Been posting more in-progress work over on the livejournal portion of artslam, but I just wanted to prove to tumblr that I’ve been working on stuff. :D Mostly composing shots. Here are a few examples!

Day 15, favorite psychic type: Delphox!

AHHH YOU THOUGHT I FORGOT/GAVE UP!!! WRONG. I’ve got 4 more I wanna do after this and I’M GONNA DO EM!! I ain’t a quitter!

Anyway, I fell in love with Fennekin from the moment I saw it. Delphox took some warming up to (its character design is a triangle with frighteningly-large ear hair, can you blame me?), but it proved to be an awesome buddy in battle when I played X, so I was won over.

Gonna try to give this 30 day drawing meme a shot in between working on the portfolio! I figure it’s a good way to practice this new style I’m trying, if anything. :D

Day one is favorite bug Pokemon! I’m not big on bug Pokemon, but I do have a soft spot for Scyther, which I attribute to my then-favorite character from the show having one when I was 12. 

Day 5, favorite fairy type: Aromatisse!

While a lot of the fairy type pokemon seem to bypass cute and move right along to “scary” territory in my opinion, Aromatisse is pretty darn sweet. She rates pretty high on the sass scale, of course, but I can totally see one liking a good old-fashioned sleepover. This one in particular is enjoying some pillow talk. :D

Hey guys!! TODAY IS MY BIRTHDAYYYY and I am having a pretty rad day! :D

Thanks to all of the new followers lately, btw! I’m so excited to see y’all here! I’m hoping I can get around to doing some more fan art really soon in between work and freelance. OH GOD THE ITCH. MUST SCRATCH…