Mandy and her mom Heather had visited other moms and daughters before. Today was a little special. Jean and her daughter Taylor had never done anything like this. Heather would be taking Taylor’s lesbirginity today. Mandy would be Jean’s little fuck toy for the day. When Jean and Taylor greeted them at the door, Mandy and Heather smiled widely. Another great Mother/Daughter exchange day was ahead.

A Million Miles From Heaven
NWS cast??
A Million Miles From Heaven

does anyone know where this bizarrely good quality recording comes from? it’s the first song of the musicalso it replaces epiphany and is not on the pop opera recording, and i swear that’s barrett’s voice. i found it floating around youtube with no description. is it audio from a proshot video? from just a really good boot? the secret beginnings of a cast recording that got scrapped? send help


Public figures who use their platform to support LGBTQIA

Hayley Kiyoko - Girls Like Girls: “Girls like girls like boys do, nothing new”

Demi Lovato: “These guys have ‘Burn In Hell’ posters. You don’t have to hate because my Jesus loves ALL!”

Brittany Pierce (Glee): “You guys lost, okay? And honestly the rest of us are just going about our business being normal and waiting for you not to be around. And not because you can stop us from getting married but because you’re kinda annoying.”

Taylor Swift - Welcome to New York: “And you can want who you want; boys and boys and girls and girls”

Kurt Hummel (Glee): “You can’t punch the gay out of me any more than I can punch the ignoramus out of you.”

Miley Cyrus: “Imagine finding someone you love more than anything in the world, who you would risk your life for but couldn’t marry.”

Callie Torres (Grey’s Anatomy): “You can’t pray away the gay!”

Halsey - New Americana: “But he could never love somebody’s daughter; So he vowed to be his husband at the alter”

Shane Harvey (Faking It): “That’s Noah, he’s a guy. And do you know how I know that? Because I’m super fucking gay, and I couldn’t be more gay for your brother.”

Ariana Grande: “Make some noise if you think the four Supreme Court justices who voted against gay marriage should get their heads out of their fucking asses and join the goddamn celebration.”

Our Love is God - a 5-Part JDonica Mix Collection

Full collection here.

5 playlists, 13 songs each, chronicling the trainwreck that is this ship. 

Greetings and Salutations! - Listen

J.D. and Veronica, when they first meet. The attraction is instant, undeniable, and irresistible.

animal - neon trees / us - regina spektor / fight for me - heathers the musical / wonderland - taylor swift / perfect for you - next to normal / two birds - regina spektor / toxic - melanie martinez / bubblegum bitch - marina and the diamonds / freeze your brain - heathers the musical / when can i see you again? - owl city / how to be a heartbreaker - marina and the diamonds / c’mon - ke$ha / blank space - taylor swift

It’s ‘Cause You’re Beautiful - Listen

The early days of J.D. and Veronica’s relationship, when things were good between them.

sparks fly - taylor swift / american beauty/american psycho - fall out boy / new americana - halsey / marry me a little - company / dead girl walking - heathers / die young - ke$ha / the me inside of me - heathers the musical / you shine - carrie the musical / i walk the line - halsey / there is a light that never goes out - the smiths / hypocrates - marina and the diamonds / treacherous - taylor swift / i never told you what i do for a living - my chemical romance

We Can Start and Finish Wars - Listen

When it all began to go downhill for J.D. and Veronica, between J.D.’s god complex and Veronica’s unwillingness to go along with his plans.

style - taylor swift / our love is god - heathers the musical / i’ve been - next to normal / bedroom hymns - florence + the machine / opheliac - emilie autumn / seventeen - heathers the musical / bad romance - lady gaga / misery loves company - emilie autumn / being alive - company / disturbia - rihanna / little red riding hood - amanda seyfried / drumming song - florence + the machine / strange love - halsey

You Carved Open My Heart - Listen

Veronica may have dumped J.D. … but that doesn’t seem to matter to him.

ultraviolence - lana del rey / forever and always (piano version) - taylor swift / meant to be yours - heathers the musical / wolf in sheep’s clothing - set it off / colors - halsey / liar - emilie autumn / every breath you take - the police / little red riding hood - bowling for soup / seven devils - florence + the machine / born to die - lana del rey / over the love - florence + the machine / die young (acoustic) - ke$ha / dead girl walking (reprise) - heathers the musical

Now That You’re Dead - Listen

Veronica’s saved the school from a bomb threat they didn’t even know they were facing. J.D. is dead. The slate is clean. But the ghosts remain…

asleep - the smiths / haunted (acoustic version) - taylor swift / i am damaged - heathers the musical / hero - regina spektor / shake it out - florence + the machine / i’ll sleep when i’m dead - set it off / i’m alive - next to normal / clean -taylor swift / control - halsey / dark paradise - lana del rey / god help me - emilie autumn / light - next to normal / seventeen (reprise) - heathers the musical