seventeen: a summary

veronica: i’m going to stand ten feet away from you because that’s how you get through to someone

veronica: stop murdering people

veronica: we’re seventeen 

jd: my mom died

veronica: well suck it up asshole. go buy some clothes or something

jd: will you go to prom with me

veronica: only if you choose me over murder

jd: i choose you over murder

jd, internally: i still wanna murder heather duke

veronica: i’m pretty sure he still wants to murder heather duke

“JD didn’t really love Veronica. He was just using her to kill people.”


“JD did really love Veronica. He killed people for her and that makes it all okay and romantic.”


“Veronica never really loved JD. She used him to kill people.”

No. Wtf

JD really did love Veronica, and Veronica really did love him. They truly did love each other. However, their love does not excuse the fact that JD murdered three people. Murder is not romantic, and JD isn’t a precious angel.
Veronica had no idea that JD was going to kill anyone, and she did everything a realistic 17-year-old could do in her situation.

“Heather M. struggled with anxiety and depression and that’s really sad. She deserves sympathy and a second chance.”


“Heather M. is sad so it’s okay that she bullied people to the brink of suicide and almost set Veronica up to be raped. She’s a precious cinnamon roll who never did anything wrong.”

No. Heather M. still did a lot of shitty fucking things that she should apologize for. However, upon reflecting on her feelings she is able to redeem her character by the end of the story for her deserved second chance.

Do people realize that you can like a character and still understand that what they did was shitty and wrong? And that most characters are more than one trait. Like, not everything in the world is black and white.
The whole JD thing is like Tate Langdon all over again.

An unpopular teen in their senior year is suddenly thrust into popularity as a fellow student’s suicide becomes the talk of the school. The main character, guided by the ghost of the dead student, pulls off an egregious lie that tears them apart morally and considers suicide- but ultimately ends the story looking towards a brighter future and a better tomorrow.

Did I just describe Dear Evan Hansen or Heathers?

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ofc nothing's wrong with changing interests, but are you still into heathers? :0 (either way im still following bc you have a nice blog, but i was curious as to what your current interests are now)

hell yeah im still into heathers

changes in heathers 101

in case u wanted to feel horribly depressed (then realise that it’s just a high school production and it Doesn’t Really Matter) here’s a link to a google doc I made with all most of the changes to the script in heathers 101.

also despite how shit it sounds, i’m still heathers 101-positive: I recognise that it’s a crappy high school version that is nowhere near as good as the original, yet I still see that it is a high school version. for high schools. written to be pg-13. yikes. chill u guys.