A new project
Written by Jeremy Whitley (princelesscomic.tumblr.com)
Illustrated by Heather Nunnelly (imaginetheending.tumblr.com)

“In the future, the government will track your every move with a microchip implanted beneath your skin…and you’ll do anything to get one.”

Illegal follows the story if Gianna Delrey, an undocumented immigrant living in the shadows of an enormous city. All citizens received a microchip that tracks their movements and stores the history of their lives. Anybody without a chip is an illegal. They can’t be tracked, but if they’re caught, they wind up in the deport camps - where the wait to be deported has become so long that most people die just trying to survive.

Gianna has done her best to stay invisible, but things are about to change and Gianna will have to choose whether to fight or to keep running.

Illegal by Jeremy Whitley and Heather Nunnelly

In the future, every move you make will be tracked by a microchip under your skin. And you’ll do anything to get one.

The Illegal Kickstarter is live!  Come check out and back the brand new project from Princeless writer Jeremy Whitley and illustrator Heather Nunnelly ( imaginetheending ).  There are great rewards and a brand new five page preview!

Please, reblog, repostm and share this kickstarter!  It’s Jeremy’s first and he’s seriously wigging out about it!

This is the black and white sketch for “Remember or Forget”. This represents Elegy for Keith’s class. Elegy means when you feel sorrow for the things that once were. I would explain how this fits into that, but it would be a HUGE spoiler.

Which…I am actually posting a lot of spoilers. WELP OH WELLS.

Also, this turned out a lot worse than I thought it would. I am starting to run out of energy, so I watch to redo this image later since I like the composition so much.  I do think I did a good job making Aex look younger here. I was worried he wouldn’t look 16. He’s not blonde, by the way. He has brown hair. He dyes it red when he’s older.


Our new song, inspired by a scene from the graphic novel / webcomic Vacant, by Heather Nunnelly. We hope you like it!

Watch on imaginetheending.tumblr.com

So here’s an embarrassing video of me talking about myself and Illegal. It’s embarrassing because I am in it.

No, but seriously, if you are unfamiliar with me or my work, I go over who I am and what I’ve done. I also talk about Illegal, it’s stretch goals, and our plans with it. Also there is a lot of thank yous.

For this Kickstarter: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/787527503/illegal-by-jeremy-whitley-and-heather-nunnelly


Finished the Cye character sheet. I also provided other designs over the years. The 4th image was done earlier this year and the last one was done in 2009. 

 One thing I changed big time is her boobs. At first they were small because most of my girls have small boobs, but I realize that I am being a hypocrite if I keep it that way. Reason why i don’t like big boobed characters is because there are so many of them. I like variety. However, by avoiding big boobs, I am not helping the figures of my women much either.  

Just because a character has big boobs doesn’t mean they are sexualized. So, I think this is okay. She has a knife AND a gun. That’s a tough lady.  

EDIT: AANNNDD she has six fingers. fixing now.