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Everyone needs young Christian Slater in a red shirt on their dashboards

Honestly, Bloodlines doesn’t give you an equal choice in factions even though it acts like it does. Let’s review (spoilers below)

Door #1: The Camarilla

  • Tries to get you killed at least twice
  • Uses you
  • Prompty betrays you
  • LaCroix is a ponce who looks like he gets his lunch money stolen from him like four days a week

Door #2: The Kuei-Jin

  • Tries to get you killed at least once
  • Uses you
  • Xiao is a rude ass fuck who can’t talk shit talking kindred
  • Why’s everyone gotta betray you

Door #3: The Anarchs

  • Nines saves your life twice (three if you count the bit where he explains to you what NOT to do in case of a werewolf attack)
  • Jack explains to you how to be a vampire thus saving your life
  • He also saves your life later
  • Skelter will sit there and answer any questions you have even while you’re working for LaCroix, before you’ve proven yourself loyal to them, and gives you the benefit of the doubt after you get a blood hunt called on Nines
  • So does Damsel
  • Also they have Damsel
  • Damsel is my wife
  • Seriously she’s so cute please stand on your soapbox all damn day I’ll listen forever

Gee I wonder which is the smartest choice

Scorpio as gifs

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Heather’s Vlog: Zombie Talk (liamkylesullivan)

GOD I AM SO GLAD THEY BROUGHT THIS BACK. If you’ve never seen the Heather The Vampire series, what is your life? Go watch it!