VM Rewatch: Season 3, Episode 13 - Postgame Mortem

What: Season 3, Episode 13 - Postgame Mortem 

When: Monday, June 29th at 9pm EST, 8pm CST, 7pm MST, & 6PM PST

Where: http://www.chatcrypt.com/

Chat room name: VM Rewatch 2015

User Name: Whatever you want, but Tumblr user name is suggested

Password: VMRewatch2015 (This is case sensitive)

Hey look, Hearst has a basketball team! 

(And a teeny tiny point guard. Sorry Fennel.)

Veronica investigates murder most foul

While Logan sinks into a slough of despond

And babysits

Meanwhile Dick continues to be a major class act

And the Dean’s case continues to be a thing

(Mindy O’Dell is seriously busting out the seductive rack for Keith there.)

We have the world’s most awkward elevator encounter

Before Veronica gets SUPER played by the Josh the peanut-allergied basketballer

Dumping us into an episode ending cliffhanger

Postgame Mortem, y’all! It’s…an episode. Yup. It sure is. Come on out and “enjoy” with us!!

Okay, okay, I can’t leave you without…

BONUS sad scruffy hotness!

Now you know you want to show! :)


nightlocktime asked:

My Logan/Heather headcannon is that her parents die (I'm that tragic sometimes) and her sister left. H was about to go to foster care and L fought to dead to have the custody. He had to change a lot of things for the jury to accept it (bought a house, get study and life in order, therapy sessions). He finally won! then comes all the moving together, decorating her room, learning to cook, ordering pizza after not succeeding, watching tv, inventing new and happy christmas traditions... :)

Awwwww, that’s adorable!

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“The advice that Logan gets from Heather in episode 13, about how girls like it when guys prove that they would do anything to get them back, well in the last episode of the season he works on that advice, by beating up that guy, who leaked Veronica’s sex tape. They way she looks at him proves that she was amazed and grateful. She wanted him back.”

my dog is 1daf y’all, i was jamming out to tunes in the kitchen w my mum today as i often do and he was chilling in the doorway then kiss you came on and i was like frick yeahhhh and started singing along as i grooved away and he jumped up n ran at me, did these weird sharp little ‘pay attention to me’ bark-y sounds and he wouldnt stop fussing till i picked him up to dance with me, and he just relaxed into my arms as we bopped around, it was so cuteeee