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crazy ex-girlfriend rewatch >> 2.06 who needs josh when you have a girl group?

“one of the smaller details that i love about this episode is the dynamic between valencia and heather, to which there’re two levels. there’s the friendship, which is just so beautiful, and then there’s the interplay of heather’s tolerance with valencia’s adaptation. valencia’s trying hard because, as we know, she’s a stranger to girl squads having had difficulty with them as a kid. she may be slow to adapt to this new scenario, but heather’s there to help her along. and she does so without judgement.” (x)

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I love how people hate Jdonica and stuff and talk about how they want to get rid of it as a ship it's like... The entire plot of the movie and musical is that relationship... You literally can't like Heathers without tolerating Jdonica for 2 1/2 hours

and when they listen to the soundtrack do try just like skip fight for me, dead girl walking, our love is god, and seventeen bc those are all jdonica songs? Or do they just skip every scene with them in the movie? Idk

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so i was thinking about the point you made about it not making sense that musical duke would find the martha pics to be worthy blackmail bc of ram and veronica getting on fine but it also made me think that if veronica and martha were friends Since Diapers in this version and duke was also super close to martha when she was little shouldn't they? know each other? but no that would be interesting and probably make duke the heather veronica's closest to like in the movie and that's Not Allowed.


(Which by the way guys, the intros Veronica gives them all are her OPINIONS based on the LITTLE she knows about them at the start, not canon info. Stop acting like Duke actually had no personality.)

And also at the beginning of the movie Duke is shown to be the Heather Veronica tolerates the most, maybe even likes. She does something personal and gross (helping her throw up) and apparently does so often, without questioning or wanting something in return like with the other two. They have multiple small heart to hearts, Duke shows herself as smart and sad, all this shit happens that the musical actively ignores??

Why do the musical writers hate Duke

Herb of the Week-Heather

Common names

Scotch Heather

The familiar heather plant - Calluna vulgaris - belongs to the Ericaceae plant family. The plant is an evergreen shrub that has many branching stems and can reach one to two feet in length when full grown. The heather is characterized by the possession of minute and needlelike leaves, each of which is about one sixteenth to one eight of an inch in length. The leaves are borne in opposite pairs and are clumped together in four rows along the short green twigs on the branches of the plant. The heather bears purplish pink flowers with occasional white colored flowers - from July through September; the characteristic flowers are almost bell shaped. In morphology, the shrub is a tough, bushy, and woody evergreen perennial.

The purple heather flowers have a bell shaped corolla that is two mm across, formed by the joining of four purple colored petals into a tube. The corolla is shorter than the four purple sepals, each of which is two to four mm in length. Heather flowers are borne on a narrow shaped and leafy raceme that can grow to nine cm in length; these racemes grow on the axils of the leaves lying on the upper shoots of the plant. The fruits of the heather are very tiny, rounded and hairy capsules with four cells inside each fruit. The minute seeds, each 0.7 mm in length are strongly meshed in the fruit. The shape of the leaves is oblong; each leaf can reach a maximum of 3.5 mm in length. Most leaves do not bear any hair; however, they can at times be downy, often lying in overlapping positions in four vertical rows along the twigs on the branches. Leaves have a dark green color when tender, but tend to turn brown as they mature. The stems of the heather are woody, wiry and pliable. Tender stems are initially covered with dense hair, these become hairless and smooth in later stages of growth and maturity.

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How different do you think the storyline would be if Heather was never separated from her family? A theory appear around her is that losing his sister is what first set Dagur off to becoming the deranged lunatic he is!

I’ve seen the theory and it’s very fun and interesting. I’ll admit I don’t prescribe to the theory myself. I suppose as far as my own perspective is concerned, I don’t think that losing his sister is what brought Dagur to his lunacy. His interactions throughout the television series do not indicate he has a strong ongoing desire for a missing sibling, for familial support, and there is no evidence that Oswald would have done anything except care for his daughter. I’ve even seen some other older fan theories that suggest Dagur tried to kill Heather himself, and that’s how Oswald lost her! All this means that, in responding to this message, I’ll be bringing up some other thoughts and hypotheticals of my own. It’s a really cool question and fun to explore! Thanks so much!

Meet the Oswalds

I believe that Dagur would have been just as much of a lunatic in this AU as he is in the canon series. This means that Dagur would have enjoyed drowning Hiccup, caging Fishlegs, and wreaking havoc on anyone regardless. Oswald would have been caring to both of his child. I almost imagine that, based upon how Oswald tried to correct Dagur but did not seem to reject him (he is called “Oswald the Agreeable, too), Oswald would have given his daughter a warm, welcoming home - at least as much as he could with his older son around.

Dagur appears to be a bit of an anomaly amongst the people of his tribe. Oswald the Agreeable led the tribe through fifty years of peace, and earned the respect of chiefs like Stoick the Vast. I imagine that the Berserkers respected their chief, too, and had become a tribe of peaceful souls. It means that Heather would grow up in a tribe that had overall peaceful desires, and she would grow up with that ideology. 

At the same time, we have to ask herself what her relationship to Dagur would have been. He’s an older brother. Would he have influenced her thinking, perspective, personality? 

Interestingly, I almost predict that Heather’s temperament would be about what we see of her in Riders of Berk. She can be sweet and friendly, but she also can be devious and manipulative when she needs to be. She developed those traits because of her loneliness in canon. In this sort of AU, I imagine Heather would develop the combination of sweetness and sketchy distrust because of the conflicting forces she experiences in her tribe. On one side, she’d be sweet since she lives in a peaceful tribe under a loving, peaceful, respectable fatherly figure. On the other side, she’d have Dagur as her brother and playmate since she was a little girl. Dagur is devious, and she’d probably pick up some traits like that from him. 

The relationship between Heather and Dagur would be complex. When Heather is a little girl, she would look up to her big brother. It doesn’t mean they wouldn’t bicker, though. I imagine they’d bicker a lot. I can imagine Heather, a little more than a toddler, crying and whining, “Moooommmmyyyyy! Daaaaaddddy! Dagur threw me in the water!” I can imagine Dagur becoming frustrated at Heather, insulting her whenever she does something stupid or childish, acting deviously and doing things like shoving her into the ocean unnecessarily, or being a little rough time to time (shoving her when she gets annoying, etc.). Heather, on her own end, might grab some of Dagur’s toys and tools (imagine his sword) without his permission, or get angry at him because “He’s mean to me!” There would be early sibling bickering. They’d get along sometimes, but it wouldn’t turn out well a lot. I think tiny tyke Heather would be a bit more reverent toward her brother than Dagur toward her sister - simply because a younger sibling might have a more natural tendency to look up to someone older. She’d be inclined to giggle and run up to him from time to time.

Heather and Dagur would not be close when they grew older, such as in the teenaged years around Riders of Berk. They would distance themselves from one another, not interact too much, go about their business separately. Heather would have her friends separately from her brother. Dagur wouldn’t meddle with Heather. They would scorn each other, Dagur considering Heather too “weak and soft,” Heather finding her brother “a nasty lunatic.”

Still… I think Heather would be more tolerant of Dagur than she is in RTTE. They would have grown up, so Heather would know his good sides. They wouldn’t talk about it, but they’d know about each other’s good sides, and respect that implicitly. There would be some moments of sibling kindness. We would see an underlying sibling bond and familial loyalty. Some moments between them might not be too different from what we see in RTTE S2. There might even be a few mutually agreed hugs now and again. Heather would think Dagur is pretty messed up, “but not all bad.”

Dagur would not be as loving and supportive to Heather as he is in RTTE. He’s so defensive toward her in part because she hasn’t been around for so long, I think. He’s probably been lonely after being locked in a dungeon for years. In this AU, though, Dagur would have grown up with Heather, so she wouldn’t be a novelty. He probably still would defend her, though, by threatening to wear someone’s ribcage as their battle armor if they lay one hair on her head.

What This Means for the Story

It is implied that Oswald the Agreeable’s wife dies when Dagur is still a teenager. In Race to the Edge, Dagur tells Heather, “I’m the only family you have left,” suggesting that their mother is dead. We don’t know if Oswald’s wife were alive in Riders of Berk, but I am guessing, based on very vaguely defined context, that she died before Oswald did.

The reason I bring this up is because it affects how the television series would proceed. If Dagur killed Oswald, as I think he did, then he killed his father with no other family around to witness or believe it happened. But if Heather is around… that complicates things. Heather would know if her brother killed their father.

So would Dagur even dare kill Oswald with Heather’s eyes out there? Would he think that Heather would call him out? Would Heather call him out? Or would she be too afraid?

For some reason I don’t think Heather would be afraid of her brother, so she wouldn’t necessarily cower away if she hypothetically found out Dagur killed Oswald. However, I also imagine that Dagur would still kill his father regardless of whether or not he knew he sister would call him out for it. So I imagine Dagur would kill Oswald, Heather would find out, and she’d decry it. It might go public. The Berserk Tribe would enter controversy between the chief’s two offspring. (Probably, the Berserkers suspected what happened to Oswald but didn’t dare contradict Dagur. If there were a second Oswald child, though, there’d be more likelihood for dispute and factions to arise). Depending on how this conflict goes, who gets involved, and how much Dagur and Heather backlash… Dagur might get imprisoned before becoming chief.

Which completely changes Riders and Defenders of Berk. And Race to the Edge.

Let’s say Dagur still becomes chief and many of the events in Riders and Defenders of Berk remain intact. Then we could ask ourselves whether or not Heather would ally with Dagur or not.

I imagine she would stay on Berserk a while, feeling dissatisfied, but going around with orders unhappily. It would be somewhat like the times we see her as a mole for the dragon hunters in canon RTTE S2, except that she’s not spying on anyone. She’s just dissatisfied. I could imagine it reaches some point where Heather has enough and she leaves. Maybe then she would interact with the dragon riders on Dragon’s Edge, she’d have trust issues, and we’d actually be able to retell a lot of the same story and events that happen in the last few seasons of the television series. We could even write a story where Heather apologizes to Dagur for leaving the Berserkers and becomes the spy, just like we get in canon.

There are so many different options we could take. We could keep the storyline by and large intact by one AU. Another AU would erase almost everything we know about Dagur’s conflict with Hiccup. It’s really crazy to consider.

I think what I like most about this is exploring Heather and Dagur’s relationship. It almost deserves a drabble or short fic.