Pen Pals- Chapter 4

Parings: Tom X Reader

Summary: You’re Pen pals with Tom but you don’t know it’s Tom Hiddleston

Warnings: None

A/N: Thank you to everyone who has read the story so far and who has commented, re-blogged or liked it!  It’s because of you guys that I’m happy to keep posting.  I also was able to get this out tonight vs tomorrow..your welcome :) Hope you enjoy this chapter!

Word Count: 1578

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“Excuse me, I have to use the restroom,” you practically ran out of the room and headed towards the closest bathroom, Stacy close on your heels.

You opened the door with such force; you’re surprised it didn’t come off its hinges. ‘Shit, shit, shit,” you kept thinking to yourself.  You grabbed a stack of paper towels from the holder and pushed them under the faucet to start the water.  You rung them out and started blotting your face and neck, trying to calm your racing heart.

“Y/N, what’s going on? How do you know him?” Stacy asked, eyes wide with concern (or surprise, you weren’t sure).

“Tom and I have been writing to one another since we were in 3rd grade, only I didn’t know it was him,” you groaned.

“He’s hot!  This is a problem because..” she trailed off.

“Because I promised myself I would never meet this person, my pen pal.  I refused to exchange pictures, skype or anything.  I figured if I didn’t know who he was he wouldn’t seem real.  I’ve told him so much about my life, all the embarrassing things, past boyfriends, how I lost my virginity and how bad it was,” you chucked slightly, tears threatening to fall from your eyes.  You grabbed a paper towel and wiped under your eyes to catch the extra moisture.

“So basically he’s your best friend?  Again, I don’t see the problem with this.” You could tell Stacy was having a difficult time understanding where you were coming from.  Frankly, the more you tried to explain why it’s so bad; the harder time you were having convincing yourself.  Tom freaking Hiddleston is your pen pal.  You took a steadying breath and composed yourself before returning to the conference room.  Upon your return you were met with stares from everyone in the room.  You know they were all thinking you were crazy and what you did bordered on being unprofessional.

“I’m so sorry for running out of here; that was very unprofessional.  I want to assure you that my team will be working around the clock to make sure the marketing of this film will go off without a hitch.”  You looked around the room to see everyone nodding their heads.  When your eyes locked with Tom’s he smiled brightly at you and mouthed ‘sorry’.

The rest of the meeting went off without a hitch.  The cast stuck around for a few minutes to answer questions that your team was dying to ask (without giving spoilers of course).  Tom made his way to you and stood within an arms length distance.

“I didn’t mean to cause you distress, I’m sorry for that,” he apologized.  “When I got your email about the runner I knew it had to have been you I knocked over, so when you walked through the door I was in total shock.”

“When I got your email about a meeting with a marketing firm, I figured there couldn’t be that many companies in L.A. that have the same meeting today.  I’m just in shock.  I honestly figured we’d never meet and I could just go on thinking you weren’t real,” you blushed at your omission.  You quickly tried to cover what you just said, “Not that I ever thought you were fake, it’s just that since we hadn’t met or seen one another, you didn’t seem real.”

He hummed his understanding and gave you a thousand watt smile.  “I understand, no need to try and explain.  I would like to get the chance to get to know you, the girl who knows me better than anyone.  Would you like to get a drink?  We talked about going to Mangia Mangia, why not tonight?”

You took a deep breath and bit your lip in thought.

“Please don’t make me ask again, Darling.  If you don’t say yes Chris will make fun of me for the next week,” he leaned in and whispered, sending a chill down your spine.  As he moved closer you inhaled him; he smelled like leather and something that was uniquely him.  Your eyes fluttered closed for a moment before nodding your head yes.  You opened your eyes to see him smiling brightly, “If you give me your address I can come get you, if you’re OK with that?”

“Sure, give me your phone,” you insisted, placing your palm out waiting.  He unlocked it and you added your phone number and address to his contacts.  “Now you can call me,” you blushed handing the phone back to him.

“I look forward to using that number,” he winked and laughed.  You looked down to your feet and chuckled lightly, before looking back up into his eyes; they seemed to twinkle with delight.

“Come on lover boy, we’ve got to get going,” Chris said front behind you.

“I’ll pick you up at 7:30,” he took your hand in his and placed a chaste kiss to the back of it.

“Bye,” you all but whispered as he left the room, leaving you there with your team.

“Um, what just happened?” Joe asked, crossing his arms over his chest.

“It’s a long story, but the abridged version is he’s my pen pal from when I was 8 and we have been in touch ever sense,” you smiled as you told the story.

“So basically you made our lives easy then?  You have direct access to the cast, or at least one of them,” Rob chimed in.

“Think he can hook me up with Chris?” Julie laughed, but she blushed giving her thoughts away.

“You guys are all nuts. We’re just friends, and we aren’t even friends in person, this is the first time I’ve met the man.”

“Lucky you. He’s hot, wish I had a pen pal,” Nelly said.

You all walked out of the building and got back into Joe’s car to head back to the office.  As everyone else was talking about meeting the crew and work, your mind was drifting to thoughts of Tom and your date. No, it’s not a date.  It is just two friends going out to have a drink and maybe some dinner.  Your phone chimed indicating you had a message and you pulled it out of your pocket. The message was from an unknown number and it said ‘See you tonight Darling’.  You smiled as you added his number to your phones contacts and replied ‘See ya then’.

“Y/N, don’t you agree?” Rob asked.

“I’m sorry, what were you saying?” You asked focusing your attention on Rob.

He laughed, “Earth to Y/N. I said we should look at a few smaller venues where the cast can do talks, keep it a bit more intimate so the attendees can see that the cast isn’t just big Hollywood.  What do you think?”

“Since these actors are still pretty new, I think we need to hype up, not play down.  If it was someone like Johnny Deep or Robert Downey Jr. I would say you would be on to something.  We need to do things to hype up the movie, get them good press.  We could even do something where they show up to a hospital or school dressed as the characters and there could be a private showing.  They’re doing something to make people especially kids feel better and they get a ton of press from it, win win.”

You heard a few murmurs from the team as Joe parked the car and everyone got out and headed back into the office.  Two more hours and you were able to go home.  You tried to get some work done but your mind kept wandering to the evening. You were trying to figure out what to wear, what you were going to talk about, how he would smell.  The last one made you smile and you started getting nervous. You shook your head tried to focus on work again.

Finally, after what felt like 10 years, the day ended and you made your way through L.A traffic to your apartment.  You arrived at 6pm and headed straight to your room.  You pulled clothes down and held different outfits in front of yourself to look in the mirror.  Should you go casual in a pair of skinny jeans and a flowy top, or fancy in a knee length black dress with a scoop-neck.  

After trying on a dozen different outfits, you settled on a blue and white striped fit and flare dress with a slim hot pink belt that accented your waist.  You refreshed your make-up and added a little curl to your hair that you pinned half back.  You slipped on a pair of nude heels as you heard a knock on the door.  You looked around your room and it looked like a hurricane had hit.  You groaned as the knock on the door came again.

‘He’s not gonna come in here anyway,’ you thought as you opened the door.  The most beautiful man was standing in front of you and he literality took your breath away.  He was wearing a heather grey button down shirt, with the top button undone, showing just a small amount of chest hair and a pair of khaki’s.  He looked amazing.

“You look beautiful Y/N,” he commented, smiling and giving you the once over.

“You clean up nice yourself Tom,” you smiled back at him.

“Shall we?” He extended his elbow, allowing you to slip you arm into the crook.

“Let’s go.”

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Heather Chandler is an angry sports fan and Veronica is her girlfriend who is trying to seduce her but Heather is too focused on the game

I don’t know any American football players so I just put in random names. Excuse my ignorance plz 

Warning: A bit NSFW, but not explicit. 

Heather Chandler sat in front of her huge TV, sporting a Cincinnati Bengals jersey, with her surname and her favourite number - 10 - on the back of it. Her eyes were glossed over as she held the remote and turned the volume up as she watched the football game on the screen intensely. 

Her mountain dew bottle was already empty and she wasn’t even half way into the game. Her Doritos were opened but untouched, as she was too into the game to eat. 

“And Smith runs down the field! He’s going! He’s going! He’s GOING!” A pause and suddenly Smith was aggressively tackled, “OH! That doesn’t look good!”

“Rubbish!” Chandler screeched, jumping out of her seat and pointing at the TV, “Come on, he deliberately brought his neck down on his knee! Someone call a timeout!” 

But nobody called timeout and Smith struggled to his feet his neck having a large, purple-blue lump on the back of his neck. Chandler was red in the face, but chanted Smith’s name as if she was in the stadium, cheering him on. She sat back down and continued to watch, occasionally screaming at the TV.

Veronica came into the living room, an eyebrow cocked, a hand on her hip and a scandalously short skirt on. Her eyes were narrowed slightly, as she hated sports. Especially football.

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Heathers AU Chandler Lives AU, Lick It Up

“Bitch, you thought Drain-O would kill me?” Heather asked as Veronica and JD entered the hospital room. Veronica winced when she saw the angry look on Heather’s face. “You sure have a lot of balls showing your face here. And just in case you’re here to try and finish the job-”

“Heather, please, we didn’t mean to.”

“Veronica, if the ambulance didn’t get to my house on time I would have died. What do you mean, didn’t mean to? I had to get my fucking stomach pumped of Drain-O!”

“It was just a joke-we were messing around downstairs when JD accidentally grabbed the wrong cup.”

“Wrong cup? Veronica, you wrote a suicide note for me! They want to keep me here until they see to, and I quote, "not be a harm to myself and others.”.“

"Why didn’t you tell them about us?” JD asked the blonde glaring at them.

“Because I love seeing people helpless and desperate. Now give me one fucking reason why I shouldn’t tell everybody you two psychos tried killing me.”

“Heather we-”

“Both of you should be on your knees while you’re doing this.” Veronica’s started at her as she blinked annoying Heather, “Bitch, did I fucking stutter? Both of you, on your knees.” Heather waved the nurse call button for emphasis. Veronica reluctantly did so, but JD was still standing as he took a sip of his slushie.


“I’m not doing it.”

“JD please, if I get arrested then I can’t go to college and-”

“College? Seriously?”

“JD, please.” The teen hesitated before rolling his eyes and getting down on his knees next to Veronica.

“Aw, isn’t that adorable? Both of you down on your knees ready to beg? Veronica take his slushie.”


“Take it.” The girl in the blue blazer too the drink from the other teen as a smirk crossed Heather’s face. “Now dump it on him.”


“You heard me.” Taking off the lid she tipped the cup over on JD’s head. Heather burst out laughing as he tried wiping it out of his eyes while Veronica tried to avoid eye contact with him out of guilt. “Oh my God, I can’t believe you actually did that.”

“Yeah, so are you happy now?”

“Nope. Now I want you to lick it off.”

“No! That’s just-gross and disgusting and-”

“Trust me Ronnie, that’s not the worst blue stuff you can drink.” Heather dangled the button in front of the two. “Besides your his girlfriend, right? This shouldn’t be a problem for you. As you said a few nights ago, lick it up baby~” Heathers condescending voice annoyed the two as Veronica and JD got awkwardly choose before Veronica suck her tongue on JD’s face before quickly pulling back. “Does lil’ Ronnie have a problem?”

“Heather, seriously what do you want? We’re-”

“You’re,” JD added in making Veronica glare at him before looking back at Heather.

“Both very sorry. But we aren’t doing this weird ass shit.”

“I could just call a nurse then.”

“Heather if you were going to you’d have done it by now.” Heather’s moment of hesitation let Veronica know she was right in her assumption.

“Fine…you’re right. But you do know you owe me for trying to kill me, right?”


“Wish we finished the job.”


“Nah, it probably would have been better if you did. But I actually do need something.” Heather lifted her other arm slightly showing off the strap holding it to the bed. “This place is shitty and nobody’s come to see me yet, not even daddy, and I could really use a smoke right now. Go get me some…please.” The teen looked at Heather surprised when she said that. “Come on, we don’t have all day. This place gets more depressing by the minute.”

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Author Interview -- mysilverylining
This week’s author interview is with the up and coming Veronica Mars fic writer, mysilverylining. Maybe you’ve heard of her? Duh. Of course you have! She’s currently got two WIPs. “Sometimes You Can’t Make it On Your Own,” a season one AU starting with 1.03, “Meet John Smith,” and “Neptune,” a future-fic that takes place five years after the finale. 
1. When you’re not writing fic, what are you doing?
I’m always writing fic.  Sure, sometimes it’s the same paragraphs, over and over again, for weeks in a row.  But whichever chapter I’m working on is always open on my task bar.  Judging and taunting me.  
Sometimes I sleep.  Sometimes I work.  I spend too much time commuting in my car.  I watch a gazillion TV shows, but always seem to miss everything important - hello, ADD.  I buy ridiculous kitchen gadgets I’ll never use and have no place to store (strawberry slicer, anyone?).  I start fanvids I’ll never finish.  I’m mostly ignored by my Aspie kid.  Used as furniture by one cat.  Stared at creepily by the other one (whom I’m convinced is plotting my murder).  
And Tumblr.  Always always Tumblr.  
2. Had you ever written before you started writing for Veronica Mars? What inspired you to start writing for VMars? 
I hadn’t even read any fanfiction before watching Veronica Mars.  I’d actually avoided reading ff for years.  
I binged all three seasons in a fever, and then went crazy online searching for fanvids and forum discussions, recaps and meta.  I’d never gone through show withdrawal like that before, and I remember feeling like nothing would fill that Veronica Mars shaped hole.    
One day, seeing a link to a highly recommended fic, I finally said “Fuck it,” and clicked.  Luckily, that fic happened to be “A Strange New Story Every Time”, which left such a strong impression that I started devouring all the fic I could find.  Why did I wait so long?  I’ve always made up stories in my head to help myself fall asleep, and Logan and Veronica started taking center stage.  
I started a dozen or so stories in a OneNote notebook.  Some were painfully awful.  Some, were promising enough that I still intend to complete them someday.  The first one I finished was this crazypants amalgamation of the Pilot, Credit Where Credit Due, and You Think You Know Somebody - all smushed-together on the same timeline - where Veronicatakes Logan up on his offer to “Come with”.  They end up solving the Chardo case and the Troy case on this long field trip to TJ, while snarking and squabbling the entire time.  Until…you know.  That one will never see the light of day, but it gave me an idea how much I love writing.  Especially that time period.      
The first fic I ever worked up the nerve to publish was ‘I Hate You Because’.  I would have been happy if four or five people had read and enjoyed it.  The response to that fic absolutely floored me, and gave me the encouragement to keep writing.      
3. Biggest Veronica Mars fanfiction pet peeve?   
I’m really not very hard to please.  I can find something to like in almost anything.  But there are a few things that irk me.
  • Logan acting like a Neanderthal who has a nervous breakdown every time Veronica leaves the house.  Canonically, the only time he ever worried about her job was after Mercer/Moe shaved her head.  Over-protectiveness is NOT Logan’s default setting.  He doesn’t mind being the cavalry, but in three seasons, he only tried to stop her from doing her job one time - after proof that she was being targeted.  Logan LOVES, admires, and respects Veronica as the badass P.I. she is.  I’ll forgive it in a story, if she’s had death threats or a stalker in-universe.  But if she’s just going out for a routine stakeout?  Nope.  
  • Overly neurotic characters.  Of course,they all have major issues, which should be explored and addressed.  They’re from Neptune after all.  But if those issues are like a black hole that sucks all of the joy out of the story, I. Just. Can’t.  
  • Logan trading his entire personality to be Veronica’s Generic CW love interest who always says and does the right thing.  Happens a lot in S1 fics where Logan learns of Veronica’s rape or difficulties after Lilly’s death, and completely forgets how to snark.  Jason Dohring’s expressive face can sell it, but in writing, Logan needs to have an edge.  He needs to be dramatic and a little pissy.  Morally gray.  Cocky.  The same goes for Dick with regards to Mac.  You can’t turn him into Piz, throw a “Dude” in every sentence, and expect me to accept it as Dick.
  • The word “ministrations”.  Acceptable if Veronica is cleaning Logan’s wounds or nursing him back to health, but takes me right out of a love scene every time.  Kills the mood, because it summons images of Neosporin, peroxide, and gauze pads.    
  • “The petite blonde”.  This phrase is like nails on a chalkboard to me when it’s used in place of a proper name or pronoun.  Same with “the older detective”, “the shorter boy”, “the younger sibling”, etc…  I’d rather see the name/pronoun overused, than to see this.  The exception would be when we’re reading about character(s) who haven’t yet been introduced by name.  Does this make me a horrible person?

4. Why do you think it is that Veronica Mars, out of all the shows out there, is the one that has wormed its way into your heart in such a profound way?  
I love Veronica to death.  I admire her and identify with her.  I root for her and cheer for her always.   
But Logan is my heart.  My muse.  The fictional love-of-my-life.  
No character has ever gotten under my skin like that jackass.  I want to write ALL of his stories.  Pre-series unbroken (merely fractured) Logan.  Pilot OPJ Logan.  Reluctant Veronica-stan Logan.  Angry self-destructive S2 Logan.  Maturing S3 Logan.  Rebuilding S4 Logan.  Future, healthy-member-of-society Logan.  Future re-OPJ’d Logan.  All of them.  
5. Season three of the series saw a number of hardcore fans give Rob Thomas the side-eye, and many left the fandom. Two part questions: a) what kept you sticking through season three? b) and is there anything you felt season three handled particularly well?
I’ve never hated S3 as much as most people do.  Sure, I hated the straw feminists, the keister egg rape, Tim Foyle, and his hideous wig.  But there was plenty of greatness in S3.    
Many of my all-time favorite Logan/Veronica moments are in Season 3.  I could spend forever watching 'Actual-Married-Couple' L/V.  Sharing meals.  Bantering.  Supporting each other.  They’re not acting on pure passion like in S1.  They know each other inside out.  They love each other.  They've chosen each other.  And it’s beautiful.  I HATED the Madison debacle, but I loved Every. Single. Other. Thing. between them.  I loved their happy scenes.  I loved their sad scenes.  Their fight scenes.  Even their post-breakup scenes (was their chemistry ever stronger?).  
Season 3 gave us perfect onscreen pairings.  Logan / Wallace, Veronica / Prof Landry, Veronica / Dean O'Dell, Logan / Heather Buttons, Mac / Max (So what?  I liked it), Piz / Desmond Fellows, Veronica / Dick, Veronica /Jeff Ratner (love him or hate him, he was the perfect snarky foil for Veronica), and my personal favorite, Logan / Mac.  
Season 3 ended with two stellar episodes, and set-up so many threads for an amazing Season 4.  I’m going to write that story someday, dammit!  Seriously.   
6. Were there any storylines in the series, movie, or now book that you started off loving but ended up not caring for? How would you have handled it differently?
That’s a hard one.  I won’t even touch on the straw feminists.  Everyone else has already said it, and probably better than I could.  This is a hard question, because the things I would most change - the Madison debacle for example - weren’t things I ever started off loving.  
The closest I can come to answering in the spirit of the question would be the S2 L/V/D triangle.  I didn’t start off loving it, but I was initially okay with V/D dating.  I felt that since they were “cruelly ripped apart by fate” according to the narrative, it was inevitable that they would try again eventually, and I wanted to just get it over with.  
As much as I love (and would hate to lose) those flashback scenes from the Summer of LoVe, I think the better story might have been to have Wallace be the one at the door.  I would have handled it differently by Veronica actuallynoticing Duncan’s transgressions, calling him on his shit, and kicking him and his Madonna/Whore complex to the curb.  Veronica should have had the epiphany that NORMAL wasn’t really doing it for her.    
I would NOT have had Duncan ride off into the sunset, halo still shining.  I would have had him stay in Neptune and battle for custody of his daughter.  I would have had him experience consequences for his choices just like Wallace, Weevil, and Logan. I would have had him embrace his noir roots and “go dark”.  Become a villain.      
7. You are currently posting chapters for two stories: a season one AU and a future fic. Are there any challenges inherent in writing two stories so different from one another at the same time?
I think the biggest challenge is remembering to use Past Tense when writing Sometimes.  Present tense is the natural fit for me, and I really have to force myself to switch.  
Characterization is not a problem between Neptune and Sometimes.  
Where I’m actually struggling now is in keeping Neptune separate from movie and book canon.  
One of the main premises of Neptune is how people adapt and change based on the events in their life.  How adversity can bring out the very best or very worst in people.  Logan has a very detailed and complex backstory that will eventually explain exactly how he came to be the person he is.  So does Veronica.  And Madison.  Mac has dealt with the death of her bio-mom.  Wallace is divorced.  Characters that haven’t even been introduced yet have gone through profound changes.  (Not Dick - he’s the same).  
The changes in each of these characters are very important, as they speak to the actions and decisions they’ve taken and will take in the story’s future.       
Where I struggle is that during editing, I keep finding myself trying to align characterization to new canon - which would be disastrous to my story. 
My Veronica is more haunted than new!canon V.  My Gia hasn’t experienced the same horrible circumstances as new!canon Gia.  My Logan is similar, but is a bit cockier.  
I just have to hope my readers can understand that this was plotted and outlined well before the movie was ever announced, so it is what it is, and the characters are who they need to be.  Even when it conflicts with what we know now.   
8. What is one moment or scene from any of your fics that you’re really proud of? What is it about that specific moment?
There have been one or two scenes that made me laugh so hard I almost cried when I was writing them.  There’s a scene I wrote for Neptune months ago, that probably won’t be published for many more months, that makes me bawl my fucking eyes out.  
For my published works, I would have to go with Chapter 11 of Sometimes.  It’s the chapter that contains the car chase - which gives me an adrenaline rush, and Duncan’s long flashback to the L/V/D origin story - which makes me physically ache for Veronica (and Logan).  
My favorite stories are the ones that create visceral reactions while reading.  Ones that give me butterflies in my tummy or make my gut clench from pain.  PetPluto is a master at this.  Everything she writes creates this kind of reaction in me.  Ghostcat as well.  But I rarely experience it reading my own stuff - except for that Chapter 11.
9. Pick a character or two from Veronica Mars that you write for. What are three things you like to keep in mind when writing for that specific character(s)?
Good question.  I don’t really have any hard and fast rules for characterizations.  With Logan, I do try to keep in mind (1) what’s going on inside his head? where is his internal energy?  (2) who is his audience and what kind of performance is he putting on for them? (3) what are his hands doing?     
10. It’s the year 2030. Where are Veronica and Logan and what are they up to?
Snarkily ever after.  Married - for practical reasons.  Being told “family-only” by the Navy every time she tried to get any information about Logan, was not cutting it for Veronica, and Logan will take her any way he can get her.  Two kids - the first, a result of an over-enthusiastic reunion.  The second one planned - once they realize they aren’t actually miserable failures as parent.  
Solid.  Nine years apart puts all of their problems in perspective, as does two high-risk careers, age, and wisdom.  Of course, they still squabble occasionally.  For the fun of it.  And for the making up.           
Veronica is still detectiving.  Logan runs a part-time flight school (for his love of flying), and provides muscle for Veronica’s cases.
He still makes her say “Woof!”  
We need modern language of flowers

Imagine the possibilities:

  • grass (homosexual love) + white hollyhock (female ambition): “I’M DECIDED TO GET INSIDE YOUR PANTS”
  • yellow carnation (rejection) + white hyacinth (I’ll pray for you) + cyclamen (goodbye) : “how about not, u need jesus, bye”
  • lavender heather (solitude) + bachelor button (celibacy) + wolfbane (Misanthropy, Chivalry) + helleborus (Relieve My Anxiety) : « HELLO M’LADY *tips fedora* »
  • cattleya orchid (Mature Charm) + meadow saffron (My Best Days Are Gone) + lady’s slipper (Win me, Capricious Beauty) : “I’m a super hot MILF, so you better work for it and try to impress me, loser.”
  • mistletoe (Kiss me, Affection) + clematis (Filial Love) + cattleya orchid (Mature charms) + Tiger Lily (Wealth, Pride, Prosperity) + Eucharis Lily (Maiden Charms) : the equivalent of one of those creepy sugar daddy craigslist ads

Imagine the possibilities.