Girlfriend & Muse

Heather Theresa Daltrey (née Taylor) [??.06.47]

I had a crush on him and you could say he was my first romantic entanglement. We had a little romance and we were crazy about each other, although it was quite comical as he was 5ft 1in and I’m 6ft. I even ran his fan club, opening all these letters from adoring girls. Eventually we went our different ways but we always stayed great friends. He was a very sweet boy.” - on her relationship with Davy Jones.

Heather was my second visitor, and she made a splash in the drab, prewar maternity ward, gliding in wearing full Edwardian regalia. Her floor-lenght orange velvet cloak shimmered and billowed along with her elegant gait. She wore an antique jeweled band around her sumptuous flowing red hair. Victorian lace and tiny embroidered red roses peeked up through the rouched collar of her cape. Heather always looked like a John Waterhouse pre-Raphaelite princess. She said she was off to a party, but she always dressed that way.” - Catherine James.

We lived together for four years before Heather decided that she’d like to have children. I wanted to do the right thing again by marrying her, but at the same time I still felt that I had so much more living to do. So I was honest and said, ‘Look, I’m in a rock band, I’ve got loads of other girlfriends and I’m not going to give any of them up. If you can put up with that, I’ll happily get married.’ Incredibly, she said yes. So much importance is put on the sexual side of a relationship and the ability to be faithful. Heather and I will be together for ever - no one else will ever get the key to my heart, but that’s not to say I won’t ever walk into a room and feel an instant attraction to someone else. But our marriage would survive, as it would if Heather was to have a daliance. Over the past 35 years we’ve developed something a lot deeper than that - we get on fantastically well and she is the most extraordinary woman I know.” - Roger Daltrey.


“My young friend Heather Taylor, a redhaired model who I used to go dancing with at Ondine in New York, had come to London to rendezvous with the guitar virtuoso from the Yardbirds, Jimmy Page.

Heather was a statuesque sixfoot beauty with exquisite style and a healthy appreciation for bad boys. Jimmy, with his ethereal, almost frail manner and soft black ringlets falling around his pale skin, was the ultimate in heartache. Sadly, after just three dreamy dates with her he expressed, in his sweetest tone, that perhaps they were seeing too much of each other. Besides being devasted, Heather was stuck miles away from London, living with her gran in the English countryside. I still had Roger Daltrey’s London phone number from New York, and knowing his kind heart and adoration of beautiful women I had an idea. “Why don’t you call Roger? I’ll bet you could stay with him.” Heather took my advice, and five years later they were married.”

Damn so Heather hooked up with Jimi Hendrix, Jeff Beck, Jimmy Page, and got to marry Roger Daltrey… I don’t know whether to be jealous of her or to admire her. I’m leaning towards admiring her since she’s fierce as hell and gorgeous so I’m not surprised she got such amazing men :)