, that we will insist upon integrity, that we will seek out only what is beautiful and true.

…from our ongoing search for truth and beauty with Maiyet

The word ma’at itself indicated ‘that which is real’, and so for the ancient Egyptians, ma’at came to imply anything that was true, genuine or harmonious.

…from our continuing quest for truth and beauty with Maiyet

Ma’at was the Egyptian concept of truth, balance, and order. Ma’at was personified as the goddess of the stars; it was she who conducted cosmic harmony out of the chaos of creation, she who maintained the equilibrium of the universe ~ the setting of the sun, the rising of the tides.

…from our continuing quest for truth and beauty with Maiyet

There’s a frankness in her face, a clear crispness in her eyes and an honesty in the lines of life that she’s not trying to hide. All of these things make her maddeningly, dizzyingly beautiful, a dream to shoot and a delight to share with you…